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An Out-of-Doors Number

T must be at least twenty years ago since the first out-of-doors number of The Outlook appeared. This summer the issue dated June 12 will be largely devoted to articles and

pictures relating to travel, vacations, recreation, and outdoor sport. There is no contradiction in war time in thinking of rest and recreation. On the contrary, it would be fatal to the deep resolve of Americans to put every ounce of effort in the task of winning the war if they let themselves become worn, overstrained, nervous wrecks. The soldier and the civilian alike must get in condition and keep in condition. Long ago Hamilton W. Mabie, for so many years the Associate Editor of this journal, wrote in its columns : “ Play is as much a need of the man’s nature as of the boy's, and if work is to keep its freshness of interest, its spontaneity, and its productiveness, it must retain the characteristics of play; it must have variety, unconsciousness of self, joy. Recreation is, therefore, not a luxury, but a necessity, not an indulgence, but a duty.” Among the special features of the Out-of-Doors Number will be:

The Family Goes A-Gypsying

By Mary Roberts Rinehart Mrs. Rinehart is not only a novelist of high reputeher new book, “ The Amazing Interlude," has been called the best war story by an American writer—but she has iong been an exponent of the Gospel of Outdoors. In this charming article she relates some of her own camping experiences with gusto and humor. “Gypsying," she says, “is a state of mind. ... But camping is not alone a state of mind. It is an art. For, I take it, it has two purposes—to make us acquainted with our souls and to renew our acquaintance with each other. And to camp badly is to frustrate both." How to do it and how not to do it is well shown in this article.

The Gun as a Weapon of


By Edward Cave The author has been editor and publisher of “Recreation” and speaks with authority. His article might be described as embodying “ Lessons from the Long Trail that Goes 'Way Around Beyond the Bleak and Barren Mountains of Mere Marksmanship, to the Happy Valley of True Sportsmanship.” There are photographs by the author.

Camping and the Motor Car

By Adelaide Ovington Advice based on the experiences of a family who took a camping trip in a motor car, with photographs of their camp life. The article is eminently practical in its hints of what to take, how to camp and cook. Its information applies generally to all sorts of camping and canoeing trips.

Healing Streams: A Fishing


By Joseph H. Odell Readers of The Outlook have not forgotten Dr. Odell's story “A Trout Stream and the Cracking Universe” which we had the pleasure of printing last year. This new story is a counterpart of that in spirit and manner. It has characters who talk and act like live Americans, and its humorous manner of treatment and true sportsmanship has a background of stirring patriotism.

The Sportsman's Creed

By Travers D. Carman By the relation of actual incidents in the hunting experience of a “thoroughbred sportsman " this article brings out the fact that good judgment, honor, and fairness enter into sport as well as into the other phases of life. The creed of a “thoroughbred sportsman " has a wider significance than in the hunting field.


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The Sinn Fein Traitors..

175 The Change in Quebec.

175 New Power for the President.

175 A New Epoch in Government Mail Service 176 The People and the Red Cross.

176 The President on the Red Cross and the War 177 Organized Boyhood

177 Cartoons of the Week.

178 The War: A Week of Waiting.

180 A School for Chaplains.

180 Booze or Coal ?......

180 Aircraft Production.. Is Germany a Civilized Nation ?.. 182 Concerning a Man Who Fled to Patagonia 182 Germany an Economic Outlaw...

183 The War Spirit of a Peace League... 184

Special Correspondence from Philadelphia The American Labor War Platform..... 185 American Troops Through an American's Eyes:

186 Special Correspondence from William T. Ellis Federal Child Labor Law Appealed..... 187

Special Correspondence from Washington New York City Pastels : 1- Times Square...

188 II—Cross-Streets

188 III - Nocturne : Fifth Avenue and Central Park ....

188 IV-From the Jersey Bank..

By Alter Brody
Getting Ready to Go “Over There :"
I- Bidding God-Speed to the Men in
Khaki : The Diary of a Camp Pastor 189

By the Rev. Alfred E. Isaac
II- Making Medical Officers Out of

Doctors : Life at the Fort Riley
Training Camp...

By Ellsworth Eliot, Jr., M.D., Major M.R.C.
III — Saying Good-By at a Hostess House:
Scenes at an Embarkation Camp.... 191

By a Hostess
Shall We Teach German in Our Public
Schools ?.

... 192 By Rear-Admiral Caspar F. Goodrich, U.S. N. Current Events Illustrated.

193 Captain Hugh Knyvett: An Australian Galahad...

197 By Theodore Roosevelt Weekly Outline Study of Current History 198

By J. Madison Gathany, A.M. Otto, 100 Per Cent American.

198 Queer Menus for Insects The New Books....

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200 The Nation's Industrial Progress. 202 By the Way..

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A Song for Marching Men...

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(Reprinted from the Bellman") O who will give us a song for them,

The silent marching men? A'martial song with a swing in it, With measured rhythm and ring in it, The breath of a deathless thing in it,

A song for marching men.
O who will give us a song for them,-

The silent marching men?
A gallant song with a cheer in it,
A tender song with a tear in it,
And never a taint of fear in it,


song for marching men. O who will give us a song for them,

The silent marching men?
Trumpet and bugle and fife in it,
The passion and pride of life in it,
And the old mad joy of strife in it,

A song for marching men.
O who will give us a song for them,-

The silent marching men ?
With iron and blood and ruth in it,
Vision and beauty and truth in it,
Terrible pathos of youth in it,

A song for marching men.
O who will give us a song for them,

The silent marching men ?
With a sacred wordless space in it,
With a clinging last embrace in it,
A song with a woman's face in it,

A song for marching men.
O who will give us a song for them,-

The silent marching men ?
A scorn for the tyrant's rod in it,
A thought of the criinsoned sod in it,
A faith in the Living God in it,


song for marching men.

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Ancient Greece furnishes a little-known parallel to our war for the sacred rights of humanity. Justly called at the time a " sacred war," it was waged in the sixth century B.C., as ours is waged, by a league of neighboring peoples, the so-called Amphictyonic League: “ Amphictyon” literally means dwelling around. Larger and smaller, there were twelve states; the strongest were Athens and Sparta. All were accorded equal rights, and the League was bound to maintain certain principles of international law in observance. Its meetings were held at its sanctuaries. There at Delphi and at Anthela, near Thermopylæ, deputies from each constituency assembled in spring and autumn for conference on mutual interests. Every fourth year the Pythian Games, next in importance to the Olympian, were celebrated near the temple at Delphi.

If a state were convicted of violating a sanctuary or a public right, it was subjected to a penalty. Should a state refuse compliance with its sentence, the League declared a sacred war against it. The most famous of these (595-585 B.c.) avenged the extortion practiced on pilgrims and the maltreatment of women returning from Delphi by razing the rebellious city to the ground.

Thus the Amphictyons enacted a history now repeating itself on a far higher ethical level. Our league of neighboring democraeies is warring for the sacred rights of humanity world-wide, in darkest Africa as well as here.

J. M. W.

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