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Departments of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

“ A real and existing Library of useful and entertaining know


CONSTABLE'S MISCELLANY, being intended for all ages

as well as ranks, is printed in a style and form which combine at The Proprietors (the original inventors of the Peristrephic once the means of giving much matter in a small space, with the Panorama) have the honour most respectfully to announce to requisites of great clearness and facility. the Nobility and Public of Edinburgh and its Vicinity, that they The Proprietors of this most valuable Work beg to call the pubhave brought from London, and opened for Exhibition, in the lic attention to the annexed List of what have been published.

A volume, containing as much as a thick 8vo, is published every ROTUNDA, MOUND,

Three Weeks, price only 3s. 6d. cloth boards; or on fine paper,

and done up in a superior manner, price 5s. Also, in order to (which they have elegantly fitted up for the purpose,) their en- suit the convenience of all parties, it may be had in Weekly Parts, tirely new and extensive Historical PERISTREPHIC PANORAMA,

(Three Parts forming a Volume,) price 1s. each. Each Work is

complete in itself, and may be had separately.

Edinburgh: CONSTABLE & Co., 19, Waterloo Place, and
Fought on the 20th October 1827,

LIST OF WORKS ALREADY PUBLISHED. In the Harbour of NAVARIN, in the Morea, between the Fleets Vols. 1, 2, & 3. CAPTAIN BASIL HALL'S VOYAGES. of BRITAIN, FRANCE, and RUSSIA, combined against those of TURKEY and EGYPT, in which Battle the two latter Fleets

4. ADVENTURES of BRITISH SEAMEN in the SOUTH. were nearly annihilated.

ERN OCEAN. By H. MURRAY, F.R.S.E. Painted by British and Foreign Artists, from the Official Plans,

5. MEMOIRS of LAROCHEJAQUELEIN. With a Preface &c. Under the direction of LORD VISCOUNT INGESTRIE,

and Notes, by Sir WALTER SCOTT, Bart. &c. &c.

6 and 7. CONVERTS from INFIDELITY. By ANDREW To which are added,


8 and 9. SYMES' EMBASSY to AVA. With a Narrative of

the late Military and Political Operations in the Birmaa EmCITY OF CONSTANTINOPLE, pire. (So interesting at the present moment,)

10. TABLE-TALK; or Selections from the Ana. Painted from Drawings taken on the Spot, by Captain Smith, 11. PERILS and CAPTIVITY. R. N., Hydrographer to the Admiralty.

12. SELECTIONS of the most Remarkable Phenomena of The whole accompanied by a Full MILITARY BAND, which

Nature. gives a complete sensation of reality.

13 and 14. MARINER'S ACCOUNT of the NATIVES of

the Tonga Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean. ORDER OF THE SUBJECTS AND MUSICAL ACCOMPANIMENTS.

15 and 16. REBELLION in SCOTLAND, in 1745. By Ro

BERT CHAMBERS, Author of “ Traditions of Edinburgh," &c. 1-The Harbour, Bay, and Town of Navarin, as they appeared prior to the Battle, with the whole of the Turco-Egyptian

17. ROBERTS'S NARRATIVE of VOYAGES and EXCURFleet, lying at anchor in order of Battle.-Music, “ Turkish Air.'

SIONS in Central America. 11.-The combined Fleets of Britain, France, and Russia, en

18 and 19. The HISTORICAL WORKS of FREDERICK tering the Bay of Navarin, the Asia very conspicuous, with Ad. SCHILLER. From the German, by George Moir, Esq. miral Sir Edward Codrington on the quarter deck.-" Hearts of 20 and 21. ILLUSTRATIONS of BRITISH HISTORY. Oak."

By RICHARD Thomson, Esq. IIL—The death of Lieutenant Fitzroy of the Dartmouth Fri- 22. The GENERAL REGISTER of POLITICS, SCIENCE, gate, and the commencement of the Battle." Death of Nelson." and LITERATURE, for 1827. IV.-The sinking of a Brulot, or Turkish Fire-Ship, by the

23. LIFE of ROBERT BURNS. By J. G. LOCKHART, Philomel Gun-Brig—the Cambrian and Glasgow Frigates engaged LL.B. with the Turkish Vessels and Batteries.-"Battle of the Nile.'

21 and 25. LIFE of MARY, QUEEN of SCOTS. By H. G. V.-The Explosion of a Fire-ship, and a Turkish Line-of-Battle BELL, Esq. Ship in Flames. The Gallant stations of the Talbot Frigate, the

26. EVIDENCES of CHRISTIANITY. By the Venerable Azoff, the Russian Admiral's Ship, Breslau, &c.-"Battle Piece."

Archdeacon WBANGHAM. VI.-The sinking of a Large Double-banked Egyptian Frigate,

27 and 28. MEMORIALS of the LATE WAR. by the Genoa, 74 guns--the death of her gallant Commander, Captain Walter Bathurst—the Albion, 71 guns, boarding a Turk- 29 and 30. A TOUR in GERMANY, &c. in 1820, 1821, 1822. ish Line-of-Battle Ship.-" Britons, strike home."

By John RUSSELL, Esq. Advocate. VII.-The daring position of the British Admiral's ship, the 31 and 32. The REBELLIONS in SCOTLAND under MONAsia, (commanded by Sir E. Codrington,) between the Egyptian TROSE, from 1638 to 1660. By ROBERT CHAMBERS, Author Admiral's ship and that of the Capitana Bey-Sir E. Codring'on of « The Rebellion of 1745." 2 vols. eonspicuous on the quarter deck.--"See the Conquering Hero,"

33, 34, and 35. HISTORY of the PRINCIPAL REVOLU. and Battle Piece."

TIONS in EUROPE, from the Subversion of the Roman EmVIII.-The conclusion of the Battle, and the perilous situation of the French Admiral's ship. La Syrene, commanded by Ad- pire in the West, till the Abdication of Bonaparte. Trans

lated from the French of C. G. Koch. By ANDREW Crichton. miral de Rigny-the Dartmouth's boats towing off a Turkish

3 vols. Fire-ship that was lying close to her--the gallant station of the Dartmouth Frigate the Scipion, the Trident, the Brisk, &c. with

WORKS IN THE PRESS. a front view of the Town and Vicinity of New Navarin.-“Rule, 1. NARRATIVE of a l’EDESTRIAN JOURNEY through Britannia."

Russia and Siberian Tartary; from the Frontier of China to the IX.-The City of Constantinople, taken from the South, dis. Frozen Sea, and Kamtchatka. By Captain J. D. COCHRANE, R.N.

2 vols, playing Scutari, the Seraglio, Sultan's Palace, Mosques of St So. phia, Mahommet, Achmet, &c., Fountain of Sweet Waters, En- 2. HISTORY of the RISE and PROGRESS of ARCHITECtrance to the Harbour, &c. &c.-" Blue Beard's March.”

TURE, SCULPTURE, and PAINTING, Ancient, and Modern. X.-The Suburbs of Constantinople. Galata, and Pera, dis- By J.S. MEMES, LL. D. Author of “ The Life of Canova," &c. playing the Tower of Galata, Palaces of the British Ambassador, 1 vol. Capitan Pacha, large Field of the Dead, Mosque of Bajazet, Mi

3. HISTORY of the TURKISH or OTTOMAN EMPIRE, litary Arsenal, Marine Barracks. Tower of the Janissaries, the

from its establishment in 1326 to 1828 ; comprising a Preliminary Bosphorus, &c. &c.-"Grand March."

Discourse on the Arabs, and also the Life of Mahom med and his

Successors. By EDWARD UPHAM, Esq. Author of " Rameses," ADMITTANCE-Boxes, 28.-Sallery, 1s.-Children, Half price.

&c. Perpetual Tickets, 5s. Day Exhibitions from 12 to 5. Evening ditto, from 7 till 10

4. A PERSONAL NARRATIVE of a TOUR through Parts of o'clock.

Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. By DERWENT CONWAY, Esq. Books, descriptive of the Panorama, the Battle, &c. price 6d.,

1 vol. to be bad at the Rotunda.

5. HISTORY of the REBELLIONS in IRELAND in the N.B.-The Rotunda is kept comfortable from stoves and fires.

Years 1798 and 1803.



VOLUME XXXV. " VIEWS IN LONDON,") respectfully intimate to the No- This day, price 38. 6d. extra boards; or 5s. fine paper, bility, Gentry, and Public of Edinburgh and its vicinity, that as

VOLUME THIRD OF A nounced, and specimens of the published, they have instructed HISTORY of the Principal REVOLUTIONS their Agent to Exhibit these Specimens in contrast with their

in EUROPE, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire own. They are confident that their work requires

but compari- in the West, till the Abdication of Bonaparte. From the French son with the others, to insure for it in every respect a decided

of Professor Koch; by ANDREW CRICHTON. 3 vols. preference.

Altogether, the book is by no means an every-day produe With a view to such comparison, they respectfully invite in- tion. As an outline of general history, it might, we think, be spection of the various publications, at the Saloon attached to the advantageously introduced into schonls. Within a small compremises of their Agent, Mr JouN LOTHIAN, 11, St Andrew's pass, it contains all the most important events of nearly fourteen Square.

centuries, and a path is marked out which the youthful student The Work will be delivered in the order in which the will find very useful in prosecuting his historical studies. Nay, Subscribers' names are entered,--early application will therefore every one that has leisure may gather from it much useful know. secure good impressions.

ledge to which he has been hitherto a stranger.

"It is dedicated, we observe, to Principal Baird-and with great

propriety, as the Reverend Principal is not only officially at the In a few days will be published, No, I., Price ONE SHILLING, containing four exquisite En- tivity in the diffusion of knowledge in the Highlands. The Re

head of education in Scotland, but has shown great zeal and as gravings and Vignette, on Steel, of

volutions of Europe we should think an exceilent summary of JONES' MODERN ATHENS;

modern history for the Highland Schools."-Edinburgh Evening


“ This is a valuable and interesting work, every page of which EDINBURGH IN THE 19TH CENTURY,

teems with important knowledge. It presents a clear and impas. Exhibiting the whole of the Splendid New Buildings and Modern tial panoramic view of the history of the world for the last fourImprovements, Picturesque Scenery, Antiquities, and whatever teen centuries; and, in an ably-written introduction, furnishes a is worthy of Graphic Illustration in the Scottish Metropolis and brief sketch of the previous progress of society, from the earliest its Environs, Engraved in the finest style by London artists of authentic era. It is now for the first time introduced to the Engthe first eminence, from original drawings, taken from the ob- lish reader.”—Edinburgh Literary Journal. jects themselves, expressly for this work. By THOS. H. SHEP

Edinburgh: ConsTABLE & Co.; and HURST, CHANCE, & Co. HERD. With Historical, Topographical, and Critical Ilustra

London. tions. The merits of the artist engaged have been too well apprecia

In the press, and speedily will be published, ted, in the un xampled success that has attended the " Views

in one vol. post 8vo, price 10s. 6d. IN Loni on," to necd encomium ;-much time, the greatest at THE FEMALE CHARACTER ILLUSTRAtention, and his utmost ability, have been bestowed to do justice

TED, in Tales and Sketches Drawn from Real Life. By to the subject; the most celebrated engravers in this branch of PIERS SHAFTON, Gent. the art are engaged at unlimited prices to produce their best ef

“ The very first forts; and all the proprietors desire, is to submit a fair speciinen, of human life must spring from woman's breast; and invite comparison with any similar publication, however high

Your first small words are taught you from her lips, the price.

Your first tears quench'd by her, and your last sigh

Too often breathed out in a woman's hearing."
The work will be published in demy quarto; each number to

BYROX. coutain four Views, accompanied by four pages of letter-press. Contemporary with the above, the Second Edition, Price One Shilling.

Price 10s. 6d. A limited number of Proof Impressions will be taken, with

SNATCHES FROM OBLIVION; being the Re. great additional care and expense, on India paper. Price Two

mains of the late HERBERT TREVELYAN, Esq. with six Shillings the Number.

The work will be completed in from 25 to 30 Numbers,-not engravings. to exceed the latter; and from the long previous arrangements,

** The pages sparkle with new and pleasing thoughts, express.

ed in very lively and forcible diction. Mr Shafton is truly the and extensive preparations made, it is expected that a Number

agreeable illustrator of life."- Monthly Review. will appear every Fortnight.

" The talent displayed in the generality of the Tales, is of a Published by Jones and Co. Finsbury Square, London; and JOHN LOTHIAN, 11, St Andrew's Square, Edinburgh; and may bigh order, and the description marked with that vividness and

strength of feeling, for which the author is pre-eminent. A FO be ordered of all Booksellers. The trade will be supplied with

lume worthy of a place in every library, public or private. Prospectuses and Specimens, on application to Jon Es and Co.

London; and J. LOTHIAN, Edinburgh,
JONES' VIEWS in LONDON, NO. 29, is just published. No.

“ Tales and essays in prose, and poetic sketches, some of which

are very beautiful."--New Monthly Magazine. 30 will be ready for delivery in a few days. Price is.-Pro ss, 2s.

London: SAMUEL MAUNDER, Newgate Street.
JONES' VIEWS of Noblemen and Gentlemen's SEATS in
England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland, No. 1, is just published.

Price 1s.-Proofs, 23.
This day is published, by John CARPRAE & Son, 3, Drummond

LORD COLLINGWOOD. street, price 21s.


PHYSIOLOGY. By F. MAGENDI, M. D. Translated Vice-Admiral LORD COLLINGWOOD. By G. L. Newxfrom the French, with Copious Notes, Tables, and Illustrations, HAM COLLINGWOOD, F.R.S.; with a fine Portrait, Plan of the by E. Milligan, M. D. Third edition, with a new Alphabetical Battle of Trafalgar, &c., 16s. Index, and Engravings, greatly enlarged.

2. The LIFE and REMAINS of WILMOT The Analytical disposition and minuteness of the Index, the

WARWICK Edited by his friend, HENRY VERNOX. Post numerous notes and engravings added, greatly enhance the value

8vo, 9s. of this well-known work, and bring it down to the latest period of

3. The SPEECHES of the Right Honourable Physiological Science. The editor has spared no pains in endeavouring in merit that unexampled patronage with which the work GEORGE CANNING, Corrected and Revised by Himself. With has been received by the public.

a MEMOIR of his LIFE. By R. THIRRY, Esq: Barrister-atLaw. With a fine Portrait, Fac-similes of his hand-writing.

&c. &c. 6 vols. 8vo, L.3, 199. BURKE AND M‘DOUGAL'S TRIAL.


cluding Anecdotes of well-known Military Characters. 2 vols. Post Svo, 20s.

** For most favourable reviews of the above, see the Quar. THE SECOND EDITION of Part I. of this

terly, Edinburgh, and Monthly Reviews, New Monthly and very interesting TRIAL, revised throughout by the JUDGES

Gentleman's Magazines, with the principal Literary Publications. and COUNSEL, &c. &c. is now ready, price 2s.

Bell and BRADFUTE, 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh ; J. RIDGEPART SECOND, completing this Publication, cannot be issued

WAY, London; and by order of every respectable Bookseller. for a day or two, on account of circumstances over which the Publishers could have no control; but they hope, when it appears, that the care with which the whole has been brought out

Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Mornwill be so evident as to excuse the delay.

ing, by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; SUBSCRIPTION PAPERS, for the Benefit of JAMES GRAY and Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSOX, Glasgow : W. CURRY, his WIFE, who were the instruments in bringing to light the

jun. & Co. Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. London; and by atrocities of Burke and accomplices, now lie open at the shops all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughof the Publishers, R. BUCHANAN, No. 26, George Street; W.

out the United Kingdom. HUNTER, No. 23, Hanover Street ; and J. STEVENSON, No.

Price 6d. or Siamped, and sent free by post, 100. 87, Prince's Street. Edinburgh, Jan. 8, 1829.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate, LITERARY AND MISCELLANEOUS ENTERTAINMENTS IN &c. which it contains. To aid the memory in this is the princiEDINBURGH.-We have already announced Mr Combe's Lectures pal design of this Inder. Whatever relates to the various peron Phrenology, which are respectably attended, though they do

sons, places, and subjects mentioned in it, is here accurately renot seem to excite quite so great an interest as formerly, particue and duties is also exhibited, by which, it is hoped, just sentiments

ferred to, and may easily be found. A brief outline of doctrines larly among our fair townswomen, who gave an additional eclat

may be formed of the great and important truths and requireand interest to Phrenology, by the attention with which they ments of Divine Revelation. While, therefore, this Index may honoured it for two or three seasons. We do not know whether

serve in place of a Concordance for ordinary readers, its superiority Mr Smith, a learned gentleman, who threatened to give Lectures

to any of them, except those which are large and expensive, must

be evident. They commonly refer to texts, without any conin opposition to Mr Combe, will carry his plan into execution or

nexion except that of a single leading word; and then take no not-We perceive that next week, Mr Lloyd, an old and respect- notice either of persons or places, whereas all that relates to per. able lecturer, is to illustrate, on three different evenings, in the sons, places, and subjects, is here presented collectively, and in Caledonian Theatre, his favourite subject of Astronomy. This

the arrangement and connexion of sense." he will do with the assistance of a very efficient Orrery; and as

Seals and Devices.-Our readers will probably be amused with

some of the fancy devices and mottos upon the seals which, either no subject is more interesting, or leads to higher results, than through design or accident, some of the celebrated literary chaAstronomy, we strongly recommend these Lectures to the atten- racters of the day have h ppened to attach to letters now in our tion we doubt not they will merit.-Early in February, Lectures possession. We, of course, do not include in the following short

list family coats of arms :of a different description are to be given in the Waterloo Rooms,

Sir Walter Scott;-the device-a shield bearing a red hand, by Mr William Carey, on the History and Progress of the Fine the motto" Lham dearg aboo." Arts. Mr Carey is well known as an able and zealous advocate in J. G. Lockhart;-the device-a dove carrying an olive branch, the cause of British Art; and the late President of the Royal

no molto. Academy frequently expressed it as his opinion, that he look

Alaric Watts ;-the device-a lyre decorated with roses,--the

motto-" Addolcire ed esaltare." ed upon Mr Carey “ as one of the first critical judges of works of Art." There is good reason to hope, therefore, that these

The Ettrick Shepherd ;--the device-the prize-harp presented Lectures will be worthy of the important subject of which

by Queen Mary to the best minstrel,-the motto-above, “ Mathey propose to treat. We have seen a syllabus of the course,

rie Regina," below," Donum Naturæ." which appears highly interesting -Besides the two Theatres,

William Tennant;-the device-& book open,-the motto

“ Vivere est cogitare." there are also offered to the public, as powerful auxiliarics to kill a tedious morning or evening, the Panorama and Diorama, Ma

James Sheridan Knowles;-the device-a harp, with a willow dame Catalani's Concerts, Mr Thom's Statues, and a few more

branch intertwined with the strings,-no motto. exhibitions chiefly private.-The Professional Society's Concerts,

The late Archibald Constable ;-the device-a small urn, a we regret much to say, notwithstanding the accession of strength

chrysalis on one side, a butterfly on the other,-the motto they would have received in Murray, are not to go on this win

* Ετι θνητος ουκ.ter for want of patronage. We think, however, they have been Joanna Baillie ;-the device-Phaeton driving the chariot of the too hastily given up, before a sufficiently strong appeal was made sun, -no motto. to the public through the medium of the press.

More examples might easily be added, but these will suffice in MR ROLAND.-We are glad to perceive that Mr Roland has the meantime. at length opened Rooms for the accommolation of his pupils in Theatrical Gossip.-The Glasgow Theatre has been burned the New Town. We have always considered the young men of down to the ground, owing, it is said, to some carelessness in the Edinburgh fortunate in having it in their power to avail them- management of the gas. The house was insured; but the manaselves of the instructions of one who is so complete and scientific ger is reported to have sustained a loss of £2000 in theatrical a master of the elegant, fashionable, and healthful art he pro

property-The revival of the “Beaux Stratagern" has been so fesses.

successful at Covent Garlen, that another of Farquhar's come. An Historical and Biographical work, entitled “ The Life and dies, “The Recruiting Officer," is abođt to be produced,- pruned Times of William Laud, D.D., Lord Archbishop of Canterbury," a little, we presume. We really wish Mr Murray would get up from the pen of our young countryman, Mr John Parker Law.

the “ Beaux Stratagem,” pruned, of course, in the same way; son, author of the Life of the Regent Murray, has just issued -A new tragedy, called « C'aswallon," is about to be played from the London press. The important era in the history of the at Drury Lane; and, at Covent Garden, a new comedy, called church of England, when this distinguished prelate. flourished, “Village Vagaries." We do not augur very highly of either, ought to render the present work at once a source of great in- but we may be wrong. The performers at the Dublin Theatre terest, and of much valua le information, to the reader of history, have been quarrelling with the manager, Mr Bunn, because both civil and ecclesiastical.

he will not allow them to introduce any songs they choose We have been favoured with an early copy of “ The Edin-into the operas. Melrose has, in consequence, resigned his burgh Musical Album,” but have this week only time to mention engagement; and Miss Paton is said to be among the number of the very handsome style in which it is got up, and the apparent | the malcontents. We highly approve of the manager's conduct, merit of most of its contents; of these we shall give a full ac- and wish some others would follow his example. - Mr J. P. Col. count next Saturday.

lier (whom we have not the honour of knowing) is preparing for We perceive that Mr Sillery's Poem of “ Vallery, or the Cita- the press a history of the English Stage.-“I will have a Wife," del of the Lake,” is speedily to make its appearance. It is to ex- a farce, in two acts, is the only novelty that has been produced tend to nine cantos, and will comprise sketches, ristorical and this week at our Theatre: it is not very good.-Colley Çibber's descriptive, of the Crusaders, the Chivalry of France an i Spain, the “ Hypocrite" has been revived ; it is an excellent comedy, and Moors, and the Arabians, and many other things. Several hun ought to be encouraged. dred Notes are to be added. Every variety of Verse is to be introduced ; and the whole, in two handsome duodecimo volumes,

WEEKLY LIST OF PERFORMANCES. is to be sold for ten shillings. This is a spirited attempt for so

Jan 10.-Jan. 16. young an author, and we hope he may find it a successful one. SAT. Sweethearts and Wives, Aloyse, 4 Robinson Crusoe.

Mr Murray is busy publishing min ature editions of all his lar. Mon. Jane Shore, I will have a Wife, & Do. ger and more successful works. Lord Byron's Poems, and Ca:- TUES. George Heriot, Free and Easy, & Do. tain Parry's Voyages, in four volumes, 18mo, appeared some lit- WED. Bride of Lammermoor, I will have a Wife. f Do. tle time ago ; and Captain Franklin's Journey to the Shores of THUR. Marquis of Montrose. Scape-Goat, Do.& Fatal Rock. the Polar Sea, in the same size, has just reached us.

FBI. The Hypocrite, Free and Easy, f Gilderoy. tem of thus supplying to general readers, who would otherwise never see them, cheap copies of valuable works, deserves every encouragement. It is to the late Mr Constable that the public

TO OUR READERS. are indebted for the original plan, which has been ably carried into execution in his Miscellary:

THERE is preparing for the Edinturgh Literary Journal, and We observe that Mr Murray has the following new works in will appear in an early Number, a Collection of the Autographs preparation for the ensuing publishing season :-X Memoir of the of all the most distinguished men of the day, accompanied with Public Life of the late Lord Londonderry; Flaxman's Lectures

some observations on the inferences to be drawn regarding chaon Sculpture; Lectures on Physical Geography, by Baron Humboldt, translated from his Mss.; The Journal of a Naturalist; racter, from the hand-writing. the Life and Services of Captain Philip Beaver, R. N. by Captain W. H. Smyth, R. N.; a second volume of Reliquiæ Diluvianæ, by Professor Buckland; Lives of British Painters, Sculptors, and

TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS. Architects; History of the Jews; and other works, which have

We shall be always glad to receive Notices of Books from our already been an: ounced in the Literary Journal.

Correspondents, but they must be accompanied with a copy of A new work, entitled The Scripture Student's Assistant, being the book reviewed, that we may form our own opinion of the jusa complete Index, and concise Dictionary, to the Holy Bible, has tice of the observations made upon it. The book will be returnjust been published by Blackie, Fullarton, and Co. of Glasgow. ed if desired. These remarks apply, in the present instance, to The work, which we have seen, is printed in a very beautiful

the writer who has favoured us with a review of Barbour's " Evenand distinct type, and its plan and object are thus explained in the ings in Greece."-" The Ghost of the Old Bell,” will appear as Preface :-"This little work is intended, not only to assist un- soon as we can find room.-" Cato's” remarks on “ Humbug, learned readers in understanding the language of the Bible, but will be of use to us.-We should be obliged by a call from the chiefly in readily turning to the places where every topic of in

Translator of “ The Sandman." formation comprised in it occurs. This, to all classes of readers,

The verses " On the Death of a Daughter," we may find room must be of high importance. Among those who are well acquaint for by and by. We have the same remark

to make

to " Askil.” ed with the Bible, there are few who are able to recollect the He will improve as he goes on.-The

lines to an Unfortunate Febook, chapter, and verse, where suitable texts are to be met with male will not sut us.-R. S." of Aberdeen is good, but not quite in proof of every doctrine, and which treat of every person, event, I good enough—“ H. H. H." perhaps.

This sys


EL SENOR GARCIA DE RIVERA y M. Connected with Science, Literature, and the Arts. A SPANISH refugee Officer, who has, from the

late political events in his own country, become an exile in

this, will be happy to teach a few Pupils the SPANISH LAN. DEDICATED BY PERMISSION TO THE KING. GUAGE, in the pure Castilian dialect, on moderate terms.

Apply to Messts Black or INNES, Booksellers, or at Sr G.'s

Lodgings, Mrs GREEN's, No. 10, South Hanover Street.

Departments of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

MR ROLAND begs to state that he OPENED, " A real and existing Library of useful and entertaining know

on Monday last, his NEW FENCING ROOMS in ledge."--Literary Gazette.

GEORGE STREET, (back of St Andrew's Church,) where he CONSTABLE'S MISCELLANY, being intended for all ages

proposes to attend CLASSES during the season, from 11 till 4 as well as ranks, is printed in a style and forin which combine at

o'clock, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Mr Roland's Classes continue as usual at the MILITARY AND once the means of giving much matter in a small space, with the requisites of great clearness and facility.


his Rooms, ROYAL MANEGE. The Proprietors of this most valuable Work beg to call the pub- 21, Windsor Street. lic attention to the annexed List of what have been published. A volume, containing as much as a thick 8vo, is published every

PRINTING FOR THE BLIND. and done up in a superior manner, price 5s. Also, in order to ALEXANDER HAY, Teacher of Ancient Lansuit the convenience of all parties, it may be had in Weekly Parts,

guages, 10, Catherine Street, Edinburgh, respectfully inti(Three Parts forming a Volume,) price 1s. each. Each Work is mates, that he has now got Punches cut, Matrices made, Types complete in itself, and may be had separately.

cast, &c for the purpose of forming an Establishment for Print

ing for the Blind, and proposes commencing with an edition of Edinburgh: CONSTABLE & Co., 19, Waterloo Place, and the Gospel by st Matthew, to be published by subscription, at 7s. HURST, CHANCE, & Co., London,

6d. a-copy, paid on delivery. The printing will be commenced as soon as 250 copies are subscribed for. Orders, addressed as

above, or to Messrs CONSTABLE and Co. Booksellers, Edinburgh; LIST OF WORKS ALREADY PUBLISHED.


Co. London ; are requested as early as possible. As this is an 4. ADVENTURES of BRITISH SEAMEN in the SOUTH- undertaking of M HAY's, without soliciting either public or priERN OCEAN. By H. MURRAY, F.R.S.E.

vate pecuniary aid, its success must depend on the encouragement

which is now requested, from those who may wish to support it 5. MEMOIRS of LAROCHEJAQUELEIN. With a Preface by their employment, or subscriptions. Mr HAY proposes printand Notes, by Sir WALTER Scott, Bart.

ing Music for the Blind by the same system. 6 and 7. CONVERTS from INFIDELITY. By ANDREW CRICHTON.

REMARKS ON COFFEE. 8 and 9. SYMES EMBASSY to AVA. With a Narrative of the late Military and Political Operations in the Birmani Em JOHN REID, Grocer, Tea, and Coffee-Dealer, pire.

22, SOUTH FREDERICK STREET, with a view to increase the

pleasures of the drinkers of Coffee, and that they may realize 10. TABLE-TALK; or Selections from the ANA.

in its highest perfection the beneficial effects which it produces 11. PERILS and CAPTIVITY.

upon the system, has just published REMARKS ON Coffee, 12. SELECTIONS of the most Remarkable Phenomena of


This delicious beverage, when properly prepared from Coffee

of the best quality, possesses many good properties : it not only 15 and 14. MARINER'S ACCOUNT of the NATIVES of

exhilarates the spirits, but it acts as an agreeable tonic, contri. the Tonga Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean.

butes to strengthen the digestive organs, and serves, like all 15 and 16. REBELLION in SCOTLAND, in 1745, By Ro- other tonics and aromatics, rather to prolong abstinence than to BERT CHAMBERS, Author of “ Traditions of Edinburgh," &c. excite hunger.

17. ROBERTS'S NARRATIVE of VOYAGES and EXCUR. J. R. having paid particular attention to the article of COFFER, SIONS in Central America.

feels confident that the quality of his Coffee only requires to be 18 and 19. The HISTORICAL WORKS of FREDERICK known to be appreciated; and influenced by feelings of gratitude SCHILLER. From the German, by GEORGE Moir, Esq.

to the public for the daily increasing demand, he is induced to 20 and 21. ILLUSTRATIONS of BRITISH HISTORY.

make a further reduction in the prices, which are now as under



Good Demerara Coffee,

1s. 2d. per Ib. 1s. 6d. per Ib. 22. The GENERAL REGISTER of POLITICS, SCIENCE,

Finest Jamaica and Bourbon do. 1s. 8d.

2s. Od. and LITERATURE, for 1827.

Finest Mocha do.

2s. 3d.

28, 6d. 23. LIFE of ROBERT BURNS. By J. G. LOCKHART, N. B. Percolater Coffee-pots on sale, of all sizes, from 2s. upLL.B.

wards. 24 and 25, LIFE of MARY, QUEEN of SCOTS. By H. G.

This day is published, BELL, Esq.

In one vol. 8vo, 8s. half-bound, or in cloth, 26. EVIDENCES of CHRISTIANITY. By the Venerable Archdeacon WRANGHAM.


BOOK-KEEPING, applicable to all kinds of Business; ex27 and 28. MEMORIALS of the LATE WAR.

emplified in five Sets of Books, of Individual and Partnership 29 and 30. A TOUR in GERMANY, &c. in 1820, 1821, 1822. Concerns ; arranged by Single Entry, Double Entry in present By JOHN RUSSELL, Esq. Advocate.

practice, and a new method of Double Entry by Single, which a 31 and 32. The REBELLIONS in SCOTLAND under MON- lains the same result by Two Entries, as the present practice by TROSE, from 1638 to 1660. By ROBERT CHAMBERS, Author

Four; with a comparison of these methods. And an APPEN. of « The Rebellion of 1745." 2 vols.

DIX, containing Queries and Answers on the Principles and 33, 34, and 35. HISTORY of the PRINCIPAL REVOLU.

Practice of Book-keeping; on Merchants' Accounts, and on the TIONS in EUROPE, from the Subversion of the Roman Em

nature and negotiation of Inland and Foreign Bills of Exchange ;

То with numerous Exercises under each hcad for practice.

Transpire in the West, till the Abdication of Bonaparte.

which are added, a Series of Letters connected with the Sets; and lated from the French of C. G. Koch. By ANDREW CRICHTON.

an explanation of Commercial terms. With Engraved forms of 5 vols.

the various accounts which occur in Business. Designed for WORKS IN THE PRE86.

Schools and Counting Houses. 1. NARRATIVE of a PEDESTRIAN JOURNEY through

By C. MORRISON, Accountant, Russia and Siberian Tartary; from the Frontier of China to the

Glasgow. Frozen Sea, and Kamtchatka. By Captain J. D. COCARANE, R.N.

Fourth Edition, with valuable Improvements. 2 vols.

Recommended by Eminent Accountants and Masters of 2. HISTORY of the RISE and PROGRESS of ARCHITEC

Academies. TURE, SCULPTURE, and PAINTING, Ancient, and Modern. Printed for Stirling and KENNEY, Edinburgh ; RICHARD By J.S. MEMES, LL. D. Author of “ The Life of Canova," &c. GRIFFIN and Co. Glasgow ; G. B. WRITTAKER, and Tuomas 1 vol.

TEGG, London. 3. HISTORY of the TURKISH or OTTOMAN EMPIRE, from its establishment in 1326 to 1828; comprising a Preliminary Edinburgh:

Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday MomDiscourse on the Arabs, and also the Life of Mahommed and his ing, by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLAČE; Successors. By EDWARD UPHAM, Esq. Author of " Rameses," Sold also by ROPERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow; W. CURRY, &o.

jun. & Co. Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. London; and by 4. A PERSONAL NARRATIVE of a TOUR through Parts of all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, througliDenmark, Sweden, and Norway. By DERWENT Conway, Esq.

out the United Kingdom. 1 vol.

Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent free by post, 10d. 5. HISTORY of the REBELLIONS in IRELAND in the years 1798 and 1803,

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate



LECTURES ON ASTRONOMY.-We were present at Mr Lloyd's SONNETS.

first Lecture on this subject, in the Caledonian Theatre on

Thursday evening. The audience was but scanty, and the house TO GENEVIEVE.

indifferently lighted, and much worse heated. The transparenOn being presented with a Bible.

cies, however, were pretty and interesting; and Mr Lloyd illus.

trated them in an easy and familiar manner, calculated to con1.

vey both instruction and amusement. This sacred book, sweet Mercy sent from Heaven, Theatrical Gossip.-Neither Pasta nor Caradori are to sing at As from an Angel's hand my heart receives

the Italian Opera this scason. Compared with Pasta, all the other

prima donnas are robin redbreasts. Under the immediate patronA mystic record of the faith that gives

age of Lord Fife, a jolie petite danseuse, of the name of Pauline, High beacon-lights to those who may have striven

is to appear in the ballet department. The new play called “ CasAgainst the fiend of darkness, and been driven

wallon” has been successful; but though called a tragedy, it Beneath that night of life, when doubt on doubt turns out to be a melo-drama.-Kean, we are afraid, is again at Were seen like tempest-lifted waves to rise,

his old tricks ;_"sudden indisposition," in the words of the maTill every star of hope had trembled out ;

nager, but " complete intoxication," in the phrase of the Times, This blessed refuge, which the good and wise,

prevented his appearing the other evening at Covent Garden,

after an audience had assembled to see his performance of Richard The Patriarch-Martyrs, lofty and devout,

III. - The Beaux Stratagem continues to draw good houses every Sought as in audience with their God above,

night of its performance.-A Mrs Evans is to make her debut With many a sigh full pensively I take

soon at Drury Lane in the character of Mandane. She is an Irish E'en as a pledge of thy divinest love,

lady, and said to possess a voice of great power; but this, or

some such thing, is said of all debutantes.-At our own Theatre, Warning from death a slumberer to awake.

the revived play of the Hypocrite has been played several nights

with success. II.

Last night, an opera of the celebrated Mazzinghi

was produced; but we cannot of course speak of its merits till our I HEAR thy voice, sweet Spirit ! and look forth,

next. As does the seaman in the hush of night,

When storms are sleeping, and the dreamy light
Of the pale moon among the waves gives birth

Jan. 17.-Jan. 23.
To silent feelings, and high thoughts that start

The Hypocrite, Free and Easy, & Gilderoy.

Mon. Do., & Green-Eyed Monster. Like passion-winged meteors from the heart,

TUES. Jane Shore, He Lies like Truth, & Forty Thieves. Streaming beyond our destiny on earth ;

Wed. The Hypocrite, of Green-Eyed Monster. So, pausing on its wonders, would I share

THUR. Ramah Droog, Free and Easy, of The Bottle Imp.

Do., of Paul Pry. The faith of nations, and exulting tear

Books very recently published.--Home's (Sir Evan) ComparaMyself from worldly hopes of little worth ;

tive Anatomy, vols. V. and VI., 4th, L. 4, 18. ; imperial 4to, L.6,

6s. boards.-Turner's Edward the Sixth, &c., 4to, L.2, A3. boards. And this is at thy summons; thus hast thou

-Loudon's Magazine of Natural History, vol. 1., 850, 18s. boards. More than thine earthly love, or blessing given,

-Annual Obituary, 1829, 8vo, 15s. boards.-Woolrich's CommerThat I may rest myself prepared now

cial and Mercantile Law, 8vo, 18s. boards.-Barr's Scripture Stu

dent's Assistant, 12mo, 3s. 6d. boards.-Brown's (Rev. T.) SerTo meet with thee and all we love in Heaven.

mons, 8vo, 9s. boards.-Wood's Account of Sessional Schools, ALASTOR

12mo, 1s. 6d. boards.-The Annual Peerage for 1829, 2 vols. 18mo, L.1, 8s. boards.-Stevens's Comments, vols. Xill. and XIV., 8vo, 10s. each, boards.- Visits to the Religious World, 12mo, 10s. 6d. boards.-Twelve Years' Military Adventure, 2

vols. 8vo, L.1, 4s. boards.-The Ball, or a Glance at Almack's, LITERARY CHIT-CHAT AND VARIETIES.

crown 8vo, 7s. 60. boards.--An Inquiry, What is the One True Faith? 8vo, 12s. boards.-Fate of Graysdale, 2 vols. 12mo, 11s. boards.-Slade's Prayers for the Sick, 12mo, 4s. 6d. boards.

Plain History of England, 18mo, 2s. 6á. half-bound. THE LATE DUGALD STEWART.-We propose giving a place in our next number to the very able biographical notice of this cele

TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS. brated man, which appears in the “ Annual Obituary" for 1829.

A complete edition of the works of Professor Reid has been We shall present our readers, next Saturday, with a phrenopublished in Paris.

logical table of the cranial developement of the notorious Burke,

accompanied by such remarks as the subject may suggest. The History of the Rise and Progress of the Mahometan power

We have received from the author and publisher, " A Laconic in India, from its commencement in the year 1000 till 1620, trans- Narrative of the Life and Death of James Wilson, known by the lated from the Persian, by Lieutenant-Colonel John Briggs, late name of Daft Jamie. Price Thrippence." It seems a work of inresident at Satara, is about to be published.

estimable value.-We shall consuli our Publishers regarding the A Novel, entitled “ Restalrig," by the authoress of " St John-casionally the Reviews and Magazines as they appear periodical.

suggestion of “ A Subscriber."— It is our intention to notice ocstoun, or the Gowrie Conspiracy," will appear in a few days. ly.-The Communications of " W. B. S." of Perth, will not suit

Another cheap work is announced, to be published periodically, us." Waverley” was published in 1814, and was reviewed shortand to be called the Library of Religious Knowledge, consisting ly afterwards in the Edinburgh Review.

We have received the poetical communications of “T. B.J." of of a series of original Treatises, written in a popular and familiar

Glasgow; “ The Plague of Darkness” will appear in an early style, on the most important subjects relating to the History, Number. We are afraid " J. D.” of Glasgow is no poet." DisProphecies, Doctrines, and Duties of Revealed Religion ; the appointment" does not come up to our standard. --The verses whole to be conducted by clergymen of the Church of England. “ By a Young Lady” are pretty, but immature.-The “ Frag. A Number will appear every fortnight, price sixpence.

ment" about Endymion is rather too much of a fragment.--Of

the stanzas suggested by Thom's statues, the following is the The English language is becoming a great favourite in Ger.

best : many; and as a proof of this it may be mentioned, that there has been this year published at Heidelberg, (in the Duchy of Baden,)

The highest praise be his who wrote an English Annual, bearing the following title: “ The English

A lay surpas 'd by none;

The next be his who could express Fireside upon the Banks of the Rhine, an Almanack for 1829, ex

Such poetry in stone." hibiting a choice of English and German Tales, Poems, and Historical Anecdotes ; embellished with superb engravings.” Most of

We like the melody and expression of the two airs which have

been adapted to the ** Scots Sang" by the Ettrick Shepherd, and the best English classics have also been reprinted in Germany at

the ballad of “ Young Randal,” in our last, and shall be glad very low prices.

to see theni arranged at the author's convenience. Blues.—The common objections to Blue Stockings are absurd. A concert of vocal sacred music is to be given in St George's They ought not to be objected to because they know too much, Church, on the 4th of February, for the benefit of the widow and ut because they know too little. Whenever a woman acquires as

family of the late ingenious composer, R. A. Smith. Mr A. Mur

ray, who has succeeded Mr Smith as precentor in George's, is much learning as a man, she acquires with her knowledge the art

to be conductor, and most of the professional musicians of Edinof concealing it. Experto crede. Blues would not be bores for burgh have volunteered their services. We trust the attendance what they have, but for their pretensions to what they have not. will be liberal.

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