Annual Report of the Metropolitan Water and Sewerage Board, Svazek 1

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Strana 303 - ... in the name and behalf of the Commonwealth and under its seal, to an amount not exceeding forty thousand dollars, for a term not exceeding forty years.
Strana 200 - Contract capacity of 1 pump: 100,000,000 gallons with 19;foot lift. Contract capacity of 3 pumps: 45,000,000 gallons each, with 19-foot lift. Average duty for the year: 77,400,000 foot pounds.
Strana 46 - ... shall annually pay money into the treasury of the Commonwealth to meet the interest and sinking fund requirements and...
Strana 1 - To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts in General Court assembled.
Strana 300 - ... shall be countersigned by the governor and shall be deemed a pledge of the faith and credit of the Commonwealth, and the principal and interest shall be paid at the times specified therein in gold coin of the United States...
Strana 298 - ... for the term of two years, one for the term of four years, and one for the term of six years.
Strana 300 - Loan ; shall be countersigned by the governor, and shall be deemed a pledge of the faith and credit of the Commonwealth...
Strana 296 - ... and certified to said treasurer, and any deficiency in the amount previously paid in, as found by said treasurer, and shall return their award into said court...
Strana 298 - ... the term of office of each commissioner hereafter appointed shall be six years from the first day of February of the year in which he shall be appointed.
Strana 159 - Includes .158 of a mile of pipe sewer built for the use of the town of Brookline.

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