Tourism and Gender: Embodiment, Sensuality and Experience

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Annette Pritchard
CABI, 1. 1. 2007 - Počet stran: 318
While contemporary popular discourses dismiss gender and feminism as passé, patriarchy and sexism continue to limit human possibilities around the globe. The tourism industry can be a force for empowerment but it can also shore up exploitative gendered practices. At the same time, tourism enquiry itself continues to be dominated by western, masculinist approaches.

This collection of studies seeks to advance feminist and gender tourism studies with its focus on embodiment. Broad themes include the construction of narratives, how discourses of desire, sensuality and sexuality pervade the tourism experience, the use of the body to represent femininity, masculinity and sensuality, and finally how travel and tourism allow for empowerment, resistance and carnivalesque opportunities.

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Tourism Gender Embodiment and Experience
2 The Body in Tourism Industry
Writing Travel as the Feminist Stranger in Desert Places
The Construction of BodiesSpaces in Israeli Backpackers Narratives
5 The Emergence of the Body in the Holiday Accounts of Women and Girls
Discourses of Tourism and the Beach Body in UK Womens Lifestyle Magazines
7 The Sensual Embodiment of Italian Women
The Example of Coney Island
Learning Masculinity and Femininity from New Zealand Television
The People Behind the Postcards
Women Travel and Empowerment
A Heterosexual Mans Interpretation of Her Diary
16 Embodying Everyday Masculinities in Heritage Tourisms
17 In Search of Lesbian Space? The Experience of Manchesters Gay Village
18 Unveiling Womens Employment in the Egyptian Travel Business
A Case Study of the Cappadoccia Region of Turkey

Performing Femininity and Masculinity in Albania and Croatia
Engendering Tahiti
A South African Perspective

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O autorovi (2007)

PhD is Head of the Department of Business at Swansea University, UK. A strong proponent of advocacy scholarship, he was one of originators of the notion of hopeful tourism scholarship and is co-chair of the biennial Critical Tourism Studies Conference Series. Nigel has a background in leisure policy and public sector tourism and public relations management. He is passionately interested in the connections between tourism, social justice, identity and place and has written or edited 15 books in these areas. Nigel is an editorial board member of several leading international journals including Place Branding & Public Diplomacy, Hospitality & Society and Vacation Marketing and is an Associate Editor of the Annals of Tourism Research.

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