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This volume is designed to supply a desideratum. We have several works admirably fitted to stimulate the young to self-culture, but guidance is needed as well as stimulus. How desirable that the aspirant should have access to the experience of one who has trodden the path on which he is entering, and is able to pronounce on the respective value of various mental and moral processes and habits! Here we have a record of the processes by which Mr. Hessel attained excellence. His experiences can scarcely fail to instruct, and his example is well fitted to stimulate. I have received numerous gratifying testimonies of the great service the work has already rendered.

Though the greater part of the volume was written before he was twenty-two, persons of maturer years may deem it not unworthy their attention.

The present edition has not only been thoroughly revised but re-written ; and it is hoped the value of the work is considerably increased. The size and style of the book have been chosen with a view to make it a companion volume to the “ Memorials of Eliza Hessel.”

The renewal of intimate communion with my friend has repeatedly prompted me to appropriate the language of our laureate :

“I would the great world grew like thee,

Who grewest not alone in power

And knowledge, but by year and hour
In reverence and in charity.”

J. P.



At CATTERTON. His ardent love of nature—Hatred of party-

spirit-on letter-writing-Blackstone's Commentaries-On self-

reliance-Little things indicators of mind and character-On

sermonizing—Ruth the Moabitess—Niebuhr's History of Rome-

Goethe-Aphorisms relative to preaching.

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