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the late Military and Political Operations in the Bimani JOHN REID, Grocer, Tea, and Coffee-Dealer,


EL SENOR GARCÍA DE RIVERA y M. Connected with Science, Literature, and the Arts. A SPANISH refugee Officer, who has, from the

late political events in his own country, become an exile in

this, will be happy to teach a few Pupils the SPANISH LAN. DEDICATED BY PERMISSION TO THE KING. GUAGE, in the pure Castilian dialect, on moderate terms.

Apply to Messrs Black or INNES, Booksellers, or at Sr G.'s

Lodgings, Mrs GREEN'S, No. 10, South Hanover Street.

Departments of Literature, Science, and the Arts.

MR ROLAND begs to state that he OPENED, A real and existing Library of useful and entertaining know

on Monday last, his NEW FENCING ROOMS in ledge."--Literary Gazette.

GEORGE STREET, (baek of St Andrew's Church,) where he CONSTABLE'S MISCELLANY, being intended for all ages

proposes to attend CLASSES during the season, from 11 till 4 as well as ranks, is printed in a style and form which combine at

o'clock, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. once the means of giving much matter in a small space, with the

Mr ROLAND's Classes continue as usual at the MILITARY AND requisites of great clearness and facility.


his Rooms, ROYAL MANEGE. The Proprietors of this most valuable Work beg to call the pub- 24, Windsor Street. lic attention to the annexed List of what have been published. A volume, containing as much as a thick 8vo, is published every

PRINTING FOR THE BLIND. . ; or on paper, and done up in a superior manner, price 5s. Also, in order to ALEXANDER HAY, Teacher of Ancient Lansuit the convenience of all parties, it may

be had in Weekly Parts,

guages, 10, Catherine Street, Edinburgh, respectfully inti. (Three Parts forming a Volume,) price 1s. each. Each Work is

mates, that he has now got Punches cut, Matrices made, Types complete in itself, and may be had separately.

cast, &c for the purpose of forming an Establishment for Print

ing for the Blind, and proposes commencing with an edition of Edinburgh: CONSTABLE Co., 19, Waterloo Place, and the Gospel by St Matthew, to be published by subscription, at 7s. HURST, CHANCE, & Co., London,

6d. a-copy, paid on delivery. The printing will be commenced as soon as 250 copies are subscribed for. Orders, addressed as

above, or to Messrs CONSTABLE and Co. Booksellers, Edinburgh; LIST OF WORKS ALREADY PUBLISRED.


Co. London ; are requested as early as possible. As this is an 4. ADVENTURES of BRITISH SEAMEN in the SOUTH. undertaking of M Hay's, without soliciting either public or priERN OCEAN. By H. MURRAY, F.R.S.E.

vate pecuniary aid, its success must depend on the encouragement

which is now requested, from those who may wish to support it 5. MEMOIRS of LAROCHEJAQUELEIN. With a Preface by their employment, or subscriptions. Mr HAY proposes printand Notes, by SIR WALTER Scott, Bart.

ing Music for the Blind by the same system, 6 and 7. CONVERTS from INFIDELITY. By ANDREW CRICHTON.

REMARKS ON COFFEE. 8 and 9. SYMES' EMBASSY to AVA. With a Narrative of

22, SOUTH FREDERICK STREET, with a view to increase the 10. TABLE-TALK; or Selections from the Ana.

pleasures of the drinkers of Coffee, and that they may realize

in its highest perfection the beneficial effects which it produces 11. PERILS and CAPTIVITY.

upon the system, has just published REMARKS ON COFFEE, 12. SELECTIONS of the most Remarkable Phenomena of with DIRECTIONS FOR MAKING IT. Nature.

This delicious beverage, when properly prepared from Coffee 13 and 14. MARINER'S ACCOUNT of the NATIVES of

of the best quality, possesses many good properties; it not only

exhilarates the spirits, but it acts as an agreeable tonic, contr. the Tonga Islands, in the South Pacific Ocean.

butes to strengthen the digestive organs, and serves, like all 15 and 16, REBELLION in SCOTLAND, in 1745, By Ro- other tonics and aromatics, rather to prolong-abstinence than to BERT CHAMBEKS, Author of " Traditions of Edinburgh," &c; excite hunger.

17. ROBERTS'S NARRATIVE of VOYAGES and EXCUR. J. R. having paid particular attention to the article of COFFBR, SIONS in Central America.

feels confident that the quality of his Coffee only requires to be 18 and 19. The HISTORICAL WORKS of FREDERICK

known to be appreciated; and influenced by feelings of gratitude SCHILLER. From the German, by GEORGB MOIR, Esq.

to the public for the daily increasing demand, he is induced to

make a further reduction in the prices, which are now as under 20 and 21. ILLUSTRATIONS of BRITISH HISTORY.



Good Demerara Coffee, 1s. 2d. per Ib. 1s. 6d. per lb. 22. The GENERAL REGISTER of POLITICS, SCIENCE, Finest Jamaica and Bourbon do. ls. sd.

2s. Od. and LITERATURE, for 1827.

Finest Mocha do.

2s. 3d.

2s. 6d. 23. LIFE of ROBERT BURNS. By J. G. LOCKHART, N. B. Percolater Coffee-pots on sale, of all sizes, from 2. upLL.B.

wards. 24 and 25, LIFE of MARY, QUEEN of SCOTS. By H. G. BELL, Esq.

This day is published,

In one vol. 8vo, 8s. half-bound, or in cloth, 26. EVIDENCES of CHRISTIANITY. By the Venerable Archdeacon WRANGHAM.


BOOK-KEEPING, applicable to all kinds of Business; ex. 27 and 28. MEMORIALS of the LATE WAR.

emplified in five Sets of Books, of Individual and Partnership 29 and 30. A TOUR in GERMANY, &c. in 1820, 1871, 1822. Concerns ; arranged by Single Entry, Double Entry in present By John RUSSELL, Esq. Advocate.

practice, and a new method of Double Entry by Single, which ob 31 and 32. The REBELLIONS in SCOTLAND under MON- tains the same result by Two Entries, as the present practice by TROSE, from 1638 to 1660. By ROBERT CHAMBERS, Author Four; with a comparison of these methods. And an APPENof « The Rebellion of 1745." 2 vols.

DIX, containing Queries and Answers on the Principles and 33, 34, and 35. HISTORY of the PRINCIPAL REVOLU.

Practice of Book-keeping; on Merchants' Accounts, and on the TIONS in EUROPE, from the Subversion of the Roman Em

nature and negotiation of Inland and Foreign BiUs of Exchange ;

with numerous Exercises under each hcad for practice. To pire in the West, till the Abdication of Bonaparte. Translated from the French of C. G. Koch. By ANDREW CRICHTON.

which are added, a Series of Letters connected with the Sets; and

an explanation of Commercial terms. With Engraved forms of Ő vols.

the various accounts which occur in Business. Designed for WORKS IN THE PRESS.

Schools and Counting Houses. 1. NARRATIVE of a l’EDESTRIAN JOURNEY through

By C. MORRISON, Accountant, Russia and Siberian Tartary; from the Frontier of China to the

Glasgow. Frozen Sea, and Kamtchatka. By Captain J. D. COCARANE, R.N.

Fourth Edition, with valuable Improvements. 2 vols.

Recommended by Eminent Accountants and Masters of 2. HISTORY of the RISE and PROGRESS of ARCHITEC

Academies. TURE, SCULPTURE, and PAINTING, Ancient, and Modern.

Printed for Stirling and KENNEY, Edinburgh ; RICHARD By J.S. MEMES, LL. D. Author of “ The Life of Canova," &c. GRIFFIN and Co. Glasgow; G. B. WRITTAKER, and Thomas 1 vol.

TEGG, London. 3. HISTORY of the TURKISH or OTTOMAN EMPIRE, from its establishment in 1326 to 1828 ; comprising a Preliminary Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Mom. Discourse on the Arabs, and also the Life of Mahommed apd his ing, by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; Successors. By EDWARD UPHAM, Esq. Author of “ Rameses," Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow: W. CORBY,

jun. & Co. Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. London; and by 4. A PERSONAL NARRATIVE of a TOUR through Parts of áll Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughDenmark, Sweden, and Norway. By DERWENT CoxWAY, Esq. out the United Kingdom. 1 vol.

Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent free by post, 100, 5. HISTORY of the REBELLIONS in IRELAND in the years 1798 and 1803.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate


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LECTURES ON ASTRONOMY.-We were present at Mr Lloyd's SONNETS.

first Lecture on this subject, in the Caledonian Theatre on

Thursday evening. The audience was but scanty, and the house TO GENEVIEVE.

indifferently lighted, and much worse heated. The transparenOn being presented with a Bible.

cies, however, were pretty and interesting; and Mr Lloyd illus

trated them in an easy and familiar manner, calculated to con1.

vey both instruction and amusement. This sacred book, sweet Mercy sent from Heaven, Theatrical Gossip.-Neither Pasta nor Caradori are to sing at

As from an Angel's hand my heart receives - the Italian Opera this season. Compared with Pasta, all the other A mystic record of the faith that gives

prima donnas are robin redbreasts. Under the immediate patronHigh beacon-lights to those who may have striven

age of Lord Fife, a jolie petite danseuse, of the name of Pauline,

is to appear in the ballet department. The new play called “CasAgainst the fiend of darkness, and been driven

wallon" has been successful; but though called a tragedy, it Beneath that night of life, when doubt on doubt turns out to be a melo-drama.-Kean, we are afraid, is again at Were seen like tempest-lifted waves to rise,

his old tricks ;—“ sudden indisposition," in the words of the maTill every star of hope had trembled out;

nager, but “complete intoxication," in the phrase of the Times, This blessed refuge, which the good and wise,

prevented his appearing the other evening at Covent Garden,

after an audience had assembled to see his performance of Richard The Patriarch-Martyrs, lofty and devout,

III.-The Beaux Stratagem continues to draw good houses every Songht as in audience with their God above,

night of its performance.-A Mrs Evans is to make her debut With many a sigh full pensively I take

soon at Drury Lane in the character of Mandane. She is an Irish E'en as a pledge of thy divinest love,

lady, and said to possess a voice of great power; but this, or

some such thing, is said of all debutantes.-At our own Theatre, Warning from death a slumberer to awake.

the revived play of the Hypocrite has been played several nights

with success. Last night, an opera of the celebrated Mazzinghi II.

was produced; but we cannot of course speak of its merits till our I HEAR thy voice, sweet Spirit! and look forth,

next. As does the seaman in the hush of night,

When storms are sleeping, and the dreamy light
Of the pale moon among the waves gives birth

Jan. 17.-Jan. 23.
To silent feelings, and high thoughts that start

SAT. The Hypocrite,

Free and Easy, & Gilderoy.

Mon. Like passion-winged meteors from the heart,

Do., & Green-Eyed Monster.

TUES. Jane Shore, He Lies like Truth, & Forty Thieves. Streaming beyond our destiny on earth ;

Wed. The Hypocrite, & Green-Eyed Monster. So, pausing on its wonders, would I share

THUR. Ramah Droog, Free and Easy, $ The Bottle Imp.

FBI. Do., f Paul Pry. The faith of nations, and exulting tear

Books very recently published.-Home's (Sir Evan) ComparaMyself from worldly hopes of little worth ;

tive Anatomy, vols. V. and VI., Itn, L.4, 18.; imperial 4to, L. 6,

6s. boards.-Turner's Edward the Sixth, &c., 4to, L.2, 83. boards. And this is at thy summons; thus hast thou

-Loudon's Magazine of Natural History, vol. 1., 8vo, 18s. boards. More than thine earthly love, or blessing given,

-Annual Obituary, 1829, 8vo, 155. boards.-Woolrich's CommerThat I may rest myself prepared now

cial and Mercantile Law, 8vo, 18s. boards.-Barr's Scripture Stu

dent's Assistant, 12mo, 38. 6d. boards.-Brown's (Rev. T.) SerTo meet with thee and all we love in Heaven.

mons, 8vo, 9s. boards.-Wood's Account of Sessional Schools, ALASTOR.

12mo, 1s. 6d. boards.-The Annual Peerage for 1829, 2 vols. 18mo, L.1, 8s. boards.-Stevens's Comments, vols. XIII. and XIV., 8vo, 10s. each, boards.- Visits to the Religious World, 12mo, 10s. 6d. boards.-Twelve Years' Military Adventure, 2

vols. 8vo, L.1, 4s, boards.—The Ball, or a Glance at Almack's, LITERARY CHIT-CHAT AND VARIETIES.

crown 8vo, 7s. 6d. boards.-An Inquiry, What is the One True Faith? 8vo, 12s. boards.-Fate of Graysdale, 2 vols. 12mo, 14s. boards.-Slade's Prayers for the Sick, 12mo, 1s. 6d. boards.-

Plain History of England, 18mo, 2s. 6d. half-bound. THE LATE DUGALD STEWART.-We propose giving a place in our next number to the very able biographical notice of this cele

TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS. brater man, which appears in the “ Annual Obituary" for 1829.

A complete edition of the works of Professor Reid has been We shall present our readers, next Saturday, with a phrenopublished in Paris.

logical table of the cranial developement of the notorious Burke,

accompanied by such remarks as the subject may suggest. The History of the Rise and Progress of the Mahometan power

We have received from the author and publisher, " A Laconic in India, from its commencement in the year 1000 till 1620, trans- Narrative of the Life and Death of James Wilson, known by the lated from the Persian, by Lieutenant-Colonel John Briggs, late name of Daft Jamie. Price Thrippence." It seems a work of inresident at Satara, is about to be published.

estimable value.-We shall consult our Publishers regarding the A Novel, entitled “ Restalrig," by the Authoress of " St John- casionally the Reviews and Magazines as they appear periodical

suggestion of " A Subscriber." – It is our intention to notice ocstoun, or the Gowrie Conspiracy," will appear in a few days. ly.-The Communications of " W. B. S.” of Perth, will not suit

Another cheap work is announced, to be published periodically, us." Waverley" was published in 1814, and was reviewed shortand to be called the Library of Religious Knowledge, consisting ly afterwards in the Edinburgh Review. of a series of original Treatises, written in a popular and familiar

We have received the poetical communications of “T. B.J." of

Glasgow; " The Plague of Darkness" will appear in an early style, on the most important subjects relating to the History, Number. -We are afraid “ J. D." of Glasgow is no poet.-" DisProphecies, Doctrines, and Duties of Revealed Religion ; the appointment” does not come up to our standard. The verses whole to be conducted by clergymen of the Church of England. ment about Endymion

is rather too much of a fragment.-Of

" By a Young Lady” are pretty, but immature.-The " FragA Number will appear every fortnight, price sixpence.

the stanzas suggested by Thom's statues, the following is the The English language is becoming a great favourite in Ger

best: many; and as a proof of this it may bo mentioned, that there has been this year published at Heidelberg, (in the Duchy of Baden,)

“ The highest praise be his who wrote an English Annual, bearing the following title: “ The English

A lay surpas 'd by none; Fireside upon the Banks of the Rhine, an Almanack for 1829, ex

The next be his who could express

Such poetry in stone." hibiting a choice of English and German Tales, Poems, and Historical Anecdotes ; embellished with superb engravings.” Most of We like the melody and expression of the two airs which have

been adapted to the “* Scots Sang" by the Ettrick Shepherd, and the best English classics have also been reprinted in Germany at the ballad of “Young Randal," in our last, and shall be glad very low prices.

to see then arranged at the author's convenience. Blues. The common objections to Blue Stockings are absurd. A concert of vocal sacred music is to be given in St George's They ought not to be objected to because they know too much, Church, on the 4th of February, for the benefit of the widow and but because they know 100 little. Whenever a woman acquires as family of the late ingenious composer, R. A. Smith. Mr A. Mur

ray, who has succeeded much learning as a man, she acquires with her knowledge the art to be conductor, and most of the professional musicians

of Edin

Smith as precentor in St George's, is of concealing it. Experto crede. Blues would not be bores for burgh have volunteered their services. We trust the attendance what they have, but for their pretensions to what they have not. will be liberal.


In 12mo, price 7, boards, Connected with Science, Literature, and the Arts. MY GRANDFATHER'S FARM; or, Pictures

of Rural Life. Just published,

“This is a pleasant little book. We retire into the pure and By WAUGH & INNES, 2, Hunter Square, and 41, South Hanover beautiful thoughts of the author, with the same feelings as if, en Street, Edinburgh,

emerging from the crowded streets of a city, we found ourselves In one volume12mo, with portrait, price 58. bds. in some green and shady and solitary arbour."-London Weekly

Review. MEMOIRS of the Rev. PLINY FISK, A. M., “We have perused this volume with great pleasure-and Fe late Missionary to Palestine, from the American Board of

are convinced that it wiil, when better known, afford pleasure to Missions.

every one who reads it. It contains above twenty sketches of By ALVAN BOND,

rural life that is, not mere descriptions of rural scenery-of bills Pastor of the Congregational Church in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. and dales, and rocks and rivers—but pictures of human conduet

and human feelings. There is no ambition to dazzle or astonish Edinburgh : Printed for WAUGH & INNES; M. OGLE, Glas

---bụt, like Goldsmith, the author, by a simple and direct expo gow; R. M. TIMs. Dublins and JAMES DUNCAN, London.

sition of man's every day life, wins the attention, and carries the

sympathies of his reader into the scenes which he paints; and we This day is published,

experience the same sort of gratification in studying his pictures Price 3s. 6d., extra boards, Volume I. of

which we derive
from looking on the creations of Wilkie's pencil


-We state, with the greatest sincerity, that, in our opinion, a A PEDESTRIAN JOURNEY through Russia work etenteater intrinsic merit jorits clase, and less stentations in

and Siberian Tartary, to the Frontiers of China, the Frozen its pretensions, long whileappeared us. Sea, and Kamtchatka.

New Scots Magazine.

Printed for OLIVER & BOYD, Edinburgh.

Two vols. A New Edition.
Edinburgh Printed tor CONSTABLE & Co.; and HURST,

Just published, 12mo, price 4s. boards,
CHANCE, & Co. London.

OBSERVATIONS upon the several SUNDAY

SERVICES prescribed by the LITURGY throughout the
This day is published, price 15se,

No I. of

By the Right Reverend ALEXANDER JOLLY. D.D., THE EDINBURGH MUSICAL ALBUM, One of the Bishops of the Protestant Episcopal Communion in

Dedicated, by permission, to His Grace

Edinburgh: ROBERT GRANT, Lothian Street. London: Geo.

B. WHITTAKER. Aberdeen : A. BROWN & Co.
Edited by GEORGE LINLEY, Esq. and embellished with an
elegant Engraving of Miss E. PATON.

Also, by the same Author, a Second Edition of
No. II, will contain a beautiful Engraving of Miss Noel.
Published by J. LOTAIAN, Edinburgh ; ACKERMANN, London;



TION. 8vo, Is. 6d.



NAL and SELECTED PUBLICATIONS in the Various THE above Works, unrivalled in cheapness, and

Departments of Literature, Science, and the Arts, beauty of engraving, are each of them published in Num. bers containing Four Views and four pages of letter-press; price A real and existing Library of useful and entertaining knowONE SHILLING. Proofs on Indra paper, 2. a-number, The edge."-Literary Gazette. Plates of all the three Works are exhibited at the premises of Mr J. LOTHIAN, 41, St Andrew's Square. Intending Subscribers are CONSTABLE'S MISCELLANY, being intended for all ages respectfully informed that they will receive Impressions good in as well as ranks, is printed in a style and form which combine at proportion as their orders are early,

once the means of giving much matter in a small space, with the Published by Jones and Co. London; and J. LOTHIAN, Edin-requisites of great clearness and facility. burgh.

The Proprietors of this most valuable Work beg to call the pub

lic attention to the annexed List of what have been published. ASTRONOMY,

A volume, containing as much as a thick 8vo, is published every Accompanied by the dulcet notes of the Celestina. Three Weeks, price only is. 6d. cloth boards; or on fine paper,

and done up in a superior manner, price 5s. Also, in order to CALEDONIAN THEATRE.

suit the convenience of all parties, it may be had in Weekly Parts, (Three Parts forming a Volume,) price Is. each. Each Work is

complete in itself, and may be had separately. DIOASTRODOXON,

Edinburgh: CONSTABLE & Co., 19, Waterloo Place, and

HURST, CHANCE, & Co., London.
With all the Splendid Scenery annually displayed in


1. HISTORY of the RISE and PROGRESS OF ARCHITECHAS the honour most respectfully to announce BURE, SCULPTURE, and PAINTING, Ancient, and Modem

By J.S. MEMES, LL. D. Life of , c. to the Nobility, Gentry, and Public at large, in the City of

1 vol. Edinburgh and its vicinity, that, anxious to facilitate a General Accommodation, he has engaged the above elegant Theatre, 2. HISTORY of the TURKISH or OTTOMAN EMPIRE, (which will afford a beautiful display of the ORREKY) for Six from its establishment in 1326 to 1828; comprising a Preliminary Lectures, in Two COURSES of Three Lectures each.

Discourse on the Arabs, and also the Life of Mahommed and his The evening Course to be given on

Successors. By EDWARD UPHAM, Esq. Author of " Rameses, a THURSDAY, FRIDAY, AND SATURDAY,

&c. the 92d, 23d, and 21th January 1029. The Morning Course is intended to be given

on the succeeding

3. A PERSONAL NARRATIVE of a TOUR through Parts of MONDAY, TUESDAY, AND WEDNESDAY, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway. By DERWENT Conway, Esq.

1 vol. the 26th, 27th, and 28th January, if Forty Subscribers are ob tained on Saturday at noon, the 24th instant. If not, no Morn

4. HISTORY of the REBELLIONS in IRELAND in the ing Course can be given, and the Evening Course will be repeat

years 1798 and 1803. ed on the above mentioned days.

Subscribers to the Morning and Evening Course, Three Lectures, Boxes, 78. 6d. ; Pit, 48. Od.; tickets transferable-Nonsubscribers, Boxes, 38.; Pit, 2s ; Gallery, 18.-Doors opened at Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Mornhall-past Six, begin at Seven precisely.

ing, by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; Subscriptions are received, and Tickets may be had, at Mr JOHN Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow; W. CURRY, ANDERSON's, North Bridge Street; Mr LINDSAY's, South St jun. & Co. Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. London; and by Andrew Street; and Mr JANES ANDERSON's, George Street, all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, through booksellers.

out the United Kingdom. Tickets may also be had,

en to Three each day pre- Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent free by post, 10d. vious to the commencement of the Course, at No. 1, St James Square, where places for the Boxes may be taken. et. Subscribers taking places to retain them during the Course.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate.





PUBLISHED BY Connected with Science, Literature, and the Arts.

ROBERTSON and ATKINSON, Glasgow ; and

Sold by WILLIAM HUNTER, Hanover Street,
New Works just published by


THE THISTLE; a Collection of the best SCOTHURST, CHANCE, & CO., LONDON.

TISH SONGS. With Notes, and two Plates. Edited by

the Author of " The Eventful Life of a Soldier." CONSTABLE & CO., EDINBURGH,

“ Not a faultless collection-but certainly one of the best."

The SHAMROCK ; a Collection of the choicest 1.

IRISH SONGS, comprising many original and hitherto unpubTHE

JUVENILE KEEPSAKE. Edited by lished Pieces. With an Introduction and Notes. Edited by M. THOMAS ROSCOE, Esq. 83.

WEEKES. of the Theatres-Royal, Drury Lane and Edinburgh, Among the List of Contributors to this Volume will be found and embellished with a full-length likeness of Mr W. "the only the names of Mrs Opie, Mrs Hemans, Miss Aikin, Miss Porter, successor of Jack Johnstone." Miss Emily Taylor, the Misses Strickland, the Rev. H. Stebbing, This Collection is in the press, and will appear in March, William and J. E. Roscoe, the late Mr John Taylor, Thomas RULES for the FORMATION and GOVERN. Jevons, Thomas Pringle, D. L. Richardson, the Authors of MENT of LITERARY and DEBATING SOCIETIES. Price “ Tales of the Munster Festivals," and “Gomez Arias," &c. &c.

4d. See Monthly Review, Scottish Literary Gazette, &c. &c. The Illustrations consist of Eight beautiful Line Engravings on

RULES for the GENDER of FRENCH NOUNS. Steel. (Wood Engravings being excluded,) some of which are exe

Price 4d. " An invaluable companion to every French Gram

mar." cuted by, and the whole under the immediate superintendence, of Mr Charles Heath.


ANT ; a Spelling Book on the newest and most approved plan of POETICAL SKETCHES. By ALARIC A. Watts. teaching English. New edition, stereotyped, price 1s. bound.

"This is the best and cheapest book of the kind extant."With 3 beautiful plates, Fourth Edition, foolscap, 8s.

Weekly Review.

THE POETICAL ALBUM. By ALARIC A. troductions to the above. Price, respectively, 2d. and 4d.
WATTS. One vol. post 8vo, price 12s. boards.


MANUAL of the DUTIES of a MAID of ALL GOMEZ ARIAS, a Spanish Historical Romance. WORK. Printed so as to be hung in a Kitchen. Price 1d. By Don TELESFORO DE TRUEBA Y Cosio. 3 vols. 12mo, price R. and A. have for sale, at prices considerably below those of L.1, 7s. boards.

publication, copies of the following valuable Works.

Author of " Austria as it is." One vol. post 8vo, price 8s. 6d.

CUNNINGHAM (of Enterkine) on GOVERNMENT, 12mo.


Professor M'KENZIE'S PLAN for Providing the SCHOOLS VI.

AUSTRIA AS IT IS. One vol. post 8vo, price 84, Trongate, Glasgow,
8s. 6d. boards.

January 1829.

ON MASONRY AND STONE CUTTING. By PETER NI. This day is published, embellished with a fine engraving of
CHOLSON, Esq., Architect and Engineer, Author of " The Archi-

Miss E. PATON, No. I. of tectural Dictionary," " The Carpenter's Guide," &c. &c. One

THE EDINBURGH MUSICAL ALBUM, vol. royal 8vo, with forty-three copperplates, price L.1, 8s.

Edited by GEORGE LINLEY, Esq. Author of “ Songs of VIII.

the Trobadore;" " Scottish Melodies," • They say my Love is FENNER'S ATLAS OF MODERN and ANCIENT Dead," &c. GEOGRAPHY, comprised in 80 Maps, including the different

The First Number contains an Overture, and a variety of Songs, States as divided according to the Treaty of Peace by Congress,

Trios, &c. original and selected ; among these, a few old and beauin 1815; also the LATE DISCOVERIES of PARRY, Ross,

Liful Alrs, hitherto little known,-one or two Songs from the FRANKLIN, &c., and a Plate of the Comparative Height of Moun

Works of Sir Walter Scott, now first'adapted to Music,--and tains, and Length of Rivers. In one volume, neatly half-bound,

some of the finest Scottish Melodies, arranged expressly for this plain, price L.I, 1s.

Publication, and for the most part with new and characteristic

words. FENNER'S 'ATLAS of MODERN and ANCIENT GEOGRAPHY, beautifully coloured in outline, price L.1, 113. 6d.

The Work will be completed in Two Folio Numbers, each ernThe Modern Atlas, separately, half-bound, plain, price 14s.

bellished with a Portrait, and containing about Eighty Plates of coloured, price L.1, ls.

Music, handsomely engraved, and printed on superfine paper. The Ancient Atlas, separately, half-bound, plain, price 9s.

Price, cach Number, to Subscribers (their copies containing coloured, price 12s.

proof impressions of the portraits) 123.; to Non-Subscribers, 158, IX.

Orders for the Work received by J. LOTHIAN, 41, St Andrew's TIM BOBBIN'S LANCASHIRE DIALECT and LRCKIE, Grafton Street, Dublin ; and HIPPOLYTE FOURNIER,

Square, Edinburgh; R. ACKERMANN, Strand, London ; J. M. POEMS. A New Edition, with Plates by George Cruikshanks, Rue de Seine, Paris. price 9s. X.

No. II. will contain a Portrait of Miss Noel. SKETCHES of MODERN GREECE, Illustrative


AIRS. of the Leading Events of the Greek Revolution. By a Young 'Tis now the May-Day Morning



Welsh. English Volunteer in the Greek service. 2 vols. price L.1, ls.

Bounding lightly in the Vine-Tree's Shade (Cas.
tanet Song)


Scotch. of CHRISTIANITY, and of the Missionary Establishments for of all thr Orbs that gem the Sky

Portuguese. its Propagation in all Parts of the World, 12mo, price 9s. Cauld is my Bed, Lord Archibald, (Madge Wildfire's XII. Song)

Scotch. SOLITARY WALKS THROUGH MANY Proud Maisie is in the wood, (Heart of Mid-Lothian) cotrig. LANDS. BY DERWENT CONWAY,

Song of the Water King
vols. post 8vo, price 16s.


Slumber, Slumber, mine' own brave Knight

Original. CHRISTMAS. A POEM. By EDWARD Mox- Mary's Dream

Scotch. ON. 53.


Oh! would I were a Boy again

Original. THE CHRISTIAN'S MANUAL of PRAYERS There came three Merry Men, (Song of Black Knight for every Morning and Evening in the Week. By Thomas CAR- o, bonny blooms the Hawthorn Tree :

and Wamba)

Original. PENTER, price 2s.

From yon lone Tow'r


Soon I leave thee, Land of Sorrow, (Last Song of Mary

Scotch. WALKER'S Pronunciation. Printed in Diamond Type, by Waltz

Original. Corrall, royal 32mo, roan, price 13. 6d.

Huzza ! Huzza ! for the Highland Lads

Come ! fill the Wine-cup high

Original. JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY, Printed verbatim of all the Orbs that gem the sky. (For two voices) Portuguese.

from the last Folio Edition Corrected by the Doctor. In one
large volume, imperial 8vo, price L.2, 25.

There came 3 Merry Men, (Ivanhoe) (For three voices) Orig.
Come! fill the Wine-cup high (For three yoices) Original.

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The king og and the Minstrei } J. G. Lockhart,

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In a neat Pocket Volume, with a fine Portrait of Dr Chalmers, F. MANSEL REYNOLDS.

price 4s. ip boards,

MODERN PULPIT ELOQUENCE, containThe extraordinary success of THE KEEPSAKE of 1828, has in

ing Selections from POPULAR DISCOURSES, and other duced the Proprietor, in the hope of meriting increased patron- Writings of EMINENT BRITISH DIVINES. By A. LOGAN, age, to spare no exertion or expenditure in the formation of the Greenock. present volume; and to secure for at the assistance of so many " It contains about one hundred extracts from the Writing of authors of the highest eminence, that, he ventures to assert, the most popular Divines of the present day. We can safely resuch a List of CONTRIBUTORS has never before been presented commend this book as an excellent pocket companion for the to the public.

student in Theology."-Edinburgh Literary Journal. TABLE OF CONTENTS.

Its design is highly audable, and it has been executed with good taste and judgment."-Scottish Literary Gazette.

Glasgow: Printed for RICHARD GRIPTIN & Co., and sold by J. My Aunt Margaret's Mirror Sir Walter Sentt.

LOTAIAN and W. HUNTER, Edinburgh, R. ALLARDICE, Leith, Stanzas Lord F. L. Gower.

and LEWIS SMITH, Aberdeen. On Love

• Percy Bysshe Shelley. The Country Girl Wordsworth.

This Day, The Half-Brothers

The Author of the O'Hara Tales. In one volume, 12mo, price 2s. 6d. boards. With a Plate, showScraps of Italy Lord Morpeth.

ing the Tortures inflicted by the Popish Inquisition, The Triad

The Sisters of Albano
Mrs Shelley.

Thomas Moore.

Principles and Practices, as exhibited in History. Illustrations of the Characters

By A LAYMAN of the Catholic Church of Christ. J. Boaden. of Anne Page and Slender

Edinburgh: Printed for WaUGH & INNES, 2, Hurter Square, The Wishing Gate Wordsworth.

and 41, South Hanover Street; M. OGLE, Glasgow; R. M. TIMS, Apropos of Bread Lord Nugent.

Dublin; and James Duncan, London.
The Tapestried Chamber Sir Walter Scott.
An Attempt at a Tour
The Author of the Roué.

This day are published, price 54.

Lucy and her Bird

Percy Bysshe Shelley.

Author of " Tributes to Scottish Genius."
The Lady and her Lovers The Author of Gilbert Earle.

Published by CADELL & Co. Edinburgh ; SIMPKIN and Mat Verses Lord Holland and H. Luttrell.

SHALL, London; and JOHN JOHNSTON, Dumfries. The Laird's Jock

Sir Walter Scott.
The Boy and the Butterfly Crofton Croker.

This day are published,
Burnhain Beeches
Henry Luttrell.

In one vol. 8vo, price 10s. 6d. bds.
The Broken Chain
Mrs Hemans.

SERMONS ON VARIOUS IMPORTANT Ferdinardo Eboli, a Tale Mrs Shelley.

The Garden of Boccacio Coleridge.

By the late Rev. ARCHD. GRACIE.
A Fragment of the History of
the Nineteenth Century
Sir James Mackintosh, M. P.

ADAM BLACK, T. IRELAND, junior, and T. M. SHIELs, Edin

burgh; and LONGMAN, REES, ORME, Brown, and GREEN, LORVerses on the La 'o Maggiore . Southey.

A Legend of Killarney, Thordas Haynes Bayly.
ef Ely

This day is publisherl, Price 6s.
The Old Gentleman
Theodore Hook.

By THOMAS CLARK, No. 32, George Street,
An Incident
F. M. Reynolds.

A Scene
at Abbotsford
Sir Walter Scott.

CONTENTS.-I. Dominion of the Moors in Spain: PerVerses R. Bernal, M. P.

secution and Expulsion of the Moriscoes.-II. Thorlacius. The Victim Bride H. Harrison.

tiquity of Rhyme.-III. Dutrochet. Most recent Discoveries Sonnets Wordsworth,

in Vegetable Physiology.-IV. German Playwrights, Grillparter, Clorinda, or the Necklace

Klingemann, and Mullper.-V. The Politics of Italy. VI. Bis-
Lord Normanby.

mark. Hi tory of Cavalry Tactics-VW. Killgren Swedish The EMBELLISHMENTS, nineteen in number, are, if possible, Poetry. V11. Memoirs

of Vidocq and Collet. IX. Italian Com more exquisitely finished than those of last year; and many of medy-X; Turkey. The Seraglio.xi. to XVII. Smrt Re

views of the newest Classical, Danish, German, French, Italian, the plates are considerably increased in size, and consequently, in

and Spanish Publications.-XVIII. Continental Literary Inte:value.

gence. - XIX. Necrology, Monti, Remard, &c.-XX. New FoEMBELLISHMENTS.

reign Publications.

London: Printed for Brack, Young, and Yorxo, BOSSARGE, SUBJECTS.


ENGRAVERS. 1. The Rt. Hon. Mrs Peel Sir T. Lawrence, P.R.A. C. Heath.

BARTHES, and Lowell; T. CLARK, Edinburgh; and HODGES 2. Duchess of Bedford Edwin Landseer, A.R.A. C. Heath.

and SMITH, Dublin.

No. VI. will be published in April. 3. Adabinda

Alfred Chalon, R.A. C. Heath. 4. Garden of Boccacio Thom s Stothard, R.A, Engleheart. 5. Scene at Abbotsford Edwin Landseer, A.R.A. Westwood. On the 1st of March, 1829, will be published, in three handsome 6. Love • F. P. Stephanoffe C. Heath.

volumes, imperial 8vo, price £3, 15s. in cloth, 7. Jealousy . F. P. Stephanoffe

Heath. 8. Lake Albano :: M. W. Turner, R.A. R: Walik. AN EXPOSITION of the OLD and NEW

TESTAMENT. 9. Lucy and her Bird J. M. Wright


By MATTHEW HENRY, V.D.M. 10. Lago Maggiore - • J. M. W. Turner, R.A. W. Smith.

To which are prefixed, the MEMOIRS of the LIFE, CHARACTER, 11. Border Combat - H. Corbould

C. Heath,

and WRITINOS of the Author, 12. The Tapestried ChamberF. P. Stephanoffe Goodyear.

By J. B. WILLIAMS, Esq. F.S.A. 13. Ann Page and Slender H. Richter

C. Roils.

The Publisher has the pleasure to inform the public, that 14. The Country Girl J. Holmes

C. Heath.

the first and second volumes of Matthew Henry's Commentary ure 15. Lucy on the Rock R. Westall, R.A.

C. Heath.

now ready for delivery; and the third volume, which completes 16. The Magic Mirror J, M. Wright

Portbury the work, will be ready on the first of March, in conformity with 17. A Carnival Scene F. P. Stephanoffe C. Heath. 18. Vignette Title

the original prospectus. In presenting this edition of the cele

H. Howard, R.A.

brated and invaluable Commentary of Matthew Henry to the pub 19. Presentation Plate H. Corbould

C. Heath.

lic, the Publisher has the satisfaction to state, that it will be found

to be not only the most correct edition ever published, but also The work is printed by T. Davison, in small octavo, and de- the most beautiful specimen of Stereotype Printing; the whole livered bound in crimson silk, price one guinea. A few copies being executed by Messrs Childs, of Bungay. It is also proper to are printed on royal octavo, with India proofs of the plates, price remark, that this is the only edition which contains the copious two guineas and a half.

and valuable Life of The Author, by Mr Williams, and that it is

published at little more than half the price of any other. London : Published for the Proprietor, by Hurst, CHANCE,

London : Josepx Oale ROBINSON, 42, Poultry. and Co., St Paul's Church-Yard, and R. JENNINGS, Poultry; and sold by CONSTABLE and Co. Edinburgh.

Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morn. A limited number of Proor INPRESSIONs of the Plates ing, by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLAČE: are printed on Large Paper, for the Collectors of fine Engra

Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow; W. CURRY, vings; for these early application will be necessary to R. JEN

jun. & Co Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. London; and by NINGS, %, Poultry.

du Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, through £ . d.

out the United Kingdom. Proofs, on India paper, with Etchings, 5 5 0 without Writing,

Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent free by past, 10d.

4 4 0 with Writing,

3 3 0 Ditto, plain,

2 20 Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate


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