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ton Square

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11th Ave. Hotel

Meriden, N. H.

Hotel Campion

Moosilaukee Inn

Moy-mo-da-yo Lodge Adorts in

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Hotels and Resorts Hotels and Resorts

O O N I A L HOTEL JUDSON 53 Washing-

Vineyard I N N
Advertising rates are : Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Tours and Travel,

adjoining Judson Meinorial Church. Rooms Edgartown, Mass.

with and without bath. Rates $2.50 per day, Real Estate, Live Stock and Poultry, fifty cents per agate line, four columns to

Illustrated Booklet. T. H. CHIRGWIN. including ineals. Special rates for two weeks the page. Not less than four lines accepted. In calculating space required for an

or inore. Location very central. Convenient advertisement, count an average of six words to the line unless display type is desired. If You Are Tired or Not Feeling Well to all elevated and street car lines.

“ Want " advertisements, under the various headings, “ Board and Rooms," " Help Wanted," etc., ten cents for each word or initial, including the address for each

you cannot find a more comfortable place in
New England than

insertion. The first word of each“ Want" advertisement is set in capital letters
without additional charge. Other words may be set in capitals, if desired, at double
rates. If answers are to be addressed in care of The Outlook, twenty-five cents is


GREENFIELD, MASS. charged for the box number named in the advertisement. Replies will be forwarded by


It affords all the comforts of home without us to the advertiser and bill for postage rendered. Special headings appropriate to the

Hurricane, Essex Ce.. X. 1,

extravagance. department may be arranged for on application.

Comfortable, homelike. AL Orders and copy for Classified Advertisements must be received with remittance ten


titude 1,800 ft. Extensive days before the Wednesday on which it is intended the advertisement shall first appear.

verandas overlooking Keene Address : ADVERTISING DEPARTMENT, THE OUTLOOK

Valley. Trout fishing. Camp
White Mountains HILLSIDE INN
Bethlehem, N. H.

ing. Golf links, nine well-kept greens. Mile 381 FOURTH AVENUE, NEW YORK CITY

Rates moderate. Every attraction. 2,000 course. Tennis and croquet. Fresh vegeta 8q. ft. porch. Large grounds and gardens.

bles. Fine dairy. Furnished cottages, all inIllustrated booklet. L.T. CLAWSON, Prop.

provements. Terms $17 to $30 per week. Spa

cial rates for season. Address K. BELKNAP. Hotels and Resorts Hotels and Resorts


Manager, Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y.

Brookside Inn and Bungalows

Bridgewater, N. H. Excellent cuisine.
Boating, bathing, fishing, tennis, etc. Rates On Pine Lake. Includes 500 acres of wild-
and booklet on request. G. T. YOUNG, Prop.

est Adirondack Mountains. Hunting, fishing,

swimming, canoeing, tennis. Saddle horses DENVER, COLO.

Tramps to surrounding mountain peaks Lake 100 rooms. Rates 75€ to $2.00 per day. Depot

George and Lake Champlain. Dancing. Excars Nos. 58 and 11 stop at our door.

cellent meals. Spring, water. Cabins and THE “ BIRD VILLAGE

tents $14 and $16. Private parties entirely is a place of unusual charm for people who

isolated. References required. Manager

, 0. D. desire a restful vacation and for those in- ROBINSON, 101 W. 85th St., New York City.

terested in nature study, especially birds. TWIN LAKES, COLO.

Guests will be taken at THE DEXTER

ADIRONDACKS A vacation playground supreme. Open July

RICHARDS HALL. July and August, THE CRATER CLUB 1 to Sept 15. Rates $4 to $8 per day. Folder.

$14 to $21 a week.
J. 0. COOK, Manager.

Of the Burnham Cottage Settlement, Free


Come to Picturesque finement at very moderate rates the atzea YORK CAMPS NORFOLK INN LOON LAKE, MAINE

with a remarkable record for healthfub

The club affords an excellent plain table and In foothills of Berkshires. Ideal scenery. All In famous Rangeley region in heart of

On the side of the old Moosilaukee Mountain.

accommodation. The boating is safe, there sports. Fine auto roads. Invigorating, health- mountains facing lake. Private log cabins

attractive walks and drives, and the pointed ful climate. Garage and all improvements.

Wonderful scenery, pure air, health-giving

with open fires, bath and hot and cold HENRY R. SWEET, Prop., Norfolk, Conn.

interest in the Adirondacks are easily som waters, wholesome food. water. Central dining-room. Golf within

No mosquitoes here. No hay fever. Plenty of sport. Golf

ible. Ref. required. For information relatie easy reach ; garage. Boating, bathing, MAINE

(no charge), tennis, fishing, driving, walking,

to board and lodging address Miss MARGARIT fishing, mountain climbing. Farm one mile from camp furnishes fresh vege

clinbing. Refined people.

No transient FULLER, Club Mgr., 115 E. 71st St., New York

crowds. Season opens July 1st. Rates modtables, eggs, poultry, certified milk. The Homestead

Furnished cottages without housekeepin Booklet. J. LEWIS 'YORK, Prop.

erate. Write H. E. MACKEE, Manager, ing cares. Circular and particulars ou applies BAILEY ISLAND, ME.

Box 16, Breezy Point, Warren, N. H. tion. John B. Burnham, 233 B'way, New York. Open June 15 to Sept. 15. Illustrated booklet and rates upon application. Address

A camp for


: The

Interbrook Lodge and Cottages ing, indoor dressing-rooms; modern sanita


Keene Valley, N. Y. Situated in spruces THE JOHNSON and COTTAGES tion. Rates $15-$20 per week. Miss MOODY,

Beach Haven trated booklet.

$12 and up. M. E. Lock, Prop.

and pines. Wonderful location. Beautiful illus 16 Montview St., West Roxbury, Mass. Bailey Island, Maine. Beautiful location overlooking Casco Bay. Fishing, boating, bathing. cean House, York Beach, Me. Leading

N. J. hours' sail from Portland. H.F.Johnson, Prop. excellent cuisine, comfortable and homelike. Opens June 20. The best combination send children for the place to

Orchestra, tennis, golf, bathing and fishing. of seashore features on the coast. Matchless Their, Try MacFarland Farm Robinhood Inn and Cottages Beautiful drives. "Booklet. W. J. Simpson. bay

for sailing and fishing, perfect beach and

Good food, fresh milk and vegetables, trout BAILEY ISLAND, ME. 'Will open June 15. Bath

bathing. The Engleside has all the modern
conveniences, private baths with sea and

fishing, picnicking, etc., through green fields ing, fishing, sailing. For circular, Miss Massey.

fresh water. Booklet. R. F. ENGLE, Mgr.

and cool breezes. Will be given homey comfort

and good care. A limited number taken. Irs

SURE RELIEF FROM HAY FEVER Geo. C. Foland, R. D. No. 4, Amsterdaro, N.I. Maine

COME TO MINNESOTA! A picturesque collection of rustic cottages on shore of island, beautifully watered and

Come where the fishing is great wooded. Cottages furnished complete with all

Bolton-on-Lake George, N.I. and where your family will be conveniences. Central dining cabin with ex

A modern homelike hotel for discriminty comfortably housed in attractive cellent table also used for dancing and enter

Sea Bright, N. J.

people. Ideal location on Bolton Bay tainments. Fine fishing, boating and bathing. cottages or at homelike hostelries,

lent cuisine and service. Allamusementa. On NEAREST OCEAN RESORT TO N. Y.

and the children can disport themFor information address

garden vegetables, milk, cream and chicks FRANCIS D. THWING, Belgrade Lakes, Me.

selves on sandy shores and by the

Two New Buildings, Every Modern Appointment Special June and Sept. rates. $3.50 to $
hour in the shallow water.
Minnesota is the place for you

trated booklet. E. O. PENFIELD, Prop this summer!

, Attractive mountain resort, 1,000 feet alti

Cedar St. at 1:15, 1:10 and 5:15 P.M. Book GOLDTHWAITE INN tude. Charming scenery; pleasant walks and

Sailing, golfing, tennis, fish- ing Office, Sherman Square Hotel, drives. All improvements. Fresh dairy prod

ing, canoe trips through the Broadway and 70th St., New York. On Great South Bay, Bellport, L.I. ucts, poultry, vegetables and fruit from farm. beautiful lakes and streams

Cool, comfortable, charming Family resort Furnished Cottages to Rent, with meals at

Table supplied from own farm. SportoTHE WARREN

over the pack-sack trails of the Inn. For terms address E. S. DOUGLAS. the old voyageur - or a

sailing, fishing, ocean bathing, golf, tennia.

ON THE OCEAN motor journey over a net- SPRING LAKE BEACH, N. J. HOW would you like to live for 2 or 3 weeks or work of good highways - A house that's a different" in its fine appoint- months, in cottage or hotel, on a strip of last all are here. ments, unusual and artistic decorations,

VIRTUALLY SIX MILES AT SEA? homelike atmosphere and service. Sur

A request will bring you full In the heart of the beautiful Maine lake and

rounded by green lawns and gardens, at Where there are congenial neighbors and all

information and descriptive forest region. Private cabins, well furnished,

the edge of the sea. W. B. STUBBS, Prop., of the conveniences of home. Where the breeze and central dining-room. A real change with

literature. Write Today. N. Y. Office Norece Hall. Tel. 7140 Schuyler. seldom stops blowing, where boating, baths healthful recreation. Ideal sport for the

ing and fishing are daily pastimes and when hunter and fisherman. Write for booklet.


NEW YORK CITY the cost is reasonable. Do you know that

MINNESOTA ASSOCIATION, Capt. G. W. Cooper, Eagle Lake, Me.

1031 Commerce Bldg., AMP ALAMOOSOOK, East Orland, St. Paul, Minn.

only 50 miles from New York, is such a phao

Direct inquiries to C.W. NASH, Sapt., Point O' Woods, LI

31st Street & Fifth Avenue in the woods. Canoes, fishing, tennis. Tents, log cabins. Good board. Booklet. Miss E. M. BUCK, 8 Baldwin Ave., Jersey City, N. J.

New York


Combines every convenience and home Not a boarding-house, not a hotel, but you Lake Parlin House and

comfort, and commends itself to people of summer home. 2,050 feet elevation. Booklets CAMPS

refinement wishing to live on American Plan E. B. SOUTHWORTH, Trout Creek, N. I. In heart of Maine woods on beautiful lake.

and be within easy reach of social and draHENRY B. McKENNEY, Jackman Station, Me. MASSACHUSETTS matic centers.

PENNSYLVANIA Room and bath $3.50 per day with ineals, or

$2.00 per day without ineals. Modern

Cotuit, Mass. KITTERY POINT, ME.

Illustrated Booklet gladly sent upon appointments. Rooms en suite with private

Boating, bathing. JAMES WEBB. request.



Housekeeping bungalows

and camps. 80 miles

from New York, 93 from Phila., easily reached Opens

by rail or motor. Amusements for all ages

and an extremely good place for families with July 2nd A quiet, cozy little house by the sea

children. All outdoor sports. Dancing, etc.

Montague, Hicks, and Remsen Streets The

All supplies delivered. Moderu conveniences


BROOKLYN Grindstone golf, tennis, sailing,



fishing, swimming,
driving, riding, auto-

The science of conducting a hotel properly

An Ideal Summer Home for 400 Guests mobiling

is at its highest when it is Jeast apparent.
Bracing air free
Siasconset, Mass.

This is exemplified by the cultured,
Hay Fever.

livable atmosphere of the Hotel Bossert.

NANTUCKET ISLAND Send for illustrated booklet "B"
Write for

Golfers' Summer Paradise
Descriptive Buoklet.

Norece Hall, 114 W. 79th St.

Best 18-hole seashore course in U. S. THE GRINDSTONE INN

Tennis, surf bathing, etc.

The Graycourt, 124 W. 82d St.
No Malaria No Hay Fever No Hot Days | Quiet houses where families and ladies travel-
Winter Harbor, Maine.
American Plan Moderate Rates ing alone will find homelike and refined sur-

The Leading Hotel of (Across Frenchinan's Bay from Bar Harbor.)

roundings. Folder and rates on application.

Thwing's Camp Belgrade Lake,

TheNewPeninsula House. The Algonquin Hotel

Douglas Inn and Cottages HILL,ME.



Hotel Le Marquis


The Leslie


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MERWIN J. BULKLEY, Proprietor me kubbe ile ceremonie Block Island, Rhode Island

Tours and Travel

Real Estate

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WYOMING WYOMING—Trapper Lodge An all season stock ranch.

Good water, table, fishing and saddle horses. Camp OUTDOORS WITH COMFORT in the Big Horn Mountains. Address WYMAN & SON, Shell, Wyo.

Health Resorts


Newfoundland, New Jersey A quiet, restful health resort among the hills of northern New Jersey. Large sunny porch; dry, exhilarating air. All forms of hydrotherapy and massage under medical supervision. Believing that there is a curable physical basis for most chronic ailinents, we seek the underlying cause through a scientific study of each individual case. Booklet sent on application.

“INTERPINES" Beautiful, quiet, restful and homelike. Over 26 years of successful work. Thorough, reliable, dependable and ethical. Every comfort and convenience. Accommodations of Buperior quality. Disorder of the nervous system a specialty. Fred. W. Seward, Sr., M.D., Fred. W. Seward, Jr., M.D., Goshen, N. Y.

Crest View Sanatorium Greenwich, Ct. First-class in all respects, home comforts. H. M. HITCHCOCK, M.D.

Camps and Cottages

Loss of Money

Dr. Reeves' Sanitarium A Private Home for chronic, nervous, and mental patients. A lso elderly people requiring care. Harriet E. Reeves, M.D., Melrose, Mass.

can be easily avoided when you travel. Whether on business or pleasure, whenever you travel -carry


Saratoga Springs, N. Y. Practice limited to Disorders of Digestion, Nutrition and Elimination.

All meals privately served.

Country Board


, 1,700 h. Slevation, wants two ladies NORFOLK, CONN.

or mother with children as paying guests.

Good farm fare a specialty. 8,915, Outlook. 1,200 feet above the sea. Modern house, furnished, icehouse filled. Dr. L. D. BULKLEY, 531 Madison Ave. N.: Country Board on beautiful

farm, Berkshire Hills. Mountains, woods MAINE

brooks. Lawn, piazza, and shade trees. $12

double, $14 single. No children. Free informa Boothbay Harbor, Me. For Sale or To Rent, tion. F. L. ELDRIDGE, R.F.D., Pittsfield, Mass.

, 10 rooms, all modern improvements. G. Lyman Snow, 114 Federal St., Boston, Mass.


LARGE, cool furnished rooms, refined COUNTRY PLACE home. 252' W. 74th St., New York City. On SEBAGO LAKE, MAINE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES


World's finest hotel site (Broadway, FiftyAn attractive house, fine view of lake and mountains. Eight bedrooms, two bathrooms;

fifth-Fifty-sixth, Seventh Avenue) has been acquired for New York's

fifteen million dollar barns, garage; two houses for employees. Commonwealth Hotel. Thirty-five thousand Inquire 692 Congress St., Portland, Maine. shares at a hundred dollars each have been MASSACHUSETTS

subscribed. Building begins when fifty thousand are subscribed. This vast hotel will be

owned by the people, who will share all its Nantucket, Mass. Furnished Cottage.

profits. Ocean front, Squam.

We have positions for two clever

women and a man who can interest their 6 large rooms, piazza, fireplace. Fine bathing. $175 season. R. E. FARRIER, Ridgewood,N.J.

friends or people whose names we furnish.

Can make splendid income. Work a pleasure. NEW HAMPSHIRE

Write at once. E. L. Barnett & Company,

Selling Agents, 18 East 41st St. WHITE MOUNTAINS—Chase Farm

HELP WANTED Whitefield, N. H., the A. L. Brown homestead, 12 rooms; modern cottage, 8 rooms; bunga

Business Situations low, 6 rooms. Low rental for season. W. B. WANTED--Secretary and stenographer for & E. S. CHASE, 150 W. 105th St., N. Y. City. educational institution. Prefer refined, edu

cated woman between 30 and 40. Address N. H.

Asheville School, Asheville, N. C. Cottage, garage, boathouse. All conveniences. Companions and Domestic Helpers Rev. Dr. HIGGONS, 842 S. 57th St., Phila., Pa.

WANTED-Protestant woman with knowlSuccessful Boys' Camp Close of Present

edge of nursing as practical helper


trained nurse in Home for the Aged in this Season. On beautiful New Hampshire lake. city: Salary $35 monthly and board in the Fully equipped. Desirable, active clientele.

building. 6,024, Outlook. Moderate price. Address 2,342, Outlook.

WANTED Refined young woman as

mother's helper to assist in care of litt. NEW YORK

girl. Summer at seashore. Residence neur Philadelphia. 6,020, Outlook.


American Express Travelers Cheques

LINDEN The Ideal Place for Sick Doylestown, Pa. An institution devoted to

People to Get Well the personal study and specialized treatment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to

(late of The Walter Sanitarium)

Sold in denominations of $10-$20-$50—$100-$200

Ask for them at
American Express Offices

or at Banks



E. 85th Street, N. Y. For rent 10

from June until October, small, completely furnished apartment, ready for immediate occupancy; between Madison Ave. cars and Fifth Ave.busses ; 2 blocks from Metropolitan Museum. Seen daily from 104. IRVINE.

Tours and Travel


Niagara to the Saguenay Leaving Queenston, Ontario (Niagara Falls), on the modern

of the Canada Steamship Lines, Ltd.

Two Other Cruises, Aug. 1 and 29
Visiting Niagara Falls, Toronto, Lachine
Rapids, Montreal, Quebec, St. Anne de
Beaupre, Montmorency, Falls, Murray
Bay, Tadousac, Trinity Bay, etc. Under
personal conduct and direction of the
Nine days-1350 miles by water

Send for illustrated literature 65 Broadway

New York

PLEASANT summer home, good wages, for right woman. Small cottage, family two. Write Mrs. James M. Ziegler, Belmar, N. J.

WANTED- Refined woman or girl as for rent or for sale at all prices in any

mother's helper, to care for two children.

References required. 6,005, Outlook. part of the Adirondacks. Write for

HOUSEKEEPER for girls' school. Must be free, illustrated booklet.

gentlewoman, capable, experienced with serv

ants. Address, with references, Miss Ogden, Mention The Outlook

Burlington, Vt.

Teachers and Covernesses
Real Estate Office, Saranac Lake, N. Y.

WANTED-Competent teachers for public

and private schools and colleges. Send for bul ADIRONDACKS

Blue Mountain letin. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N.Y.

Lake, N. Y.
Ideal island property. One or both large SITUATIONS WANTED
furnished cottages for season. Open fires.
Wood and ice. The Rectory, Lyons, N. Y.

Professional Situations MINISTER and lecturer, 54 years old, who has traveled in all mission lands

studying the work of Christ, wishes opportunity for service as pastor supply or lecturer in this world crisis. 6,009, Qutiook.

PIANIST and violinist desire position; or pianist alone. 6,028, Outlook.

Business Situations
STENOGRAPHER-secretary ; 7 years law;
law, editorial, etc., position wanted. 6,012,
Companions and Domestic Helpers

LADY, American, Protestant, desires posi

tion as mother's helper; country preferred. Heart of the Catskill Mountains Reference. 6,015, Outlook.

COMPANION-SECRETARY - Young wo Near Woodstock Art Colony

man, expert stenographer, bookkeeper, offers LAKE HILL, NEW YORK

part time services for good home. 6,018,

Dutlook. To let, furnished cottage, 12 rooms TEACHER, used to reading aloud, desires and bath. Modern plumbing, large position as companion during July, and piazza, ice and wood supplied,

August. Highest references. 6,017, Outlook. garage. Good roads for motoring.

POSITION as convalescent nurse or comThree hours from New York by

panion. Mountains preferred. Experienced.

6,025, Outlook. railroad and easily reached by HOUSEKEEPER. Intelligent woman, exmotor. $500 for season.

pert housekeeper, at present in secretarial

work, desires position in country where she DR. W. M. DAILEY

can have her two children with her. 6,026, Rhinelander 2879 19 E. 69th St., N. Y. City


REFINED woman, good reader, good

health, best references. Country or seashore Ε E ssex - on - Lake Champlain. preferred. Consideration and kindness ap

Heartsease. An attractively located preciated. 6,022, Outlook. village house with privileges of the Crater

WANTED-Position as housemother in Club to rent for $250 for the season. Open fire

school for boys. 6,008, Outlook. places; modern plumbing; completely furnished. J. B. Burnham, 233 Broadway, N. Y. Teachers and Covernesses

GRADUATE teacher, with experience, de ATTRACTIVE BUNGALOW sires institution or special class work. Near For Rent for Summer Months

Philadelphia or Boston preferred. Excellent
Located directly on Trout Lake, three miles

reference. 6,016, Outlook.
from Bolton Landing, Lake George. Built by
present owner, who will rent for the entire

season at moderate rental. Completely
furnished. Six rooms with three FOR adoption-Two orphans, brother and
bedrooms and bath. Kitchen with sister, 8 and 9. Well born, weil trained, intel-
running water. Ice, wood, and ligent, attractive. Cannot be separated. Ad-
rowboat included. For full particulars dress Mrs. L. Emmett Holt, 14 w. 55th St.,
address 7,855, Outlook.

N. Y.

WANTED-Few paying guests, beautiful nished Bungalows, Cottages, and beautiful

home, historic village, large lawn, garden;

fresh milk and eggs. Golf and tennis near by. Homes on Lake George, N. Y., for rent. Wm. E.WALTON, Glenburnie-on-Lake George, N.Y.

Highest references. 6,013, Outlook.

PATRIOTISM by Lyman Abbott, also 4 n Lake George, cottages for rent.

verses of America-The Pledge to the Flag2 verses of The Star-Spangled Banner, all in a little leaflet. Further the

cause of Patriotism plumbing: Golf, tennis, boating, bathing, fishing. E. B. WALTON, Glenburnie, N. Y.

by distributing in your letters, in pay envel

opes, in schools, churches, clubs, and social MSNEX-Maanacre up. Stock, tools

gatherings. 200 sent prepaid for 30 cents.

Arthur M. Morse, Montclair, N. J.
and crops often included to settle quickly. FOR city child-care by college woman on
Write for Big Illustrated Catalogue. STROUT her farm in Maine, forj summer or late fall.
FARM AGENCY, Dept. 2716, New York. 6,029, Outlook.

in the Canadian Pacific

Resort of many discriminating
Americans. Outdoor Life
Golf, Tennis, Motoring Roads,
Pony Riding on Mountain
Trails, Hiking, Climbing,
Open Air Sulphur Pools. The
Big Hotel with Its Ballroom
and Orchestra, Splendid Cui-
sine and Service combine togive
Banff its tone. Moderate Rates.
Get to know Canada Better

She's Your Nearest Ally
Further information on Resort
Tour No. 204 gladly given by
Canadian Pacific Railway
MONTREAL or Local Agents

Motor Tour Private automobile, Washington, burgh, Chautauqua, Buffalo, Niagara, Roches ter, Ithaca, Catskills, Hudson Valley, New York, Trenton, Valley Forge, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington. Four weeks, two at world-famed hotel in Catskills. Ideal for ladies. Total cost $215. For details address Traveler, P. O. Box 1608, Washington, D.C.


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Speeding Up the Movement of Freight (Continued)


THE WAY United States, and the amount of material being handled is constantly increasing. What is a "gandy dancer "? The words of the crew of the schooner Cole declared

The Central of Georgia Railroad in con were on a blackboard outside a store on the the Gerinan submarines were first sighted junction with the Ocean Steamship Com Bowery. In old times they might have at a distance of about 300 years” (italics pany has just completed an ocean terminal suggested the proximity of a cheap dance ours). That is perhaps correct as to the at Savannah costing well into the millions. house. But the Bowery has changed. period in the past

when German ideas about This is one of the leading cotton exporting Within the space of a few blocks there are

the ethics of warfare were formed. and fertilizer exporting centers of the now more than a score of “ labor bureaus “ It is a proverb in China,” says the country. Cargoes are now lifted from the

where formerly were low dives and “sui “ Christian Register” in an editorial on ships' hold by mighty power winches at cide halls.” Inquiry of an Italian employee the use of German, “that it is not good the shipside ; the fertilizer is conveyed by of the bureau elicited the information that manners to speak of ropes in a family that power-operated equipment and dumped a "gandy dancer” is a railway worker who has had a hanging. If for nothing else, as into the proper bins. tamps down the earth between the ties, or

a matter of politeness and courtesy, a nice Electric trucks take the cotton bales from otherwise “ dances on the track. The

feeling of the fitness of things, those who the incoming cars direct to the boats await announcement read:

use German should refrain from doing so ing loads or to the storage shed. The cotton Men wanted for track work cinder ballast no

in this country."
is lifted from the dock Hoor and placed in rock straight time rain or shine paid weekly
the hold of the waiting vessel by power

Three things impress the American,
accomodation very good Board furnished $5 per
winches. One man on a truck replaces week It is a good job particularly for veteran

William Beebe writes in the June “ Atlaneight or nine with the old-style push truck

gandy dancers It's a few miles out and requires no tic," on the first day of his arrival in Paris. weeks toil to get back to this burg.

The first is the deliciousness of the crusty and the winches lift the cotton in huge bundles weighing a ton or more each. Another bureau's sign called for "gandy

war-bread; the second and third--but there The British Government has long recogdanzers," a variation of the spelling. is space here only for his story of the war

bread: nized the need of fast terminals, and has There is much competition between the

Sugar and bread are scarce developed the docks at Halifax along this various labor agencies on the Bowery, and

enough to be given special thought. The

Baron de
the placards vie with one another in
line. Investigators of modern terminal

- would be delighted to have facilities, if they are fortunate enough to announcing their attractions. “No Money

you take déjeuner with Madame la Baronne bear the proper credentials, get sights of

and himself ; then follows a little postscript, Needed "_" Free Sleeping Quarters.”— amazing speed in handling war materials, No Charges, No Fee"_No Examina

Apportez un peu de pain, si vous le which include almost everything entering tion Required, any man from 21 to 50

voulez'--and we trudge Baronwards with

four inches of the most excellent war-bread into the life of the human family. Fortu years is accepted”—these are some of the nately the recent catastrophe at Halifax did allurements to attract the out-of-work

in our pocket!” Mr. Beebe adds that the not destroy the new freight terminals, so laborer. As to wages, one sign read : “ Coal

shortage is, with many people, one of money that the work of keeping supplies flowing mines in State of Indiana, $5 to $8.51 per

rather than of the staff of life itself. to war-stricken Europe was not interfered day 8 hours.” Another : “ Free meals on Mr. Beebe gives the palm as to soldierly with seriously.

train. $4.12 for 10 hours. Plenty overtime. appearance, among the brilliant groups of Double pay Sundays." There were appeals

officers now to be seen in the streets of in Russian, Polish, Italian, Spanish, and Paris, to two widely different races. As to THE FLAG

even in the tabooed language, German. sartorial get-up, the British officer is 66 Wald Arbeitis offered in a

« first

supreme. With him “soldiering is a fine BY AMELIA JOSEPHINE BURR, OF THE

class camp" of woodsmen in Vermont. In art, so thoroughly mastered that he can

front of one of the bureaus the proprietor spare time for every detail of dress. He is Last year it was our heritage, the red and

was haranguing the onlookers in the hope a fashion-plate of neatness, glossy leather, white and blue ;

of inducing them to “ sign up." Truly these and shining metal. However carefully one Our grandsires died to raise it and our sires are fat days for the workingman.

has groomed one's self, one feels fairly out to keep it true. Thomas M. Osborne, once warden of

at heel when a British colonel

passes. We prayed we might be worthy of their Sing Sing Prison in New York, is now, as

But the past-masters were not of the Contimemory as we cast Lieutenant-Commander Osborne, superin

nent of Europe. Down the Bois de Boulogne In shimmering beauty to the wind the tendent of the Naval Prison at Portsmouth,

would come a quartet of great Sikhs ; banner of our past. New Hampshire. “I took command of

handsome as etchings, proud as only Sikhs But now-0 God, our hearts are with our the prison on the first of August, 1917,”

can be, unconscious as camels, with turban living and our dead! said Mr. Osborne recently, “and we held

ends swinging, patrician descendants of Bone of our bone the white has grown, a meeting of the prisoners that night. I

forebears who were warriors when Britons flesh of our flesh the red. told them that the Secretary of the Navy

and Gauls roamed as nomad tribes." Our substance and our souls are pledged to

had sent me up there to help turn that Tommy Atkins likes to pass a joke even keep it undefiled. place from a scrap-heap into a repair-shop.

when he is hurt. “Coming through Ypres Last year it was our heritage-to-day it is

When I went to the prison, forty men were during hot fighting,” says a British soldierconstantly on duty guarding the 170 pris- author, “ I passed a friend. “You have a oners. Now only ten guards at a time are fine bruise on your forehead,' said I, point

employed to guard 1,814 prisoners. Since ing to a raw bump the size of a goose-ege; PATRIOTIC INDIANS

I have been there 538 men have been How did you get it? I haven't an idea, In a recent number of The Outlook returned from the prison to the service.” he answered, unless a shell bounced off it. (May 15) we read with interest the article A book on Paris quotes an amusing

Some of 'em have come close enough, so entitled “ Patriotic Indians." rhyme that was inscribed on an old gate to

one might have done it.' We have a large Indian branch of the a cemetery that has now been turned into In a statement made in an article in The American Red Cross here at St. Elizabeth's a garden. This cemetery, which adjoined Outlook of May 22, that " on June 8 of this Mission, on the Standing Rock Reservation. the Church of St. Médard, was long a place year will occur the first total eclipse of the The Indians are learning to knit socks and of pilgrimage on account of the wonder sun [visible in the United States) in eightsweaters. They have already sent in oper working influence ascribed to the tomb of een years," the phrase in brackets should ating leggings, bed socks, stretcher pillows, the Abbé Pâris. Finally, in 1732, the ceme have been included. The path of the eclipse, and property bags, and plan to devote a tery was closed by order of Louis XV. The sixty-seven miles wide, was, through an great deal of time to Red Cross work this lampoon satirizing the order was as follows: error in copying, printed" 167 miles wide.”

“De par le Roi, défense à Dieu

A medical journal vouches for this story: The following are the names of some of

De faire miracle en ce lien,"

A distinguished surgeon, while making his our members : Eugene Iron Necklace, (By order of the King, the Lord is forbid rounds through a hospital, was momentarily Sydney Bearheart, Margaret Ironcloud, den to work miracles in this place.)

dazed when a wounded soldier inquired Amos Horsethief, Samuel Redeagle, Henry When the news of the attack by German querulously : “Say, doctor, when one doctor Brownwolf, Samuel White Eagle, Emma submarines on vessels near the American doctors another doctor, does the doctor doing Walkingshield, Sarah Longbull, Cecile coast came to the New York newspapers, the doctoring doctor the other doctor like Skinner, Samuel Redbird, George Laun there was a rush to get the “extras the doctor wants to be doctored, dry, Luke Goodfur, and George Chasealone. the street first. This haste may account for the doctor doing the doctoring doctor the

GERTRUDE J. BAKER, Deaconess. the statement in the usually accurate New other doctor like the doctor doing the docSt. Elizabeth's School, Wakpala, South Dakota. York “ Evening Sun” that “ one member toring wants to doctor him ?”


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Friends, Near and Far

N continuance of the familiar talks with readers and from readers as

exemplified in the recently published pages called “Two Letters” and “ The Best Magazine in the World,” we present a few comments from our daily mail. They certainly have given us pleasure and they may show other friends what The Outlook is trying to do and how its efforts are recognized:

Why Soldiers Like The Outlook

Mail to the soldiers seems very slow and uncertain. If the powers that be will allow your publication to reach the boys, it will be very valuable. It is one of the few papers that has courage to give the public what it is entitled to know.


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An Excellent Form of Commendation

I was greatly delighted with your article “ Two Letters,"on the inside cover page of The Outlook for June 12, and thought of writing you a letter of commendation, but decided to send you a check instead.

My subscription expires October, 1918. I enclose a check for five dollars; one dollar will pay up to January, 1919, and the remaining four dollars will pay my subscription up to January, 1920.

I am seventy-eight years of age—a childless widow—with few relatives, and one of my special comforts is the weekly visit of The Outlook. Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.


From an Educator in the Philippines

The Outlook is the best means that I have found to prevent expatriation. The Outlook has helped to make me a better American than I could har: been and helps to keep me so. Your editorials frequently reprinted by our newspapers here, with no credit given you. . . . At times they do mention your name, but

many times they do not. As they always use the editorial in a good cause, that of telling the truth about the war and our reasons for being in it, I do not suppose you mind. ...I have sent my used copies for the last two years to a Tyrolese priest. While never rabid on the war, he has been and still is loyal to his country. I suppose it is a case of “ my country right or wrong" wio him, but I am sure that he cannot have me admiration left for his country's allies.

SAMUEL J. Rowland. Care of Bureau of Education, Manila, P. I.

Not a Recorder Merely I have taken The Outlook for a number of years, and, although I read other periodicals, I like particularly well the manner in which The Outlook presents its subjects. It is not merely a recorder of current events, but an interpreter of current events, lending interest as well as profit to its readers. Washington, D. C.


From an Officer in the Philippines

Some writer has recently said that we were brough: to the point of taking up arms against Germany b: the intellectuals of our country. Such being the case, you have had a great deal to do with out finally coming to our senses and waking up to our peril as well as our duty-for The Outloo is certainly the recognized journal of the inte lectuals.

Capt. I. J. Nichol, U. S. A. Camp John Hay, Manila, P. I.


381 Fourth Avenue, New York City

Never partisan, never neutral, but always independent
Yearly Subscription, $4.00. At News-stands, 10 Cents a Copy

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