Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the English Courts of Common Law, [1845-1856]: Heretofore Condensed by Thomas Sergeant and Thomas M'Kean Pettit, Now Reprinted in Full, Svazek 18

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Strana 143 - to the captain. The act of God, the Queen's enemies, fire, and all and every other dangers and accidents of the seas, rivers, and navigation, of whatever nature or kind soever during the said voyage excepted. The freight is to be paid on unloading and right delivery of
Strana 213 - regular turn, not exceeding what she can reasonably stow and carry over and above her tackle, apparel, provisions, and furniture; and, being so loaded, shall therewith proceed to Carthagena or Escombrera, or so near thereunto as she may safely get, and there deliver the same, on being paid freight at and after the rate of
Strana 591 - or upwards. The cases relied on for the defendant were decided on the 4th section, between which and the 17th there is a manifest distinction. The 4th section enacts that " no action shall be brought whereby to charge any person upon any contract or sale of lands, tenements, or hereditaments, or any interest in or concerning them, unless the agreement upon which such action
Strana 413 - The Railways Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845," 8 & 9 Viet. c. 20; all which acts were to be referred to as part of the case. By the particulars of demand endorsed upon the writ of summons issued in this action, the plaintiffs claimed
Strana 33 - Hopkins, 1 Lord Raym. 851, there cited. examined before an arbitrator appointed to settle a special case for the opinion of the court under the Common Law Procedure Act, 1854, 17 & 18 Viet. c. 125, s. 5. Per Curiam.—That case seems to be an authority. The writ may therefore go. Rule accordingly.(a)
Strana 637 - Under the direction of the learned judge, a verdict was entered for the defendant, leave being reserved to the plaintiff to move to enter a verdict for her for 251., if the court should be of opinion that the defendant was under the circumstances precluded from disputing her title.
Strana 141 - to put on board a full cargo of grain or other lawful merchandise for London. The charter-party contained the usual exception of "the act of God, the Queen's enemies, fire, and all and every other danger* and accidents of the seas, rivers, and
Strana 679 - assumpsit, in consideration that the plaintiff, at the request of the defendant, would consent to suspend proceedings against A. on a cognovit, defendant promised to pay 30?. on account of the debt (for which the cognovit was given) on the 1st of April then next;

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