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Note 3. Page 37, Title.

The portrait is in the collection of the Pitti Palace; the bust is in the gallery of the Uffizj. The inscription on the pedestal supporting the bust records the munificence of Leopold in collecting gems and other works of art.

Note 4. Page 69, Title.
La Ziza, OR THE Emir's PALACE.

There are many fine specimens of Moorish architecture in the neighbourhood of Palermo, and of these the most striking is the Ziza. I learn from Smyth's Sicily that an Arabian manuscript at Monreale completely identifies it with the Emir's Palace.

Note 5. Page 71, line 14.
Segestum, thy sole relic rose before us,

The Temple, however, is not the sole relic of Segestum. At some little distance is a lone house at the foot of a hill, on the summit of which are some very interesting and beautiful remains of a Greek theatre; with further vestiges of antiquity close by.

Note 6. Page 77, Motto. . Arduus inde Acragas ostentat maxima longè Mænia, magnanimúm quondam generator equorum.

The rise of the hill to the town of Girgenti from its port is exceedingly striking. When we were between four and five miles distant from the town, our guide said that it would still take us not much less than two hours to get there. On being asked, why? he replied, “Perche è forte salita, Signore!” This was a comment on the first line of the above passage from Virgil more lifelike than any of Burmann or Heynè.

Note 7. Page 104, line 8.
And at our bows, and look! on either hand,

The phosphorescence of the waters of the Mediterranean is very remarkable. I saw it night after night during a voyage from Constantinople to Malta and Marseilles, in the autumn of 1841, in even greater beauty than on the present occasion, during weather equally fine. I am inclined to think it is never seen in perfectly still water. I remember in Syracuse harbour, during heavy rain, that the phosphorescence of the water became visible merely through the agitation caused in it by each drop as it fell. It is best seen from a vessel at anchor, with a number of small boats paddling alongside. When out at sea, attracted by the exceeding beauty of the phenomenon, we hauled up a bucket of the water, and dashed it about, and found that it was still luminous, and that the hand which was wetted with it was luminous also; but the effect soon went off; as if, after a certain discharge, the property or quality became exhausted. But I have never heard any satisfactory explanation given of these subtle influences,

Communicating male and female light;
Which two great sexes animate the world.”


Note 8. Page 106, line 8. I tread the Campo Santo's hallowed ground, I have heard that the soil of the Campo Santo at Pisa, to the depth of several feet, consists of earth that has been transported thither from the Holy Land.

Note 9. Page 106, line 10.
A Bible history speaking to all eyes,

“ Lessons for every heart, a Bible for all eyes.”


Note 10. Page 108, Title.

Wallis is now living at Florence, having attained a great age. Two of his pictures, formerly at Rome, are made mention of at length by Madame de Stael, in her work entitled CORINNE, liv. viii. chap. 4. He has a son, who also is a distinguished artist at Flo


Note 11. Page 147, Title.


Le Plan des Dames is passed in the first day's journey of the tour of Mont Blanc, at no great distance from St. Gervais. I have been told that the ladies who there perished were Prussians; but I have never met with any authentic account of the disaster.

Note 12. Page 161, line 12. All the vision of England comes back on my soul !

“ Quanto mi era spiaciuto Parigi al primo aspetto, tanto mi piacque subito e l'Inghilterra, e Londra massimamente. Le strade, le osterie, i cavalli, le donne, il ben essere universale, la vita e l'attività di quel isola, la pulizia e comodo delle case, benchè picciolissime, il non vi trovare pezzenti, un moto perenne di denaro e d'industria, sparso equalmente nelle province che nella capitale, tutte queste doti vere ed uniche di quel fortunato e libero paese, mi rapirono l'anima a bella prima, e in due altri viaggi, oltre quello ch'io vi ho fatti finora, non ho variato mai più di parere, troppa essendo la differenza tra l'Inghilterra e tutto il rimanente dell'Europa in queste tante diramazioni della publica felicità, provenienti dal miglior governo. Onde, benchè io allora non ne studiassi profondamente la costituzione, madre di tanta prosperità, ne seppi però abbastanza osservare e valutare gli effetti divini.

*** Il paese mi piacque molto, e l'armonia delle cose diverse, tutte concordanti in quell' isola al massimo ben essere di tutti, m'incantò sempre piu fortamente; e fin d'allora mi nascea il desiderio di potervi stare per sempre a dimora ; non che gl'individui me ne piacessero gran fatto (benchè assai più dei Francesi, perchè più buoni e alla buona) ma il local del paese, i semplici costumi, le belle e modeste donne e donzelle, e sopratutto l'equitativo governo, e la vera libertà che n'è figlia, tutto questo me ne faceva affatto scordare la spiacevolezza del clima, la malinconia che sempre vi ti accerchia, e la rovinosa carezza del vivere."

ALFIERI-Vita. Cap. VI.


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