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No. 74.

WASHINGTON, April 27, 1904. The school established at Fort Monroe, Virginia, by direction of the Secretary of War for an advanced class of qualified gunners baving proved its usefulness and having been offi. cially designated by paragraph II, General Orders, No. 60, War Department, December 10, 1903, as the School for Master Gunners, the following regulations governing it are published for the information and guidance of all concerned, and supersede and replace the provisions of paragraph II, General Orders, No. 41, Headquarters of the Army, Adjutant General's Office, May 5, 1902, as amended by General Orders, No. 57, Headquarters of the Army, Adjutant General's Office, June 13, 1902, and as further amended by General Orders, No. 51, Headquarters of the Army, Adjutant General's Office, April 3, 1903, viz:

SCHOOL FOR MASTER GUNNERS. By direction of the Secretary of War, the number of candidates for examination for admission to the School of Master Gunners, at Fort Monroe, Virginia, shall not exceed one firstclass gunner for each company in each artillery district.

Each candidate must apply in writing to his post com mander, for permission to take the examination, stating in said application his intention to reenlist in the coast artillery if accepted as a student at the School for Master Gunners, No soldier will be examined unless he is of good character, of at least two years' service by June 1 of the year of his examination, and approved by the post commander.

The examination will be held in writing in June of each year at the various posts under the direction of the post commanders, and will include penmanship, spelling, and arithme. tic. Lists of suitable questions will be mailed direct to the post commanders by the commandant of the Artillery School.

Post commanders will send the commandant of the Artillery School, through their respective artillery district commanders, the papers of those men who have passed the examination, with a report recommending by name those who are in their opinion best fitted by character and natural aptitude for admission to the School for Master Gunners.

The commandant of the Artillery School will select from those whose examination papers and recommendations indicate the greatest fitness the men who shall constitute the student class for the year, limiting the membership thereof


to the number which can be properly accommodated at the school. He will submit his recommendations to the War De. partment in time to permit a class to be ordered to report to the school not later than September 25 of each year.

The school term will begin on October 1 of each year and end the following June 18, and no candidate will be ordered to join the class after the beginning of the school term. The course of instruction will be for thirty-six weeks and will be divided into two parts, one concerned with the theory and practice necessary to the understanding and use of artillery methods and instruments, the other providing for the manual training needed to give the skill required in the preparation of charts for service as outlined in the following: PROGRAM OF INSTRUCTION-SCHOOL FOR MASTER GUNNERS.

I.- Program of the Course in Mathematics and Artillery.

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7 Oct. 1 Nov. 4 To include equations of Jan. 2 Jan. 15 the first degree con

taining two unknown quantities, use of log. arithmic tables. Twelve chapters, Went

worth's Algebra. 7 Nov. 5 Dec. 23 Triangles, polygons,

and circles. Four books, Went

worth's Geometry. 4 Jan. 16 Feb. 12 Plane, right.and oblique

triangles. Wentworth's Trigo.

nometry. 2 Feb. 13 Feb. 26 Practical use of tables

and scales, including discussion of con

struction 5 Feb. 27 Apr. 2 Measurement of base


Seacoast engi

lines, triangulation, leveling, determina tion of meridian, including practical

work in all 11 | Apr. 3 June 18 Elements of trajectory:

effects of changes in conditions of loading and firing. Practical use of instruments of observation and rec ord plotting boards. etc., including setting up, maintaining, ad justment, and minor repairs.


6 Artillery meth

ods and in

[blocks in formation]

1 Preliminary in 24 weeks Right lines, cir: T squ a res,

struction in from Oct. cles, scales and straight edges mechanical 1 to Mar. azimuth arcs, and triangles; drawing, let' 26.

irregular scales, diagonal tering, and

curves, letter- scales, protractcolor washes.

ing (block and ors, and verniers; free hand), dividers and color washes, proportional ditopographical / viders: compassigns and ses and beam maps, tracings compasses; on linen, artil. right line pens lery charts. and compass

pens; drawing pencils and inks: drawing and let. tering pens; water colors and colored crayons; drawing boards

drawing paper. 2 : Photoprinting.. 6 tours* Blue printing on paper and cloth;

from Feb. brown printing on paper and cloth, 20 until including method for obtaining complet. 1 positive prints.

ed. 3 Practical appli- 12 weeks Preparation of charts for service.

cation of pre- from Mar.
ceding 'sub- 27 to June


*By detail of not more than four members, each student to have three tours at blue printing and three at brown printing.

The course will conclude with an examination so conducted as to determine proficiency in all the subjects in Part I. An exhibit of the results accomplished in Part II by each student will be the evidence of the proficiency attained therein.

Those who pass the examination at the end of the course shall receive certificates as master gunner, shall wear the master gunners' chevron, shall not be required to perform gaard or fatigue duty except in cases of emergency, and shall be entitled to one month’s furlough before being required to join their companies.

Those who fail to pass the examination will be required to rejoin their companies immediately.

Failure to study or any misbehavior may be made the subject of special recommendation by the commandant of the Artillery School with a view to the dismissal of the offender from the school. BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAR:


Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff. OFFICIAL: W. P. HALL,

Acting Adjutant General.




No. 75.

WASHINGTON, April 28, 1904.
Major General Fred C. Ainsworth, United States Army, is
hereby announced as The Military Secretary.


Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff.

Acting Adjutant General.

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