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HE Author of the following EF-1 had occafion, in writing on Taft, to confider its connexion with Geniar.


The attention which he bestowed on this latter faculty, in that one point of view, convinced him, that its Nature and its Principles admitted and required a fuller inveftigation than had ever been attempted, and determined him to emer on that investigation immediately after finishing his former work. Accordingly his plan was formed, the first part com, pofed, and some progrefs made in the fecond part, fo long ago as the year 1758. He was then in an office which favoured enquiries of this nature; his continuance in it would have afforded him the opportunity of compleating the

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defign in a fhort time; and the indulgent reception given by the Public to his Efay on Tafe would have encouraged him to it: but being foon after removed to an office which neceffarily directed his chief attention to fubjects of a different kind, and fully occupied his time, he has been able to profecute his defign, with long and frequent interruptions, only as the immediate duties of his profession allowed him leisure. Intervals of such leisure have put it in his power to reduce his thoughts to the form in which they now appear. The subject is curious; of the execution the Public are the proper judges.




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