The Poetical and Dramatic Works of Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton, Svazek 5

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Strana 186 - She said; then raging to Sir Plume repairs, And bids her beau demand the precious hairs: (Sir Plume of amber snuff-box justly vain, And the nice conduct of a clouded cane...
Strana 15 - Panowarna gives you no idea of Naples — a delightful place. I make it a wule to go there evewy second year — I am vewy fond of twavelling.
Strana 38 - Sharp, come here — let me look at you ! You are my agent, my lawyer, my man of business. I believe you honest; — but what is honesty ? — where does it exist ? — in what part of us ? Sharp. In the heart, I suppose, sir. Evelyn. Mr. Sharp, it exists in the breeches pocket!
Strana 236 - DAVID FALLEN'S Garret. The scene resembling that of Hogarth's "Distrcst Poet." FALLEN (opening the casement). So, the morning air breathes fresh ! One moment's respite from drudgery. Another line to this poem, my grand bequest to my country ! Ah ! this description ; unfinished; good, good. " Methinks we walk in dreams on fairy land Where — golden ore — lies mix'd with
Strana 166 - Lord Wilmot, a young man at the head of the mode more than a century) ago, son to Lord Loftus / Mr.
Strana 39 - Sharp, it exists in the breeches' pocket ! Observe : I lay this piece of yellow earth on the table— I contemplate you both ; the man there — the gold here ! Xow, there is many a man in those streets honest as you are, who moves, thinks, feels, and reasons as well as we do; excellent in form — imperishable in soul ; who, if his pockets were three days empty, would sell thought, reason, body, and soul too, for that little coin ! Is that the fault of the man ? — no...
Strana 5 - As you hazard a minnow to hook in a trout, so one guinea thrown out with address is often the best bait for a hundred. There are two rules in life — FIRST, Men are valued not for what they are, but what they seem to be. SECONDLY, If you have no merit or money of your own, you must trade on the merits and money of other people. My father got the title by services in the army, and died penniless.
Strana 30 - Consols, and in the Bank of Calcutta, (constituting him hereby sole residuary legatee and joint executor with the aforesaid Henry Graves, Esq.) to Alfred Evelyn, now, or formerly of Trinity College, Cambridge — [Universal excitement.
Strana 36 - Right: for as without law there would be no property, so to be the law for property is the only proper property of law ! — That is law ! Stout.

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