On Receivers in Equity and Under the New York Code of Procedure: With Precedents

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John S. Voorhies, 1857 - Počet stran: 761

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Strana 699 - No member of this state shall be disfranchised, or deprived of any of the rights or privileges secured to any citizen thereof, unless by the law of the land or the judgment of his peers.
Strana 105 - In testimony whereof, the said parties of the first part have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.
Strana 688 - Dues from corporations shall be secured by such individual liability of the corporators and other means as may be prescribed by law.
Strana 436 - ... accompanied by an immediate delivery, and followed by an actual and continued change of possession...
Strana 498 - He is not to be allowed for the costs of any suit brought by him against an insolvent from whom he is unable to collect his costs, unless such suit is brought by order of the court, or by the consent of all persons interested in the funds in his hands. But he may, by leave of the court, sell such desperate debts, and all other doubtful claims to personal property, at public auction, giving at least ten days' public notice of the time and place of such sale.
Strana 468 - ... or assigned, shall be presumed to be fraudulent and void as against the creditors of the vendor or the creditors of the person making such assignment or subsequent purchasers in good faith; and shall be conclusive evidence of fraud unless it shall be..
Strana 166 - Compelling them to pay to the corporation, which they represent, or to its creditors, any money, and the value of any property, which they have acquired to themselves, or transferred to others, or lost, or wasted, by a violation of their duties.
Strana 176 - Every executor and administrator must proceed with diligence to pay the debts of the deceased according to the following order: 1. Debts entitled to a preference under the laws of the United States.
Strana 692 - stockholder," as used in this shall apply not only to such persons as appear by the books of the *» corporation or association to be such, but also to every equitable owner of stock, although the same may appear on such books in the name of another person...
Strana 389 - Whether the conveyance assailed was made with intent to hinder, delay and defraud the creditors of the...

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