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, April 27, 1904. I..To facilitate the transfer of property under the general provisions of paragraph 1604 of the Army Regulations, as emended by General Orders, No. 8, Headquarters of the Army, Adjutant General's Office, January 26, 1903, in the cases of members of the Hospital Corps en route to and from the Philippines, the medical officer to whom the men report and who should take up the quartermaster's, medical, and ordnance property in their possession and account for the same until the final disposition of the men is determined is announced to be

First-For men en route to the Philippines, the surgeon of Luneta Barracks, Manila.

Second-For men en route to the United States, the surgeon at Fort McDowell, California.

Orders for transfer of Hospital Corps men to and from the Philippines as above will in future be issued to accomplish the object herein directed.

II. So much of General Orders, No. 27, Headquarters of the Army, Adjutant General's Office, March 11, 1903, as assigns Fort Scammel, Maine, to the Artillery District of Portland is revoked and the post being ungarrisoned and without armament is placed under the supervision of the Engineer Department of the Army. BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAR:


Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff. OFFICIAL: W. P. HALL,

Acting Adjutant General.

MAY 11 Rec'd

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