Grandma's Stroll Down Memory Lane

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AuthorHouse, 2002 - Počet stran: 320

The life of humanity upon this planet may yet come to an end, and a very terrible end. But I would have you notice that this end is threatened in our time, not by anything that the universe may do to us, but only by what man may do to himself.

John Haynes Holmes

John Walking Bear, a Lakota Indian, living on the Pine Ridge reservation, receives a vision through a dream that is interpreted by his grandfather to mean that he must leave the reservation and travel to a distant land. He is assured that he will meet others and find the knowledge that will assist him in his ultimate life path, that of restoring the sacred hoop and the preservation of Mother Earth. John ends up in a small town in Florida where he meets four others, who through different circumstances, are also drawn to the same location.

Sabrina Knight, the social worker from Camden, New Jersey who lost everything she held dear. Allondra Kwan, the young doctor from San Francisco, disillusioned by the system she so desperately wanted to believe in. Rick Cianci, lifelong cynic, distrustful of anything with the establishment, and Mark Alexander, career military officer who questions the 'book of rules' he himself helped to write. In the tropical waters just off the east coast, they each find their own vision of the future and the past. A vision of despair and a vision of hope, who's ultimate reality is for all of us to decide.

Could the myths of Atlantis be true? Are the prophecies of Armageddon coming upon us as we enter the next millennium? Do we have the ability to save humanity, and the earth, from the self-destructive path it has taken over the years? Is a collective consciousness possible? Why have we become so fascinated with the spiritual world and the unknown? Do the legends from ancient cultures hold any secrets for us to learn now?

The Eighth Portal is an adventure into a realm that we all can reach, but will manifest itself only to those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear.

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