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No. 146.

Washington, September 7, 1904. I. In compliance with paragraphs 413 and 418 of the Regulations, the following is published for the information and government of all concerned, and substituted for General Orders, No. 99, July 8, 1903, Headquarters of the Army, Adjutant General's Office.

II. Target Year.-The target year for all arms of the service, except for small-arms target practice, will begin July 1 and end June 30. For small-arms target practice it will begin January 1 and end December 31.

III. Annual Allowance.-The annual allowance of ammunition for the instruction of companies of Coast Artillery, batteries of Field Artillery, and cavalry, infantry, and engineer troops, and the charges for blank firing, will until further orders be fixed as herein specified.

OCT 3 Reca




999 9 9 99












33 rounds, varying charges t








600 $150



Percussion for 4-inch R. F.
Percussion for Armstrong guns.
Electric for Armstrong guns.

Drill primers with "drill-primer outfit "*.
Combination electric and friction

Same as for 4.72-inch R. F..

Same as for 5-inch R. F.

Drill primers with "drill-primer outfit
Friction obturating


Same as for 8-inch B. L. R

Same as for 8-inch B. L. R
Same as for 8-inch B. L. R




400 50


IV. Table of Annual Allowances for Seacoast Artillery.

company per annum. (See note below.) Seacoast Artillery table of annual allowance of ammunition for target practice and instruction per



6-pounder R. F
15-pounder R. F
4-inch R. F.

4.72-inch Armstrong R. F.


5-inch R. F.

6-inch Armstrong R. F.
6-inch Ordnance Dept. R. F

8-inch B. L. R

10-inch B. L. R
12-inch B. L. R.
12-inch B. L. M.

Full service

charges, sa-
luting pow-

der for
night firing.

1-pounder 30-caliber rounds. rounds.

*This allowance comprises 10 primer cases and 400 friction pellets.

+ For first to tenth zones, inclusive.

18-pounder ammunition.

Additional primers for drill.

All subcaliber ammunition will be fixed ammunition.
All projectiles will be full service weight and form, cast iron only, or such projectiles as are specially designated for target practice.

NOTE.-Companies assigned to R. F. guns only will have allowance above.

allowance with R. F. guns.
Companies assigned to 8, 10, or 12 inch B. L. R., or 12-
inch B. L. M. and also to R. F. guns, will have one-third the above allowance for R. F. guns with subcaliber ammunition and no service

War Department and communicated to all concerned.
the receipt of this assignment
The calibers of guns and the number of companies to be assigned to each caliber at each post for artillery practice is determined by the
None of the allowance of ammunition for artillery practice becomes available until

V. Additional Allowances.—The commandant of the Artillery School at Fort Monroe, Va., is authorized, upon the approval of the Chiefs of Ordnance and Artillery, to expend ammunition at such times and in ich quantities as he may deem necessary for the purposes of the school, provided the ammunition $9 expended is not in excess of 50 per cent of the amount allowed this school.

A special allowance of ammunition will be prescribed for posts in districts covered by combined Army and Navy maneuvers.

At the regular annual inspection of artillery posts by department commanders in accordance with paragraph 211 of the Regulations, the expenditure of ammunition to the extent of one round of brown prismatic powder and a cast-iron projectile (uncapped) for each 8, 10, and 12 inch B. L. rifle and 12-inch B. L. mortar mounted at the post, to be distributed in accordance with their discretion, is hereby authorized as a test of the condition of the armament and of the efficiency of the personnel. If the necessary ammunition is not on hand, requisition should be made for such amount as may be required to carry out the above tests, and it will be furnished as long as available.

VI. Reserve Ammunition. The reserve supply of ammunition to be kept on hand at posts will be as follows:

Ten rounds per gun for 8, 10, and 12 inch B. L. rifles and

12-inch B. L. mortars. One hundred rounds per gun for 4, 4.7, 5, and 6 inch

R. F. guns.

Two hundred rounds per gun for 6 and 15 pounder R. F.

guns. This ammunition will be required for only at posts where suitable magazines or other proper storage places are provided.

VII. Changes in Powder Charges.- If it should be found necessary to increase or reduce the weight of any of the powder charges issued by the Ordnance Department, the instructions for this purpose given in the pamphlet, “Instructions for Regulating Powder Charges of Coast Artillery in Target Practice” (Artillery Notes, No. 1), issued by the Ordnance


Department, will be followed. See also Circular 16, War
Department, 1904.

VIII. 12-inch B. L. Mortars.-The charges, kinds of powder, and corresponding velocities for the 800-pound projectile in the 12-inch B. L. mortars are as follows:

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

*Each smokeless-powder cartridge to have 10-ounce igniter (black rifle powder) at each end in addition to above charges.

+Smokeless-powder charges.

NOTE.-All smokeless-powder charges for mortars will be issued made up, ready for use, as the charges vary with each lot of powder.

IX. Projectiles for Moving Targets. For practice at moving targets shot or plugged shell only are allowed by drill regu lations. Hence with projectiles which are separately loaded, if filled and fused shell only are on hand, the fuses must be removed, the bursting charge withdrawn, and the latter replaced with sand to bring the shell up to its proper weight. Sawdust may be mixed with sand to fill the cavity completely, or the sand may be wet to bring up the weight. The fuse hole should be closed with a brass or iron screw plug, or, in its absence, the fuse may be reinserted. In case the work can not be done at the post with the appliances at hand, the fact will be reported to the Chief of Ordnance. Fixed ammunition will be issued upon requisition, properly prepared, for target practice. In order that ammunition may be issued in

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