Rose's Notes on the United States Supreme Court Reports (2 Dallas to 241 United States Reports): Showing the Present Value as Authority of All Cases Therein Reported as Disclosed by All Subsequent Citations in All the Courts of Last Resort, Both Federal and State, and in the Annotations in American Decisions, American Reports, American State Reports, Annotated Cases (American and English), Lawyers' Reports Annotated, English Ruling Cases, British Ruling Cases, Negligence and Compensation Cases Annotated, with Parallel References to the Above-mentioned Annotated Cases, the Lawyers' Edition of the U. S. Reports and the Reporter System, Kniha 4

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Bancroft-Whitney, 1917

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Strana 448 - that the laws of the several States, except where the Constitution, treaties, or statutes of the United States shall otherwise require or provide, shall be regarded as rules of decision in trials at common law in the courts of the United States, in cases where they apply.
Strana 68 - The testimony of any witness may be taken in any civil cause depending in a district or circuit court by deposition de bene esse, when the witness lives at a greater distance from the place of trial than one hundred miles...
Strana 68 - But unless it appears to the satisfaction of the court that the witness is then dead, or gone out of the United States, or to a greater distance than one hundred miles from the place where the court is sitting, or that, by reason of age, sickness, bodily infirmity, or imprisonment, he is unable to travel and appear at court, such deposition shall not be used in the cause.
Strana 22 - From the variety of cases relative to judgments being given in evidence in civil suits these two deductions seem to follow as generally true: First, that the judgment of a court of concurrent jurisdiction directly upon the point is as a plea a bar, or as evidence, conclusive between the same parties upon the same matter directly in question in another court...
Strana 161 - Such use, however, ought to be for such a length of time that the public accommodation and private rights might be materially affected by an interruption of the enjoyment...
Strana 541 - That the banks of a river are those elevations of land which confine the waters when they rise out of the bed ; and the bed is that soil so usually covered by water as to be distinguishable from the' banks, by the character of the soil, or vegetation, or both, produced by the common presence and action of flowing water.
Strana 577 - But the rule of the court is this — that no re-argument will be heard in any case after judgment is entered, unless some member of the court who concurred in the judgment, afterwards doubts the correctness of his opinion and desires a further argument on the subject.
Strana 335 - We take the rule to be this: Whenever the drawer is liable to the holder, the acceptor is entitled to a credit if he pays the money ; and he is bound to pay upon his acceptance, when the payment will entitle him to a credit in his account with the drawer.
Strana 203 - It is a well established principle that where an individual in the prosecution of a right does everything which the law requires him to do, and he fails to attain his right by the misconduct or neglect of a public officer, the law will protect him.
Strana 104 - ... presumption that the agent informed his principal of that which his duty and the interests of his principal required him to communicate does not arise where the agent acts or makes declarations not in execution of any duty that he owes to the principal, nor within any authority possessed by him, but to subserve simply his own personal ends, or to commit some fraud against the principal.