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these conditions be fulfilled, salutes will not be fired with these classes of guns.

Metallic-ammunition saluting charges will be assembled at the posts. For this purpose there are issued saluting cartridge cases, charges of saluting powder in bags, felt wads, primers

, adapters, etc. The cartridge cases are issued unpimed, with primers in separate moistureproof tin boxes, and should not be primed until just before inserting saluting charge and wad. In assembling, the case is first properly primed, and the bag containing the saluting charge is then placed in the case and the felt wad inserted and pressed down against the bag to hold it in place against the primer. Care must be taken to insure the cartridge bag being in contact with the bottom of the case when the gun is fired.

XIX. Small-arms Target Practice Allowance.—The annual allowance of small-arms ammunition for target practice for officers and enlisted men during the calendar year 1905 will be as follows: Table of allowance of small-arms ammunition for target


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Schools of instruction, allowance per annum.

to regular allowance.)

(In addition

Infantry and Cavalry School.
Cavalry and Light Artillery School.


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Note.—The necessary ammunition for the authorized department competitio will be furnisbed by the Ordnance Department in addition to the regular allowances.

The necessary ammunition for the authorized monthly contests at posts will be in addition to the regular allowance, but will not exceed 1,800 rounds per annum for each company taking part in the post contests.

This ammunition will be expended by the post ordnance officer under tbe orders of the commanding officer.

XX. Exchange of Ammunition. If it is desirable to fire caliber .30 rifle or carbine ammunition, ball or blank, in lieu of revolver ball or blank ammunition, or vice versa, such exchange may be made on the following basis: 1,000 rounds of rifle or carbine ball, caliber .30,

for every 3,000 revolver ball, caliber .38. 445 rounds of rifle or carbine blank, caliber .30, for every

1,000 revolver blank, caliber .38. XXI. Empty Shells.—Each company or troop will be given in addition to the allowance in the table 110 rounds of caliber .30 rifle or carbine ball cartridges or 170 rounds of caliber.30 blank cartridges for each 1,000 empty ball or blank shells, caliber .30, and 115 rounds of caliber .38 revolver ball cartridges or 130 rounds of caliber .38 blank cartridges for each 1,000 empty ball or blank shells, caliber .38, turned in.

All empty shells will be promptly turned in to the acting ordnance officer of the nearest post immediately upon completion of target practice, first carrying out the following instructions as to the treatment of the shells:

As soon as practicable after firing, decap the shells and throw them into water. The cleaning will be much facilitated if the shells can be thrown into water immediately after firing. Then clean the inside thoroughly with a brush wiper or piece of rag on the end of a wiping

stick; dry and place loosely in empty ammunition boxes. The acting ordnance officer of the post will, upon the accamulation of convenient lots of such shells, pack them in ammunition boxes and ship them to the commanding officer, Frankford Arsenal, in time to reach that arsenal before the close of the calendar year, if possible. Upon receipt of the ammunition

the company or troop commander will be notified by the commanding officer of Frankford Arsenal of the number of empty shells received. This receipt will be filed with the property papers of the accountable officer as a proper voucher for the expenditure of the additional ammunition allowance provided for in this order.

The post ordnance officer will notify the commanding officer, Frankford Arsenal, at the time of shipment, of the name of the company or troop turning in the shells, and this name will be clearly marked on the inside of the lid of the ammunition box containing the shells.

All empty shells to be turned in hy troops serving in the Philippines will be sent to Manila Ordnance Depot in the same manner as provided for shells to be turned into Frankford Arsenal. The chief ordnance officer in the Philippines Division will give proper notification to the company or troop commanders of the additional allowance due them in the same manner as provided for troops serving in the United States.

Philippine scouts will be permitted to turn in empty shells under the provisions of this order, receiving therefor ball or blank cartridges in the proportions herein provided.

The adjutants general of the various States and Territories, and the commanding general, District of Columbia militia, will be permitted to turn in empty shells under the provisions of this order, receiving therefor ball or blank cartridges in the proportions herein provided. The empty shells should be forwarded by the adjutant general of the State or Territory and made in one shipment to the commanding officer of the Frankford Arsenal so as to reach the arsenal prior to December 31 of each year.

XXII. Gallery-practice Allowance.—The annual allowance per company or troop of caliber .30 reloading ammunition will be sufficient to load 10,000 rounds of ammunition for gallery practice, as follows:

1,000 gallery cartridge cases, unprimed.
10,000 cartridge primers.
10,000 bullets, lubricated.

772 pounds small-arms powder. XXIII. Reloading Tools, Gallery Practice.--Special caliber .30 shells and reloading materials are issued upon requisition

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for gallery practice. These shells will bear about 100 firings without resizing. After firing 100 times they may be sent in lots to the Frankford Arsenal for inspection and resizing, and will then, if serviceable, be returned to the commanding officers of the companies or troops.

Reloading tools for gallery-practice ammunition are issued one set to a company or troop. The set of reloading tools comprises the following articles:

(a) Priming tool without spindle.
(b) Primer extracting spindle with five extra pins.
(c) Primer inserting spindle.
(d) Charger, hand reloading (capacity 5 grains black

(e) Loading anvil.
(f) Loading die.
(g) Loading punch.
(h) Ball mold (5 balls).
(i) Melting ladle (for lead alloy or lubricant).
(j) Pouring ladle (for filling ball mold).
(k) Strainer (for lubricating balls by dipping in melted

Japan wax). (1) Brush wiper. (m) Brass wiping rod (cleaning fired cases, dies, etc.). (n) Brass mouthpiece or funnel (for use with brush

wiper and charger). Tools (b), (), (m), and (n) constitute, when necessary, a separate set for decapping and cleaning service caliber .30 fired cases before turning them in to Frankford Arsenal. If necessary, the case can be decapped by inserting the spindle in it and striking the butt of the latter on a bench or block, but when the priming tool is available the decapping is done with it and the spindle.

Caliber .30 service ammunition will not be reloaded at posts, and reloading tools for this purpose are not issued to the service.

XXIV. Shotguns and Ammunition.-Shotguns will be issued only to troops stationed in Alaska, for hunting purposes. The annual allowance of ammunition will be 1,000 loaded cartridges per company or troop.

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