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Our Boys

Their Tremendous Potentialities
A vital serious subject especially just
now, this message to 16, 17 and 18
year old boys and their parents:


On a delightfully located and extensive farm in Marblehead, Mass.,
twenty miles from Boston-fifty carefully selected boys will be received
and taught farm life and work in connection with nature study. .
The course includes elementary military training, and all forms of
healthful outdoor work and sports.

N this wonderful farm, owned power and success through life.

and developed by the A. E. Little Co., Manufacturers of

Marblehead is one of the old and Sorosis Shoes, everything is pro

quaint New England towns, full vided for the moral, mental and

of historic interest—and just at physical development of boys.

this time a Summer spent there

will touch a patriotic chord in a Boys who spend the summer on

boy's nature. Sorosis Military Farm will return to their homes in the Fall realizing

Sanitary and hygienic conditions the fondest ideal of parents are perfect at Sorosis Military rounded out into junior men

Farms, the boys living in houses vital, strong, ambitious—with a or tents as they prefer. Not a foundation built into body and case of illness was reported last character which will give them

year among the many boys there. Full information and terms may be had by addressing Capt. Harry A. Dame, Supt.



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How About Another man just from the trenches This Vacation


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BY THE WAY Immigrants often develop luxurious I notice that his · chance’ is a liberal one. tastes in America's favorable atmosphere. As he scrapes the bowl he volunteers the In what was formerly “ Mulberry Bend,” information that his mother always used to the center of one of the populous Italian let him lick the spoon. At which everybody colonies of New York City, push-carts were present yells • Kamarad!' including me." recently seen which offered oranges at“ two for a quarter” and pears at ten cents each. found that he couldn't sleep in a quiet place Fruit at these high prices would be regarded like Paris. The strange feeling of a matas a forbidden luxury by many economical tress under him and four walls around him persons, but the East Sider with money in had chased away all thought of sleep, and his pocket often spends it prodigally. he turned and twisted from 9 o'clock till

The steel ship Westgrove, launched at 11:25. At that moment came an air raid by Portland, Oregon, March 27, was built in the Boches. “Then,” he said, “it was just

sumsixty-one days. This is said to be a record ; like · Home, Sweet Home’in my pill-box; the previous record, sixty-four days for a and I didn't wake up till next morning at 8." mer resorts are now steel ship, was held by a Seattle firm. That “ There are air tricks that save a pilot firm was a good record-loser, for it sent to and tricks that kill him. The latter are the builders of the Westgrove this friendly

tricks like the tail slide,' in which the despatch: "We wish you the best of luck

machine is really misused.” So says Lieuin launching the Westgrove. This kind of

tenant Pollock in “Flying:” The “ tricks successful rivalry is the spirit that should

that save” are taught in their perfection be shown to meet the Nation's crisis.

by Lieutenant Simon, in the famous school Hearty congratulations on your great of acrobatic flying at Pau, in the south of

For all such we sugachievement."

France. Some of these are the vrille (the The Army camp papers form the subject gimlet), the renversement (reversing in

advertiseof an article in the “ American Printer." direction), the “ barrel roll,” etc. “ LoopEvery camp, it says, has at least one of ing,” it is said, is not encouraged by Lieu

ment in the special these papers, and some camps have three tenant Simon, as it is of little value in a or four. Some are published monthly, a fight and is extremely hard on a finely large number appear weekly, a few appear adjusted machine. “ now and · then," and at least one, the Frederick Douglass and Booker T. “ Sheridan Reveille,” is published daily, at Washington are placed by a new book, Camp Sheridan, Montgomery, Alabama.

“ The Negro in Literature and Art,” as The article specially commends the “ Camp

foremost among the educated orators of Dodger," of Camp Dodge, Des Moines,

their race, while “ two unusual individuals, Iowa, as “a model,comparing very favorably untutored but highly gifted in their own with the most efficient metropolitan papers. spheres,” Sojourner 'Iruth and John Jasper, A snappy response to a somewhat hack

are mentioned as among the foremost neyed question was given by a big Ore natural orators. Douglass swayed his gonian recruit in a training camp, as re audience, and even himself,” is the comported in “Collier's.” A civilian visitor ment, “ by the sweep of his passion and asked him, “ And are you willing to die rhetoric; Washington studied every detail for your country ?” “ I am not,” was the and weighed every word, always keeping quick response; “I want to make some in mind the final impression to be maile.”

and illustrations on German die for his."

Sojourner Truth, “tall, majestic, but quite
How did the Roman audiences at gladia- uneducated, dazzled her audiences by her vacation subjects

torial combats indicate their wish that the sudden turns of expression.” Jasper made
prostrate loser of a fight should be slain by himself famous by his “sun do move ”ser-
the victor? The popular impression is that mon, a characteristic effort. J. C. Price,
they turned their thumbs down. This is for years President of Livingstone College
the gesture of the cruel-looking spectators in North Carolina, is pronounced "one of
pictured in Gérôme's famous painting. A the truest orators the Negro race ever had,”

resort issue of May recent novel, however, dealing with Roman while “many who heard him will insist life, uses “thumbs down” as a sign of that he was foremost.”

2 2d, containing spemercy; and the authorities seem to sustain The “ Book of Job” series of drawings the view. One encyclopædia says: “ The by William Blake, the famous English

cial travel and resort defeat of one of the combatants was marked artist-poet, was sold in London recently for by a cry of “Habet’ from the spectators, 3,800 guineas (about $19,000). It is said who then decided his fate, turning up their

that Blake once offered these drawings for
thumbs if they wished that he should be 242 guineas ($12.50) !
killed by the victor."

A check recently sent to The Outlook by We shall be glad to
In stories about experiences in a Soldiers' an appreciative subscriber for the renewal
Home in Paris Miss C. K. Corey tells in the of his subscription was made out simply to
“ National Geographic Magazine” how one " The Best Magazine in the World." In

prepare copy if you
of the men on leave from the front brought indorsing it the Treasurer of The Outlook
her a bunch of violets because she “ was obliged to supplement these words on

will send us your so good to him yesterday.” He had had to the reverse side of the check with the name search for it, and said, “Why didn't some intended—“ The Best Magazine in the booklet. Final copy body tell me just to walk till I smelled the World—THE OUTLOOK.” Little amenities perfume? I found it all right, and it cost of this sort on the part of our readers, while me a pretty penny, too. Say, I'll bet a guy thus placing some embarrassment upon

issued June 12th
with special articles

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We also suggest the




must reach us two could spend a thousand francs a day in this “ modest merit,” none the less bring joy to town and lead a righteous life. And if he both publishing and editorial departments.

weeks in advance of lived the other kind

Our Puritan foremothers developed three Another story told by Miss Corey con delectable dishes from unpromising mate

date of issue. cerns the British soldier's love of jam. “I rials, according to the teacher of a New hand the jam to a chap who wants to know England cooking class-pumpkin pie, if I've ever seen the cartoon where

poor brown bread, and baked beans.“ To these Tommy, opening another tin of apple jelly, two might be aulded good things specially

two might be addedl good things specially THE is saying, longingly, · When'll it be struw associated with Rhode Island - johnny-cake berry ? I nod, but tell him not to be afraid of and the clam bake. And were not mince this brand. So he decides to‘take a chance.' pies a New England invention?



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the Great West for young people.com Interbrook Lodge and Cottages memo Garape. Rental $500 for season. Apply


Pleasant Island

Island Camps


Hotel Le Marquis


Lake Winnipesaukee

Tours and Travel Hotels and Resorts

Real Estate

Real Estate


Evergreen and evercool!

On Pine Lake. Includes 500 acres of wild- furnished house 14 rooms, at Branford, Conn.,
Snow-capped mountains, virgin

est Adirondack Mountains. Hunting, fishing, on shore front. Private park about 60 acres
pine forests, national parks,

swimming, canoeing, tennis. Saddle horses. and bathing beach. Modern plumbing. Gas, seas, lakes, waterfalls, roads

Tramps to surrounding mountain peaks, Lake hot water furnace, electricity. 5 open fire-
into the heart of it all! And

George and Lake Champlain. Dancing. Ex- places. Address Box 1,234, New Haven, Conn.
Alaska, the wonderland at

cellent meals. Spring water. Cabins and
our door! This book.beauti.

tents $14 and $16. Private parties entirely TOURIST BOOK fully illustrated, tells you.

. Neandem podtagbar Pilates

ear NEW LONDONFurnished FRE E State, Dept. 0. Olympia, Wash, ROBINSON, 101 W. 85th St., New York City.

ure Beach, Waterford, Conn. Located

on high elevation, with large porch overlookADIRONDACKS

ing Long Island Sound. All modern improvethrough

At MANOMET, PLYMOUTH, MASS. to F. W. Backes, ,

Furnished cottage to let or for sale. Broad piducted by well-known artist and his wife. ResKeene Valley, N. Y. Șituated in spruces

azzas, electric lights, hot and cold water, conervations made now. Start June 15, For partic- and pines. Wonderful location. Beautiful illus


veniences, open fireplaces. Terms moderate. ulars address 8,325, Outlook. Refs. exchanged. trated booklet. $12 and up. M. E. LUCK, Prop.

Wm.H. Hawley,Room 16, State House, Boston, 189 acres of land at $6 an acre HOW would you like to live for 2 or 3 weeks or Hotels and Resorts

NEW HAMPSHIRE months, in cottage or hotel, on a strip of land

Buildings $1,000 less than value; 80 acres

cultivating, spring watered pasture. 8-room

Where there are congenial neighbors and all borgs high elevation, 3 barns ; Chay, tarming Croydon, N. H. Farmhouse, furnished. Near

of the conveniences of home. Where the breeze tools and machinery included free. Price $4,000 feet. Running water in house. Rent $150. Robinhood

Write H. S. FERRY, Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Inn and Cottages seldom stops blowing where boating, bath

-$2,000 cash. J.J. Cassidy, Woodbury, Conn. ing and fishing are daily pastimes and where Bailey Island, Me. Will open June 15. the cost is reasonable. Do you know that Be

eautifully Finished Bungalow, Farmtageresith poren. 3 miles out Bathing, fishing, sailing. For circular, Miss Massey, 500 Woodland Ave., Philadelphia, Pa. POINT O’WOODS, L. I. in southern Berkshires, srooms 2 bathrooms Sell $1,000, easy terins. Rent, furnished, $50 for

6 months. Wu Wilcox, R.F.D. 4, Dover, N. H. Der THE FIRS Maine

only 50 miles from New York, is such a place ? ice and boat, $600 per season. 8,445, Outlook.
Direct inquiries to C. W.NASH, Sapt., Point O'Woods,L. I.

TO INTERVALE, N. H. Select but inexpensive Summer Home.


An attractive summer cottage, comBooklets. S. B. KNOWLTON, Haverford, Pa. NEW YORK CITY

manding a nuost beautiful view of the moun

tains. Cottage finely built, with broad piaz YORK CAMPS LOMNIAKE, HOTEL JUDSON 53 Washing - CAMDEN, ME. High class fully

zas, electric lights, sleeping-porch;


near shore, with an 80-mile view up and down garage and other modern conveniences. To In famous Rangeley region in heart of adjoining Judson Memorial Church. Rooms the coast, also smaller cottage directly on rent for July and

August. Price $350. For mountains facing lake. Private log cabins with and without bath. Rates $2.50 per day, shore. J. R. PRESCOTT, Newtonville, Mass.

further information apply to MISS MEANS, with open fires, bath and hot and cold water. including meals. Special rates for two weeks

576 Washington St., Dorchester, Mass. Central dining-room. Golf within easy reach ; or more. Location very central. Convenient garage. Boating, bathing, fishing, mountain

-on to all elevated and street car lines.

Kennebunkport, Me. For rent. S master bedclimbing. Farm one mile from camp furnishes

, WA Te Rurnished will congreso

ATERVILLE, N. H. For sale or fresh vegetables, eggs, poultry, certified milk.

HOTEL Booklet. J. LEWIS YORK, Prop.

living-room overlooking the sea, open fire- taining large living-room with open fireplace places, electricity, completely furnished. Dr. also smaller room with piano, eight bed G. F. BROOKS, 247 Central Park West, N. Y. rooms, one with fireplace; porches on three

sides commanding wide outlook of mountains

RENT For particulars address Mrs. C. R. Woods Montague, Hicks, and Remsen Street BUNGALOWS FOR

attractive lake in Kennebec County,

14 Cabot St., Winchester, Mass. Telephone 1296. RANGELEY LAKES, MAINE

completely furnished. Five rooms, bath and TRANSIENT AND RESIDENTIAL An ideal spot for camping, boating, fishing,

screened porch. Running hot and cold water Lake Winnipesaukee, Wolfeboro, N. H. and hunting,

. Each camp fully equipped, The science of conducting a hotel properly running water, open fireplaces, spring beds. is at its highest when it is least apparent. J. A. CHASE, Kents Hill, Me.

Attractive cottage, garage (four cars), boatFine tennis court. Address This is exemplified by the cultured,

house, one mile village, sandy beach, fur W. U. TOOTHAKER, Pleasant Island, Me.

livable atmosphere of the Hotel Bossert.


wo completely furnished bun- nished, 11 rooms, bath, laundry, electricity Send for illustrated booklet "B"

galows to rent for season, on shore of phone, linen, billiard table, piano, motor-boat MASSACHUSETTS

Moosehead Lake, near Kineo, Me. Communi

photos, opportunity. Rev. Dr. HIGGONS cate V.L.D., 201 East 230 St., New York City.

842 So. 57th St., Philadelphia, Pa. Also motor

boat, rent or sell, on Lake Sunapee. HAWTHORNE INN

Opens May 30 to Oct. 1
Om ocean front. $18 to $28 weekly. 31st Street & Fifth Avenue

IRENE.J. BOYD, Chatham, Mass.
New York

Cottage,garage, boat-house, especially capred If You Are Tired or Not Feeling Well Combines every convenience and home

girl's camp, sleeping accoinmations 35, 84comfort, and commends itself to people of

perb sandy beach

u cove, rowboats, shuffle you cannot find a more comfortable place in refinement wishing to live on American Plan On Rangeley Lake, Maine been retrier tennis, biliard table, electricity New England than

matic centers. THE WELDON HOTEL

blankets, silver. Retired. Near village ; motor Room and batła $3.50 per day with meals, or

Complete in every particular, for sale or boat optional. Owner, Rev. Dr. HIGGONS, $2.00 per day without meals.

rent. Four masters' bedrooms, three baths; 842 South 57th Street, Philadelphia, Pa. GREENFIELD, MASS. Illustrated Booklet gladly sent upon near village; modern conveniences; private

Also motor-boat rent-sell, Lake Sunapee It affords all the comforts of home without request.

JOHN P. TOLSON. dock; icehouse filled; near first-class public extravagance.

camp where meals may be had if necessary.


Apply owner, Mrs. A. LUDEKE, 919 Castle MARBLEHEAD, MASS.

HESTER, VT. “The Maples." Delight

Pt. Terrace, Hoboken, N. J.

M rent. Ideal home for large family, or ful summer home. Cheerful, large, airy

mountain slope, south side. 13 large, sunny rooms, pure water, bath, hot and cold; broad

rooms, lot 160 x 160; fruit and shade trees, piazza, croquet, fine roads. Terms reasonable.

flower and vegetable gardens, garage. Near A quiet, cozy little house bythe sea. Opens Juno Refs. exchanged. The MISSES SARGEANT. Seashore Cottage Rent for season schools, churches, library, trolley. Address -8, 1918. Private baths. Descriptive booklet.

fully furnished; hot and cold water. S. W.

R. B. DRAPER, Montclair, N. J.
LITTELL, 138 S. Main St., Rockland, Maine.

NEW YORK CITY MAPLESHADE FARM CAMP Real farm in the Green Mountains. Beau

tiful scenery : good roads; comfortable accom(Co-operative

YORK CLIFFS, MAINE Exceptional Opportunity for Some New modations. $10 to $12. Box 115, Pittsford, Vt. Box 102, Townsend Harbor, Mass.

Beautiful cottages. Completely fur England Family Desiring Change of Scene

nished. Private grounds; golf and tennis. NEW HAMPSHIRE

Health Resorts Information given. YORK CLIFFS CO., The advertiser, occupying splendid twelve
Room 723, 80 Boylston St., Boston, Mass. room apartment on Riverside Drive, N. Y.,

would consider exchanging use of same for MASSACHUSETTS

summer season with owners of a New Eng. Box D, Media, Pa. For treatment

land house by seashore or in mountains. Re Jefferson, New Hampshire of disease by Osteopathy and allied physi

fined surroundings, pleasant outlook, shade ological methods, including Fruit, Milk,

FOR RENT House is beautifully situated, with fine

trees, boating and bathing if possible desired lawn, shade trees and broad piazzas. Newly and other Scientific Diets; Hydrother

Advantage and charms of this New York

'Mid the Berkshires furnished throughout. Fine walks and drives.

residence could not be exaggerated. apy; Massage; Corrective Exercise ; Vear golf club. Until June 1st address Sun, Light, and Air baths, etc. Ideal for Bungalows, cottages, estates in Great

BAYARD HALE, 362 Riverside Drive, New York Ma. Reynolds, sunset Lodge, Lakewood, N.J.

rest and recreation. Booklet on request. Barrington, Stockbridge and Lenox, fully
furnished for the summer. The Berk-


shires, the most healthful spot on earth.
Dr. Reeves' Sanitarium

D. B. CORNELL COMPANY To Rent-Adirondack Cottage
A Private Home for chronic, nervous, and

Great Barrington, Mass.

Beautiful and new, all modern, hot and cold THE CRATER CLUB mental patients. Also elderly people requiring

water, 12 rooms, baths, six bedrooms, large of the Burnham Cottage Settlement, Essexcare. Harriet E. Reeves, M.D., Melrose, Mass.

porches, ice, wood and garden, furnished on-Lake Champlain, offers to families of re

Only a two-hour auto drive

from Plattsbury finement at very moderate rates the attrac

camps. Full season $300. For shorter time

T Prides Crossing, Beverly, Mass., inquire of W. H. OTIS, Keene Valley, N. Y. tions of a beautiful lake shore in a locality

LINDEN|The Ideal Place for Sick with a remarkable record for healthfulness.

People to Get Well

there is for sale a summer place The club affords an excellent plain table and Doylestown, Pa. An institution devoted to

of 742 acres wooded land, cottage House to Rent, Furnished accommodation. The boating is safe, there are the personal study and specialized treat- of 19 rooms, hardwood floors, 8 open fireplaces, attractive walks and drives, and the points of ment of the invalid. Massage, Electricity, etc., in excellent repair, stable garage with

Catskill Forest Preserve interest in the Adirondacks are easily access- Hydrotherapy. Apply for circular to living quarters, bath house on shore. Section

Halls Mill, Sullivan County, N, Y, ible. Ref. required. For information relative ROBERT LIPPINCOTT WALTER, M.D. is one of the choicest on the famous North

Fifteen miles from Liberty, sixteen hundred to board and lodging address Miss MARGARET

(late of The Walter Sanitarium)
Shore of Massachusetts. Near-by estates

feet elevation, pine timber, finest trout fishing FULLER, Club Mgr., 115 E. 71st St., New York.

owned by men
of national reputation, running

and hunting: Seven rooms, garden, spring

water, small fruits. Mail delivered ;fine roads. Furnished cottages without housekeep

in value froin $75,000 to over $1,000,000. Owner ing cares. Circular and particulars on applica

cannot use and will sell, furnished if desired,

One hundred dollars per month. Apply to tion. John B. Burnham, 233 B'way, New York.

under conditions highly favorable to buyer.

Henry C. Couse, 2765 Boulevard, Jersey City, N.J. RIVATE COUPLE can accommo

Photographs and details of

date a few convalescents or persons re-
JOHN D. HARDY, 10 High Street, Boston.

Lake Champlain Scam pe in
quiring rest. A comfortable home in the pines

GESTIBULUM and near the sea. Address 8,423, Outlook.

the pines. Completely furnished, $200 to IN THE ADIRONDACKS

$275 for season. Sand beach for children.
Murr-me, Essex Co., N. Y.
Comfortable, homelike. Al
Real Estate

C. H. EASTON, 1 Broadway, New York. titude 1,800 ft. Extensive

by the ocean surf. Choice loca
verandas overlooking Keene

Moderate rents season.
Valley. Trout fishing. Camp-
ing. Golf_links, nine well-kept greens. Mile
course. Tennis and croquet. Fresh vegeta-

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The Leslie

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Country Board

CAPE Ballston Beach Bungalows

8. W. BALL, 198 Broadway, N.Y: Lake George the Beautiful


Cottage for rent to refined family. Modern, bles. Fine dairy. Furnished cottages, all im- Attractive Cottage for Rent

CAPE COD Ocean Front up-to-date 9-room house, partly furnished, on provements. Terms $17 to $30 per week. Spe Living-room, dining-room, kitchen, five

bedcial rates for season. Address K. BELKNAP,

high elevation overlooking ten-mile view of Housekeeping bungalows. 5 and 6 rooms and lake and mountain from porch and grounds. rooms and bath. Terms moderate. Mrs. Chas. bathroom: fireplace. Grand view. $130 and Manager, Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y.

An ideal spot for those desiring rest and quietF. Stearns, 168 Bowen St., Providence, R. I. $150 season. L. S. RICH, Truro, Mass, ness. For terms apply to 8,379, Outlook!


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Drawn by one horse and operated Floats over the uneven ground as a by one man, the TRIPLEX ship rides the waves. One mower MOWER will mow more lawn may be climbing a knoll, the second in a day than the best motor skimming a level and the third paring mower ever made, cut it better and

and a hollow. at a fraction of the cost.

Does not smash the grass to earth Drawn by one horse and operated and plaster it in the mud in springby one man, it will mow more lawn time nor crush out its life between in a day than any three ordinary hot rollers and hard, hot ground horsedrawn mowers

with three in summer as does the motor horses and three men.

Your Wants


in every line of household, educational, business, or personal service domestic workers, teachers, nurses, business or professional assistants, etc., etc.-whether you require help or are seeking a situation, may be filled through a little announcement in the classified columns of The Outlook. If you have some article to sell or exchange, these columns may prove of real value to you as they have to many others. Send for descriptive circular and order blank AND FILL YOUR WANTS. Address

Department of Classified Advertising THE OUTLOOK, 381 Fourth Ave., N. Y,

Send for Catalogue illustrating all types of TOWNSEND MOWERS.

Virginia required. *3,541, Satlock.

Real Estate
Real Estate



Companions and Domestic helpers Comranions and Domestic Helpers NEW YORK


REFINED, conscientious young woman to EDUCATED woman desires summer posiassist in care of girl and boy, aged five months and two years, respectively. Experience not

tion Spanish famil, ject: learn Spanish. For Rent for Summer Months

required, but sympathetic understanding

5,854, Outlook. Located directly on Trout Lake, three miles Well wooded, fine bathing beach, good fish- necessary Protestant preferred. All yar Teachers and Covernesses from Bolton Landing, Lake George. Built by ing, charming views. Very accessible.

x home in Adirondacks. Box 7, Lake Placid mile to station on Rutland Railroad. Two Club, Essex Co., N. Y.

FRENCH-Swias present owner, who will rent for the entire

teacher, middle-aged, season at moderate rental. Completely cottages (one furnished). Boats, garden, fruit MATRONS, governesses, mothers' helpers,

Parisian accet, English, Spanish, music, furnished. Six rooms with ree and ice. All ready for camping. Price $10,000. eteria managers, dietitians. Miss Richards.

gymnastics, desires position (children not bedrooms and bath. Kitchen with REYNOLDS R E., Burlington, Vermont. 537 Howard Building, Providence. Boston.

under seven) for June. 5,794, Outlook. running water. Ice, wood, and

Fine lakeshore farms and cottage sites. 16 Jackson Hall, Trinity Court, Thursdays, FROFICIENT, experienced teacher of row boat included. For full particulars

11 to 1.

Spenish desires 'sumr r engagement. 5,833, address 7,855, Outlook.

WANTED_Nurse or nursery governess of


excellent character and refinement for care TUTOR wishes position for next year. 5,834, Saltaire, ,

of little girl four years old. Best of references Outlook. L.I. 8 rooms, completely furnished, screened

COLLEGE graduate, experienced teacher porches, all improvements. Terms reasonable. Near Washington City. High altitude, perfect Teachers and Covernesses

of French, musical, desires position for sumWould exchange for country property. Adhealthfulness, charms of delightful society,

mer. References exchanged. 5,849, Outlook dress S., 17 Rutland Road, Brooklyn, N. Y. beautiful scenery. Grain, stock, dairy farms.

WANTED-Competent teachers for public
Colonial estates for sale. Full particulars
and private schools and colleges. Send for bul-

KINDERGARTNER desires summer posi-
cheerfully given. Tell us just what you wish.
letin. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N.Y.

tion, governess, companion. Good swimmer, furnished cottage, 10 large rooms

tennis player. References exchanged. 5,848, Call on or write L. M. Allison, Remington, Va.

CALIFORNIA needs teachers with gradu

Outlook. and bath, on beautiful island of 3 acres, 1%

Established in 1895.

ate study. Consult Boynton-Esterly Teachers' miles from Alexandria Bay. Season $350. Ad

Agency, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cal. YOUNG woman desires position for sumdress H. McAfee, 94 York Sq.. New Haven, Ct.

WANTED—Principal and assistant for in

mer in country home. Experienced kinderADDING MACHINE termediate department of private school for

gartner. Musician. Tutor English, French. girls in the Southwest. Eastern training and

References. 5,850, Outlook.

THE Ray Adding and Checking Machine successful experience required. Also resident WANTED-Summer position as counsel in

deserves its leadership, being America's stand- teacher of French and Spanish. Send full in- girls' camp, tutor, chaperon, or companion, $200 the season, ard popular priced adding machine. Built like formation to 5,830, Outlook.

by experienced high school teacher. RefModern farm-house, furnished. 9 a watch. Guaranteed three years. Portable, WANTED—French Protestant companion

erences exchanged. Frances L. Upham, 613 rooms, sleeping porch, three open fireplaces, adds with speed and accuracy. L'sed by U.S. and governess for two children aged eight

Shearer St., Waupaca, Wis. running water; garden, orchard. Elevation

Govt., B. &0. Ry., large and small business
everywhere. Price only $25. Send no money,

and eleven, in clergyman's family for the 1,500 feet. White Mountain views, excellent

'FRENCH teacher in Southern college would summer. 5,852, Outlook. but write to-day for 20-day free trial. The roads, supplies convenient, charming society.

accompany party to mountains or seashore Address J. C. BUCHER, Peekskill, N. Y. Ray Company, Room 2148, Candler Bldg.,

during suinmer months, exchanging lessons New York City.

for board and traveling expenses. 5,859,

Modern summer resi-

Professional Situations baths, hardwood floors, broad veranda, garage,

EXPERIENCED young college woman

MISCELLANEOUS boathouse and boats, icehouse full. Also cot tage, 3 rooms and bath. All completely fur- YOUNG'S Book Exchange, the mecca of

wishes position to teach Bible history, Eng-
lish, in girls' preparatory school near Phila-

PATRIOTISM by Lyman Abbott, also 4 nished and equipped. Ready for immediate literature pertaining to colored people, 135 W. occupancy. Excellent fishing: Ample grounds.

verses of America–The Pledge to the Flag135th St., New York. Send for catalogue. delphia. 5,853, Outlook.

2 verses of The Star-Spangled Banner, all in a Located between Burlington and St. Albans.

Business Situations

little leaflet. Further the canse of patriotism $1,200 for season. Would sell. Wm. R. Wheeler, Army and Navy Club, Washington, D. O. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES

by distributing in your letters, in pay envel

REFINED), experienced woman desires opes, in schools, churches, clubs, and social PRIVATE school. A small, well-established

position, May, as superintendent Christian gatherings. 200 sent prepaid for 30 cents.

institution. Highest references. 5.851, Outlook. Arthur M. Morse, Montclair, N. J. New Philadelphia.

SECRETARY-stenographer desires posifor three months, within easy reach

NURSE (graduate), kindergartner, care for of ment this year. Principal desires to retire.

tion in school, small hotel, or hospital. Social Plattsburg and Fort Ethan Allen, a large,

children in country home. References. 5,846, Correspondence confidential. T. H. G., P. O.

and business experience refined, educated. Outlook. attractive place with considerable library, Box 1,592, Philadelphia, Pa.

References. 5,855, Outlook. billiard room, terrace and gazebo with un

POSITION wanted as secretary or com

LOCUST Grove Farm offers simple country surpassed views ; garden with small pond-lily

panion. Will also drive car. References ex

life for three children. College senior governpool, evergreen arboretum ; swimming-pooi.

changed. 5,862, Outlook.

ess. References necessary. 5,857, Outlook. For further particulars address J.J. FLYNN

RESPONSIBLE widow seeks care of home & W. B. McKILLIP, Burlington, Vt. Companions and Domestic Helpers Companions and Domestic Helpers during owner's absence for privilege of occuWANTED-Dietitian to act also as business BARNARD senior desires summer position

pancy. 5,860, Outlook. , manager for women's dormitory in a State in private family ay companion to one or two

M. W. Wightman & Co. Shopping Agency, unique combination of comfortable summer university. 5,827, Outlook.

young girls. Experienced in outdoor sports. established 1895. Nocharge; prompt delivery. home, convenient to fine golf course, and first WANTED-Cook for family of six. Country

Willing to travel. References. 5,847, Outlook. 44 West 22d St., New York. class farm with 100 acres, farm buildings, milk near New York. Good home, reasonable'wages. POSITION as companion. Accustomed to WANTED- Defective persons to board. route, etc. W. Edgerton, Manchester, Vt. Address Mrs. B. Dunlop, Spring Valley, N. Y. reading alond. 5,858, Outlook.

Address W., Pawling, N. Y.


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FOR RENT, FURNISHED sirl' boarding and day school. Convenient to

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