Notes of North America: Agricultural, Economical, and Social, Svazek 1

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W. Blackwood and sons, 1851 - Počet stran: 2

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Strana 218 - I have sworn upon the altar of God, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.
Strana 195 - a curious instrument, called by the ancients the Urim and Thummim, which consisted of two transparent stones, clear as crystal, set in the two rims of a bow.
Strana 218 - Progressive Young Democracy." The New York Tribune, in reference to the origin of the names themselves, says that the name Hunkers " was intended to indicate that those on whom it was conferred had an appetite for a large hunk* of the ' spoils,' though we never could discover that they were peculiar in that.
Strana 162 - From fifty to sixty dollars an acre is the highest price which farms bring here ; and if twenty-five dollars an acre were expended upon any of it, the price in the market would not rise in proportion. Or if forty-dollar land should actually be improved onefourth by thorough-drainage, it would still, it is said, not be more valuable than that which now sells at fifty dollars ; so that the improver would be a loser to the extent of fifteen dollars an acre. This argument will appear to have greater...
Strana 24 - s uneven, or wavy, like the swell of the sea in a calm, and is covered with short, thin, dry, coarse grass, and dotted here and there with a half-starved birch and a stunted misshapen spruce. It is jest...
Strana 360 - An inventory. and made them unload ; but a multitude of the burgesses resisting, and being too strong for them, every one in his own tenement now collects his dung in a heap, and the poor sell theirs when and to whom they choose.
Strana 71 - ... houses of the inhabitants, with the wooded high grounds at a distance on our right, and the river on our left — on which an occasional boat, laden with stores for the lumberers, with the help of stout horses, toiled against the current towards the rarely visited head- waters of the tributary streams, where the virgin forests still stood unconscious of the axe.
Strana 145 - Oppenheim, Manheim, Danube, and Frankfort; and the mixed English and German sign-boards in the villages, show that there are numbers of the inhabitants to whom German is still the more familiar tongue. The city of Utica, fifteen miles farther, stands on the right bank of the river, in the midst of a broad expansion of the valley, resembling the bed of a great lake. It is a clean thriving place, of about fifteen thousand inhabitants, has a striking main street— is the seat of flourishing manufactories...
Strana 203 - the delusions of the system are hidden from the masses by the emissaries who have been dispatched into various countries to recruit their numbers among the ignorant and devoutly-inclined lovers of novelty. Who can tell what two centuries may do in the way of giving an historical position to this rising heresy ?' Their practices excited uncontrollable disgust wherever they first congregated...
Strana 211 - I hope the time may soon arrive when more skill and knowledge shall have forced it to become, far more productive, as a whole, than it is now." The Professor adds the formidable anticipation, that there we may by and by " find new Lothians, and Norfolks, and Lincolnshires, and a reproduction of the best farmers of all these districts — their very sons and grandsons, in fact, settled on American farms.

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