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Medical Association of Georgia, 1907
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Each issue includes the association's roster of members.

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Strana 476 - SEC. 7. In hearing appeals the council may admit oral or written evidence, as in its judgment will best and most fairly present the facts, but in case of every appeal, both as a board and as individual councilors in district and county work, efforts at conciliation and compromise shall precede all such hearings.
Strana 478 - No address or paper before the Association, except those of the president and orators, shall occupy more than twenty minutes in its delivery ; and no member shall speak longer than five minutes, nor more than once on any subject.
Strana 477 - In keeping such roster the Secretary shall note any changes in the personnel of the profession by death, or by removal to or from the county, and in making his annual report he shall be certain to account for every physician who has lived in the county during the year.
Strana 468 - Association, for publications, and for such other purposes as will promote the welfare of the profession. All resolutions appropriating funds must be referred to the Finance Committee before action is taken thereon.
Strana 465 - ... to enlighten and direct public opinion in regard to the great problems of State medicine, so that the profession shall become more capable and honorable within itself, and more useful to the public, in the prevention and cure of disease, and in prolonging and adding comfort to life.
Strana 469 - Each member in attendance at the annual session shall enter his name on the registration book, indicating...
Strana 472 - He shall pay money out of the treasury only on a written order of the president, countersigned by the secretary; he shall subject his accounts to such examination as the House of Delegates may order, and he shall annually render an account of his doings and of the state of the funds in his hands.
Strana 477 - Association, each county society shall elect a delegate or delegates to represent it in the House of Delegates of this Association, in the proportion of one delegate to each fifty members or fraction thereof, and the Secretary of the society shall send a list of such delegates to the Secretary of this Association at least ten days before the Annual Sessions.
Strana 473 - All questions of an ethical nature brought before the House of Delegates or the general meeting shall be referred to the Council without discussion. It shall hear and decide all questions of discipline...
Strana 476 - Delegates shall have authority to revoke the charter of any component society whose actions are in conflict with the letter or spirit of this Constitution and By-Laws. SEC. 4. Only one component medical society shall be chartered in any county.

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