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The lengths are the same as heretofore, viz: Sizes 5 to 12 inclusive.

After it shall have been determined how many of each of the various new sizes as specified will be needed by the respective commands, consolidated lists giving the number of each article required of each particular size or width will be prepared and forwarded to the Quartermaster General of the Army direct with a certificate as to the correctness of the same.

In addition to the consolidated reports herein called for at this time similar action will be taken and reports made on July 1, 1905. and July 1, 1906. BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF WAR:


Lieutenant General, Chief of Staff. OFFICIAL: F. C. AINSWORTH,

The Military Secretary.

NOTE--General Orders, Nos. 99, 100, and 101 are not issued to the Militia.




No. 103.

WASHINGTON, June 15, 1904. By direction of the Secretary of War the accompanying tables of the price of clothing (both old and new pattern) and equipage and of tableware and kitchen utensils for the Army of the United States, with the money allowance for clothing of the enlisted men for each year and month; the price of clothing and special clothing money allowance for troops stationed in Alaska; the money allowance of clothing of Philippine scouts; also of the allowance of equipage and of tableware and kitchen utensils, is published for the information and guidance of all concerned, to take effect July 1, 1904, and to remain in force until further orders.

Clothing and equipage purchased in Manila for service in the Philippine Islands will be charged at invoice or cost prices.

Should this order not be received at post on July 1, 1904, then the same will take effect on the date of actual receipt, in which case the provisions of General Orders, No. 95, Headquarters of the Army, Adjutant-General's Office, July 1, 1903, will govern until the date of receipt. BY ORDER OF THE SECRETARY OF War:


Lieutenant-General, Chief of Staff.

The Military Secretary.

JUL 27 Reca


Statement of the prices at which Clothing for the Army of the United

States, procured prior to the establishment of the NEW UNIFORM, will be issued from July 1, 1904, until further orders.



[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

per pair.. Jean..

per pair.. Vainsook b.

per pair.. Yankeen!

per pair.. Summer, cotton, knit.

per pair.. Wool, knit, heary

per pair (Whenever issned.

o l'ntil exhausted.

[blocks in formation]

Statement of the prices of Clothing, etc.-Continued.

[blocks in formation]


.03 1.12 1.23

1.86 2.09

16 .21 .83 1.56


.01 .01 .25

1.83 1.25

Field service uniform khaki cotton):
Couts iext or mounted.

each.. (outs, shoulder straps for, extra.

per pair.. Trouser, 10ot..

per pair.. Trouser, mounted

per pair.. Gauntlets: Fur, muskrat

-per pair..' Luther, buckskin..

per pair.. Gloss Berlin, white

- per pair.. Welen, black a. Yellow horschide.

-per pair..

per pair.. Hate, campaign..

...each. Hais, campaign, cordis.

each.. Hais, campaign, letters, yellow metal..

each. Hats, campaign, numbers, yellow metal

ch.. Hats, campaign, ornaments for Indian scouisa.

.ch. Helmets (ork. khaki color

each.. Cork, white,

..euch. Felt, without trimmings.

each.. (ord and band.

.each.. Device for shield of eagle

.each..! Eagle

.each.. Hair plume

. c. Lyre

.each. Number (white metal)

Serolls and rings

.per pair..
Side buttons.
Socket for plume

-per pair..

.each.. Spike.....

.each.. Top piece or base

.each.. Leggings, canvas

- per pair.. Mittens: Canvas.

per pair.. Woolen

. per pair Music pouch for bandsmen.

...ench.. Veckties, black silk.

(11. Overalls..

per pair.. Overcoats, kersey; Made.

.57 .03 .01 42 02 01 01 01 13 .06

. 02 .41

19 .30 3.37



ench.. C'ninade b.

..cách.. Cape linings.

..each.. Over hoes, arctie: High (2 buckles)

per pair.. LOW (I buckle). Ponchos, rubber:

per pair.. Small size b (72 by 60 inches).

Large size with grommets or glove fasteners (90 by 66 inches.tach..

each.. Dark blue flannel.

.eneh.. Khaki, cottonb.

..each.. Khaki, dannel

.each. Muslin

.each.. Muslin, bone studs for.

..each.. a l'ntil exhausted.

b Whenever issued.




1. 15
2. 17


.60 2. 13 .31 .01

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