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[SOTL-General Orders, No. 75, is the last of the series, War Department, for 1903.]


No. 1.

Washington, January 2, 1904. The accompanying Regulations and Program of Instruction for the Government of the General Service and Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kans., to take effect January 15, 1904, are pablished for the information and guidance of all concerned, and will take the place of those published in General Orders, No. 90, Headquarters of the Army, Adjutant General's Office, Washington, June 22, 1903. BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAR:


Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff. Official: W.P. HALL,

Acting Adjutant General. .

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1. The College is officially designated the General Service and Staff College.

2. The Commandant shall be an officer especially selected for that duty and detailed pursuant to orders from the War Department.

3. The Staff of the College shall consist of the Assistant Commandant and the Instructors in charge of departments. A majority thereof shall constitute a quorum for business. All deliberations, discussions, and individual votes of the Staff are to be regarded as confidential.

4. There shall be a Secretary of the College, appointed by the Commandant.

5. The Instructors shall be assisted by such number of Assistant Instructors, designated by the Commandant, as may be required.

6. When practicable, the Instructors and Assistant Instructors shall be senior in rank to the officers of the student class; but when officers assigned as Instructors or Assistant Instructors are junior in rank to officers of the student class, they shall, in the execution of such duty, be respected accordingly.

7. The Instructors and Assistant Instructors shall be exempt from all duties which would interfere with the performance of duty as instructors or assistant instructors.

8. The officers designated as members of the student class shall be detailed in orders from the War Department. As soon as a list of the officers so selected has been furnished to the Commandant of the College, he shall cause the program of instruction and the list of authorized text-books to be sent to them.

9. The officers and the enlisted force and equipment of the several organizations on duty at the post shall be available for the practical instruction of officers of the student class in field operations and drill regulations, at such times as may be deemed necessary by the Commandant.

10. In all matters of post administration affecting the interests of the College, or of the officers on duty therewith, the commanding officer of the post of Fort Leavenworth, Kans. , will confer with the Commandant.


11. The College shall be governed by the rules of discipline prescribed for military posts and by the regulations of the College. Matters pertaining to the College and the course of instruction shall be exclusively subject to the control of the War Department.


12. The Commandant shall from time to time apply to the War Department for the detail of officers for duty at the College, and from them he shall assign the Assistant Commandant, the Instructors, the Assistant Instructors, and the Secretary.

13. The Commandant shall make application to the War Department for such articles of engineer, ordnance, and signal property as may be necessary.

14. The Commandant shall make annual report to the Chief of Staff of the Army of the progress and wants of the College after each yearly examination.

15. The post commander will order the expenditure of such quantity of ammunition for field guns, machine guns, and small arms as may be deemed necessary by the Commandant for proper instruction.


16. The Assistant Commandant shall preside at the meetings of the Staff in the absence of the Commandant.

17. The Assistant Commandant shall inspect the methods of instruction in the several departments and shall frequently

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