Merrick's Psalter. A Selection of the Psalms of David from the Version of the Late Rev. James Merrick ... To which is Appended a Collection of Hymns, Adapted to the Principal Festivals of the Established Church, Etc

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J. Raw, 1815 - Počet stran: 12

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Strana 8 - HARK ! the voice of love and mercy Sounds aloud from Calvary; See, it rends the rocks asunder, Shakes the earth and veils the sky. "It is finished!
Strana 3 - HARK, the herald angels sing, Glory to the new-born King, Peace on earth, and mercy mild, GOD and sinners reconciled. Joyful, all ye nations, rise, Join the triumph of the skies, With th' angelic host proclaim, CHRIST is born in Bethlehem.
Strana 15 - He loves the earth He leaves; Though returning to His throne, Still He calls mankind His own.
Strana 52 - Th' eternal joys the gospel shows, All from thy boundless goodness rise. 2 Here commerce spreads the wealthy store, Which pours from every foreign shore ; Science and art their charms display ; Religion teaches us to raise Our voices to our Maker's praise, As truth and conscience point the way.
Strana 12 - Here's love and grief beyond degree, The Lord of glory dies for men ! But lo ! what sudden joys we see ! Jesus the dead revives again ! 4 The rising God forsakes the tomb ! Up to his Father's court he flies ; Cherubic legions guard him home, And shout him welcome to the skies.
Strana 51 - Almighty breath Can sink the world, or bid it rise ; Thy smile is life, thy frown is death. 2 When angry nations rush to arms, And rage, and noise, and tumult reign, And war resounds its dire alarms, And slaughter dyes the hostile plain ; 3 Thy sovereign eye looks calmly down, And marks their course, and bounds their power ; Thy law the angry nations own, And noise and war are heard no more.
Strana 33 - Tis done ! the precious ransom's paid ; " Receive my soul !" he cries ; See where he bows his sacred head! He bows his head and dies ! 4 But soon, he'll break death's envious chain, And in full glory shine ; O Lamb of God! was ever pain, Was ever love like thine ! HYMN 64.
Strana 30 - If from guilt and sin set free By the knowledge of thy grace, Welcome, then, the call will be To depart and see thy face : To thy saints while here below, With new years, new mercies come ; But the happiest year they know, Is the last which leads them home.

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