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accordance with requirements, requisitions must state in all cases whether fixed or moving targets are to be used.

X. 6 and 15 pounder, 2.95-inch Mountain, and 3-inch Field Gun Subcaliber Ammunition. The service rifle caliber .30 ammunition must not be used in the drill cartridges for the above guns, its primer not being adapted for the blow of the firing pins of these pieces. A special caliber .30 cartridge has been adopted for this purpose, and requisition will be made for "artillery drill cartridges, caliber .30,” for use with these guns.

XI. Care of Empty Metallic Cases and Primers.--After the expenditure of ammunition in target practice with guns using metallic cartridge cases, the empty cases will be taken up on the property return of post as "empty metallic cartridge cases,” under the heading provided for that purpose. Immediately after firing the cases will be decapped, well cleaned by washing inside and out, and dried.

Upon the accumulation of convenient lots of such cases they will be packed in the boxes in which received and shipped by posts in the Atlantic, Northern, and Southwestern Divisions to Frankford Arsenal; in the Pacific Division to Benicia Arsenal; and in the Division of the Philippines to Manila Ordnance Depot.

All obturating electric and friction primer cases will be cleaned immediately after firing and turned in to the post ordnance officer for shipment to Frankford Arsenal, as provided for .30-caliber shell.

XII. Drill Primers.-A drill primer, made for use with any caliber of the modern seacoast guns, Ordnance Department pattern, for drill purposes, subcaliber practice, and saluting, has been devised and will be issued by the Ordnance Department. They are issued as part of the “drill-primer outfit,”! one of the outfits being supplied to each company drilling at guns, by the post ordnance officer, during drill periods.


XIV.-Table of Annual Allowances for Mountain, Field, and Siege Artillery, and Machilie Guns.

artillery, and for machine guns.
Table of annual allowance of ammunition for targel practice and instruction for batteries of mountain, field, and siege
Service projectiles and charges. Subcaliber



for drill. battery.





$100 $100 $30 90




30 85 228 228

1, 200 $200

72 72 $8

3,000 3,000 3,000

300 300 $15 $15 80 SO $20

480 $80 480 480 $60 $60 100 100 $25

1, 200 1, 200

1$ 150


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68 68

2, 000 2,000


For batteries of mountain, field, and siege artillery stationed at the School of Application for Cavalry and Field Artillery


12, 000

1,800 $300


Additional ammunition, cartridges


Rounds Kinds of projectiles. caliber .30,


per rounds per

per battery

battery. C. I. shell. Shrapnel.*

for drill.



Machine and automatic guns..
1,456-inch (37-millimeter, l-pounder) automatic

gun ---
1.50-inch revolving cannon.
1.65-inch B. L. mountain gun.
2.95-inch Vickers-Maxim mountain gun
3-inch Hotchkiss mountain gun
3-inch B. L, rifle, model 1902
3.2-inch B. L. rifle
3.6-inch B. L. rifle
3.6-inch B. L. mortar
5-inch B. L. siege rifle
7-inch B. L. howitzer.
7-inch B. L. mortar..

and the General Serrice and Staff College.

Machine and automatic guns.
2.95-inch Vickers-Maxim mountain gun
3-inch Hotchkiss mountain gun
3-inch B. L. rifle
3.2-inch B. L. rifle
5-inch B. L. rifle
7-inch B. L. howitzer.




450 450 40 40

12,000 12,000 8,000 8,000

840 $140 840 840 140 140

1,800 1,800

800 800

*Allowance of shrapnel to be furnished only when it can be used with safety, otherwise shell will be used exclusively. + With 28-second fuses. Old models of these guns use obturating (screw) friction primers. $ Rounds per gun.


XV. Additional Allowances for Field Artillery. Each battery of Field Artillery will be allowed such charges and primers as may be necessary for firing authorized salutes. These will be made a separate item of expenditure.

An addition of 50 per cent to the allowance given in the table will be made for each battery of Field Artillery whict" may have been from any cause deprived of target practice in the preceding year, but no additional allowance beyond the 50 per cent will be made in case the period during which the battery may have been deprived of target practice shall esceed one year.

At Field Artillery stations where, during a portion of the year, weather conditions prevent subcaliber practice with full charges, each battery of Field Artillery at such station will be given an additional allowance per annum of gallery-practice ammunition with subcaliber tubes, as provided for infantry and cavalry in paragraph XXII of this order.

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XVI. Table of Chargos, Velocities, etc., for Mountain, Field, and Siege Guns.—The average Inwder charges, velocities, and pressures for mountain, field, and siege guns are as follows: Weights of projectiles, powiler charges, muzzle velocity, and pressure for mountain, field, and siege

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guns, service charge.

Mountain guns.

Field guns.

Siege guns.

1,65-inch Hotch.


Weights of projectiles (pounds) -
Weight of charge (pounds):



Muzzle velocity (f. s.):


Maximum pressure (pounds per

square inch)

* Double common shell.

| Ounces. NOTE.-The weight of powder charges are average weights; charges vary with different lots of powder.

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