Flood Your Body with Oxygen: Therapy for Our Polluted World

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Energy Publications, LLC, 15. 1. 2011 - Počet stran: 604
You, me, them, it, and all the bodies, animals, and plants have spent eons evolving while surrounded by a sea of oxygen, which is itself swimming in a sea of magnetic/gravitic particles of sunlight and energy. Oxygen stores the sun's energy so that all life can feed on it. If something important is taken away, everything in life goes downhill fast. If it is slowly and effectively taken away by ever-encroaching soups of greed-caused pollution, what ensues are plagues, chronic disease, illness, and poor animal and crop yields. The whole solution is to put back the missing oxygen-back into the environment by removal of oxygen-robbing pollution, combined with reforestation, and back in the human and animal bodies through supplementation and delivery systems specializing in active forms of oxygen and minerals. This book explores these issues. Also available on DVD under ISBN 978-0962057-3-6.

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World-renowned best-selling author and pioneer, Mr. Oxygen, Ed McCabe is the only man in history to spend over twenty years researching and interviewing the best international experts on his subject of the beneficial uses of oxygen in all its forms. To help people have better lives, he publishes and lectures about every hidden solution he discovers. His popular natural writing and speaking style make a large, complex subject easy to understand. For this reason, the public loves him and buy his publications steadily year after year. Thousands have sought him out to personally thank him for his efforts. Based on solid research, his lectures and works are always greeted with enthusiasm and earn him rave reviews on the websites of all major distributors.

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