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BY JANE DRANSFIELD, OF THE VIGILANTES The fear of restraint is named as a prime lacked a restaurant. I asked a push-cart

Don't sit down and wish the war were element in the Russian character, as analyzed man the price of three bananas. Without by A. G. Tolfree in the “ Atlantic.” Two replying, he selected three, put them in a

over. Start out and work to get it over. somewhat amusing illustrations of this fear

Don't be discouraged. Faith is not a senpaper bag, and proffered them, saying, are given. “An intelligent, cultivated Rus * Tenna centa.' You see, by assuming that I

timent, but an act of will. sian woman pleaded for hours with her would purchase, he exerted a sort of moral

Don't wish you were serving in some fourteen-year-old daughter to promise sol

different line from that you are in. You are pressure which helped to close the deal. emnly that she would never marry. Her The idea can be applied in a variety of

needed where

you are. own marriage appeared to be happy enough; ways. For instance, in seeking to secure an

Don't criticise unless your criticism is her objection to the possible marriage of appointment with a man, I don't say now,

constructive, and will help.

Don't listen to what ex-President Taft her daughter was that she would not be • When can I see you?' but rather, Shall always and perfectly free to do as she it be morning or afternoon-and will to

calls “whispering traitors." pleased.” A Russian man's reason for

Don't grumble at being asked to do morrow suit choosing the celibate life was similar : “« [

something you have never done before. Under the head of “ The Silence Cure"

Fall into line, could never think of marrying,' said old

the above-named book says: “How can Prince G for I know what my fate

Don't forget that we are fighting for I meet this case ? asked a young

salesman. would be. Every Russian lives under his

Right, and therefore must win. Insert in wife's slipper.'”

• I'll succeed in securing an audience, some your morning prayer the now immortal

what against the will of the prospect, The demoralizing effect of this Russian

words, “ They Shall Not Pass !" perhaps, and he, to evince his resentphilosophy, alluded' to in the above para

ment, will sit at his desk, reading letters or graph, when put in practice, was effectively the newspaper, leaving me in the position

CURFEW RINGS IN ENGLAND dealt with in Mr. Ellis's article on “Gass

of talking to a dummy. What should I do?' ing' the World's Mind” in The Outlook Cease talking and wait for attention,' is

(From the London Observer ") for April 24, an article now reprinted in

my answer. Just sit there, calmly, im For the first time since its repeal by pa.nphlet form.

passively, unresentfully, but with an air as An American contribution to the matri

Henry I the curfew law is revived in Lonthough you meant to sit there until the

don, but in terms and varieties of applicamonial problem outlined in the foregoing crack of doom if need be. Nine times

tion as complex as our civilization. There quotation from Mr. Tolfree's article is as

out of ten he concludes that the easiest way is the theater's curfew, the restaurant's follows, from the pen of a woman contribu out of the difficulty is to hear your story tor to the “ American Agriculturist.”. “1

curfew, the gas and electricity curfews, so and turn you down. Well, all you're after far as they go, the shop-window curfew, have a neighbor,” she says, “who never does is a hearing. Silence will give it to you.'” and the blind and curtain curfew, on which outside work, never carries wood or water,

A subscriber sends the following clipping and her husband helps with the washing,

a new order was issued only yesterday.... etc. If she doesn't feel like getting break

from a Sunday-school quarterly : “ A home The new curfew is really the drastic fast, he it himself. I don't think

department of thirty members was organ speeding up, under stress, of a long tendprepares

ized last January in the Sunday-school of her home is more happy, neither do I think

ency to devote the night to its natural her husband loves her one bit more, nor as

St. Andrew's M E. Church. . : . Mrs. W. purposes. Dining once in Ivy Lane with

J. Smith, its superintendent, is taking up well as some other men do their hard

some friends, Dr. Johnson was aggrieved the work with the enthusiasm that pre when his friends rose to go at ten o'clock. working slaves of wives, but I do know that this woman looks years and years cludes success.” (Italics ours.)

Yet they had been sitting since three in the younger than other women of her age.”

afternoon. Under the curfew regulation

Anglicized French words get queer The “ kind treatment” that this unusual twists of meaning and pronunciation in

now impending these hours would have farmer's wife receives has made her a bit these United States. “ Fiancé" sometimes

reconciled his inclinations with his patriotselfish, her neighbor declares, but she thinks

masquerades as “finance" in pronuncia ism to a nicety, for not only restaurants, that in that respect honors are easy as tion; and as to meaning, one misappre

but clubs, are to turn out their dinner lights between her and the man who expects his hension is indicated in this little experi

at 10 P.M. It may have been on this occa

sion that the Doctor denounced the man wife to drudge till her youth and good

ence quoted in a current magazine :“ • Virlooks are all gone.

ginia,' said Mrs. Smith, have you seen Miss who proposes to go to bed before midnight

Edith's fiancé?' “ No, indeed, ma’am,' said as a scoundrel. It was not until a hundred The kindly farmer spoken of above has a match in a man at the front who, accord

Virginia ; "hit ain't been in de wash yet.' years had elapsed that Lord Campbell's ing to an English paper, was detailed to the “ Littell's Living Age,” which was some

Act, called the “ slap you and put you

to bed act,” closed the London licensed K. P. (kitchen políce). He wrote home : what more popular with

genera“Dear Mother-I put in this entire day tion of readers than it has been with the

houses at half-past twelve, thus saving a washing dishes, sweeping floors, making present, is to appear henceforth under great part of the population from scoun

drelism by thirty minutes. Inasmuch, howbeds, and peeling potatoes. When I get auspices which may again make it promi

ever, as clubs did not fall under this rule, home from this camp I'll make some girl nent among American weeklies. It is now to be published by the Atlantic Monthly

some thousands of Londoners were able to a mighty fine wife!" The black soldiers knew that they were Company, which, having won the hearts of

maintain their respectability until two and

three o'clock in the morning, and in some on their

a host of the more thoughtful readers of
abroad, a
“ Collier's

cases all night. ...
the country with the “ Atlantic,” is appar-
spondent says. They were a solemn-looking

It seems rather a pity that the theater lot. A minister stepped out to the edge of ently seeking new worlds to conquer. The the embankment overlooking the road down

curfew, which was intended for half-past “ Living Age” deserves a longer lease of

nine, has been changed to half-past ten. which the Negro troops were marching, life and will no doubt secure it under its and called out, shakily, “God bless you, new management.

Theater-goers will now emerge on streets boys! Good-by! Goď take care of you, Apropos of the phrase “ oblong square,”

of Sunday quiet. The restaurants will have

had their doors locked half an hour earlier. boys!” They answered, in turn somewhat quoted recently in this column, a subscriber

Going home will be a solemn and almost huskily, “ Thanky, parson. Thanky, suh!" writes that Sir Walter Scott, in the seventh

stealthy business. And another white man, a South Carolina chapter of “ Ivanhoe,” says : “The form soldier who was standing by, said : “ They're of the enclosure was an oblong square, save

Broadly speaking, the public evening

will end at half-past nine, and throughout certainly good soldiers I never thought that the corners were considerably rounded

the “summer time to salute a nigger, but I've been glad to off.” Our correspondent adds: - An oblong home in the normal daylight of half-past return salutes to those boys. If they die in square with rounded corners has always France, they're going to be just as dead as struck me, since I read it in school, as

eight. What will they do? It is certainly a delusion to suppose that they will

go any of the rest of us. I've been changing being a peculiar geometrical figure.”

bed. Even the children refuse to do that. my mind awful fast in the last two months. With continual reminders, Johnny's Lack of locomotion facilities will tend to The pull of comradeship in this war is manners had been improving at home, but keep the parks empty. But there will be being felt in unexpected places.

at what a cost to his appetite when he had an the allotments, the back gardens, and the “ It was when I was a very young man invitation to dine at a boy friend's house!

doorsteps. We may anticipate, I think, that I grasped one secret of salesmanship,” His hostess said, concernedly, when dessert

a vast development of pleasant strolling says H. J. Barrett in a new book called was reached, “ You refuse a second helping

and sitting-out life. The curfew will cer“ How to Sell More Goods.” “I found of pie? Are you suffering from indigestion, tainly not damp down the fires of sociamyself at noon in a little trade center that Johnny?” “No, ma'am ; politeness." bility.

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Tours and Travel Hotels and Resorts Hotels and Resorts Hotels and Resorts MASSACHUSETTS


If You Are Tired or Not Feeling Well CAMP LINGERLONG
you cannot find a more comfortable place in

ful summer home. Cheerful, large, airy
On Pine Lake. Includes 500 acres of wild-
New England than

rooms, pure water, bath, hot and cold; broad TO THE

est Adirondack Mountains, Hunting, fishing, piazza, croquet, fine roads. Terms reasonable. THE WELDON HOTEL wimming, canoeing, tennis. gadale horas Refs. exchanged. The MissES SARGEANT. GREENFIELD, MASS.

George and Lake Champlain. Dancing. Ex

cellent meals. Spring, water. Cabins and HITCHCOCK FARM
It affords all the comforts of home without tents $14 and $16. Private parties entirely
A Summer Cruise

isolated. References required. Manager, 0. D.

Real farm in the Green Mountains.Beau-
Without Change of

ROBINSON, 101 W. 85th St., New York City.

tiful scenery; good roads; comfortable accomMARBLEHEAD, MASS.

modations. $10 to $12. Box 115, Pittsford, Vt. Steamer.

The Leslie

Interbrook Lodge and Cottages Health Resorts
By specialArrangement, a quiet, cozy little house by the sea. OpensJune and pines. Wonderful location. Beautiful illus-

Keene Valley, N.Y. Situated in spruces
over a special route
8, 1918. 'Private baths. Descriptive booklet.

trated booklet. $12 and up. M. E. LUCK, Prop. Dr. Reeves' Sanitarium providing unusual


A Private Home for chronic, nervous, and attractions


mental patients. Also elderly people requiring NINE DAYS of REST and

care. Harriet E. Reeves, M.D., Melrose, Mass. NORTH COHASSET, MASS. Of the Burnham Cottage Settlement, EssexQUIET RECREATION

on-Lake-Champlain, offers to families of reA high-class summer hotel catering finement at very moderate rates the attrac1350 Miles by inland

LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick tions of a beautiful lake shore in a locality exclusively to the best people waters. Three sailings

with a remarkable record for healthfulness. Doylestown, Pa. An institution devoted to JULY 4, AUGUST 1, | ful country estates. 19 miles from Boston on Superb location facing the ocean amid beauti- The club affords an excellent plain table and accommodation. The boating is safe, there are

the personal study and specialized treatAUGUST 29. famous Jerusalem Road. Especially conveni- attractive walks and drives, and the points of

ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, Write for details ent for motorists. Tenis courts, fine bathing interest in the Adirondacks are easily access

Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to and boating. Rates $5 to $8 per day. ible. Ref. required. For information relative


(late of The Walter Sanitarium) -American Express A. S. STANFORD, Prop. and Mgr. to board and lodging address Miss MARGARET

FULLER, Club Mgr., 115 E. 71st St., New York.

Furnished cottages without housekeep-

ing cares. Circular and particulars on applica-
CITY Golf, Tennis and Mountain Climbing. tion.

John B. Burnham, 233 B'way, New York.
Thirteenth Annual Lawn Tennis Tourna-
ment for New Hampshire State and months, in cottage or hotel, on a strip of land | 145 W. 69th St. Car, Broad:
White Mts. Championship, auspices of
United States National Lawn Tennis VIRTUALLY SIX MILES AT SEA ? Handsome doctor's or bachelor's suite.
Association, July 30 and following days.
Where there are congenial neighbors and all

Southern exposure. 1st floor. (BUCKLEY.)
One of the Ideal Tour Hotels of the conveniences of home. Where the breeze
Beldom stops blowing; where boating, bath- Nor rent for 3 months beginning July 1, com-


the cost is reasonable. Do you know that apartment, 5 rooms, near Columbia, Union AMERICAN

Theological Seminary, subway. 8,565, Outlook. EXPRESS

Crawford Notch
WHITE MTS., N. H. only 50 miles from New York, is such a place ?

Real Estate


Direct inquiries to C.W. NASH, Supt., Point O' Woods, L. I.

Crawford House, Crawford Notch, N. H.



adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms furnished house 14 rooms, at Branford, Conn., Camp Robinswood Two Camps: One for

with and without bath. Rates $2.50 per day,
Evergreen and evercool!
Men and Women ; One

on shore front. Private park about 60 acres
including meals. Special rates for two weeks
for Girls. In the White Mountain foothills.

and bathing beach. Modern plumbing. Gas, Snow-capped mountains, virgin pine forests, national parks, 1,200 ft. elevation, seven miles from Lake

or more. Location very central. Convenient hot water furnace, electricity. 5 open fireseas, lakes, waterfalls, roads

to all elevated and street car lines. Winnepesaukee. Accommodations unequaled.

places. Address Box 1,234, New Haven, Conn. into the heart of it all! And Excellent country living. Hill and mountain

Alaska, the wonderland at climbing : tennis and field sports ; bathing,

NORFOLK, CONN. our door! This book.beauti- boating, fishing; auto trips ; restful pine TOURIST-BOOK fully illustrated, tells you. groves. Write for illustrated camp book

1,200 feet above the sea FREE State, Dept. 0, Olympia, Wash. lets. Address R. I. ADRIANCE, 178 N.

Modern house, furnished, icehouse filled. Walnut St., East Orange, N. J.

Montague, Hicks, and Remsen Streets Dr. L. D. BULKLEY, 531 Madison Ave., N. Y.

Hotels and Resorts


The science of conducting a hotel properly

is at its highest when it is least apparent. Country Home

Beach Haven This is exemplified by the cultured, Robinhood Inn and Cottages

livable atmosphere of the Hotel Bossert.


Send for illustrated booklet “B” On high ground, set in choice trees and shrubBailey Island, Me. Will open June 15.

bery. Ten minutes' walk from depot. Sixteen Bathing, fishing, sailing. For circular, Miss Opens June 20. The best combination

large rooms, with maids' kitchen. Three bathMassey, 5000 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

of seashore features on the coast. Matchless
bay for sailing and fishing, perfect beach and

rooms, best plumbing. Fine basement laun

dry and attic storerooms. Four fireplaces. Deer THE FIRS Maine bathing. The Engleside has all the modern

Hot water heat. Wide covered porches three

31st Street & Fifth Avenue sides of the house. Three acres of ground. Select but inexpensive Summer Home. fresh water. Booklet. R. F. ENGLE, Mgr. Booklets. S. B. KNOWLTON, Haverford, Pa.

New York

Large productive garden, with grape vines and SURE RELIEF FROM HAY FEVER

fruit trees. Neat barn and garage. Buildings THE CHAMPERNOWNE

Combines every convenience and home Colonial and attractively painted. For THE WARREN comfort, and commends itself to people of rent,

fully furnished, for the summer or the KITTERY POINT, ME. Modern

refinement wishing to live on American Plan year. Fagy run to New York by train or auto.

ON THE OCEAN appointments. Rooms en suite with private

and be within easy reach of social and dra- Address Room 611, at 14 Beacon St., Boston. baths. HORACE MITCHELL, Prop. ISPRING LAKE BEACH, N. J. matic centers.

Telephone, Haymarket, 4078 W.
A house that's" different” in its fine appoint- Room and bath $3.50 per day with meals, or
YORK CAMPS LOON LAKE, ments, unusual and artistic decorations, $2.00 per day without meals.

homelike atmosphere and service. Sur-


Illustrated Booklet gladly sent upon In famous Rangeley region in heart of rounded by green lawns and gardens, at request.

JOHN P. TOLSON. mountains facing lake. Private log cabins the edge of the sea. W. B. STUBBS, Prop.,

For Sale—Bailey's Island, Me.s Small with open fires, bath and hot and cold water. N. Y. Office Norece Hall. Tel. 7140 Schuyler. Central dining-room. Golf within easy reach;

If Coming to New York COTTAGE taken for mortgage. If intergarage. Boating, bathing, fishing, mountain NEW YORK

ested, write for full particulars.

8,473, Outlook. climbing. Farm one mile from camp furnishes

**Why Pay Excessive Hotel Rates ? fresh vegetables, eggs, poultry, certified milk. HURRICANE LODGE

near Bath, Me. Booklet. J. LEWIS YORK, Prop. and COTTAGES


New York 4 rooms, screened sleeping-porch, Camp, 5 IN THE ADIRONDACKS

Short Block from Broadway rooms, furnished ; $75, $65 season. H.C. Dodd, hotel. All conveniences. Private baths,

Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y.

Subway. A Hotel of Quality and
Comfortable, homelike. Al-

Worcester Academy, Worcester, Mass. excellent cuisine, comfortable and homelike. Orchestra, tennis, golf, bathing and fishing.

titude 1,800 ft. Extensive

Refinement at the following Rates Beautiful drives. Booklet. W. J. Simpson.

lor, Bedroom and Bath pa or Center Lovell, Oxford County, Me.

verandas overlooking Keene
Valley. Trout fishing. Camp-

Persons), $2.00, $2.50, $3.00, per day. Parlor, 2
Blue Hill Look Inn Delight-ing. Golf links, nine well-kept greens. Mile

Bedrooms and Bath (2 to 4 Persons), $3.00 to TO LET. Furnished Camp on Kezar Lake situated on Maine coast. Cool, invigorating bles. Fine dairy. Furnished cottages, all im$4.00 per day. Parlor, 3 Bedrooms and Bath

Facing White Mountains. 10 rooms. Living, climate. All improvements. Motoring, sail- provements. Terms $17 to $30 per week. Spe

(4 to 6 Persons), $4.00 to $6.00 per day.

room with large fireplace. Wide piazza around ing, fishing, etc. Till June 1st address H. A.

Write for Booklet C and map of city. cial rates for season. Address K. BELKNAP,

three sides. Good water. Rent for season, Whittington, 2000 Park Ave., Baltimore, Md. Manager, Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y.

including ice and firewood, $250. Address E. S.

PIERCE, 2433 Ontario Rd., Washington, D. C. MASSACHUSETTS

The Bonheur, Norece Hall, and
Blue Mountain House | Graycourt, family hotels, furnished with
One of finest situations in Adirondacks. Alti-

care and refineda tastes Exceptional stable.ALKENNEBUNPORT, ME: To
tude 2,055 ft., overlooking beautiful lakes. Out-
Cotuit, Mass. door sports. All conveniences. Excellent table. theaters, and hotel district. Address

house, 10 rooms, 6 bedrooms. Modern conveniBoating, bathing. JAMES WEBB. M. Tyler Merwin, Blue Mountain Lake, N. Y. Norece Company, 114 W. 79th St., New York. ences ;furnace. Rent $500. Apply 8,567, Outlook.

HELP WANTED Teachers and Covernesses CALIFORNIA needs teachers with graduate study. Consult Boynton-Esterly Teachers'

FARM | Camps and Cottages


Real Estate
Real Estate

Real Estate


TO RENT-For 2, 3, or 4 months, at

Ossipee, N. H.
Cranberry Island

sag Harbor, 6-room Cottage, furnished Agency, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cal. Opp. Seal Harbor, Me. To let by the month, On state road to the White Mts., 114 miles from or for the summer ; house fully furnished Boston. Bungalow style house. 5 bedrooms,

Large screened sleeping-porch. Fine bathing 7 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. Driven well. Views furnished, double brass beds, box springs and

beach mile away. Ideal for group of women of Mt. Desert Range and ocean. Apply to hair mattresses and pillows, also the furniture.

teachers. Best references required. Rev. GEO. V. Y. B., 506 Beacon St., Boston. Sitting-room complete with hangings. Dining

D. EGBERT, 77 Bowne Ave., Flushing, L. I. mitem siden tromangmai sitting-room, partiy Mstakes-sto anagre up. Stock, tools Txaloon portent for season, on shore of

ONEYMAKING furnished. Large stable. Water system to the

bookkeeping. References. 5,821, Outlook. Moosehead Lake, near Kineo, Me. Communi

house; gasoline engine and large tank. Good cate V.L.D., 201 East 23d St., New York City.

Write for Big Illustrated Catalogue. STROUT Companions and Domestic Helpers bathroom in house. 100 acres land, part woodland, 3 large open fields. Piazza 3 sides of house,

FARM AGENCY, Dept. 2716, New York. OGUNQUIT, MAINE screened around 2 sides and awnings for same.

ing, desires position companion or helper. $5,000 cash. Address Mrs. F. L. HAYWARD,


Marion Camp, 365 Mill-Hill Ave., Bridgeport,

Conn. Large and small cottages, completely fur

466 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. nished; electricity, modern plumbing, large

The Wiscasset Bungalows

ENGLISH lady of refinement seeks position grounds. Convenient to markets and beach.

as companion-governess or household superE. S. WARE, P. O. Box 135, Ogunquít, Me.

and Central Dining Hall

visor Address Miss Bartlett, 1103 Spruce TO LET. Apply to H. M. SMITH,

Street, Philadelphia.
York Harbor, Me. Cottages to rent from
Seten to twelve hum SUGAR HILL, N. H.M.C.Lockwood, Mount Pocono, Pa.

Special rates for June only.

MANAGER, hostess--American gentle

woman, tact and judgment. Disengaged dred dollars. Well furnished, fine location.

June 15. 5,898, Outlook. Al conveniences, WILLARD SIMPSON.



WELL-educated young lady of culture and

refinement desires summer position as comMASSACHUSETTS Gentleman within commuting distance New near Watch Hill. Fine location on a rocky

5,904, Outlook.
Jersey, whose family away for summer, would
point overlooking the sea. Large sea-room,

CHAPERON or companion by lady ; excep-
like to find refined couple to occupy house,
ten sleeping-rooms, bath. Garage. Apply to

tional references, executive ability, used to rent free, in exchange for gentleman's board.

MARY E. FOSTER, Lansdowne, Pa.

traveling, 5,907, Outlook.

YOUNG woman, teacher, desires summer References required and given. 8,471, Outlook.


position as companion or tutor, or for clerical NEW YORK

work. HIGHEST references. 5,918, Outlook. on house (furnished). Wonderful views, spa

CAPABLE young woman of education

wishes position as secretary or companion. cious porches, extensive grounds; far enough Experienced. Has sympathetic understaticfrom the village for happy retirement. Golf ing of children. Country preferred. 5,99, links a mile and a quarter distant. 5 master's Outlook.

bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 servants' rooms and DO YOUR BIT

GENTLEWOMAN possessing exceptiona) for rent or for sale at all prices in any

bath ; garage with room and

bath ; garden. ability and experience as managing house

Very reliable gardener, who is a good chauf keeper, hostess, etc., energetic, versatile, and 13,000 Acre Estate in the Berkshires. part of the Adirondacks. Write for feur, available. Rental for season $1,000. capable of assuming any responsibility, de Little over 3 hours from N. Y. C. free, illustrated booklet.

Address DUMONT CLARKE, Andover, Mass. sires position insuring comfortable hoine in Thoroughly appointed house. Beautiful

refined atmosphere. 5,911, Outlook. grounds. Famous rose gardens. Com

Mention The Outlook

Manchester, Vt For sale or rent (furnished), pletely equipped farm of over 1,500

unique combination of comfortable summer

WANTED-Position by college girl during W. F. ROBERTS acres showing attractive profits. Miles of

home, convenient to fine golf course, and first

summer. 5,863, Outlook.

COLLEGE girl desires position for sumheavily timbered hunting preserves. To Real Estate Office, Saranac Lake, N. Y. route, etc. W. B. Edgerton, Manchester, Vt.

mer. 5,872, Outlook. be sold to close an Estate. Can be rented.

LADY desires position for July and August S. OSGOOD PELL & CO. ADIRONDACKS Blue Mountain

as companion. Elderly person preferred. 15-17 West 44th St., New York City, Country Dept.

ADDING MACHINES 5,919, Outlook
Ideal island property. One or both large
Tel. Vanderbilt 5610.
furnished cottages for season. Open fires, THE Ray Adding Machine. Saves time,

Teachers and Governesses Wood and ice. The Rectory, Lyons, N. Y. money, labor. Costs less than an average mis NATIVE French teacher with experience BERKSHIRE HILLS

take-only $25. Adds with speed and accuracy of several years in well-known secondary Furnished Cottages License 10 rooms, 2 baths.

of highest priced machines. Also directly school desires summer position as companion Furnished houses. Farms and estates for sale.

subtracts. Used by U.S. Govt., International or tutor ; will tutor for college examinations; S. G. TENNEY, Williamstown, Mass. Sleeping porches. 3 additional 1-room bunga Harvester Co., B. &0. Ry., business and pro ready for duty June 6; highest references,

lows, with water. Double garage. High eleva fessional men everywhere. Handsome desk 5,895, Outlook,
tion; superb views. Private driveway through stand free. Send no money, but write for 20 WANTED, by experienced teacher of nature

beautiful surrounding forest. Ice and wood day free trial. The Ray Company, 2147 Candler study and sciences who has library training, T Prides Crossing, Beverly, Mass., furnished. Moderate rental. 8,575, Outlook. Bldg., New York.

position in library work or teaching or both. there is for sale a summer place


References given. Address Miss Mary E. Hill, of 7% acres wooded land, cottage

AMAGANSETT, N. Y. BOARD AND ROOMS 212 Kelvin Place, Ithaca, N. Y. of 19 rooing, hardwood floors, 8 open fireplaces, Furnished and unfurnished cot

TUTORING, college entrance subjects.

BUSINESS woman desires room with small etc., in excellent repair, stable garage with tages for rent or sale. Ocean front family. Columbia section. Moderate. Perma


references. (A.M. Harvard; Pro living quarters, bath house on shore. Section building sites, farms and acreage for sale.

fessor of English and Modern History, Uni.

nent. 5,901, Outlook. is one of the choicest on the famous North W. M. TERRY, Amnagansett, N. Y. Phone 20.

versity of New Brunswick.) Earl A. Aldrich, Shore of Massachusetts.

EXCEPTIONALLY pleasant home for one
Near-by estates

16 Magnolia Square, Dorchester, fass. owned by men of national reputation, running

person or married couple or invalid in strictly

PUBLIC-speaking teacher; normal and in value froin $75,000 to over $1,000,000. Owner

private American family of three refined

Cumnock oratory graduate: experienced cannot use and will sell, furnished if desired,

adults. Kindness and home comforts given, camps in

woman. References. Available September. under conditions highly favorable to buyer. the pines. Completely furnished, $200 to

Centrally located near library on a beautiful

5,892, Outlook Photographs and details of $275 for season. Sand beach for children. avenue in the prettiest and largest town in western Massachusetts. 5,913, Outlook.

SUPERVISOR public school music; graduJOHN D. HARDY, 10 High Street, Boston. C. H. EASTON, 1 Broadway, New York.

ate Cornell University, experienced woman;

available September. Organizer community ASCUTSIDEOUTBOLCHILA

BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES singing. References. 5,893, Outlook. TO RENT. from Colonial House ATTRACTIVE BUNGALOW PRIVATE school. A small, well-established

YOUNG French lady of education and re

finement who teaches in well-known private For Rent for Summer Months girls' boarding and day school. Convenient to Fully furnished, in best residential part of

school desires summer engagement with

New York and Philadelphia, Capacity enroll-
Brookline. Two large living-rooms, den, large
Located directly on Trout Lake, three miles
ment this year. Principal desires to retire.

refined family. 5,899, Outlook. hall, dining-room, and kitchen on 1st floor.

from Bolton Landing, Lake George. Built by
present owner, who will rent for the entire Correspondence confidential. T.H.G., P. O.

EXPERIENCED private school prinary Five master's bedrooms, large bathroom with season at moderate rental. Completely

Box 1,592, Philadelphia, Pa. shower, on 2d floor. Two servants' rooms

teacher, age twenty-five, desires summer furnished. Six rooms with three FOR sale, in Washington, D. C. A well esand bath on 3d floor. Spacious lawns, porches,

position, June 6 to September 10. Experi bedrooms and bath. Kitchen with tablished private school. Splendid patronage,

enced tutor in preacademic subjects and shade trees, shrubs, and flowers. Fully running water. Ice, wood, and good enrollment for next year. Washington's

piano. References. 5,900, Outlook. equipped garage for three cars, with washstand, gasoline and oil tank, at 737 Washington address 7,855, Outlook. rowboat included. For full particulars increased population increases school demand

TEACHER desires position as governess proportionately. Address Madam Suzanne,

for children under eight for summer mouths. Street, Brookline, Mass. Write same address.

P. O. Box No. 1,284.

Experienced ; excellent references. Address

Teacher, Mrs. Maude's Private School, 15 HELP WANTED

Cold Spring St., New Haven, Conn.

REFINED French young lady, five conse by the ocean surf. Choice location. Moderate rents season.

Companions and Domestic Helpers utive years teacher of French in college, de S. W. BALL, 87 Nassau St., N. Y.

A comfortable home in Bloomfield, N. J.,

sires position for June, July, August. Highest

professional and social references. Address

with two adults, as a working housekeeper, is CAPE COD Ocean Front

offered to a respectable woman who has lost

5,912, Outlook.

GOVERNESS, refined, well versed in Eng

her main support. 2,222, Outlook. Housekeeping bungalows. 5 and 6 rooms and

COMPANION wanted for only daughter.

lish, French, and German, unexceptionable bathroom, fireplace. Grand view. $130 and

Young lady eighteen to twenty, good family.

references, desires position. 5,914, Outlook. $150 season. L. S. RICH, Truro, Mass.

KINDERGARTNER wishes summer posi
Protestant, musical preferred. Address Mrs.
Kent, Chappaqua, New

tion in the mountains. Tutoring or clerical ,

work. References. 5,910, Outlook. tion Shirley). In pine woods. 10 rooms,

COOK and chambermaid-waitress for famopen fireplaces. Large stable. Over 80 acres,

ily of seven; mother and daughter or friends

EXPERIENCED French woman wants including 6 acres woodland, excellent pasture, Heart of the Catskill Mountains preferred. High wages, good home, for fine,

summer position. Tutoring, chaperoning. etc. For sale reasonable terms to close estate.

willing servants. Connecticut in summer.

5,869, Outlook. J. S. Pray, 50 Garden St., Cambridge, Mass.

Near Woodstock Art Colony
603 Tremont Ave., Westfield, N. J.

PROFICIENT, experienced teacher of LAKE HILL, NEW YORK MATRONS, governesses, mothers' helpers, Spanish desires 'summer engagement. 5,601 cafeteria managers, dietitians. Miss Richards,

To let, furnished cottage, 12 rooms 537 Howard Building, Providence. Boston,

TUTOR wishes position for next year. 5,62,
and bath. Modern plumbing, large
16 Jackson Hall, Trinity Court, Thursdays,

Outlook. 11 to 1.

GOVERNESS-English, French, German, piazza, ice and wood supplied, WANTED-Nurse or nursery governess of

and art. Several years' teaching in Paris, garage. Good roads for motoring. excellent character and refinement for care

London, Edinburgh References.5,916, Outlook. Three hours from New York by of little girl four years old. Best of references

GRADUATE teacher, with experience, de railroad and easily reached by required. 5,844, Outlook.

sires kindergarten position, near Philadel motor. $500 for season. WANTED-Matron for Old Ladies' Home, phia. Excellent references. 5,917, Outlook.

TUTORING for summer by experienced DR. W. M. DAILEY

perience, salary desired, etc., to Mrs. R. S. college graduate. 5,918, Outlook.

Murray, 1110 Nott St., Schenectady.

Rhinelander 2879 19 E. 69th St., N. Y. City At MANOMET, PLYMOUTH, MASS.

SUPERVISOR to train and superintend


servants in small private house. Experience Furnished cottage to let or for sale. Broad pi

GOOD care in comfortable home for two ot azzas, electric lights, hot and cold water, con FIRE ISLAND, L. I. essential. 5,923, Outlook. veniences, open fireplaces. Terms moderate.

three refined elderly or semi-invalid ladies On the ocean. Rent for season.

Teachers and Governesses

Address Miss Reklaw, Canandaigua, N. Y. Wm.H. Hawley, Room 16, State House, Boston. rooms and bath, furnished, $450. Also TEACHERS desiring school or college

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency NEW HAMPSHIRE 5-room bungalow near bay,

positions apply International Musical and established 1895. No charge; prompt delivery.
J. C. WHEELER, Hollis, Long Island, N. Y. Educational Agency, Carnegie Hall, N. Y. 44 West 22d S., New York.
For sale. Cottage, Saltaire, Fire Island Beach,
NURSERY governess for boys of seven and

PATRIOTISM by Lyman Abbott, also Bretton Woods, White Mons. For rent, a comfortably furnished cottage with 5 master

L.1. 8 rooms, completely furnished, screened ten, in Cleveland. Protestant with references verses of America - The Pledge to the Flagporches, all improvements.

Terms reasonable.

required. American with ability to speak bedrooms and 3 servants' rooms, 3 bathrooms,

2 verses of The Star-Spangled Banner, all in a Would exchange for country property. AdGerman and French, but knowledge of child

little leaflet. Further the cause of patriotis laundry, dining-room, also servants diningdress S., 17 Rutland Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. recreations and physical care with good educa

by distributing in your letters, in pay envel room, living-room with fireplace; well heated,

tion most important. Apply with references to electric lighting, phone, fine porches ; broad

partial furnished. 14 miles

G.W. G., 10723 Magnolia Drive, Cleveland. lawns and grounds kept up by Maplewood

gatherings. 200 sent prepaid for 32 cents. WANTED–Competent teachers for public

Arthur M. Morse, Montclair, N. J. Hotel. Good markets. Write Secretary, 1800 from station, Barn, fruit, and garden. $15

WANTED--Detective persons to board New Hampshire Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. per month. C. J. SHELDON. Nassau, N. Y. letin. Albany Teachers Agency, Albany, N.Y. Address W., Pawling, N. Y.

CAPE Ballston Beach Bungalows


opes, in schools, churches, clubs, and social

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"HE other day our subscription mail brought us this check, and in

order to collect it banking custom required us to indorse it exactly as it was drawn. After depositing it we wrote to the subscriber, Mr. Clyde McGinitie, Hecla, So. Dakota, and asked him to return the canceled voucher to us, which he did, at the same time writing us as follows:

To get my opinion of your magazine into the permanent record I enclose my canceled check, to be disposed of as you may wish.

Sometimes, you know, people of average intelligence win presume to disagree with those better informed-I remember cases in point wherein I meditated rebellion against the just discipline of my boyhood home, which I sometimes viewed as extreme cruelty at the time. Later experiences and better understanding bring me to my knees in gratitude for that home and the dear old couple I call Father and Mother.

So it is that I acknowieage my aedt to you and your associates for the innumerable splendid messages that have reached me in this distant place through your magazine. Though there have been times when I have not entirely agreed with


in the detail, I have always been able to understand that the vital principle of a clear statement of the case and an honest deduction was your aim. And to conclude, in my opinion yours is “ The Best Magazine Ever Published.”


The fur Magazin isletid

The Oriolook




Never partisan, never neutral, but always independentYearly Subscription, $4.00. At News-stands, 10 Cents a Copy

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