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George Hubbard Blakeslee
G. E. Stechert, 1914 - Počet stran: 388

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Strana 297 - that We must prove ourselves their friends and champions upon terms of equality and honor. You cannot be friends upon any other terms than upon the terms of equality.
Strana 111 - we should assume distinctly the principle that the American continents are no longer subjects for any new colonial establishments.
Strana 263 - in order that, trusting to the joint aid and friendship of Mexico and the United States, they might be encouraged to persist in their effort to establish a government which would, both for their advantage and ours, represent their combined wealth, intelligence and character
Strana 111 - governments in those countries, or to transfer any of the possessions heretofore or yet subject to Spain in the American hemisphere to any other European power.
Strana 6 - as to consequences. The companions of Pizarro, Hernando Cortez, de Soto, Almagro, Pedrarias, Vasco Nunez de Balboa, were in marked contrast to the men who came to the shores of New England with the Pilgrim Fathers. To us came the militarists seeking a field for new exploits,
Strana 263 - also said: You cannot impress too strongly upon the government to which you are accredited or upon the public men with whom you associate the importance which the government of the United States attaches to such a confederation of the states of Central America
Strana 6 - To her went the soldiers of fortune, valiant but ignorant, adventurous and daring yet unscrupulous, they came principally from a country where religious bigotry was rampant. They were an admixture of virtues and vices. They came to conquer, to fight if necessary; their one aim was to better
Strana 97 - Under every system since men first congregated, the strong have ruled the weak; but side by side with the rude fact of power have grown the ideals of fellowship and justice, and these have helped to correct the inequality and injustice which condition human life.
Strana 153 - has its place in the code of international law as certainly and as securely as if it were specifically mentioned;
Strana 8 - had never had to do any work, men whose one and only ambition was a high salary, because they had never had any occasion to learn a profession nor to earn a livelihood through industry and toil. From sources so widely different in their components sprang the Anglo-American and the Latin-American. Your men formed an unmixed mass, because, although

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