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must be a citizen of the United States, unmarried, not less than twenty-one nor more than twenty-seven years of age, of exemplary habits and good moral character, and must be able to pass the examination required by existing regulations of candidates for appointment from civil life to the grade of second lieutenant in the Regular Army.

In each of the six institutions designated, the president and the professor of military science and tactics, acting jointly, will select two honor graduates, one as principal and one as alternate. In case the president and the professor of military science and tactics can not agree in the selection, they will forward separate reports for the consideration and decision of the Chief of Staff. In case of the failure of the principal, the alternate shall, if he successfully pass the examination, be given the appointment.

No school or college shall be considered among the six institutions selected unless the reports of the inspector and the professor of military science and tactics show that the military department has received cordial support from the authorities of the institution and that the military instruction has been carried out faithfully and efficiently.

XII. The following are the laws providing for the detail of retired officers at colleges, universities, etc.:

Section 1260, Revised Statutes.

Any retired officer may, on his own application, be detailed to serve as professor in any college. (But while so serving, such officer shall be allowed no additional compensation.)

Extract from the act of Congress approved May 4, 1880. That upon the application of any college, university, or institution of learning incorporated under the laws of any State within the t'nited States, having capacity at the same time to educate not less than one hundred and fifty male students, the President may detail an officer of the Army on the retired list to act as president, superintendent, or professor thereof; and such officer may receive from the iustito. tion to which he may be detailed the difference between his retired and full pay, and shall not receive any additional pay or allowance from the United States.

Extract from the act of Congress approved August 6, 1894.

Provided, That nothing in the Act entitled "An Act to increase the number officers of the Army to be detailed to colleges," approved November third, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, shall be so construed as to prevent, limit, or restrict the detail of retired officers of the Army at institutions of learning under the provision of section twelve hundred and sixty, Revised Statutes, and the Act making appro priations for the support of the Army, and so forth, approved May fourth, eighter


bundred and eighty, nor to forbid the issue of ordnance and ordnance stores, as provided in the Act approved September twenty-sixth, eighteen hundred and eightyeight, amending section twelve Hundred and twenty-five, Revised Statutes, to the institations at which retired officers may be so detailed; and said Act of November third, eighteen hundred and ninety-three, and said Act of May fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty, shall not be construed to allow the full pay of their rank to retired officers detailed under said section twelve hundred and sixty, Revised Statutes, and mid Act of May fourth, eighteen hundred and eighty.

Extract from the act of Congress approved February 26, 1901.

That section twelve hundred and twenty-five of the Revised Statutes, concerning the detail of officers of the Army and Navy to educational institutions, be, and the same is hereby, amended so as to permit the President to detail under the provisions of that Act, and in addition to the detail of the officers of the Army and Navy now authorized to be detailed under the existing provisions of said Act, such retired officers of the Army and Nary of the United States as in his judgment may be reqnired for that purpose, to act as instructors in military drill and tactics in schools in the United States, where such instruction shall have been authorfred by the educational authorities thereof, and where the services of such instructors shall bave been applied for by said authorities

BEC. 2. That no detail shall be made under this Act to any school unless it shall pay the cost of commutation of quarters of the retired officers detailed thereto and the extra-duty pay to which the latter may be entitled by law to receive for the performance of special duty: Prorided, That no detail shall be made under the provisions of this Act unless the officers to be detailed are willing to accept such position without compensation from the Government other than their retired pay.

BEC. 3. That the Secretary of War is authorized to issue at his discretion, and Ender proper regulations to be prescribed by bim, out of ordnance and ordnance stores belonging to the Government, and which can be spared for that purpose, upon the approval of the governors of the respective States, such number of the same as may be required for military instruction and practice by such school, and the Secretary shall require a bond in each case, for double the value of the property, for the care and safe-keeping thereof and for the return of the same when required.

The details authorized by section 1260, Revised Statutes, as amended by the act approved May 4, 1880, and by the act approved February 26, 1901, will be in addition to the number allowed by section 1225, Revised Statutes, and the amendments thereof, and may be made to incorporated institutions of learning of the requisite grade in any State, without reference to population or to the number of officers already serving therein. BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAR:


Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff.

Acting Adjutant General.

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