Fireside Poetry: Being Choice Selections in Chronological Order from the Most Famous Poets, from Chaucer to Tennyson, with Biographical Notices of the Authors ... Illustrated

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American news Company, 1899

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Fountain The Samuel Rogers 333
1 Sabbath From
Samson Agonistes From
LAllegro From John Milton 106
Man whose Thoughts are
Mariners Hymn
Early Rising arid Prayer Henry Vaughan 132
Chameleon The Matthew Prior 151
Baillie Joanna 324
Home James Montgomery 369
To Hester Charles Lamb 381
Absalom and Achitophel From John Dryden 135
Character o Buckingham John Dryden 139
Wyatt Sir Thomas
Ode on Eton College Thomas Gray 225

Samuel Rogers 332
Sir Walter Scott 359
Hare and Many Friends The John Gay 195
Bailey Philip James 495
Temple of Nature The David Vedder 431
Young Edward
Christs Kirk of the Green James I of Scotland 11
Jaffar Leigh Hunt 405

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