Salmagundi: Second Series, Svazek 1

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Harper & Brothers, 1835

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Strana 138 - True happiness is of a retired nature, and an enemy to pomp and noise ; it arises, in the first place, from the enjoyment of one's self ; and, in the next, from the friendship and conversation of a few select companions...
Strana 49 - Zounds, sir ! you are one of those, that will not serve God, if the devil bid you. Because we come to do you service, and you think we are ruffians, you'll have your daughter covered with a Barbary horse : you'll have your nephews neigh to you; you'll have coursers for cousins, and gennets for germans.
Strana 50 - Of hair-breadth scapes i' the imminent deadly breach, Of being taken by the insolent foe And sold to slavery, of my redemption thence, And portance in my travel's history; Wherein of antres vast and deserts idle, Rough quarries, rocks, and hills whose heads touch heaven, It was my hint to speak, — such was the process: And of the Cannibals that each other eat, The Anthropophagi, and men whose heads Do grow beneath their shoulders.
Strana 49 - Zounds, sir, you are robb'd ; for shame, put on your gown ; Your heart is burst, you have lost half your soul ; Even now, very now, an old black ram Is tupping your white ewe.
Strana 138 - On the contrary, false happiness loves to be in a crowd, and to draw the eyes of the world upon her. She does not receive any satisfaction from the applauses which she gives herself, but from the admiration which she raises in others.
Strana 51 - My story being done, She gave me for my pains a world of sighs: She swore, in faith, 'twas strange, 'twas passing strange, 'Twas pitiful, 'twas wondrous pitiful...
Strana 134 - Had he cooperated with the Northern Army, he had saved it, or had he gone to Philadelphia by land, he had ruined Mr. Washington and his Forces ; But, as he did none of these things, had he gone to the D — - 1, before he was sent to America, it had been a saving of infamy to himself and indelible dishonor to this Country.
Strana 64 - I have no more to say by way of clearing my innocency, knowing that to a true, Christian, unprejudiced mind, I must appear guiltless ; but, however, I am not very solicitous about it. I rejoice, and it is now my comfort, (and that will support me and protect me from the crowd of evil spirits that I must meet with in my flight to the region of bliss assigned me, ) that my conscience speaks peace to me. Indeed, it may be shocking to some serious Christians, that the holy God should suffer...
Strana 63 - Father has put into my hand, and I drink it with pleasure It is the cross of my dear Redeemer; I bear it with alacrity, knowing that all that live godly in Christ Jesus must...
Strana 63 - I never knew them but at my trial. But for a removal of all scruples that may arise after my death, I shall give my thoughts on some points. First, I firmly believe and attest, that it is not in the power of man to forgive sin; that it is the prerogative only of the great God to dispense pardon for sin; and that those who dare pretend to such a power, do in some degree commit that great and unpardonable sin, the sin against the holy spirit; because they pretend to that power which their own consciences...

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