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“RESOLVED, That this Association shall not be considered as indorsing views of authors of papers published in connection with the Transactions, unless definitely so indorsed in the Proceedings of the Association.

“RESOLVED, That the above resolution appear annually upon the title-page of our published Proceedings."

Transactions 1873.

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E. C. DAVIS, Chairman..

Atlanta. First District ... J. J. Lawton Hiers ...Savannah. Second District. F. G. Patterson ---Cuthbert. Third District R. E. L. Barnum ... Richland. Fourth District. W. L. Fitts..

Carrollton. Fifth District E. C. Davis.

Atlanta. Sixth District ----T. E. Drewry

Griffin. Seventh District. A. T. Calhoun.. Cartersville. Eighth District ---- J. C. Bloomfield.-----Athens. Ninth District ---

W. B. Hardman Commerce. Tenth District --W. W. Pilcher... Warrenton. Eleventh District.-J. D. Herrman. --Eastman.

*Dr. Louis H. Jones asked for a leave of absence of one year, and Dr. Claude A. Smith was elected by the Council to serve as SecretaryTreasurer.

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