Papers and Addresses on the Law of Fraternal Insurance: Read and Delivered Before the Law Section of the National Fraternal Congress ...

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the Congress, 1917
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Strana 354 - And the said records and judicial proceedings, authenticated as aforesaid, shall have such faith and credit given to them in every court within the United States as they have by law or usage in the courts of the State from whence the said records are or shall be taken.
Strana 245 - These contracts are not articles of commerce in any proper meaning of the word. They are not subjects of trade and barter offered in the market as something having an existence and value independent of the parties to them. They are not commodities to be shipped or forwarded from one state to another and then put up for sale.
Strana 357 - A corporation is an artificial being, invisible, intangible, and existing only in contemplation of law. Being the mere creature of law. it possesses only those properties which the charter of its creation confers upon it, either expressly, or as incidental to its very existence.
Strana 76 - The payment of death benefits shall be confined to wife, husband, relative by blood to the fourth degree, "'ettt"51lt father-in-law, mother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, stepfather, stepmother, stepchildren, children by legal adoption, or to a person or persons dependent upon the member...
Strana 157 - No money or other benefit, charity or relief or aid to be paid, provided or rendered by any such society shall be liable to attachment, garnishment or other process, or be seized, taken, appropriated or applied by any legal or equitable process or operation of law to pay any debt or liability of a member or beneficiary, or any other person who may have a right thereunder, either before or after payment.
Strana 60 - That the certificate of incorporation which was finally filed with the secretary of state recited that, " said association has been formed and organized for the mutual protection and relief of its members, and for the payment of stipulated sums of money to the families or heirs of the deceased members...
Strana 125 - Courts are created by virtue of the constitution, and inhere in our body politic as a necessary part of our system of government, and it is not competent for anyone, by contract or otherwise, to deprive himself of their protection. The right to appeal to the courts for -the redress of wrongs is one of those rights which is, in its nature, under our constitution, inalienable, and cannot be thrown off or bargained away.
Strana 67 - ... true' is often used as a synonym of honest, sincere, not fraudulent.
Strana 161 - The husband may insure his own life for the sole use and benefit of his wife and children, and in case of the death of the husband the amount thus insured shall be paid over to the wife and children, or to the guardian if under age, for her or their own use, free from all the claims of the representatives of her husband or any of his creditors.
Strana 358 - Unless all parties in interest, wherever they reside, can be bound by the arrangement which it is sought to have legalized the scheme may fail. All home creditors can be bound. What is needed is to bind those who are abroad. Under these circumstances the true spirit of international comity requires that schemes of this character, legalized at home, should be recognized in other countries.

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