The Proposed Panama Canal Treaties: A Digest of Information

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Strana 27 - surrender Is demanded be of a political character, ‘or if ‘he proves¿ that the requisition for his surrender has, in fact, been made with a view, to try or punish him for an offense of a political character. No person. surrendered by either of the high contracting parties. to. the other shall be triable
Strana 284 - The Republic of Panama grants to the United States in perpetuity the use, occupation and control” of the Canal Zone. “The Republic of Panama grants to the United States all the rights, power and authority within the zone mentioned - .. which the United States would possess and exercise if it were the sovereign .. to the entire
Strana 232 - Article II of the 1903 treaty grants to the United States “in perpetuity” the use, occupation, and control of the Zone—meaning ownership. The word “lease” does not appear in the treaty with reference to the Canal Zone ; but the word “grant” makes nineteen appearances. The phrase ‘in perpetuity
Strana 200 - shall seek an asylum or be found within the territories of the other: Provided, that this shall only be done upon such evidence of Criminality as, according to the laws of the place where the fugitive or person so charged shall he found, would justify his or her apprehension and commitment for trial if the crime or
Strana 283 - of all nations. In that treaty—which is still operative—Britain agreed that the United States should have “the exclusive right of providing for the regulation and management of the canal” and that “no change of territorial sovereignty or of the international relations of the country or countries traversed by the . . . canal, shall affect the general principle of
Strana 398 - perpetual sovereignty over the Canal Zone to the entire exclusion of the exercise by the Republic of Panama of any such sovereign rights, power or authority.” The treaty is in no way less positive or final than the treaty of 1803
Strana 11 - of the senate thereof, and by the President of the Republic of New Granada with the consent and approbation of the Congress of the same, and the ratifications shall be exchanged in the city of Washington, within eighteen months from the date of the signature thereof, or sooner, if possible. In faith whereof, we the
Strana 27 - Assaults on board a ship on the high seas with intent to do grievous bodily harm. 12. Crimes and offenses against the laws of both countries for the suppression of slavery and slave trading. 13. Bribery, defined to be the giving, offering or receiving of a reward to
Strana 17 - the British Dominions beyond the Seas, King, and Emperor of India, being desirous to facilitate the construction of a ship canal to connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, by whatever route may be considered expedient, and to that end to remOve any objection which may arise out of the Convention of the 19th April,
Strana 241 - ARTICLE H Ratification, entry into force, and termination 1. This Treaty shall be subject to ratification In accordance with the constitutional procedures of the two Parties. The instruments of ratification of this Treaty shall be exchanged at Panama at the same time as the Instruments of ratification of the Treaty Concerning the

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