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Motor-Truck Delivery of Goods Vital to the Nation

(Continued) successful business men, owning and operating local concerns. These men are broadminded and broad-visioned enough to realize the immense benefit the formation of a local transportation company means to the community as a whole, and also know what a good business investment it would make, even with the charges well within the means of those concerns that could be counted upon to patronize such a company:

As for the details of forming such a company, cost of the trucks, their proper size and capacity, upkeep, etc., any of the recognized truck manufacturers will gladly furnish them.

It is interesting to note that the Government is behind this local motor-truck transportation movement, and it is not at all improbable that short hauls—within a radius of forty, fifty, or even one hundred miles of certain cities—will be embargoed so far as railways are concerned. In fact, I understand this has been done in certain localities.

That local motor-truck transportation companies are badly needed is proved by companies now operating and rendering service to communities. There is a motortruck transportation company in an Eastern city that handles any shipment from one pound to several thousand, and guarantees delivery. Machinery, clothing, woolen goods, textiles, foodstuffs, household articles, building supplies, etc., are being transported by this company, demonstrating that once a transportation company is formed and becomes known, manufacturers and concerns of widely varied business interests, of their own accord, turn to it to help them make early and quick delivery of goods and materials that are now either tied up in freight terminals or are being held at factories until the freight situation improves.

Without a doubt, the condition of the war-congested railways threatens to affect cities and towns in every part of the country, and it is up to every community to have its business men head it off with motor trucks.

In the East merchants and manufacturers have already changed their methods of shipping. It was natural for them to turn to local transportation and transfer companies, and, while the rates charged by such companies are slightly over those charged by the railways, the service rendered has more than made up for this increase, and it is predicted that as motortruck transportation becomes better established, and with more good roads, the railways will be hard put to compete with such companies even when they have rolling stock to carry out such work.

Even at this time I understand that there are quite a few transportation and transfer companies doing intercity hauling that are not only giving highly efficient service, but are charging a lower rate than the railways or the trolley cars. I have heard of such a company that has more business than it can take care of, and is making a good profit on its investment. This company has a contract with one of the big express companies for helping to move the latter's goods. For this work the transportation company is paid on a contract basis. The rate charged is less than the cost by rail, for, while the railway rate from terminal to terminal is lower, there is an additional cost for pick-up charges at both ends, thus increasing the total rate over that charged by the motor trucks. This proves that from

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Motor-Truck Delivery of Goods Vital to the Nation

(Continued) an upkeep standpoint the motor truck can successfully compete with the railways and trolley express companies, rendering better service and still charging shippers a lower rate.

An exclusive advantage of shipping by motor truck is the absence of delay usual with the railways in unloading goods at terminal points, where they have to wait their turn for delivery. With the motor truck they are taken immediately to their ultimate destination.

The service of this transportation company has been such an improvement over former methods of shipping that its total business now amounts

to transporting approximately $25,000,000 worth of goods per year.

I recently ran across an article in which the very opportunity I mentioned in the first part of this article was pointed outthe big opportunity offered to local transportation companies. The gist of this article is as follows:

Any transfer man with motor trucks can now build up a good business. The first thing he must do is to advertise in a way that will reach the manufacturer and shipper. He must tell them in his advertisements that his trucks run on regular schedules between the towns he is serving, and also that he guarantees to deliver the goods within a specified time. He must also make a rate that is satisfactory to the customer and at the same time large enough to enable him to make a profit. Any express, transportation, or transfer man who follows the above and backs it up with efficient service will have no trouble in getting more work than he can handle for many years to come. Certainly the motor truck has enabled us to do some wonderful things this past year.


Newcastle By-the-Sea

New Hampshire

(Near Portsmouth) No Hotel on the New England Coast is more notable in the beauty of its location, the attractiveness of surroundings and perfection of service. Located on the sea, in the center of a large private park. Accommodates 500. Local and long distance telephone in each room.

Associated with the IDEAL and


Every facility for sport and recreation. Fine golf course, yachting, tennis, trap shooting and rifle range, dancing. Pool, still and surf bathing, deep sea fishing, and well-equipped garage under competent supervision. Music by symphony Orchestra. Send postal today for beautiful illustrated book, telling how easy

to reach here from all points.


SIBILITY In reading the Life of Lord Russell of Killowen, by R. Barry O'Brien, on page 288 I find the quotation given below, which, I think, is of especial interest at the present time. In the autumn of 1896 Lord Russell was invited to deliver the annual address before the American Bar Association at Saratoga Springs. In the course of the address he made the following statement :

“I began by speaking of the two great divisions-American and British—of that English-speaking world which you and I represent to-day, and, with one more reference to them, I end. Who can doubt the influence they possess for insuring the healthy progress and the peace of mankind? But if this influence is to be fully felt they must work together in cordial friendship, each people in its own sphere of action. If they have great power, they have also great responsibility. No cause they espouse can fail, no cause they oppose can triumph. The future is in large part theirs; they have the making of history in the times that are to come. The greatest calamity that could befall would be strife which should divide them. Let us pray

that this shall never be. Let us pray that they, always self-respecting, each in honor upholding its own flag, safeguarding its own heritage of right, and respecting the rights of others, each in its own way fulfilling its high national destiny, shall" yet work in harmony for the progress and peace of the world.” MARTHA EDDY HAWES.

Bakewell, England.

H. W. Priest, Prest., C. A. Judkins, Mangr.

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last year

BY THE WAY A writer in the “U. S. Naval Bulletin " Efficiency has in this matter been con- way to execution at Tyburn, “ But for the (April, 1918) says that many aviation in- founded with organization. “While Ger- grace of God, there go I.” The letter says, structors are agreed that a skillful motor- man organization has always been unsur- referring to his early life: “Too much of cyclist or automobile driver always makes passed," the article quoted from says, "the it seems to have run to waste, and no one a good aviator. He says that“ formerly we intrinsic efficiency of German methods is can be under greater obligations to redeem thought that to become a successful aero- certainly no higher than those in vogue in it than myself—for alas how many past naut was something to be attained only by other countries. It is idle to deny,” the years of my short space were spent in one in a thousand. Experience has taught writer concludes, “that the much-abused misery and madness!” This letter was that almost any young man with a reason- Americanó efficiency experts' have devised written when Newton was forty-six; he able amount of common sense, the usual methods of interchangeability which the still retained bitter memories of his profliamount of“ nerve' possessed by most young Germans have never been able to approach.” gate life as a sailor engaged in the African Americans, and a keen desire to be an

“I don't see any sense in doctors being

slave trade. aviator, can become a good flier in a very

sick," said little Elizabeth, according to the After the war is over, says the “ Review” few hours. The most important qualities

“ Medical Journal,” “ 'cause they're right of the Rockefeller Foundation, will come are 'nerve' and lack of fear of the air."

around with themselves all the time." the real fight against yellow fever. The Young women who are beginning to feel that they are no longer to be classed as

war has only postponed this great battle A Frenchman learning English said to

for freedom from a deadly scourge. Gen"girls" may take heart from the following Register?” « English is a queer language. his tutor, as reported in the “ Christian

eral Gorgas, who is the leader of the camadvertisement in a New York daily paper :

What does this sentence mean : Should paign against yellow fever, has had to Girls between the ages of 17 and 45 years wanted for factory work; grinding and polishing lenses ;

abandon it temporarily and give his servMr. Noble, who sits for this constituency, $10.20 a week to start. Apply at

ices to our Army. The regions still infected consent to stand again and run, he will in

with the disease are mainly in South AmerThe following note from a theatrical all probability have a walkover'?”

ica and on the west coast of Africa. Eight weekly may be strictly true, but a first Will some student of the obscure things authentic cases of yellow fever were found reading of it brings a slight shock of in English style please say who it was that

in Venezuela. When the fight surprise : “Pauline Curley, though only started the fashion of abbreviating a man's against the Hun is won, the “ Review" slightly over sixteen, has been engaged by middle name ? To that unknown time

says, it is hoped wholly to exterminate Douglas Fairbanks for the leading femisaver may be attributed indirectly the

yellow fever from the world. nine rôle in his next picture. Miss Curley responsibility for an error in this column in has been on the stage fifteen years.”

A new motion-picture presentation of the issue of May 29—“ Thomas S. Jack

“ Uncle Tom's Cabin” will, it is stated, Another“ movie" note that has its amus

son" instead of Thomas J. Jackson. Had ing side is this : A well-known actress has “ Stonewall's ” name been generally spelled

show the original auction block used in front

of the old St. Louis Hotel in New Orleans. recently been“ filmed ” for Henrik Ibsen's in full—Thomas Jonathan Jackson—the

On this block were sold many thousands of “A Doll's House.” In announcing the new

offending S would surely have been noticed. film a provincial movie house is said to have Curiously enough, however, it may be noted

Negroes in the days when the St. Louis

Hotel was a center for the entertainment put forth this placard : “Coming-A Doll's

that the famous Confederate general was House, by Henrik Ibsen. Bring the kiddies.”

of wealthy planters who came to town to originally named simply Thomas Jackson.

purchase slaves. The stories, true or apocryphal, told

His most recent biographer states that it

was only “when nearly grown that he added about Napoleon would fill many volumes.

Confirming the statement in The Outlook One that has its special point in these times the name of his father, Jonathan.”

of May 1 that the Rev. J. R. Miller was

the author whose books had been in high is this, illustrating the great commander's “Shipwrights and Joiners' Union for

favor with the Empress of Russia, a subgenius for winning the devotion of his Seattle have adopted resolutions waiving scriber writes : “ The ex-Empress was a

soldiers : On one occasion an orderly gals Saturday half-holidays and double pay 1 loped up to him to hand him a message

great reader of these books (* Come Ye therefor for June, July, and August.” To Apart," Making the Most of Life,'' Buildduring a battle. Just at that moment the this telegram sent to the Labor Adjustment ing of Character,' etc.), and through her soldier's horse was shot under him. Napo- Commission of the United States Shipping secretary she sent Dr. Miller a message leon at once offered the messenger his own Board the Commission replied : “Please telling Ảim of her love for them. I am charger, a magnificent animal. Naturally convey expression of our warm apprecia- sure that the world to-day is full of people the orderly hesitated to take his Emperor's tion and hearty congratulations on action.

in need of the comfort they can give.” horse. But Napoleon encouraged him by This evidence of high patriotism heartens When the history of the Imperial family's saying: “Take him! Nothing is too good

exile is written, it will not be surprising if for a soldier of France."

An English bookseller advertises for sale it is found that this American clergyman's German efficiency has received more an autograph letter from the Rev. John books accompanied the ex-Czarina to Sibepraise than it deserves,“ Nauticus” (a new Newton, who is remembered for saying ria in the hour when she needed their com. journal devoted to shipping) points out. humbly, as he saw a convicted felon on his fort most of all.

us all.”

Real Estate


Near Plattsburg

Real Estate

On n Lake George, cottages for rent.
Furnished. Pure spring water, sanitary

E. B. WALTON, Glenburnie, N. Y.
ong Island, N.Y. For rent, furnished,

; verandas ; high, private grounds, shade, fruit, garage, bungalow. Address 8,973, Outlook.

HELP WANTED Teachers and Covernesses WANTED-Teacher for grade work, also others for high school science and history, for girls' school in South. If immediate reply is desired, enclose photograph and references, with addressed envelope for return, and state training, experience, and salary required in first letter. 6,042, Outlook.

TEACHERS desiring school or college positions apply International Musical and Educational Agency, Carnegie Hall, N. Y.

WANTED-Competent teachers for public and private schools and colleges. Send for bul letin. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N.Y.

Companions and Domestic Helpers

DIETITIAN, Drexel graduate, hospital ex-
perience, wants institutional position. 6,034,

GRADUATE nurse desires position in boys! school in State of New York. Exceptional references. 6,033, Outlook.

COMPANION or secretary, refined, educated woman, twenty-five. Best references. 6,032, Outlook.

DOMESTIC science graduate and teacher desires position for the summer. Preferably in tea room. 6,045, Outlook.

For Rent for the Summer on the

Shore of Lake Champlain Attractive cottage at the Crater Club, Essex, N. Y. 6 master's bedrooms and 2 baths, besides servants' quarters; completely furnished; spacious piazzas ; magnificent view of the lake and mountains ; five acres on the lake; bathing, boating, tennis ; 30 miles on fine roads to the Plattsburg Military Training Camp; 35 miles to Lake Placid ; beautiful mountain country; the house is comfortable and the housekeeping easy.

Mrs. L. C. MYGATT 65 Central Park West, New York City


PRIVATE school. A small, well-established girls' boarding and day school. Convenient to New York and Philadelphia. Capacity enrollment this year. Principal desires to retire. Correspondence confidential. T. H. G., P. O. Box 1,592, Philadelphia, Pa.


Business Situations LIBRARY work near New York by a trained and experienced woman librarian. 6,036, Outlook.

YOUNG woman, competent stenographer, secretary, wishes position, High school graduate, post-graduate course in stenography. Four years' experience; age twentythree. 6,043, Outlook.

Teachers and Covernesses WANTED, by Columbia man (M.A.), classes to teach in city. History, French, or German. 6,031, Outlook.

RESIDENT NURSE, school or camp. Will teach home nursing. References. Moderate salary. Or invalid's companion-nurse. 6,030, Outlook.

TWO experienced women, educational] or departmental directors. Institution or private school. 6,040, Outlook.

Companions and Domestic Helpers

MATRONS, governesses, mothers' helpers,
cafeteria managers, dietitians. Miss Richards,
537 Howard Building, Providence, Boston,
16 Jackson Hall, Trinity Court, Thursdays,
11 to 1.

WANTED-Lady who can read aloud, sew,
and assist in year round country home near
New York. Salary $30 and home. 6,039,

Teachers and Covernesses
TEACHERS for all departments of college
and high school work. Write for terug
and information to THE INTERSTATE
TEACHERS' AGENCY. Macheca Building,
New Orleans, La

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency,
established 1895. No charge; prompt delivery.
44 West 22d St., New York.

MAN wishes board and lodging in Adiron-
dacks. Or would consider light farm work
there. 6,035, Outlook.

TWO ladies will take into their home to board two children or delicate child. New York suburb. Personal interview requested. 6,037, Outlook.

PATRIOTISM by Lyman Abbott, algo 4 verses of America, The Pledge to the Flag2 verses of The Star-Spangled Banner, all in a little leaflet. Further the cause of Patriotism by distributing in your letters, in pay envel opes, in schools, churches, clubs, and social gatherings. 200 sent prepaid for 30 cents. Arthur M. Morse, Montclair, N. J.

WANTED-Board,care, and companionship
for semi-invalid Jady in home of trained nurse.
6,038, Outlook.

WANTED-- Defective persons to board.
Address W., Pawling.s. persons

ATTRACTIVE BUNGALOW For Rent for Summer Months Located directly on Trout Lake, three miles from Bolton Landing, Lake George. Built by present owner, who will rent for the entire season at moderate rental. Completely furnished. Six rooms with three bedrooms and bath. Kitchen with running water. Ice, wood, and rowboat included. For full particulars address 7,855, Outlook.


Why America has the best

roast beef in the world


"HAT cut of prime roast beef on

your table do you realize that it is of a quality such as our fathers seldom knew?

In their day meat dressing was purely a local business-wasteful, unscientific, frequently unwholesome.

It depended solely upon such cattle as could be raised in the immediate vicinity-cattle adapted mostly for dairying purposes and usually sold for meat only when unfit for anything else.

Today, thanks to the enterprise of the American cattle-raiser, herds of broad-backed cattle, scientifically bred for meat-producing purposes in the fertile pasture lands of the West, supply a quality of beef that is the standard of the world.

This scientific breeding on a large scale became practicable only when the facilities developed by the modern packer made meat dressing and distributing a national instead of a local business,

Through the establishment of large packing plants with adequate stockyards facilities near the finest cattle lands, and through the development of country-wide distributing machinery that assured a ready market at all times and all seasons, the breeding of fine, meat-producing animals was made possible.

And because those parts of the animal that once were wasted are now converted into valuable by-products, the large packer is enabled to sell this better beef, dressed, for less than is paid for the animal on the hoof.

Swift & Company, U. S. A.
A nation-wide organization with more than 20,000 stockholders



Advertising rates are : Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Tours and Travel, Real Estate, Live Stock and Poultry, fifty cents per agate line, four columns to the page. Not less than four lines accepted. In calculating space required for an advertisement, count an average of six words to the line unless display type is desired.

“Want” advertisements, under the various headings, “ Board and Rooms," “ Help Wanted," etc., ten cents for each word or initial, including the address, for each insertion. The first word of each “Want” advertisement is set in capital letters without additional charge. Other words may be set in capitals, if desired, at double rates. If answers are to be addressed in care of The Outlook, twenty-five cents is charged for the box number named in the advertisement. Replies will be forwarded by us to the advertiser and bill for postage rendered. Special headings appropriate to the department may be arranged for on application.

Orders and copy for Classified Advertisements must be received with remittance ten days before the Wednesday on which it is intended the advertisement shall first appear.


Hotels and Resorts


Meriden, N. H. ,

Moosilaukee Inn





Timagami Ont. A camp with every comfort in
Wabi-, ,

STOP AT the heart of the Canadian North Woods. 1,502 lakes. Best fishing. $14 and $16 per wk. Book

Siasconset, Mass. let. Miss ORR, 250 Wright Ave., Toronto, Ont.

on aristocratic Brooklyn Heights

NANTUCKET ISLAND and enjoy the advantages of CONNECTICUT

Golfers' Summer Paradise
Best 18-hole seashore course in U.S.

the most famous roof in America. Dine 300 INTERLAKEN INN Lakeville,

Tennis, surf bathing, etc.

feet in the air, with a panographic view of Between two lakes; fishing, bathing, golf,

No Malaria No Hay Fever No Hot Days New York Harbor stretching before you for tennis; excellent table. Write Manager.

American Plan Moderate Rates a distance of 10 miles. Dancing if you like.

Write for booklet B.

MERWIN J. BULKLEY, Proprietor Montague, Hicks, and Remsen Streets, Brooklyn The Wayside Inn New Milford, Litchfield Co., Conn.

YORK CAMPS NEW HAMPSHIRE Norece Hall, 114 W. 79th St. In the foothills of the Berkshires. Open all the LOON LAKE, MAINE

The Graycourt, 124 W. 82d St. year. An ideal place for your summer's rest. In famous Rangeley region in heart of White Mountains HILLSIDE INN

Quiet houses where families and ladies travel 2 hours from New York. Write for booklet.

mountains facing lake. Private log cabins

Rates moderate. Mrs. J. E. CASTLE, Proprietor.

Every attraction. 2,000 ing alone will find homelike and refined surwith open fires, bath and hot and cold 89. ft. porch. Large grounds and gardens.

roundings. Folder and rates on application. water. Central dining-room. Golf within

Illustrated booklet. L.T. CLAWSON, Prop. W. B. Stubbs, Norece Co., 114 W.79th St., N.Y. NORFOLK INN

easy reach; garage. Boating, bathing,

fishing, mountain climbing. Farm one In foothills of Berkshires. Ideal scenery. All mile from camp furnishes fresh vege

HOTEL JUDSON 53 Washingsports. Fine auto roads. Invigorating, health- tables, eggs, poultry, certified milk.

adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms ful climate. Garage and all improvements. Booklet. J. LEWIS YORK, Prop.


with and without bath. Rates $2.50 per day, HENRY R. SWEET, Prop., Norfolk, Conn.

is a place of unusual charm for people who

including meals. Special rates for two weeks

or more. Location very central. Convenient

desire a restful vacation and for those in- to all elevated and street car lines. MAINE


terested in nature study, especially birds.
Guests will be taken at THE DEXTER

The Homestead

July 2nd sit to $21 a week."J. 6. cook, Manager.

July ,

Open June 15 to Sept. 15. Illustrated booklet
An Ideal Vacation

HURRICANE LODGE and rates upon application. Address Grindstone Spot. Cool, bracing BRING THE FAMILY TO


air, where all land and

IN THE ADIRONDACKS water sports may be

Hurricane, Essex Co.. N. v. thoroughly enjoyed.

Comfortable, homelike. Al THE JOHNSON and COTTAGES Attractive social life Let them enjoy this wonderful scenery of

titude 1,800 ft. Extensive Music, Dancing. the White Mountains while they breathe the

verandas overlooking Keene Bailey Island, Maine. Beautiful location over

Write for Booklet-
purest air, drink healthful water, and play at

Valley. Trout fishing. Camplooking Casco Bay. Fishing, boating, bathing.

or wire or write for fishing, climbing, driving, dancing Whole

their favorite sports. Golf (no charge), tennis, Fresh dairy products and vegetables. Two

ing. Golf_links, nine well-kept greens. Mile

course. Tennis and croquet. Fresh vegeta hours' sail from Portland. H.F.Johnson, Prop.


well-cooked food. Vegetables and milk THE GRINDSTONE INN

bles. Fine dairy. Furnished cottages, all im

from the Inn farm. A place for a real rest. provements. Terms $17 to $30 per week. Spe Robin hood Inn and Cottages

Season opens July 1st. Terms moderate. Write
Winter Harbor, Maine.

cial rates for season. Address K. BELKNAP, H. E. MACKEE, Manager,

Manager, Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y. BAILEY ISLAND, ME. Will open June 15. Bath- (Across Frenchman's Bay from Bar Harbor.) Box 16, Breezy Point, Warren, N. H. ing, fishing, sailing. For circular, Miss Massey.


CAMP LINGERLONG cean House, York Beach, Me. Leading Belgrade Lake, O

On Pine Lake. Includes 500 acres of wildThwing's Camp

hotel. All
conveniences. Private baths | Hotel Thedford Asbury

Park est Adirondack Mountains. Hunting, fishing,
A picturesque collection of rustic cottages
Orchestra, tennis, golf, bathing and fishing.

gwimming, canoeing, tennis. Saddle horses. on shore of island, beautifully watered and

Situated near the ocean and accessible to all Tramps to surrounding mountain peaks, Lake wooded. Cottages furnished complete with all

Beautiful drives. 'Booklet. W. J. Simpson. points of interest. First class Family Hotel. George and Lake Champlain. Dancing. Exconveniences. Central dining cabin with ex

Special attention to table. Booklet. Broad, cellent meals. Spring water. Cabins and cellent table- also used for dancing and enter- MAS8 ACHUSETTS

breezy piazza. HARRY DUFFIELD, Prop. tents $14 and $16. Private parties entirely tainment 8. Fine fishing, boating and bathing.

isolated. References required. Manager, 6. D. For information address

ROBINSON, 101 W. 85th St., New York City. FRANCIS D. THWING, Belgrade Lakes, Me.

Commonwealth Ave. Boston


Right on the beach. Every room ocean view. THE CRATER CLUB Dom.e-of-the-Rock Cottages

Globe Trotters call the Puritan one of

A quiet, restful, refined, homelike family the most homelike hotels in the world. hotel of 100 rooms. Surt and still water bath

Of the Burnham Cottage Settlement, EssexCASTINE, MAINE Your inquiries gladly answered ing; tennis, golf, dancing: Country sur

on-Lake Champlain, offers to families of re Among the balsam firs on the cliffs of Penob OT-Costello

mond our booklet máiled a
roundings; no boardwalk. Booklet.

finement at very moderate rates the attracscot Bay. Fully furnished for housekeeping.

tions of a beautiful lake shore in a locality Four to five hundred dollars a season.

with a remarkable record for healthfulness.

THE WARREN The club affords an excellent plain table and
Cotuit, Mass.

accommodation. The boating is safe, there are
Boating, bathing.

attractive walks and drives, and the points of Deer Isle, Penobscot Bay, Maine

SPRING LAKE BEACH, N. J. interest in the Adirondacks are easily access

A house that's different" in its fine appoint- ible. Ref. required. For information relative Inexpensive summer colony. Inn, tents, cot

ments, unusual and artistic decorations, tages. Select patronage. Booklets givefull par

to board and lodging address Miss MARGARET

Sur ticulars. Prof.S.B. KNOWLTON, Haverford, Pa.

homelike atmosphere and service.

FULLER, Club Mgr., 115 E. 71st St., New York. rounded by green lawns and gardens, at the edge of the sea. W. B. STUBBS, Prop.,

Furnished cottages without housekeepDOUGLAS East Gloucester, Mass. N. Y. Office Norece Hall. Tel. 7140 Schuyler.

ing cares. Circular

and particulars on applica

tion. John B. Burnham, 233 B'way, New York. Attractive mountain resort, 1,000 feet alti- Situated directly on Gloucester Bay. Piazza 400 feet long. Private telephone exchange

NEW YORK CITY tude. Charming scenery; pleasant walks and



Opened June 1. Spring water, good table. drives. All improvements. Fresh dairy prod- connecting rooms. Tennis court. Table a

* mile from Ausable Club House. $2.50 and $3 ucts, poultry, vegetables and fruit from farm. special feature. Booklet. W. F. OSBORNE.

per day. $14 to $16 per week. No people

taken Furnished Cottages to Rent, with meals at

with lung trouble. Mrs. R. E. WINCH, Mgr. the Inn. For terms address E. S. DOUGLAS. If You Are Tired or Not Feeling Well

of the Y. W. C. A.

, , you cannot find a more comfortable place in 14 East 16th St., New York
Me. For adults. Quiet, cool camp on lake
New England than

Interbrook Lodge and Cottages

A homelike hotel for self-supporting in the woods. Canoes, fishing, tennís. Tents,

women. Single rooms $1.00 per night. Dou

Keene Valley, N. Y. Situated in spruces log cabins. Good board. Booklet. Miss E. M.

ble rooms (2 beds) $1.40 per night. Restau.

and pines. Wonderful location. Beautiful illusBOCK, 8 Baldwin Ave., Jersey City, N. J.

rant open to all women. Send for circular.

trated booklet. $12 and up. M. E. Luck, Prop. GREENFIELD, MASS.

and Lake Parlin House cAMPS It affords all the comforts of home without

on Lake extravagance.

Sacandaga In heart of Maine woods on beautiful lake.

A camp for the lovers of the out-of-doors. HENRY B. MCKENNEY, Jackman Station, Me. MARBLEHEAD, MASS.

Refined surroundings. Good table. Large 31st Street & Fifth Avenue

living-hall. Cottages and tents for sleeping.

Boats and canoes. Black bass fishing. Hikes RPOMP. Maino. cottages indesirable

New York

into the woods. Nights around the camp-fire.

Everything comfortable and homelike. Folder summer colony. Teachers can find reasonable

Combines every convenience and home rates. H. H. Chamberlain, Round Pond, Me. A quiet, cozy little house by the sea

and terms upon application. Address CHAS.

T. comfort, and commends itself to people of PRIVATE BATAS. DESCRIPTIVE BOOKLET. refinement wishing to live on American Plan

MEYER, Lake Pleasant, Hamilton Co., N. Y. A camp for

and be within easy reach of social and dra

GOLDTHWAITE INN OLONIA Lmatic center South Limington, Me. Tents for sleep

Room and bath $3.50 per day with meals, or On Great South Bay, Bellport, L. I. ing, indoor dressing-rooms; modern sanita- Marthas Vineyard I N N 52.00 per day without meals.

Cool, comfortable, charming Family resort. tion. Rates $15-$20 per week. Miss MOODY,

Illustrated Booklet gladly sent upon Table supplied from own farm. Sports16 Montview St., West Roxbury, Mass.

Illustrated Booklet. T. H. CHIRG WIN.


JOHN P. TOLSON. sailing, fishing, ocean bathing, golf, tennis,





Donglas Inn and Cottages HILL, ME

The Margaret Louisa


Hotel Le Marquis
The Leslie

Come to Camp Sacandaga sena Lake

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Algonquin Park in


only 50 miles from New York, is such a place? Direct inquiries to C.W.NASH, Supt., Point O' Woods, L. I.

Tours and Travel

Real Estate

FOR RENT, furnished; 12 rooms, bath, 5 acres ;

Conn. terms moderate. MOEN, 45 Cedar St., N. Y.

NORFOLK, CONN. Ontario, Canada

1,200 feet above the sea.

Modern house, furnished, icehouse filled. for your playground this year. 200 miles north of Toronto-170 miles west of Otta

Dr. L. D. BULKLEY, 531 Madison Ave. N. Y.
wa. A real yacation in a country of lakes,
2000 feet above the sea. Camping, canoe-
ing and fishing. Live in tent, log cabin

or hotel. Ask for free literature,
J.D. McDonald, 112 W. Adams St., Chicago

Boothbay Harbor, Me. For Sale or To Rent,
W.R.Eastman, 294 Washington St., Boston

10 rooms, all modern improvements.

, F. P. Dwyer, 1270 Broadway, New York

G. Lyman Snow, 114 Federal St., Boston, Mass. A.B.Chown, 506 Park Bldg., Pittsburgh


Heartsease. An attractively located village house with privileges of the Crater Club to rent for $250 for the season. Opet nished. J. B. Burnham, 233 Broadway, XL

Sunny Acres, Owl's Head, Me. Rent or Sell. Modern furnished house. All improvements, 35 acres; fishing, boating, bathing. Mrs. P. S. MERRIAM.



An attractive house, tine view of lake and Party owning camp in Canadian Rockies, day mountains. Eight bedrooms, two bathrooms; from Alaskan Boundary, has vacancies in

barns, garage; two houses for employees party, five weeks. All expenses but meals on Inquire 692 Congress St., Portland, Maine. trains, including Alaskan tour, $295.80. Address M. PEARSON, 295 DeKalb Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y.


(Alaska Dept.)
Help plan reasonable and delightful vacation.



Canada? Alaska ?

Hudson River

By Daylight Fast, luxurious steamers running daily, including Sunday, between

New York and Albany
Direct rail connections with all points
in the Catskills, Saratoga, the Adi-
rondacks, the West and North.

One Day Outings
Attractive one-day trips from New
York to Poughkeepsie, Newburgh,
West Point or Bear Mountain, and
other points of interest. Restaurant
music. Send for timetables and
further information.
All through rail tickets and Troy
Evening Line tickets between
Nep York

and Albany accepted.
Hudson River Day Line
Desbrosses Street Pier, New York


An enlarged and remodeled Inn. Private suites, sleeping porches, modern

plumbing, shower-baths, electric lights and steam heat. Tennis, large casino with bowling alleys, pool and billiards, piano and victrola for dancing. Pierce-Arrow motor service. Inn garden. Rates moderate. Booklet. MEREDITH, Delaware County, NEW YORK

Health Resorts

Not a boarding-house, not a hotel, tut your
Bummer home. 2,050 feet elevation. Booklets.
E. B. SOUTHWORTH, Trout Creek, N. Y.



On Lincoln Highway

Open All Year


your money whenever
you travel—on your vaca-
tion and motor trips,busi-
ness or pleasure. Carry

"A Summer at Sea” (sans seasickness).

No submarines. Considered the safest seashore resort on our coast. Opposite Newport. Surrounded by our naval defenses. Golf, tennis, surf-bathing on premises. Salt and fresh water fishing-bluefish, tuna, bass, etc. Always cool. Booklet. VAILL COTTAGES, Block Island, R. I.

American Express
Travelers Cheques


On Seneca Lake

The only place in this country where
the Nauheim Baths for Heart and
Circulatory Disorders are given with a
Natural Calcium Chloride Brine.
The Pioneer American “Cure"

for Heart Disorders
The treatments, under the direction of
physicians, are particularly adapted to
Heart Disease, Circulatory, Kidney,
Nutritional and Nervous Disorders,
Rheumatism, Gout and Obesity.
All sports and recreations. FINE GOLF.

Send for Illustrated Booklets

FOR SALE The summer and autumn residence and farm of 610 acres of the late Colonel Francis L. Leland, known as Boulder

Grange, located at Becket, Mass. In the heart of the famous Berkshire Hill region. The residence is handsomely and completely furnished and is being occupied now by the Colonel Leland legatee. The farm is stocked with cattle and poultry, and well equipped with tools, machinery, etc. ; is also planted Full particulars will be furnished, ani the place can be seen by application 10

H. A. BIDWELL, Becket, Mass.

An Ideal Summer Home for 400 Guests

Occan lov

Sold in denominations of

Ask for them at
American Express Offices

or at Banks

CAPE Ballston Beach Bungalows

Nantucket, Mass. Furnished Cottage

by the ocean surf. Choice loca
tion. Moderate rents seasons.
S. W. BALL, 87 Nassau St., N.Y.

The Leading Hotel of
Block Island, Rhode Island

VHESTER,VT. "The Maples.” Delight-

rooms, pure water, bath, hot and cold; broad
piazza, croquet, fine roads. Terms reasonable.
Refs. exchanged. The Misses SARGEANT.

6 large rooms, piazza, fireplace. Fine bathing
$175 season.R.E. FARRIER, Ridgewood, NJ.
Rockport and Pigeon Cove
Seashore and village houses FOR
THURSTON, 20 Pleasant Street,
Tel. 80, Rockport, Mass.


White Mountains and

NEWFANE INN, Newfane, Vt.

In the beautiful West River Valley, surrounded by Green Mts., 1,600 feet altitude, with cooling breezes. Fishing in mountain streams. On main auto route. Autos to rent and good livery. All improvements. Excellent table. Booklet. E. A. WHITCOMB, Prop. Winter, Longwood Hotel, Longwood, Fla.

“ The Dorms,” Poultney, Vt. Three modern buildings with all improvements, located in beautiful village in Green Mts. Fresh milk, fruits, and vegetables from farm. Attractive walks and drives. Mountain climbing,

Box 0, Poultney, Vt.

Across Beautiful
Lake Ontario and

Down the
St. Lawrence
without change of

Leaving Queenston, Ont.

(Niagara Falls), on
THE FOURTH Sanford Hall, est. 1841

Private Hospital
and visiting NIAGARA
FALLS, LACHINE RAPIDS, For Mental and Nervous Diseases

Comfortable, homelike surround-
MONTMORENCY FALLS, ings; modern methods of treatment;
MURRAY BAY, TADOU competent nurses. 15 acres of lawn,
SAC, TRINITY BAY, LAKE park, flower and vegetable gardens.
CHAMPLAIN, LAKE Food the best. Write for booklet.
GEORGE and other historic

Sanford Hall Flushing New York
miles by inland walers.

Exclusive charter by the
American Express Company MEDICAL SANITARIUM
of the modern Steamer

Saratoga Springs, N. Y.
Canadian Steamship Practice limited to Disorders of Diges
Lines, Ltd. Two

tion, Nutrition and Elimination.
other cruises,

All meals privately served.
Aug. 1 &

Dr. Reeves' Sanitarium
A Private Home for chronic, nervous, and
mental patients. Also elderly people requiring

care. Harriet E. Reeves, M.D., Melrose, Mass.

LINDEN|The Ideal Place for Sick
Call or Wire

People to Get Well

Doylestown, Pa. An institution devoted to

the personal study and specialized treat

ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, Travel Department

Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to
65 B'way N. Y. Ph. Bowling

Gr. 10,000. 118 W. 39th St., N.Y. Ph., Greeley 4561. (late of The Walter Sanitarium)

Rent, furnished.
14-Room Cottage, 6-Room Bungalow. Apply
W. B. & E.S.CHASE, 150 W.105th St., N.Y.C
Winnipesaukee Lake Wolfebora
Cottage, garage, boathouse. All convenience
Rev. Dr. HIGGONS, 842 S. 57th St., Phil., H.

NEW JERSEY FOR SALE New York, in ball New Jersey, 48 acres, half cleared, brook, 7-room bungalow, usual outbuildings. Telephone. 2 mails daily. Attractive home has wonderful colony

development posaiti ities. Furnished if desired. 8,949, Outlook.


Furnished, at Palenville, N. I. Attractive 12-room cottage. 2 baths, elee tricity. Garage. Excellent location ou private estate. Near Country Club with golf

, tenie swimming pool. Reasonable. For illustrated booklet address HIGHLAND ESTATE, Palenville



Established 1857

Kenosha, Wisconsin Finest Health Resort and Sanitarium on Lake Mich., in 100-acre park. Moderate rates. Booklet.


Apartments Unusual FurnisheshaApartment street, convenient to station. References. TYLER, 7 Lenox Ave., East Orange, N. J. Personally Investigated Room apartment list. EVELINO TRIPP, 416 West Lleth St. Office hours 10-2. Morningside 3502.


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