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Crest View Sanatorium NEW HAMPSHIRE

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Hotels and Resorts

Real Estate



RHODE ISLAND Norece Hall, 114 W. 79th St. WYOMING-Trapper Lodge TOBUKTA Eurnished, G-ROOM

BUNGALOW on Maine Lake, For Rent-A Cottage at Weekapang, R. I. The Graycourt, 124 W. 82d St. An all

season stock ranch. Good water, table, 3 acres woodland, canoe, motor boat, fireplace, near Watch Hill. Fine location on a rocky Quiet houses where families and ladies travel fishing and saddle horses. Camp OUTDOORS

ice. Rent $200. Address Owner, 8,797, Outlook. point overlooking the sea. Large sea-room, ing alone will find homelike and refined sur- WITH COMFORT in the Big Horn Mounroundings. Folder and rates on application.

ten sleeping-rooms, batha Garage. Apply tu

MASSACHUSETTS taing. Address WYMAN & SON, Shell, Wyo.

MARY E. FOSTER, Lansdowne, Pa. W. B. Stubbs, Norece Co., 114 W.79th St., N.Y. HOTEL JUDSON 53 Washing

HELP WANTED Health Resorts adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms

Business Situations . with and without bath. Rates $2.50 per day, The

WANTED-Man (unmarried) to be assistant including meals. Special rates for two weeks

headmaster and director of games and sports or more. Location very central. Convenient MEDICAL SANITARIUM

in the Junior School of the Peekskill Military to all elevated and street car lines.

Academy, Peekskill, N. Y. Address the Prin-
Saratoga Springs, N. Y.

Practice limited to Disorders of Diges

MANAGER WANTED-A growing charition, Nutrition and Elimination.

table institution in an Eastern factory city HURRICANE LODGE All meals privately served.

needs a manager with vision and push. It is

At MANOMET, PLYMOUTH, MASS. now backed by a small but earnest group of and COTTAGES

Furnished cottage to let or for sale. Broad pi- neighborhood, but could easily do ten time

manufacturers; is doing a fine work in its IN THE ADIRONDACKS Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y.

azzas, electric lights, hot and cold water, conComfortable, homelike. Al

veniences, open fireplaces. Terms moderate.

more. If you have enthusiast, the gift of titude 1,800 ft. Extensive

Wm.H.Hawley, Room 16, State House, Boston.

working with others, and a real desire to be

useful in a larger field, send full particulars verandas overlooking Keene Valley. Trout fishing. Camp

to Box 2,338, care of The Outlook. Present Newfoundland, New Jersey Nantucket, Mass. Furnished Cottage.

salary $2,000. The right man will be worth ing. Golf links, nine well-kept greens. Mile

A quiet, restful health resort among the hills course. Tennis and croquet. Fresh vegeta

6 large rooms, piazza, fireplace. Fine bathing.

much more. of northern New Jersey. Large sunny porch ; bles. Fine dairy. Furnished cottages, all im

WANTED—Secretary and stenographer for dry, exhilarating air. All forms of hydrother $175 season. R. E. FARRIER, Ridgewood, N.J.

educational institution. Prefer refined, eduprovements. Terms $17 to $30 per

week. Special rates for season. Address K. BELKNAP, Believing that there is a curable physical basis For Rent-23 Orange St., Asheville School, a neville, N.C.

30 40. Address Manager, Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y.

ying cause through a scientific study of each Nantucket, Massachusetts Companions and Domestic Helpers CAMP LINGERLONG individual case. Booklet sent on application. Large living-room, 5 fireplaces, hot water fur. COMPANION, summer, country, lady over On Pine Lake. Includes 500 acres of wild

nace, electricity and gas, 3 bedrooms, screened thirty, refinement, breeding essential ; duties

“INTERPINES” est Adirondack Mountains, Hunting, fishing,

porch, 2 baths 2d floor, 2 maids' rooms, bath

and remuneration light; reading aloud. 5,937,

Outlook. swimming, canoeing, tennis. Saddle horses. Beautiful, quiet, restful and homelike. Over

and laundry in basement, lavatory 1st floor.

View of Harbor. Tramps to surrounding mountain peaks, Lake 26 years of successful work. Thorough, re

WANTED-Young woman of refinement George and Lake Champlain. Dancing. Ex Jiable, dependable and ethical. Every com

W. S. HOWARD, Box 574, St. Augustine, Florida. as mother's helper in sınall family. Address cellent meals. Springwater.

Cabins and
fort and convenience. Accommodations of

Mrs. Badger, 234 Westminster Road, Brooktents $14 and $16. Private parties entirely superior quality. Disorder of the nervous sys

Furnished cot-Richmond in Berkshires lyn, New York. isolated. References required. Manager, 0. D. tem a specialty Fred. W. Seward, Sr., M.D.,

MATRONS, governesses, mothers' helpen,
ROBINSON, 101 W. 85th St., New York City.
Fred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D., Goshen, N. Y.

9 rooms, bath. State road, X mile from station.
5 miles from Lenox. Rent $225. 8,799, Outlook.

cafeteria managers, dietitians. Miss Richards

537 Howard Building, Providence. Boston, ADIRONDACKS

16 Jackson Hall, Trinity Court, Thursday, THE CRATER CLUB

11 to 1. of the Burnham Cottage Settlement, EssexGreenwich, Ct. First-class in all respects,

Farm and Summer
home comforts.

White Mountain

Teachers and Governesses on-Lake-Champlain, offers to families of re

Residence, for

HOPKINS' Educational Agency, 507 Fifth finement at very moderate rates the attrac

Song. Facing Mt. Washington. Price $1,200.

Ave. tions of a beautiful lake shore in a locality Dr. Reeves' Sanitarium Address Rev, J. E. Johnson, Littleton, N. H.

Governesses, nurses, housekeepers,

dietitians, companions, attendants, secre with a remarkable record for healthfulness. A Private Home for chronic, nervous, and

taries. Families, schools, institutions. The club affords an excellent plain table and accommodation. The boating is safe, there are mental patients. Also elderly people requiring | Maplewood, N. H. near Bethlehem and

YOUNG, experienced, Protestant nursery attractive walks and drives, and the points of care. Harriet E. Reeves, M.D., Melrose, Mass.

comfortably furnished cottage with 5 master governess fortwolittlegirls. English or French interest in the Adirondacks are easily access

bedrooms and 3 servants' rooms, 3 bathrooms,

preferred. Address Box 114, St. Davids, Pa. ible. Ref. required. For information relative

laundry, dining-room, also servants' dining- TEACHERS desiring school or college to board and lodging address Miss MARGARET LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick room; living room with fireplace; well heated, positions apply International Musical and FULLER, Club Mgr., 115 E. 71st St., New York.

electric lighting, phone, fine porches; broad Educational Agency, Carnegie Hall, N. Y. Doylestown, Pa. An institution

devoted to lawns and grounds kept up by Maplewood WANTED-MAN (unmarried) to teach Furnished cottages without housekeep

the personal study and specialized treat- Hotel. Good markets. Write Secretary, 1800 ing cares. Circular and particulars on applica

HISTORY and either ENGLISH or LATIN ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, New Hampshire Ave. N.W., Washington, D.C. tion. John B. Burnham, 233 B'way, New York.

at Peekskill Military Academy, Peekskill, Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to

N. Y. Address the Principal.

BUNGALOWS WANTED—Competent teachers for public
(late of The Walter Sanitarium)

and private schools and colleges. Send for bul Interbrook Lodge and Cottages

Apply to H. M. SMITH,

lotin. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N.Y. Keene Valley, N. Y. Situated in spruces

SUGAR HILL, N. H. CALIFORNIA needs teachers with graduand pines. Wonderful location. Beautiful illus

ate study. Consult Boynton-Esterly Teachers' trated booklet. $12 and up. M. E. LUCK, Prop.

WHITE MOUNTAINS—Chase Farm Agency, Los Angeles, San Francisco. Cal.

YOUNG woman as nursery governess for On GREAT Goldthwaite Inn WANTED Lady wishes to receive into

Whitefield, N. H., the A. L. Brown homestead, private home in Hartford,

two little girls, ages 2 and 3 years. Some er, SOUTH BAY,

12 rooms; modern cottage, 8 rooms; bunga Conn., one or two congenial persons as paying

perience with children and knowledge of BELLPORT, L. I. Cool, comfortable,

low, 6 rooms. Low rental for season. W. B. guests. Address References, 8,765, Outlook.

their physical care required; also an instinct charming family resort. Table supplied from

& E. S. CHASE, 150 W. 105th St., N. Y. City. ive fondness and understanding of children own farm. Sports - sailing, fishing, ocean

most necessary. Ridgewood, N. J. Personal and still-water bathing, golf, tennis. Real Estate

interview desired. 5,992, Outlook.

Winnipesaukee Lake Wolfeboro, HOW would you like to live for 2 or 3 weeks or

Cottage, garage, boathouse. All conveniences.

CONNECTICUT months, in cottage or hotel, on a strip of land

Rev. Dr. HIGGONS, 842 S. 57th St., Phila., Pa.


Companions and Domestic Holpers FOR SALE at

UNIVERSITY student desires position of the conveniences of home. Where the breeze 1,200 feet above the sea Season. On beautiful New Hampshire lake.

girls' summer camp Middle West ; swimming, seldom stops blowing; where boating, bath- Modern house, furnished, icehouse filled.

etc. Experienced. 2,336, Outlook. ing and fishing are daily pastimes and where

Fully equipped. Desirable, active clientele.
Dr. L. D. BULKLEY, 531 Madison Ave., N. Y.

Moderate price. Address 2,342, Outlook. I(DIETITIAN desires position in institution the cost is reasonable. Do you know that

or with charitable organization. 5,984, Outlook. POINT O’WOODS, L.I. For Rent, at Ridgefield, Conn. NEW JERSEY

PRINCIPAL of large Southern school

would like summer position as tutor, comonly 50 miles from New York, is such a place ? COTTAGE, 6 rooms and bath, partially fur.

panion, or to chaperon party to mountains Direct inquiries to C.W. NASH, Supt., Point O' Woods, L. L fields access to small lake. 2% miles from stanished; barn ; 22 acres woodland, garden, and HOUSE with beautiful

garden room with

or seashore. References exchanged. 5,983, delightful town twelve miles from New York. Outlook. tion. Inquire of Adams & Keeler, Ridgefield. To rent, furnished, $150 per month. ReferFor those only

WIDOW, gentlewoman, capable, experiFLORIDA

ences. P. O. Box 23, Bloomfield, N. J. of meager purse

enced, wishes position as matron, managing but academic

housekeeper, or assistant in tea room. Good habits. Permission will be granted to not more Spend your sum

FOR RENT at particularly low

rental, two attractive cottages judgment, refined, pleasing personality. Exwith modern conveniences in exclusive Club

cellent references. 5,979, Outlook. than twenty to pitch tents on the tide-water channel of the Hudson between Catskill and mer vacation at

colony, overlooking water; high ground,

AMERICAN nurse, household manager; Kingston, at the birthplace of the late John the Country Club

beautiful trees. One hour from New York on

experienced traveler,domesticscience trained. Sandy Hook boat. 8,787, Outlook.

5,995, Outlook. fee, but must furnish guarantees. Address Lakeland Highlandsas our Guest POULTNEY BIGELOW, Malden-on-Hudson.

Teachers and Covernesses -without charge. High, rolling country,


KINDERGARTEN supervisor wishes sumNORTH CAROLINA numerous lakes. Boating, bathing, fishing,

ssex - on - Lake

tennis and golf. Average summer

mer position. Excellent references. 5,983, Heartsease. An attractively located

Outlook. ture 810. Cool days, restful nights. This invi- village house with privileges of the Crater HIGH school teacher wishes summer tutorELTON COURT tation is extended to acquaint refined people

Club to rent for $250 for the season, Open fire ing. 5,990, Outlook. Newly furnished, modern house, with our commercial grapefruit groves as an places; modern

plumbing; completely, fur- TUTOR-University graduate, experienced. near ocean, Gulf Stream 35 miles off coast. investment proposition. Each 10-acre grove nished. J. B. Burnham, 233 Broadway, N. Y. Athletic. 5,959, Outlook. Bathing, boating, hunting, and fishing. Ideal should return $2,450 net (annually) after the

TUTORING, college entrance subjects. spot for rest and recuperation. Special rates fiftebes scientifically cared for by experts,

emak | Ton Kingston, Fm.mm.9 horamonths ago Excellent references. (A.M. Harvard ; Proto party of 5 or 6 gentlemen. Address DR. C. A. SUTTON, Beaufort, N. C.

ing non-resident ownership entirely safe
and and August. Possibility of maid remaining versity of New Brunswick.) Earl A. Aldrich,

fessor of English and Modern History, Uniprofitable.

We entertain prospective pur- with tenants if desired. Address 167 Main St. RHODE ISLAND chasers at our Country Club without charge.

16 Magnolia Square, Dorchester, Mass. Write at once for illustrated booklet, and learn what scientific methods and co-operative care ATTRACTIVE BUNGALOW

GOVERNESS-care of young child. Would

take convalescent from infantile paralysis. VAILL COTTAGE COMMUNITY, INC. are doing for the grapefruit industry. W.o. For Rent for Summer Months Last place seven years. 5,994, Outlook. Block Island, R. I. "A Summer at Sea " HALLAM & Co., Owners, 227 Fifth Ave., N. Y. Located directly on Trout Lake, three miles on South Bluffs. Surf bathing, deep sea fishing

from Bolton Landing, Lake George. Built by (swordfish, tuna and bluefish). Golf and tennis MAINE


present owner, who will rent for the entire on the preinises. Dancing. For information ad

season at moderate rental. Completely dress. Bruce Bennett, Hotel Astor Atle City, Merrymeeting Bay nebuBath. Wo.

furnished. Six rooms with three

PROFESSOR'S family will give limited Cottages.

bedrooms and bath. Kitchen with

number girls personal care in camp on Con4 rooms, screened sleeping-porch Camp, 5 running water. Ice, wood, and

necticut lake. References exchanged. Terms rooms, furnished ; $75, $65 season. H.C. Dodd, rowboat included. For full particulars

reasonable. 5,991, Outlook. Narragansett Bay — Thorndyke Hotel Worcester Academy, Worcester, Mass. address 7,855, Outlook.

PATRIOTISM by Lyman Abbott, also; 4

verses of America The Pledge to the FlagJamestown, R. I. Summer Cottages,

2 verses of The Star-Spangled Banner, all in a on the shore, nicely furnished, all modern Bungalows For Rent line attracon Lake George, cottages for rent.

little leaflet. Further the cause of Patriotism .

Kennebec County, completely furnished. 5 plumbing: Golf, tennis, boating, bathing, by distributing in your letters, in pay envel booklets. P. H. HORGAN, Newport, R. I. rooms, bath and screened porch. Running hot fishing. E. B. WALTON, Glenburnie, N. Y. opes, in schools, churches, clubs, and social

and cold
water. Ice, wood and canoe included.

gatherings. 200 sent prepaid for 30 cents.
Price $100 per month, or $200 to $250 per


Arthur M. Morse, Montclair, N. J. season. J. A. CHASE, Kents Hill, Me.

CULTURED family will take some children CHE Summer Te The Maples.” Delight

or young ladies to ideal Maine summer resort. fo, pure warten metih,Cheerful large airy TO RENT, PEMAQUID, Maine For Sale Tear Count:7eHousing in

Home life. Physical care. Exceptional opporCoast. Furnished cottages, large or small, fifteen rooms, bat toilets, stea furnace, tui for aching in music, school work, piazza, croquet, fine roads. Terms reasonable. season or month. Land for garden if desired. sleeping porch, garage, furnished or unfur languages. Permanent home if desired. 5,993, Refs. exchanged. The MissES SARGEANT. Daniel Whitehouse, Pleasant St., Augusta, Me nished. Mrs. JOHN SHERMAN, Dorset, Vt. Outlook.

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In this issue : An Authorized Interview with Baron
Slime Gato, Japan's Minister for Foreign Affairs, by
Gigant (750n, Stal? Corrisponert of The Outlook



"HE correspondence received in an editorial office is often very confusing. Those of

our readers who call at this office are so friendly, kind, and appreciative, and say such nice things about the work we are doing, that we begin to feel quite cheered up by our usefulness in the world, when along comes somebody of apparent intelligence and certainly an earnest spirit who casts us into the depths of humiliation. Such an instance will be found in the first of these two letters, which comes from a Methodist clergyman in Indiana. In almost the same mail the second letter reached us, from a professor in a theological seminary in Illinois. We are glad that Professor L.'s letter came when it did, because it alleviated the smart and bruises left by the Rev. Mr. S.'s severe castigation. Of the two verdicts that are here pronounced we can hardly be blamed for thinking the second comes from the more far-seeing and just judge.

Nevertheless we sincerely express our regret for even having seemed to our Indiana reader to be petulant and nagging, for petulance and nagging are the most unlovable of all petty human vices.

The Outlook,

May 8, 1918.
New York City :
Gentlemen-Of course Wilson has made his mistakes. Many of us will grant that we should have gone
into war long before we did. But please give us a rest on your" knocking.” It is getting to be perfectly
disgusting! Knock! Knock! Knock!

Every one knows what a rabid Republican magazine The Outlook is, and, while you think you are fair,
I think you positively could not be. Your criticisms are destructive and cruel

, not constructive. Even
when the Administration is praised, it is done so ungraciously, with a remark about some past mistake,
or what good thing “ Roosevelt ” did when he was President.

The issue, May 8, is frightful. Your endeavor to justify your position of “knocking ” by calling it
“ criticism

is sickening
If it were not for the grand old man, Lyman Abbott, with his liberal, sane, inspirational religious
articles that appear from time to time, and other splendid contributions non-political, I would not give
The Outlook table space. I am, and have been for five years,

Your indignant subscriber,

O. R. S.

The Outlook Company,
New York City :

May 6, 1918.
Dear Sirs-I enclose a new subscriber to The Outlook on one of my certificates. He (the new sub-
scriber) asked me to send his name together with the money to your office. Hence payment is made with
my own personal check.

Mr. K. is one of my fine students who graduates from our Theological Seminary this year either to
“ join the colors” and go to France or to become pastor of a church at home. I consider it one of the best
achievements of my life when I persuaded him to become a subscriber to The Outlook. He is the fourth
young graduate who has become a subscriber through my effort since I became connected with the Sem-
inary. And I shall keep up the good work begun. It will do for him what it has done for me-broaden,
strengthen, ennoble.

You will never know what The Outlook has meant and still means to me. I long for it as I do for a
friend. We do not always agree, but it is so noble, so magnanimous, so loyal to truth, so tolerant of others?
views, so fair, clear cut, and pure in diction, that I love it both for what it is and for what it is not. Of
all the many papers that come to my table The Outlook is the most valued.

As a minister of many years' standing and as a teacher of theology you may know that I have enjoyed
Dr. Abbott's editorial contributions, not the least his “Knoll Papers.” With every issue that arrives I
fear lest it will be the last one his pen shall drop. I pray that he may live yet many years, and thus help
us to live better lives. He has thousands of “ unknown friends” who even now call him blessed.

Well, I did not intend to burden you with so lengthy an epistle when I began this letter, but I had to get rid of it. Having done so, I feel better.

Yours ever gratefully,

(Professor) F. A. L.


381 Fourth Avenue, New York City

Never partisan, never neutral, but always independent
Yearly Subscription, $4.00. At News-stands, 10 Cents a Copy



The Man with Million Dollar Memory

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MAN must have a pretty good this article, whose memory is said to be Try Before You Buy memory to have it assessed at a easily worth a million dollars, knows more

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.....Outlook 6-12-18




The University of Chicago






Camp Cobbossee


SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES The PrattTeachers Agency

PENNSYLVANIA 70 Fifth Avenue, New York Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools.

WILKES-BARRE INSTITUTE Advises parents about schools. Win. 0. Pratt. Mgr.

School for Girls. 65th year. Number resident pupils limited. Prepares

for all colleges. Individual instruction. General and SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES

Special Courses. Athletics, Music. Domestic Science, PracCopyright, 1918, by The Outlook Company

tical Scientific Gardening Exper. es moderate. Address ILLINOIS


BOYS' CAMPS Vol. 119 June 12, 1918 No. 7 || Phillips Academy Military Camp in addition to resident work, offers also instruc

for Preparatory and High School Boys, at tion by correspondence. THE OUTLOOK 18 PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY THE OUTLOOK COMPANY,


For detailed in.

formation address

Directed by Canadian Overseas Officers. Same instruction
TREASURER. ERNEST H. ABBOTT, SECRETARY. TRAVERS D. given as in France. Trench construction and Lanceurres.
26th Year U. of C. (Div.E) Chicago, III. Mitchell Tower

Bayonet fighting, bombing, rifle and machine gun practice. PIFTY-TWO 188UES POUR DOLLARS IN

All departments of Military Instruction pertaining to mod

ern warfare. Equipment and plant of Phillips Academy to A8 SECOND-CLASS MATTER AT THE


be utilized. Fee, $150, including everything. For informa

tion, write DR. ALFRED E. STEARNS, Principal. An Aonouncement...

.... 243

Camp for Selected Boys
The Submarine Campaign on Our Cogst 243

12 TO 18 YEARS
The Third German Offensive............ 244

Chesterfield, Mass., Hampshire Highlands General Wood....

244 June 25 to October 1. Rates $6.00 week. Highest references. Full collegiate rank. No preparatory department. B.A. and B.S. degrees.

Y. M. C. A., Northampton, Mass.


Magneto or Battery Ignition..
War Preparedness Courses in Home Nursing, The Launching of the First Fabricated Ship 245

CAMP OXFORD A Summer Camp for Boys, Stenography, Bookkeeping, Home Economics.

Child Labor Law Invalid.


Eighteenth Season. Highest efficiency at minimum rates. Rockford College is a Red Cross Auxiliary.

Cartoons of the Week.....

Send for catalogue to

A. F. CALDWELL A.M. President Julia H. GULLIVER, Ph.D., LL.D.

“The American Railroad Express Com


432 College Ave., Rockford, Illinois
Medals and Prizes in Journalism and Letters 248

Moosehead Lake
A Personal Announcement...


The Maine Woods. For boys from 12 to 17. A six weeks'

trip, covering over 300 miles by, canoes: living in tents: getSPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT A Patriotic Use for Guide-Books..


ting some real fishing; seeing lots of game. The number of To the Young Women of America !

boys limited to 20, which means that each boy will have the

249 The Wheat and Flour Situation..

best care possible. A lesson in woodcraft. For Booklet and The Government is demanding stenographers with a The Detroit Children's Museum.. 249

Reservation, address EUGENE HAYDEN, North East Carry, Me college education. Rockford College gives this training. It is your opportunity. Write for catalogue to

Reprisals ....

President JULIA H. GULLIVER, Ph.D., LL.D.
432 College Ave.,

Rockford, Illinois
Profits and Profiteers.

A Keeper of the Light..


Help for Russia...


16th season. Location, equipment, supervision, food the

252 Our Young Peter....

best. Ideal boating, swimming and land sports. Experienced DEAN ACADEMY, Franklin, Mass.

By Charles Hanson Towae

college men. Camp physician. Write for Booklet. 52d Year

R. L. MARSANS, A.B., Director, Shandaken, N. Y. Young men and young women find here a homelike atinos- Soldiers' and Sailors’ Insurance... 253 phere, thorough and efficient training in every department of a broad culture, a loyal and helpful school spirit. Liberal

The Tocsin...


DAN BEARD WOODCRAFT SCHOOL AND CAMP endowment permits liberal terms, $325-$400 per year. Special By George W. Cable

In charge of the famous scou himself. On Course in Domestic Science.

beautiful Pennsylvania mountain lake. All the For catalogue and information address Aircraft : A Record of Success and Failure 255

outdoor activities that boys like. Helps build ARTHUR W. PEIRCE, Litt. D., Principal

muscle, mind, morals, American manhood. Special Correspondence by Henry J. Haskell

Address WINTER QUARTERS WALNUT HILL SCHOOL A Little Grimy-Fingered Girl (Poem).. 257

88 Bowne Ave., Flushing, L. I. 23 Highland St., Natick, Mass.

By Lee Wilson Dodd
A College Preparatory School for Girls. 17 miles from Boston.
Refugees in Paris : An American Woman's

CAMP WAKE ROBIN Woodland, N. Y. Miss Conant, Miss Bigelow, Principals.

14th SEASOX. SHORT-STORY WRITING Experiences After the Great German

YOUNGER BOYS EXCLUSIVELY A course of forty lessons in the history, form,

Drive Began.......


Woodcraft,nature study, manual training all sports and swim

ming. H. O. LITTLE, Lincoln High School, Jersey City, N. J. structure, and writing of the Short-Story taught by Dr. J. Berg Esenwein, for years Editor of Lippincott's Japan and Bolshevism ..

150-page catalogue free, Please address
An Authorized Interview with Baron Shimpei

For boys under
Dr. Esenwein Dept. 68

14 years of age Springfield, Mass.

Goto, Japan's Minister for Foreign Affairs,
by Gregory Mason, Staff Correspondent of

Good nights outdoors in tents-bad nights indoors. All sports.
The Outlook

Pure water. Careful supervision. Instruction if required. THE MISSES ALLEN SCHOOL

Terms moderate. J. C. SHORTLIDGE., A.B., Harvard, A First Flight....


Prin. Maplewood, Concordville, Pa., Box 38. Life in the open. Athletics. Household Arts. College and general courses.

The Family Goes A-Gypsying.

263 Each girl's personality observed and developed. Write for

By Mary Roberts Rinehart
WEST Newton, Mass. Healing Streams: A Fishing Story...... 266

By Joseph H. Odell

The Sportsman's Creed....

269 St. John's Riverside Hospital Training

A Camp which develops a sound mind in By Travers D. Carman

a sound body. Limited to 45. 6th season. School for Nurses

The Gun as a Weapon of Education .... 270

By Edward Cave
Registered in New York State, offers a 3 years' course-a Camping and the Motor Car...... 274
general training, to refined, educated women. Reqnire-
ments one year high school or its equivalent. Apply to the
By Adelaide Ovington

BELGRADE LAKES, MAINE Directress of Nurses, Yonkers, New York.

All usual camp activities. Red Cross War Service Work and
Current Events Illustrated... .... 277 First Aid. 12th season. Illustrated booklet. Junior and

Senior Groups
Weekly Outline Study of Current History 280

Miss HORTENSE HERSOM, Belgrade Lakes, Me.
By J. Madison Gathany, A.M.


Dickens as an Editor...,

The Hill of Vision.
Heine on Germany's Future..


On Granite Lake, New Hampshire. An outdoor class for tiny tots. Development through play. CHARLOTTE O'GIRR. Descriptive matter mailed

The Camp Unique for girls of all ages.

282 The Postal Zone Law...

Dr. and Mrs. CHARLES A. EASTMAN, upon application. 56 West 67th St., New York City.

Financial Comment..




Camp Moy-mo-da-yo GIRES 24 East 91st Street, New York City

An Explanation of the Several Methods PRIVATE SCHOOL FOR CATHOLIC GIRLS

Limington, Maine. Gardening, War Work, Military Resident and Day Pupils. of Expressing the Tonnage of Vessels 287 Drill, in addition to regular camp activities. 11th season.

Miss MAYO, 16 Montview St., West Roxbury, Mass. French the language of the house

By Robertson Matthews
Safety First and the War.

Mrs. Atwood Violett, Good Counsel Farms, White Plains, N. Y.

By Lewis Edwin Theiss
By the Way.......


GET OUT OF THE RUT: offers the following courses in Librarianship for the year For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $5.56.

become a Certified Public or Cost Accountant; go into busi1918-1919: General Library Work

Address all communications to

ness for yourself; demand for expert accountants exceeds

the supply; our graduates earn over $5,000 yearly; have Library Work with Children


more business than they can handle ; learn at home in spare School Library Work

time by our new system. Write for booklet and special offer. For information address the Principal, Carnegie Library

381 Fourth Avenue

New York City

We have no solicitors, School, Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, Pa.

Universal Business Institute, 155 Pullman Building, New York

CAMP ABENA for Girls


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