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Real Estate

NEW YORK ATTRACTIVE BUNGALOW For Rent for Summer Months Located directly on Trout Lake, three miles from Bolton Landing, Lake George. Built by present owner, who will rent for the entire season at moderate rental. Completely furnished. Six rooms with three bedrooms and bath. Kitchen with running water. Ice, wood, and rowboat included. For full particulars address 7,855, Outlook. For sale. Cottage, Saltaire, Fire Island Beach,

L.I. 8 rooms, completely furnished,screened porches, all improvements. Terms reasonable. Would exchange for country property. Address 8., 17 Rutland Road, Brooklyn, N. Y.

furnished, fourteen rooms and baths, modern improvements. Approximately ten acres ; fine old trees, orchards, seeded garden. On park-like estate, with stables and garage. 20 ininutes from New York and 5 minutes from railroad station. Executor, 8,507, Outlook.




SITUATIONS WANTED THE Ray Adding and Checking Machine Teachers and Covernesses Companions and Domestic Helpers deserves its leadership, being America's stand

TRAINED nurse, summer in girls' camp,

WANTED, by reliable, trained woman, ard popular priced adding machine. Built like with board and traveling expenses paid, for

position as attendant or companion for elderly a watch. Guaranteed three years. Portable, adds with speed and accuracy. Used by U.S. one half hour's duty daily. 5,871, Outlook.

person or invalid. Also the mentally deficient

Would travel. References. 5,887, Outlook. Govt., B. &0. Ry., large and small business

WANTED-Competent teachers for public everywhere. Price only $25. Send no money, and private schools and colleges. Send for but COMPANION or secretary, travel and man but write to day for 20-day free trial. The letin. Albany Teachers' Agency, Albany, N.Y.

age, English, several years' reference. Mine Ray Company, Room 2148, Candler Bldg., CALIFORNIA needs teachers with gradu.

Bray, 6 Vandeventer Place, St. Louis, Mo. New York City.

ate study. Consult Boynton-Esterly Teachers' Teachers and Covernesses Agency, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cal.


DIETITIAN, $85; housekeepers colleges, hospitals, $75, governesses, nurses; companion,

summer position. Tutoring, chaperoning,

5,869, Outlook.
FOR sale, in Washington, D.C. A well es-

$30 week. Hopkins' Educational Agency, 507
tablished private school. Splendid patronage,
Fifth Ave.

GRADUATE teacher, with experience, de

sires position in school for defectives. Excel good enrollment for next year. Washington's

lent reference, 5,867, Outlook. increased population increases school deinand

SITUATIONS WANTED proportionately. Address Madam Suzamme,

PROFICIENT, experienced teacher of P. 0. Box No. 1,281.

music and expression, with special knowledge Business Situations

of gymnastics and games, desires positiou EDUCATED, athletic young woman with influence to secure 10-20 children 6-12 years

BY woman of culture with literary qualifi- Sept., 1918. Highest references. 5,873, Outloos. old for new beautifully located camp on Lake

cations, position as librarian in small town or TEACHER, refined, well educated, desires Champlain. Excellent salary. B., 250 College

village. Best references. Card index method summer engagement. Athletic. Can tutor

in library work. 5,880, Outlook. St., Burlington, Vt.

and supervise children's play. Clerical post WANTED-Executive position in agricul tion considered. 5,879, Outlook.

tural work by woman widely experienced in EXPERIENCED teacher of backward chil HELP WANTED

general farming, gardening, greenhouse work, dren will take limited number of girls in ber and teaching. 5,878, Outlook.

home. New York City and country. Entire Companions and Domestic Helpers Companions and Domestic Helpers

and instruction. References. 5,882,

WANTED—Young woman of refinement as
mother's assistant. Experience not necessary.

BARNARD senior desires summer position PROFICIENT, experienced teacher of
Box 15, South Windsor, Conn.
in private family as companion to one or two Spanish desires suminer engagement. 48,

WANTED-Useful maid, French preferred,

young girls. Experienced in outdoor sports.

Willing to travel. References. 5,847, Outlook. to take oversight of two little girls, nine and

TUTOR wishes position for next year. 5,834, WANTED)--Position by college girl during Outlook. five, and to do small repair work in sewing. Must be willing to travel some. If able to give summer. 5,863, Outlook.

COLLEGE graduate, high school teacher, some instruction in vacation time, it would

COLLEGE girl desires position for sum- desires position as teacher-companion in pri be well. Address in own handwriting, Dr. mer. 5,872, Outlook.

vate fainily for summer. References. 5,883, Huntington, 216 Central St., Springfield, Mass. WOMAN of refinement and education with Outlook.

MATRONS, governesses, mothers' helpers, daughter thirteen desires position as house- FRENCH lady of education and refinement
cafeteria managers, dietitians. Miss Richards, keeper; experienced in own home with three who has taught in leading schools for many
537 Howard Building, Providence. Boston, to five servants. Also prepared for secretarial years desires for suinmer position with refined
16 Jackson Hall, Trinity Court, Thursdays,
work. 5,874, Outlook.

family (110 children) to teach and practice 11 to 1.

WANTED-Changeof work. Graduatemurse French in return for home and expenses. No WANTED-Nurse or nursery governess of of experience desires position as cornpanion ;

salary. Can act as chaperon. Willing to travel. excellent character and refinement for care

care of chronic invalid or elderly lady. Prac 5.825, Outlook.
of little girl four years old. Best of references

tical, generally useful. 5,865, Outlook.
required. 5,844, Outlook.
WANTED, by educated and refined couple,

WANTED-Experienced baby murse for care of an estate, or as secretary, etc., and
care of nineteen months old child. References housekeeper. Highest credentials. 5,868, PATRIOTISM by Lyman Abbott, also 4
required. Attractive salary. Reply 5,884,

verses of America-The Pledge to the FlagOutlook.

COMPANION-Young lady who speaks 2 verses of The Star-Spangled Bamer, all in a

French perfectly, to family or lady who care little leaflet. Further the cause of patriotism Teachers and Covernesses

for art, music, traveling. Willing to stay in by distributing in your letters, in Jay enreb WANTED--Principal and assistant for in- country or go South. 5,88.3, Outlook.

opes, in schools, churches, clubs, and somial terinediate department of private school for WANTED-Position for September as gatherings. 20 sent prepaid for 30 cuts. girls in the Southwest. Eastern training and house-mother, chaperon, hostess in girls'

Arthur M. Morse, Montclair, N. J. guccessful experience required. Also resident school, competent, with 3 years in last posi- MOTHERLESS or delicate child, infant. teacher of French and Spanish. Send full in- tion. References. 5,889, Outlook.

will receive best of care in trainel nurse's formation to 5,830, Outlook.

GENTLEWOMAN, versatile writing, type

hoine for summer months or longer. Moderate FRENCH nursery governess for two young writing, remodeling dresses. Domestic inter- terms, references. 5,886, Outlook. children in suburb of New York. Pleasant est. Home, friendliness, chief consideration. WANTED—Defective persons to board. home and good salary assured. 5,875, Outlook. Upright, 5,890, Outlook.

Address W., Pawling, N. Y.


Richfield Springs, N.Y.

Large, comfortable furnished house, 20 rooms, wide verandas; eight acres orchard, garden planted ; large covered veranda off second floor; all modern conveniences; complete carriage house; gardener's cottage; icehouse filled with ice; residence adjoins golf links and commands beautiful view ; fine drives in surrounding country; about a mile from lake. Apply to Judson F. Stone, Agt., Chicago Stock Exchange Building, Chicago, Ill.

Manchester, Yt. For sale or rent (furnished),

unique combination of comfortable summer home, convenient to fine golf course, and first class farm with 100 acres, farm buildings, milk route, etc. W. B. Edgerton, Manchester, Vt.


MANUSCRIPTS YOUNG'S Book Exchange, the mecca of literature pertaining to colored people, 135 W. 135th St., New York. Send for catalogue.

MR. ELLIS'S GAS MASK: Designed to Fit Any American Mind

There is something more dangerous than the poison gas which the Germans direct against the lungs of the Allied soldiers at the front. It is the poison gas which the Germans are directing against the minds of all the people of the world

To provide against the poison gas at the front there is in of an organization for distribution that is quite beyond use what everybody knows as a “gas mask.”

any resources we have or any ordinary private corporation Against the other and more dangerous kind of poison has at its disposal. gas there is also need of protection.

But the suggestions come in to us with almost every mail That is why we call the article by William T. Ellis in that this article ought to be distributed to our soldiers. The Outlook for April 24 “Mr. Ellis's Gas Mask.” It is A reader, for instance, writes concerning this article, a mental mask.

** Gassing” the World's Mind' strikes me as noteworthy, Some of our readers have been so impressed by it that both for fathers and sons to read. I wish I might have it in they have asked us whether it cannot be widely distributed. pamphlet form for wide circulation." Another reader writes: A distinguished American musician, whose public spirit is “So noble and uplifting and altogether helpful is this letter as well known as his artistic attainments, writes in a per- that I, in company with many others who have been prosonal letter to us :

foundly stirred by this article, have been moved to ask you My wife and I are both more than enthusiastic about the letter in

to have this brought to the proper authorities-- who are in your last issue written by Mr. William T. Ellis entitled “* • Gassing'

Washington, I suppose--to see that this letter in some way the World's Mind.” We think it is by far the best thing that has

be sent to our men at the front.” Still another reader writes: been said, and so helpful to any young man that we hope you may be able to finance the reprinting of copies sufficient to send to each

I have just been realing ** Gassing' the World's Mind" in The and every one of the soldiers now in France and in training in this

Outlook for April 24. It ought to be in the hands of every one of our country. We sent the article on at once to our son, who is a fresh

boys in the trenches. Can it not be printed as a pamphlet for distribution among onr boys here and over there. The tone is so manly,

so sensible, so characteristic of the best in America, it is so free We wish we could finance such an undertaking. It would

from cant or slush, that it cannot fail to appeal to American men. take a good many thousands of dollars and the building up

I would have it printed myself if I could afford it.
In response to these appeals, we have had Mr. Ellis's article reprinted, and are ready to supply it as follows :

man at

GASSING' THE WORLD'S MIND”: What a Father Told His Son


Per copy (postage paid)..

Per 100 copies (delivered to one address)

3.00 Per 1,000 copies (


20.00 Per 5,000 copies (


75.00 Those who wish this pamphlet mailed in quantity to separate addresses will please communicate with us and we will gladly give further particulars

THE OUTLOOK, 381 Fourth Avenue, New York City



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Cloth or Rubber

Stops Leaks


Attaches Papers
Forms Binders

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ERE is a rubber-coated Think how many services

adhesive tape, which that tape could render, almost costs but little and is found

every day.
in every drug store.

In simply patching lawn
It is strong, enduring, al-

hose it may save a hundred

times its cost.
most waterproof. It sticks
to anything that's dry, and When you try it once-on
stays stuck. It is instantly anything you will never be
attached without wetting.

without it.

One should never go any-
It is the same adhesive

where without having a spool
plaster that surgeons use.

But it also has a thousand B & B Adhesive Plaster
household uses. And these

Tape is particularly adapted
pictures suggest some. to these multiple uses. It is

Think of a strong, rubber- ever-ready, strong, enduring. coated adhesive tape. One

And it has a perfect rubber
side sticks to anything, and

clings like glue. The other It sticks when you apply
side is fabric.

it. And it stays.
Our Adhesive Book-which we send free-pictures many
uses and gives many good suggestions. Write a postal for it.

On Hands or Feet

Or Inner Tubes

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For mending use,
or any use, be sure
you get the B & B
Adhesive. It is

made for all-round


It comes in various


5 lengths and widths.


For economy we


recommend the
five-yard spools, or

Prepared by

Bauer & Black
Your druggist will An

Chicago U.S.A.
supply it.



Double - Sure Products
B&B Absorbent Cotton
B&B Bandages and Gauze
B&B Fumigators
B&B First Aid Outfits

All made under ideal
conditions. All put up in
protective packages. For
safety's sake, in all these
lines, ask for B&B.

Attach to the
Under Side

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Bauer & Black
Makers of Surgical Dressings, etc.

Chicago and New York

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It was once thought that brushing was the chief point in teeth-cleaning, and that any dentifrice would do.

But millions know that brushed teeth still discolor and decay. And statistics show that tooth troubles have constantly increased.

Now dentists know that nearly all those troubles are due to a film on teeth. They call it bacterial plaque.

It gets into crevices, hardens and stays and resists the tooth brush. It is that film-not food debris— that does the major damage. And ordinary brushing leaves most of it intact.

That film absorbs stains, so the teeth discolor. It hardens into tartar. It holds food which ferments and forms acid. It holds the acid in contact with the teeth to cause decay.

Millions of germs breed in it. They, with tartar, are the chief cause of pyorrhea.

On nearly all teeth film forms and clings, despite the daily brushing. Careful people visit their dentists to have it removed at times.

Now a way has been found to constantly combat itan easy, pleasant way. Anyone can prove this by a test.

The way is called Pepsodent. It has proved itself to countless dentists by four years of clinical tests. Now we ask you to prove it, in your own home, by watching results for a week.

It is bound to displace the old methods of teeth cleaning with people who see its effects.

Pepsodent is so efficient that it quickly proves itself. So we simply supply a One-Week tube and let you judge it for yourself.

Pepsodent is based on pepsin, the digestant of albumin. The film is albuminous matter. The object is to dissolve the film, then to constantly prevent its formation.

Pepsin alone won't do. It must be activated, else it is inert. The usual activator is an acid, harmful to the teeth. So pepsin long seemed impracticable.

Now science has found a harmless activating method. Five governments have already granted patents. That method, now employed in Pepsodent, has made a pepsin dentifrice possible for continued use.

Before we offered it to users, able authorities tested and approved it. Results were watched in thousands of cases. Dentists have been using it for years. The time has now come, we believe, when every one should know it.

Send the coupon for a One-Week tube. Use it like any tooth paste, and watch the results. Note how clean the teeth feel after using. Mark the absence of the film. Note how the teeth whiten as the fixed film disappears.

Learn what clean teeth really mean. See how easily you can have them. You will never go a day without Pepsodent after that test, we believe. Cut out the coupon now.

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The Outlook

Copyright, 1918, by The Outlook Compar TABLE OF CONTENTS Vol. 119

May 15, 1918 No. 3


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Humor Romance Adventure Conquest

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An Announcement...

91 Airplanes and Guns-Where Are They? 91 Steering Austria Among the Rocks... 91 Our Friends from Austria-Hungary.... Is There a New German Peace Offensive ? 92 German Aggression in the Ukraine..... 92 The American Army and Navy.... 92 A Larger Army...


Antheir c



The Health Machine

5 to 10 Minutes a Day
Practice on my health machine will
put you in perfect physical condition
and add to your height-endorsed
by athletes and physicians. Can
be put in your bathroom, bed-
room or any other handy place.
My Illustrated Booklet, “Short,
Cut to Health," sent free to
any address.
Dealers write for my prop-
502 Seaboard Bank Bldg.


93 Holding Back the Huns .

The Third Liberty Loan a Brilliant Success 93
Training Camps for Nurses.

Training for Women War Workers.. 94
Go Without Wheat Entirely If You Can 94
Cartoons of the Week..

The Erie Canal....

96 The Importance of Play...

96 Less Loafing....

97 Hoboes and the Idle Rich

97 The Piggery Plan...

97 The Minor Minerals..

98 The Road of Silence..

The Magnitude of the Meat Industry.... 98
" To Love is to Hate".

By Lyman Abbott
Meditation at Dusk.

Training for Boys Under Military Age.. 100
How They Went Away..

Special Correspondence by William E. Brooks
The Beast's Head...

Special Correspondence from France
The Tragedy of Finland...

By Herman Montagu Donner
Heart's Allegiance..

By Gino C. Speranza, Special Correspondent

of The Outlook in Italy
Training Young America..

By Charles Keen Taylor
Current Events lliustrated..

The Shadow of Silence (Poem).

By Harold T. Pulsifer
Knoll Papers : Hampton Revisited..... 114

By Lyman Abbott
Weekly Outline Study of Current History 116

By J. Madison Gathany, A.M.
Factory Sanitation..

Job in Drama Form..

Patriotic Indians....

By Keene Abbott
The New Books...

By the Way...

War Don'ts...

By Jane Dransfield, of the Vigilantes
Curfew. Rings in England.

The Off-the-Street Club..

By Ragna B. Eskil

The editor of Life has
written the story of the ani
future mechanical and
spiritual triumph of man
in a novel more amazing sapi
than “ Amos Judd and
The Pines of Lory.

Sent on

Net $1.50.



Fully Guaranteed





Atlantic City, N. J.
The South Jersey Coast is
delightful at this season. Chal-
fonte appeals to cultivated, interest-
ing peo, le seeking rest and recreation.
Modern, 10-story, fireproof. Right on the
beach and boardwalk. All sports and
pastimes. Golf and yacht club privileges.
American Plan

Always Open

become a Certified Public or Cost Accountant ; go into busi
ness for yourself ; demand for expert accountants exceeds
the supply: our graduates earn over $5,000 yearly; bave
more business than they can handle ; learn at home in spare
time by our new system. Write

for booklet and special offer.

We have no solicitors.
Universal Business Institute, 150 Pallman Building, New York

Important to

When you notify The Outlook
of a change in your address,
both the old and the new address
should be given. Kindly write. 2.
if possible, two weeks before
the change is to take effect.

BY SUBSCRIPTION $4.00 A YEAR. Single copies 10 cents.
For foreign subscription to countries in the Postal Union, $5.56.

Address all communications to


New York City

It is best to make reservation ahead for Chalfonte. Write for illustrated booklet and rates.

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