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Motor-Trucks on America's " Bread Line"

(Continued) lines, and pointing out the necessity for more and quicker transportation to aid increased food production.

The railways are apparently not equipped to carry all food and other supplies at the same time. Naturally farmers hesitate to produce to capacity, fearing their produce cannot be marketed. About twenty per cent of farm help has been lost by the draft and other causes, making it impossible for farmers to haul crops to market and work on the farm at the same time.

The remedy lies in rural motor-truck

express lines. Farmers, truck gardeners, 1

and dairymen have found that motor trucks insure daily transportation to market, enabling them to devote all of their time to their farms. Increased production and compensation for loss of labor result.

The congestion of the railways has in some sections necessitated delivery of live stock to the stock-yards by motor truck. During the year there were hauled over highways for a radius of thirty miles to Cincinnati more than 77,000 hogs, 235,000 sheep, 28,500 calves, and 27,500 head of cattle, forty per cent of which were driven in on the hoof, and sixty per cent in motor

trucks. This experiment has proved that To

the motor-truck method promises to be permanent, as stock can be handled cheaper than by railway, and arrive in better condition and in quicker time.

The dependability and adaptability of the motor truck have attracted the attention of manufacturers and growers of perishable goods. In the West and South grow

ers have employed motor trucks for shiporele ping strawberries and early summer fruits

and vegetables to market or to warehouses. Even such delicate fruits as peaches, plums, and grapes are now being shipped out of the

fruit-producing States over long distances to lay by motor trucks. The hardier fruits, such

as oranges, grapefruit, apples, pears, etc., are in some sections being almost entirely

shipped by this method. od?

Such examples prove that the motor truck can be utilized to feed a community, and that it is not necessary, because food is of a perishable nature, to make the railways shoulder this work.


Drawn by one horse and operated Floats over the uneven ground as a by one man, the TRIPLEX ship rides the waves. One mower MOWER will mow more lawn may be climbing a knoll

, the second in a day than the best motor skimming a level and the third paring mower ever made, cut it better and a hollow, at a fraction of the cost.

Does not smash the grass to earth Drawn by one horse and operated and plaster it in the mud in springby one man, it will mow more lawn time nor crush out its life between in a day than any three ordinary hot rollers and hard, hot ground horsedrawn

with three in summer as does the motor horses and three men.



Send for Catalogue illustrating all types of TOWNSEND MOWERS.


g When you notify The Outlook of a change in your address, both the old and the new address should be given. Kindly write, if possible, two weeks before the change is to take effect.











PIRITUAL SONG Uninterrupted distribution of food is one Just Out. A New Song Book. Sample copy will

demonstrate its value. Examination Copy Board 25c. Cloth 35c which the Nation must solve, not only for The Biglow and Main Co., New York - Chicago The immediate relief, but after the war as well. I would not be surprised if such a solution

You can cure were found in a centralized plan whereby

distribution points would be located to 11 facilitate the distribution of perishable and

semi-perishable food products, eliminating without drugs-at home with food the short haul on the railways.

Complete and definite instructions by R. L. Alsaker, M.D. This would enable the railways to run (recognized as an authority on the cure of this disease), will Skip through trains from growing and manu

be mailed on receipt of $2.00. Satisfaction guaranteed.

FRANK E. MORRISON (Est. 1889), Publisher facturing points direct to these distribution

Dept. 152, 1133 Broadway, New York. centers, whence motor trucks would comtra plete the work of delivery to consignees. dieses This would save time for the railways, as EDWARDS li? they would have. no stops and but one load STEEL

ing and unloading. The growers and manuheh facturers would have but one point to ship

to, and the consignees would have but one
alito point to look to for their goods.

er equipments for factories, stores,
schools, colleges, clubs, gymnas

jums, offices, etc. The Edwards
In my opinion, this would assure deliv Steel Lockers are complete with hat
Woery of goods irrespective of what transpor-
tation problems might arise in the future.

complicated parts. Each locker com

prises only six, unite interchangeEither the Government might take this

able and standardized, making the

Edwards Steel Lockers cheapest and matter in hand, build food distribution

bent. Every locker guaranteed. All

el. Send for catalog and estimates warehouses, where all the goods for each Responsible representatives with es

tablished offices wanted for unoccupoint would be forwarded, and whence motor pied territory. Write for terme. e trucks would convey them to destinations,

The Edwards Mfg., Co., 339-389, Culvert St., Cincinnati, O. or the food manufacturers and producers

Makers also of Edwardo Adjustablo Al Steel Shelving for Postoffices,
Factories, Dept. Store and all places where wood shelving is used.

· Philadelphia
Walnut at 13th St.
five minutes
walk from Rail-
road stations, the
Big Shops, the-
Theaters. Cuisine
Service distinctive

RJRitchie, Mgr


We furnish Edwards complete lock

shelves, hooke, locking devices, locks
and number plates. They are adjust-
able, economize space and have no

beautifully finished in baked enam



Room with Bath

* 2:50 Up


Motor-Trucks on America's Bread Line"

BY THE WAY (Continued) themselves might combine for this pur The late Professor W. D. Whitney was them but will stand to be cut to pieces pose.

quoted on page 156 of The Outlook of May without a sigh or groan. My father, who A COMMUNITY PLAN

22 as saying that the Bible contains no had studied the genius and temper of all There are several plans whereby a com

such word as “its.” A subscriber writes : kinds of negroes forty-five years with a munity can insure its own food supplies

66 The word its does occur in Leviticus xxv. very nice observation, would say, noe man from delays. One way is for all food mer

5." The Oxford English Dictionary thus deserved a Corramante that would not chants in each community-the grocer,

comments on the matter : “ Its was formed treat him like a friend rather than a slave.” baker, meat market, fruit and vegetable

in the end of the sixteenth century from A subscriber writes that the translation dealer, confectioner,creamery, etc.-to form

itt's of the possessive or genitive case, and of the Indian word “ agawam”in our issue a co-operative motor-truck transportation

at first commonly written it's. Its was not of June 12, “Great salt meadows of the company to collect and transport to their admitted in the Bible of 1611; the posses Atlantic Coast,” is somewhat too specific

. different places of business all food prod

sive it occurs once, but was altered (in an “Great,” he says, would be some form of ucts and breadstuffs.

edition of 1660). to its, which appears in all missi, as in Mississippi,“great river... Salt, The number of trucks necessary to carry

current editions.” (The word, it may be he affirms, was a word unknown to the out this plan would depend on the number remarked, is found in only one of a half Indians, as was Atlantic. “ The word,” he of dealers and the area necessary to cover: dozen standard concordances.)

concludes, “is undoubtedly derived from There would primarily have to be two differ An examination of a copy of the Bible agwaam, meaning.ground overflowed by ent routes which this transportation com of 1611 in the New York Public Library water.'? Without questioning the philopany would have to operate over. The first corroborates the above statement. Leviti- logical knowledge of our correspondent

, we route would be that of the farmers, dairies, cus xxv, 5 reads, as printed in the quaint may express our surprise at his statement and live-stock growers, whence the city “ black letter” type of this early edition :

that salt was unknown to the Indians. The derives its supply of fresh vegetables, That which groweth of it owne accord of thy

numerous" salt licks” of the West, it would fruits, milk, eggs, poultry, and meats. The haruest, thou shalt not reape, neither gather the seem, must certainly have had a descriptive location of each source of supply on this grapes of thy Hine undressed : for it is a yeere of name in the Indian languages. route should be listed and arranged on a rest onto the land.

It is unprecedented, unconstitutional, and schedule so that each truck would carry The title-page of this Bible reads : “THE

otherwise quite out of the question for a full loads both ways.

HOLY BIBLE. Imprinted at London by man to be Senator from two States at the The second route would be for those Robert Barker, Printer to the Kings most same time ; yet if this were conceivable, trucks that would take care of all goods excellent Maieftie. Anno Dom. 1611. A

there is no one who could carry this double shipped over the railways by the manufac note on the fly-leaf in the handwriting of burden with better grace

than Oscar W. turers and would include all package goods

Mr. James Lenox, the founder of the Lenox Underwood, of Alabama. That must be our and supplies. If a community is situated Library in New York City, says, curiously excuse for referring to him two weeks near a large city which is the distribution enough, that this title-page is that of an ago as “Oscar W. Underwood, of Georgia." point for manufactured goods, time could edition of 1613, altered to “ 1611.” A close

We trust that Georgia, Alabama, and the be saved by the trucks going to this city and

examination of the last 1 in 1611 shows that Senator appreciated the compliment. not waiting until they had been reshipped the figure had, in fact, been tampered with, in

Summer guests of an unusual character to the community. A great deal of time is order, possibly, to increase the value of the

are solicited in the following advertisement lost in waiting for less than car-load lots to book to an inattentive bibliophile. The

in a New York City daily: be reshipped from distribution points to words of the Preacher seem apposite in this

Woman with genuine affection for dogs, undersmall communities, and it is here that the

connection : “God hath made man upright; standing care of same, spacious grounds, wired motor truck would prove of invaluable aid but they have sought out many inventions.” will accept five dogs only as boarders. Boston in prompt deliveries.

bulls preferred. Address ----, etc. The second plan would be that of a

The question about the identity of the jackknife that first had its blade renewed

The French word bijou (jewel) is a popumunicipal motor-truck transportation com

lar one in America as a name for a small and then got a new handle is fairly matched pany owned and operated by the commu

theater. The pronunciation of the word is by this story quoted from the “ American nity or by a group of individuals, for the

difficult for the average playgoer, who is Hatter :” “ You say you've worn this hat for purpose of supplying the community's deal

two years ?” “Yes, sir ; and it looks all probably innocent even of boarding-school ers and merchants with their food supply. right'still. Twice I've had it cleaned and French, and it is sometimes Anglieized as This could be operated over routes as out once I exchanged it in a restaurant for one lined in the first plan.

“ By Joe.” A Newport (Rhode Island) that was entirely new.”

newspaper advertisement frankly accepts The third plan would be that of a

The coming back of the full-rigged sail

this pronunciation; in the announcement of farmers' co-operative motor-truck trans

a moving-picture theater the name appears S portation company, to be owned and opering ship is one of the wonders of the war.

in large black letters as BIJO. Recently a round dozen of these old-time ated by the farmers and dairymen who monarchs of the deep were counted in New

Cherry-pit bean bags are the latest desupply the community with its fresh vegetables, milk, etc. The farmers participatYork Harbor lying off Staten Island. Two

vice of the conservationist. Bean bags make of the dozen were four-masters.

nice little gifts for children at Christmas, ing in such a company could use the motor

and now is the time to save the cherry pits truck equipment for transporting their

Speaking of the shortage of copper in for them. Beans are too costly to use for products to the community and bringing Germany, Cyril Brown says in “Germany

this purpose any longer, and, besides, it is back with them supplies needed on the

as It Is To-Day” that “about the last of said that the cherry pits are lighter and farm, thus insuring a load both ways.

Germany's famous church bells to go into make better bags for children's use. The above three plans are more or less the melting-pot has been the so-called “One can't realize the magnitude of this

AN in the rough, but I believe that every com• Kaiser Bell, out of the belfry of Cologne

war till one sees it,” says John Kautz in munity can find an idea among them that Cathedral, the largest church bell in all

his book “ Trucking to the Trenches." they could profitably apply to their local Germany, weighing sixty tons. Hung in

" The other day we passed five solid miles conditions. 1877, it pealed its last on New Year's,


Le Fal


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of horses and guns going up-it is not an This war is a matter of men, equipment, 1918.” Other authorities state that this

uncommon sight, but a wonderful one. We and supplies. These three war essentials bell weighed 27 14 tons, that it was cast in

are only one section of twenty-four trucks have to be transported. This means a load 1874 from French cannon captured in the

out of more than 200,000, yet every time on the Nation's transportation equipment war of 1870, and that it was exceeded in

we load with shells the load is worth from far in excess of its capacity. If it comes to size only by the famous Russian bells of

$78,000 to $100,000, depending on the kind." a show-down, the railways will have to Moscow and by certain Chinese bells.

“ The old adage, Talking is still done confine themselves strictly to Government Negroes who can trace their ancestry to

by hand in France,” continues the author work. This would mean that all goods and the Coromantees of the African Gold above mentioned, “ has just been borne out

FO supplies for other than Governmental use Coast have reason to be proud. A recent would have to be transported in other ways. book entitled “ American Negro Slavery," elbow. He sprained it trying to translate

again. I've had to tie up a Frenchman's

A The motor truck has proved itself the logical by Professor U. B. Phillips, quotes from Crank up your motor' from French into means of transportation. It is an equipment a letter written in 1701 by Governor

English--that's a fact. His two favorite that can be purchased and operated by every

, community without great initial outlay or this tribe : « The Corramantes are not only of about a hundred words, are, * It is agit

American expressions, out of a vocabulary time spent in putting it into operation. the best and most faithful of our slaves, and "You darn fool." He uses both indio To my mind, the time has arrived when but are really all born heroes. There never

criminately, but he is the best friend I have such transportation steps should be taken was a raskal or coward of that nation. without delay. Intrepid to the last degree, not a man of

among the French in spite of his frequent use of the last compliment."





Advertising rates are : Hotels and Resorts, Apartments, Tours and Travel, Real Estate, Live Stock and Poultry, fifty cents per agate line, four columns to the page. Not less than four lines accepted. In calculating space required for an advertisement, count an average of six words to the line unless display type is desired.

**Want" advertisements, under the various headings, “ Board and Rooms, Help Wanted," etc., ten cents for each word or initial, including the address, for each insertion. The first word of each “Want" advertisement is set in capital letters without additional charge. Other words may be set in capitals, if desired, at double rates. If answers are to be addressed in care of The Outlook, twenty-five cents is charged for the box number named in the advertisement. Replies will be forwarded by us to the advertiser and bill for postage rendered. Special headings appropriate to the department may be arranged for on application.

Orders and copy for Classified Advertisements must be received with remittance ten days before the Wednesday on which it is intended the advertisement shall first appear.


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Hotels and Resorts Hotels and Resorts


OLONIAL Between two lakes. Fishing, bathing, golf, Marthas Vineyard I NN tennis; excellent table. Write Manager.

Illustrated Booklet. T. H. CHIRGWIN. NORFOLK INN

NEW HAMPSHIRE In foothills of Berkshires. Ideal scenery. All sports. Fine auto roads.

Invigorating, healthful climate. Garage and all improvements. White Mountains HILLSIDE INN

Bethlehem, N. H. HENRY R. SWEET, Prop., Norfolk, Conn.

Rates moderate. Every attraction. 2,000

sq. ft. porch. Large grounds and gardens. MAINE

Illustrated booklet. L.T. CLAWSON, Prop.
The Homestead

Open June 15 to Sept. 15. Illustrated booklet
and rates upon application. Address

Jefferson, New Hampshire
THOMAS E. HAZELL, Bailey Island, Me.

House is beautifully situated, with fine

lawn, shade trees and broad piazzas. Newly Robinhood Inn and Cottages Near golf club. Address Mrs. REYNOLDS,

furnished throughout. Fine walks and drives. BAILEY ISLAND, ME, Opened June 15th. Bath- Sunset Inn, Jefferson, N. H. ing, fishing, sailing. For circular, Miss


Meriden, N. H.
Dome-of-the-Rock Cottages

Among the balsam firs on the cliffs of Penob- desire a resttal vacation and for those in-

is a place of unusual charm for people who scot Bay. Fully furnished for housekeeping. terested in nature

study, especially birds. Four to five hundred dollars a season.

Guests will

be taken at THE DEXTER

RICHARDS HALL. July and August, Deer THE FIRS Maine

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NEW JERSEY Booklets. S. B. KNOWLTON, Haverford, Pa.



in the Canadian Pacific

Rockies Among the Lakes in the Clouds “With windows framing

million-dollar pictures Commodious-Restful— Luxurious Set face to face with Mighty Victoria Glacier. Swiss and Canadian Guides, Mountain Climbing, Coaching, Boating. Easy walks and rides on Alpine Trails at CHATEAU LAKE LOUISE

Get to know Canada Better

She's Your Nearest Ally Further information on Resort Tour No. 201, gladly given by

General Tourist Agent
Canadian Pacific Railway



Niagara to the Saguenay Leaving Queenston, Ontario (Niagara Falls), on the modern

of the Canada Steamship Lines, Ltd.

Two Other Cruises, Aug. 1 and 29
Visiting Niagara Falls, Toronto, Lachine
Rapids, Montreal, Quebec, St Anne de
Beaupre, Montmorency Falls, Murray
Bay, Tadousac, Trinity Bay, etc. Under
personal conduct and direction of the
Nine days-1350 miles by water

Send for illustrated literature 65 Broadway

New York



Estes Park The Yellowstone

Glacier Park

For full particulars apply to

65 Broadway 23 W. Monroe St.


Quiet houses where families and ladies travel

ing alone will find homelike and refined surIt affords all the comforts of home without roundings. Folder and rates on application. extravagance.

W. B. Stubbs, Norece Co., 114 W. 79th St., N.Y. MARBLEHEAD, MASS. HOTEL JUDSON 53 WashingThe Leslie


-, , the heart of the Canadian North Woods. 1,502 lakes. Best fishing. $14 and $16 per wk. Booklet. Miss ORR, 250 Wright Ave., Toronto, Ont.

adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms with and without bath. Rates $2.50 per day,

including meals. Special rates for two weeks A quiet, cozy little house by the sea or more. Location very central. Convenient PRIVATE BATHS. DESCRIPTIVE BOOKLET.

to all elevated and street car lines.

BOARD AND ROOMS PRIVATE family who could take sixteen year old school girl and teacher from September to June. Two rooms necessary, with breakfast and dinner. Address Parker, 34 E. 81st St., New York.

Hotels and Resorts Health Resorts

Real Estate
Dr. Reeves' Sanitarium

HURRICANE LODGE A Private Home for chronic, nervous, and
and COTTAGES mental patients. Also elderly people requiring LAKE FRONT COTTAGE Lakeville,

care. Harriet E. Reeves, M.D., Melrose, Mass.

FOR RENT, furnished ; 12 rooms, bath, 5 acres;
Hurricane, Essex Co., N. 1.

terms moderate. MOEN, 45 Cedar St., N. Y.
Comfortable, homelike. Al
titude 1,800 ft. Extensive ROSE VALLEY SANITARIUM
verandas overlooking Keene

Valley. Trout fishing. Camp Box D, Media, Pa. For treatment
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course. Tennis and croquet. Fresh vegeta ological methods, including Fruit, Milk, Pardridge Lake, N. H. TO
bles. Fine dairy. Furnished cottages, all im- and other Scientific Diets; Hydrother- Furnished cottage. Fireplace, piano, porches,
provements. Terms $17 to $30 per week. Spe apy; Massage; Corrective Exercise : boats. Address Bonnie Haven, Geneva, Ills.
cial rates for season. Address K. BELKNAP, Sun, Light, and Air baths, etc. Ideal for
Manager, Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y.

rest and recreation. Booklet on request.


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White Mountains WHITEFIELD, Companions and Domestic Helpers


WANTED-Working housekeeper, American preferred. For particulars apply to (Mrs.) F. R. Littell, 34 Elm St., Summit, N. J.

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N. H.

Rent, furnished. On Pine Lake. Includes 500 acres of wildest Adirondack Mountains. Hunting, fishing,

14-room Cottage. All conveniences. Apply

W.B. & E. S. CHASE, 150 W. 105th St., N.Y.C.
swimming, canoeing, tennis. Saddle horses.
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Newfoundland, New Jersey cellent meals. Spring, water. Cabins and

NEW YORK tents $14 and $16. Private parties entirely

A quiet, restful health resort among the hills
isolated. References required. Manager, ar y, exhiarating air. Xil forms of hydrother Daihahyketidende. Sedrooms, elect
0. D. ROBINSON, Clemons, N. Y.
apy and massage under medical supervision.

tric lights, hot-water heating, piazza, garden.
Believing that there is a curable physical basis

Exceptional educational advantages, railroad
for most chronic ailments, we seek the under.

and river travel, accessible to State buildings, Interbrook Lodge and Cottages individual case. Booklet

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unique and interesting motor trips. Address

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A beautifully situated
An Ideal Summer Home for 400 Guests

Saratoga Springs, N. Y. COUNTRY RESIDENCE
Practice limited to Disorders of Diges

110 miles from New York in the Eastern
tion, Nutrition and Elimination. Catskills, with a view of 8,000 sq, miles over
All meals privately served.

the Hudson River Valley. Living-room, din-
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Address C. H. Easton, 1 Broadway, New York
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Refs. exchanged. The M188ES SARGEANT.

Greenwich, Ct. First-class in all respects, FOR RENT for Summer Months,
home comforts. H. M. HITCHCOCK, M.D.

Homestead at Marlborough-on-Hud
Health Resorts

Completely furnished ; running water, bath, and electric lights. Vege

table garden planted and ready for use. Real Estate

Attractive grounds. Wood and ice included.

Apply to Box 80, Marlborough-on-Hudson.
LINDEN|The Ideal Place for Sick
Doylestowa, Pa. An institution devoted to
People to Get Well

CONNECTICUT the personal study and specialized treat

VERMONT ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, NORFOLK, CONN. Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to

In Beautiful Manchester, Vt. ROBERT LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D.

1,200 feet above the sea. Attractively Furnished Cottage baths. Garage. (late of The Walter Sanitarium)

Modern house, furnished, icehouse filled.
Dr. L. D. BULKLEY, 531 Madison Ave., N.Y. Modern improvements. Apply R. L. MAKIN.


Professional Situations NEEDED, early chaplaincy of institution. New Hampshire or Massachusetts. 6,051, Outlook.

Business Situations PAGEANT writer of experience is open to a limited number of engagements during July and August. 6,055, Outlook. Companions and Domestic Helpers

TWO young women desire positions in same institution or home. References exchanged. 6,052, Outlook.

NURSE, practical, unexcelled, desires tient. 6,053, Outlook.

SCHOOL NURSE graduate, experienced nurse, 34 years old, with good record and best references, wishes position in fall as resident in boarding school. 6,054, Outlook.

Toachers and Covornesses YOUNG woman desires governess position for summer; experienced primary teacher. References. 6,059, Outlook,

MISCELLANEOUS PATRIOTISM by Lyman Abbott, also 4 verses of America-The Pledge to the Flag2 verses of The Star-Spangled Banner, all in a little leaflet. Further the cause of Patriotism by distributing in your letters, in pay envel opes, in schools, churches, clubs, and social gatherings. 200 sent prepaid for 30 cents. Arthur M. Morse, Montclair, N. J.

[merged small][ocr errors][merged small]


Newcastle By-the-Sea

New Hampshire

(Near Portsmouth) No Hotel on the New England Coast is more notable in the beauty of its location, the attractiveness of surroundings and perfection of service. Located on the sea, in the center of a large private park. Accommodates 500. Local and long distance telephone in each room.

Associated with the IDEAL and




Vacation time is here. Start out for the change of scene and mode of living that will rest you most.

Board the big steel liners, “ Noronic,” “ Hamonic," or “ Huronic”. Feel the thrill of delight in the scenery about the beautiful St. Clair FlatsAmerica's Venice—and in the wilderness of the shores that fringe the enchanting St. Mary's River. See the Locks at the Soo-Canada's Twin Cities, Port Arthur and Fort William-Duluth, the Naples of the North. Travel twice the length of the World's greatest lakes--Huron and Superior.

No vacation is more economical-none more filled with complete relaxation-none more inspiring.

Ticket includes meals, berth, afternoon teas, evening dances and refreshments, inspection of the Locks, 22 mile trip to Kakabeka Falls, the North's Niagara, and picnic there.

Every facility for sport and recreation. Fine golf course, yachting, tennis, trap shooting and rifle range, dancing. Pool, still and surf bathing, deep sea fishing, and well-equipped

For particulars and cruise folder about this cruise and the Northern

Navigation day trip through the 30,000 Islands in Georgian Bay, write
E. W. Holton, General Passenger Agent, Dep. 3

Sarnia, Ontario
-or ask your local ticket agent or any American
Express Company Travel Department Office

garage under competent supervision. Music by symphony Orchestra. Send postal today for beautiful illustrated book, telling how easy

to reach here from all points.

H. W. Priest, Prest., C. A. Judkins, Mangr.

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“ The American soldier is the worthy inheritor of the finest traditions of American arms, a
credit to those who bore him, an honor to the Nation he represents, and the last and
best hope that civilization shall not fail in her struggle to establish the might of right'


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