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A FEW COPIES STILL REMAIN OF Connected with Science, Literature, and the Arts. THE KEEPSAKE, for 1829. Edited by

This day is published,

The extraordinary success of THE KEEPSAKE of 1828, has in-
By THOMAS CLARK, No. 32, George Street,

duced the Proprietor, in the hope of meriting increased patronTHE

FOREIGN REVIEW, No. v. age, to spare no exertion or expenditure in the formation of the

CONTENTS.-I. Dominion of the Moors in Spain; Per present volume and to secure for it the assistance of so many secution and Expulsion of the Moriscoes.-II. Thorlacius. An

authors of the highest eminence, that, he ventures to assert, tiquity of Rhyme.-III, Dutrochet. Most recent Discoveries

such a List of CONTRIBUTORS has never before been presented in Vegetable Physiology.-IV. German Playwrights, Grillparzer,

to the public. Klingemann, and Müllner.-V. The Politics of Italy.-V1. Big

TABLE OF CONTENTS. mark. History of Cavalry Tactics.-VII. Killgren. Swedish Poetry-VIII. Memoirs of Vidocq and Collet-JXItalian Co- My Aunt Margaret's Mirror Sir Walter Scott. medy.-X. Turkey, The Seraglio.--XI. to XVII. Short Re


Lord F. L. Gower. views of the newest Classical, Danish, German, French, Italian,

On Love

Percy Bysshe Shelley. and Spanish Publications.-XVIII. Continental Literary Intelli

The Country Girl

Wordsworth. gence.-XIX. Necrology, Monti, Remard, &c.—XX. New Fo.

The Half-Brothers

The Author of the O'Hara Tales. reign Publications. London: Printed for BLACK, YOUNG, and YOUNG, BOSSANGE,

Scraps of Italy

Lord Morpeth.
The Triad

BARTHES, and LOWELL; T. CLARK, Edinburgh; and HODGES

The Sisters of Albano

Mrs Shelley. and SMITH, Dublin.


Thomas Moore.
No.. VI. will be published in April.

Illustrations of the Characters
of Anne Page and Slender

J. Boaden,

Just published,

Apropos of Bread

Lord Nugent.

The Tapestried Chamber Sir Walter Scott.

An Attempt at a Tour

The Author of the Roue.

ING-BOOK, on an Improved Plan; or, A SERIES OF Fragments


• Percy Bysshe Shelley.

The Author of Gilbert Earle. ING IN WATER-COLOURS:


Lord Holland and H. Luttrell. Containing Directions for Sketching from Nature, and the Ap- The Laird's Jock

Sir Walter Scott. plication of Perspective; Progressive Lessons in Drawing, from The Boy and the Butterfly Crofton Croker. the tinted Sketch to the finished Subject ; and examples of the

Burnham Beeches.

Henry Luttrell, Introduction of Figures, Architectural Subjects, particular Ef- The Broken Chain

Mrs Hemans. feets, &c, as connected with Landscape Scenery. By JOHN CLARK. Illustrated by fifty-five Views from Nature, descrip- The Garden of Boccacio

Ferdinando Eboli, a Tale Mrs Shelley.

Coleridge. tive Objects, &s.

A Fragment of the History of All the views are mounted separately on drab-coloured card.

the Nineteenth Century

Sir James Mackintosh, M. P. board, in imitation of Drawings, so that the members of the

Verses on the Lazo Maggiore . Southey. most numerous family, or indeed fitty-five persons, might be oc

A Legend of Killarney Thomas Haynes Bayly. eupied in inspecting or copying from them at the same time with

The King and th Minstrel out inconvenience an advantage which does not pertain to any of Ely

}J. G. Lockhart. Drawing-Book hitherto published.

The Old Gentleman

Theodore Hook. The Aliscelaneous Subjects, Views, &c. together with the Four

An Incident

F. M. Reynolds. Parts of Descriptive Letter-Press, are all contained in a strong

A Scene at Abbotsford

Sir Walter Scott. and handsome box, covered with leather, and resembling a royal Verses

R. Bernal, M. P. 4to volume; thas presenting an elegant appearance either on the The Victim Bride

H. Harrison, library shelf or the parlour iable.


Wordsworth, 1 he price of the work is Six Guineas; a sum which does not

Clorinda, or the Necklace of exceed what is usually paid to a good Drawing-Master for twelve


Lord Normanby. lessons.

London: Printed for SAMUEL LEIGH, 18, Strand.-Orders The EMBELLISHMENTS, nineteen in number, are, if possible, received by all Booksellers.

more exquisitely finished than those of last year; and many of

the plates are considerably increased in size, and consequently, in Also recently published, for the Amusement and Instruction of value. Young Persons:




ENGRAVERS. The Second Part of Urania's Mirror, containing the 1. The Rt. Hon. Mrs Peel Sir T. Lawrence, P.R.A. C. Heath. Planets, an Orrery, &c. will shortly appear.

9. Duchess of Bedford Edwin Landseer, A.R.A. C. Heath. 2. CLARK'S PORTABLE DIORAMA, L.3, 3s. 3. Adalinda

Alfred Chalon, R.A. C. Heath. 3. MYRIORAMA, First Series, 15s.

4. Garden of Boccacio Thomas Stothard, R.A, Engleheart.

5. Scene at Abbotsford • Edwin Landseer, A.R.A. Westwood. MYRIORAMA, Second Series, L. 1,4s. 6. Love

F. P. Stephanoffe C. Heath, 5. ASSHETON'S HISTORICAL MAP OF PA. 7. Jealousy

F. P. Stephanoffe C. Heath.

8. Lake Albano LESTINE, L.1, 158. canvass and roller ; L.2,2s. full coloured and

• J. M. W. Tumer, R.A, R. Wallis.

9. Lucy and her Bird • J. M. Wright varnished, on roller ; L.1, 16s. canvass and case,

Finden. 10. Lago Maggiore J. M. W. Turner, R.A. W. Smith. 11. Border Combat - H. Corbould


12. The Tapestried ChamberF. P. Stephanoffe Goodyear. 13. Ann Page and Slender H. Richter

C. Rolls.

J. Holmes ENCYCLOPÆDIA BRITANNICA, third 14. The Country Girl

C. Heath.

15. Lucy on the Rock R. Westall, R.A. edition, with Supplement, 20 vols. 4to, several hundred

C. Heath. 16. The Magic Mirror J. M. Wright

Portbury. plates, half-bound, for £9, 98.-Rees' Cyclopædia, 15 vols. 4to,

17. A Carnival Scene F. P. Stephanoffe C. Heath. calf neat, £105, for £40 !- Encyclopædia Edinensis, with above 180 plates, 6 vols. Ito, half-bound, very neat, £14, 14s., for £8.

18. Vignette Title

H. Howard, R.A. Portbury.

19. Presentation Plate H. Corbould -Mason Good and Dr O. Gregory's Pantologia, or General Dic

C. Heath. tionary of Arts and Sciences, &c. fc. 12 vols. royal 8vo, numer- The work is printed by T. Davison, in small octavo, and deous plates, extra boards, £20, for 8, 88.-Hansard's Parlia- livered bound in crimson silk, price one guinea. A few copies mentary History and Debates, complete, from A. D. 1066 to July are printed on royal octavo, with India proofs of the plates, price 1821, 81 vols. royal 8vo, new, boards, £127, 11s. 6d., for £57, two guineas and a half. 155. ! --Shakspeare's Plays, with all the Notes, 21 vols. 8vn, calf neat, £15, 158. for £7,78.-The Scots Magazine, from 1739 to

London: Published for the Proprietor, by HURST, CHANCE, 1826, a complete set in 97 vols. 8vo, new, and neatly half-bound, and Co., St Paul's Church-Yard, and R. JENNINOS, Poultry; £35.-Constable's Edinburgh Magazine, from 1817 to 1826, com- and sold by CONSTABLE and Co. Edinburgh. plete in 197 Nambers, £12, 128., for £3, 3s.; or 18 vols. halfbound, new and neat, for £5.-Sir Walter Scott's Novels, fc. from Waverley to Woodstock, complete in 12 vols. 12mo, hand

A limited number of PROOF IMPRESSIONS of the Plates somely bound in calf, £23, 25., for £15, 155.-Dr M Knight on are printed on Large Paper, for the Collectors of fine Engrathe Epistles, 4 vols. 8vo, new, boards, £2, 10s., for 248. ---John. vings; for these early application will be necessary to R. JExson's English Dictionary, the 2 vols. folio complete in 1 vol. im- NINGS, 2, Poultry. perial 8vo, with fine portrait, cloth boards, £2, 2s., for £1, 125.,

£ .. d. AND MANY OTHERS EQUALLY CHEAP, of which a PRINTED LISI Proofs, on India paper, with Etchings, may be had gratis,

without Writing, ROBERT BUCHANAN.

with Writing,

3 No. 26, GEORGE STREET, Edinburgh.

Ditto, plain,

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seems a strange thing that the people of Great Britain must be THE TALL GENTLEMAN'S APOLOGY.

taught by the author of “Broad Grins," what is proper for them to UPBRAID me not;-I never swore eternal love to thee,

hear.-On Monday last, a bumper house was attracted to our

Theatre by Miss Isabella Paton's benefit. Between the play arid For thou art only five feet high, and I am six feet three ;

farce, her sister, Miss Eliza Paton, sung several songs, which eliI wonder, dear, how you supposed that I could look so low:

cited much applause.-We observe that the new play of “Cas 'Tis only some can tie a knot, though all may fix a beau.

wallon," in which, we believe, there is introduced a great deal

of fine old Welch music, is to be brought out here next week. Besides, you must confess, my love, the bargain scarcely fair, For never could we make a match, although we made a pair ;

Marriage, I know, makes one of two; but here's the horrid bore
The priest declares if you are one, then I at least am fout.

Feb. 7-Feb. 13.

SAT. Belle's Stratagem, No! & Turn Out.
"Tis true that moralists have said that love has got no eyes, Mox. Know your own Mind, the Romp.
But why should all my sighs be heaved for one who has no size? Tues. Charles XII., $ Ramah Droog.
And on our wedding-day I'm sure I'd leave you in the lurch, WED. Do., f Guy Mannering.
For you never saw a steeple, dear, in the inside of a church. THUR. Do., Simpson and Coin of The Miller and hu Men

FRI. Do., & Malvina.
Tis usual for a wife to take her husband by the arm,
But pray excuse me should I hint a sort of fond alarm,

That when I offered you my arm that happiness to beg,

Wrttten on seeing Mr Thom's Statues of Tam O'Shanter and Your bighest effort, dear, would be, to take me by the leg.

Souter Johnny

BY W. AINSLIE, M.D. I do admit I wear a glass, because my sight's not good,

That the great bard, what need to tell the name! But were I always quizzing you, it might be counted rude;

In other times should still more mighty be, And though I use a convex lens,--by all the gods! I hope

At Heaven's command, behold a Garrick came ;
My wife will de'er look up to me through a Herschel's telescope. And both were crown'd with immortality!

So to the earth, in these our later days,
Then fare-thee-well, my gentle one! I ask no parting kiss, Was Thom, with his soul-breathing chisel, sent;
I must not break my back to gain so exquisite a bliss;

That Burns, enwreathed in everlasting bays,
Nor will I weep lest I should hurt so delicate a flower,

Should speak again, in living adamant. The tears that fell from such a height would be a thunder shower.

Books very recently published.--Restalrig, or the Forfeiture, by Farewell! and pray don't drown yourself in a bason or a tub, the author of St Johnstoun, an Historical Novel.--Lingard's For that would be a sore disgrace to all the Six Feet Club; England, Vol. VII. Sto, £1, 155.-Tales, Characteristic and But if you ever love again, love on a smaller plan,

Descriptive, by the author of Antidote to the Miseries, &c. For why extend to six feet three, a life that's but a span! foolscap, plate, 63.-Encyclopædia Metropolitana, vol. I., First

H. G. B. Division, Pure Sciences, (to be completed in two vols,) 4to, bds.

£2, 25.–Plumbe on the Skin, 8vo, bds. 3d edit. 158.-Sir A.

Cooper on Diseases of the Chest, Part I. 4to, bds, £1, 11s. 6d. LITERARY CHIT-CHAT AND VARIETIES.

Clarke on the Teeth, 8vo. 58.-C. Morrison's Book-keeping, 8vo, half-bound, 88.--Morning and Evening Sacrifice, 6th edit.

6s. 60.-Gibbs's Defence of the Baptists, 2d edit. 8vo, 9s.--Greek MILITARY Memoirs of four Brothers who were engaged in the

Extracts, used at the Edinburgh School, 38. 6d.-Malthias's Do, service of their country in the New World, Africa, and on the

mestic Instructions, 2 vols. 18mo, 55.-Huntingford on the InContinent of Europe, is in the press, edited by the Survivor.

ternal State of the Soul, 8vo, 103. 6d.-Duffin on Deformity of The celebrated Barras, who acted so conspicuous a part in the

the Spine in Females, 8vo, 78.–Fielding's Practical Perspective, French Revolution, died a short time ago in Paris, at the age of Svo, 188.- London Pharmacopæia, with Interlinear Translations 72. He has left Memoirs of his Life and Times, which are to be by Pollok, 8vo, 6s.-Margaret Coryton, a Novel, in three vols. published.

by Leigh Cliffe, Esq. author of Parga, &c.—Wherrell's MechaThe Games at Chess, played between Edinburgh and London, nics, 8vo, 3d edit. 158.-Huntingford's Testimonies, 8vo, 10s. 6d. are about to be published here, accompanied with Notes and Rec boards.-George on the Dry Rot, 8vo, 10s. 6d. marks.

Ms Carne, the author of Letters from the East, announces a Tale of the Civil Wars, entitled Strattan Hill.

TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS. GREEK SCHOOL-BOOKS.-In noticing, a few weeks ago, a work entitled " Greek Extracts, chiefly from Attie Writers," we said that

For the author's sake, we do not intend noticing Barbour's Dalzell's “ Collectanea Minora" was the only work formerly in use

"Evenings in Greece.' for junior classes. We have since learned, that both Professor

We should wish “, Verus" to favour us with his name, in Sandford, of Glasgow, and Mr Steele, of the Leith High School,

which case we may probably make some use of the article he has had previously published books of a similar kind, -Mr Steele's sent us, though not in the shape of a review. We do not consibeing entitled “Greek Extracts, arranged under the different der the “ Puns on Paley" entitled to a place.-We suspect the Dialects."

suggestion of " A Subscriber” cannot be gone into. MUSIC.-We are happy to perceive, that the Edinburgh Pro

We shall be glad to hear again from the author of the se


al." fessional Musicians, notwithstanding the little encouragement they ing of the Sixth have this season received to proceed with their Subscription Con.

We are obliged, by the good wishes of our London Corresponcerts, have determined, at the suggestion of a considerable num. dent, who has sent us “ The Parting," of which the last verse is ber of nobility and gentlemen, to unite their efforts in one Con- the best, — cert, which is to take place on the 24th inst. We are in general

" O, ne'er did joy and grief with me liberal enough in our patronage of strangers, and we hope

Keep such convenient measure; we shall on the present occasion show ourselves equally so to

If I must lose the sight of thee, wards talent resident among us.

I pay too dear for pleasure." Theatrical Gossip.A comic piece, in three acts, called “ The “ Margaret," by “ R. W.” of Falkirk, contains some pretty Widows Bewitched," from the pen of Mr Lunn, has been played lines, bat, as a whole, is incomplete.- The same remark applies with applause at Covent Garden. An opera, called “ Yelva," to the verses by“W. M." and “ W. S. M."-If we can find room written and composed by Bishop, has entirely failed at the same for “ L. E." of Aberdeen, his Stanzas shall have a place. The theatre.-Miss Smithson, who was so much run after at Paris, has Lines on “ Ossian," on “ Burke," on “ Eliza,” and “By a Stumade an engagement with the Managers of Covent Garden. - Ma-dent," will not suit us. dame Vestris, it is said, is about to be led to the hymeneal altar ERRATUM.-In Mr Buchanan's Advertisement of Cheap Books, by somebody at Bath.-Colman, the Deputy Licenser, has advan- in our last Number, for Constable's Edinburgh Magazine, 197 ced a claim to the power of licensing Oratorios as well as plays. It Nos. £12, 125. for £3, 3s., read 107 Nos. £12, 1s., for £3, 35.


even better than he does that of the inimitable Long Tom Coffin. MONT BLANC.

-Miss Phillips has been playing Imogen, and the critics differ

about it. This very circumstance proves, that Miss Phillips is A SONNET

not a Miss O'Neil; wherever there is true genius, criticism in. (W&x Captain Markham Sherwill lately as cended to the sum- voluntarily hides its head and blushes at its own littleness. — The mit of Mont Blano, he was surprised to observe the greater annual expenses of Covent Garden amount to about fifty-four

thousand pounds, and the nightly, consequently, to between apparent distance, and feebler splendour of the moon and stars. The vault of Heaven, too, seemed higlaer, and of a darker

three and four hundred. The nightly receipts, 'on the other

hand, we are informed by the London Weekly Review, do not at colour.]

present average above one hundred and fifty pounds. The pros.

pects of the manager, therefore, must be amazingly pleasant.WHEN bold Emprise, by thrilling hopes and fears

It is said that M. Scribe, the French dramatic writer, has reali, Alternate sway'd, hath each dread peril pass'd,

sed during the year 1828, from the performance of his different And Moent Blanc's mow-bound summit reach'd at pieces, the sum of £5000. It is not every scribe that is equally last,

successful. There is to be a grand musical festival at Chester, Remoter shine the eternal starry spheres,

next September, for which Braham, W. Phillips, and Miss Pa

ton, are already engaged.-Miss Paton has been making a proMore distant walks the moon, 'mid deeper blue,

vincial tour, but returns to Covent Garden next month, and is And Heaven's vast dome dilates, and higher seems ; to appear in a new Opera by Rossini, to be called "Normans and The way-worn pilgrim sees, with wond'ring view, Saxons," the story of which is taken from “ Ivanhoe."-An Opera, Each star decline, and pale its wonted beams.

the music chiefly by Liverati, called, “Carron Side, or the Or

phan of Portugal," has been performed here, but not with the So, when Ambition hath from life's low vale

success it merits. The sudden death, as it were, of a relish for Our footsteps lured, when, danger's path defied,

dramatic entertainments in this city, is to us quite unaccountable. We've gain'd, at length, with fortune's fav’ring gale,

The receipts for the last two months cannot have averaged £20, The wish'd-for place—the pinnacle of pride

a-night, whilst the nightly expenses are £40. If this goes on, The phantom Bliss thus mocks our cheated eyes, Edinburgh must soon be without a theatre, and Mrs Siddons and For farther as we mount, the dear delusion flies!

her brother must look for that patronage in London which has G, H, G.

been denied them here. This is rather a startling truth; and we

hope such a catastrophe will be averted before it be too late. Whitehall, London.


Feb. 14.-Feb, 20,


Charles XII., $ Ramah Droog.
Mon. Do., Simpson and Co., & The Bottle Imp.

Turs. Curron Side, Pong Wong, f Charles Edward, A VOLUME of Tales, under the title of Sketches of Irish Cha- Wed. Charles XII., 'Twas 1, $ Mary Stuart, racter, from the pen of Mn S. C. Hall, the amiable and talented THUR. Carron Side, Tom Thumb, Gilderoy. editor of the Juvenile Forget-Me-Not, is announced for publica- Fri. Charles XII., The Scape Goat, 4 Ramah Droog. tion in April. The new and revised edition of the Waverley Novels, (which Part II., royal 8vo, £1, 16.Spanheim's Ecclesiastieal Annals,

Books very recently published.-Chitty's Collection of Statutes, we formerly announced) to be published in monthly volumes, is

notes by Rev. G. Wright, 8vo, 168.-Phillips' Law of Evidence, to make its appearance in June next. It is to be dedicated by seventh edition, 2 vols, royal 8vo, £2, 105.-Dr Foster on the permission to the King, and is to be embellished with frontis- Disorders of Health, 850, 75.-A Cantab's Leisure, prose and pieces and vignettes, from designs by Wilkie, Leslie, Newton, verse, by James Stringer, 2 vols. 12mo, 128.–The Bookbinder's Landseer, and other eminent artists. The general Preface will con- Manual, 18mo, boards, 2s. 6d. -Bishop Heber's Sermons, preachtain an account of the most curious and interesting circumstances ed in England, 8vo, Is. 6d.-Kewsey's Portugal Illustrated, seconnected with the original production of the different works, as cond edition, imperial 8vo, £2, 25.-Bernay's German Poetical well as of the various legends and family traditions which form Anthology, 12mo, 88, 6d.- Remains of the Rev. C. Wolfe, fourth the ground-work of the Novels. Some information will also be edition, 8vo, 128.–Vince's Hydrostatics, 8vo, sixth edition, 1s. 6d. given as to the places where the scenes are laid. The work will Rev. J. B. S. Carwithen's History of the Church of England, be exceedingly moderate in price ;-" Waverley" will be con- Part I., to the Restoration of the Church and Monarchy, in 1688, tained in two handsome volumes, and will cost only ten shillings. 2 vols. 8vo, £1, 6s.--Pollok's London Pharmacopæia, 12mo, 6s.

Sir Walter Scott's new Novel of Anne of Geierstein may be ex- bds.-Parry's Voyages, vol. VI., 18mo, 4s. bds.-Hartshorne's pected by the end of March, or early in April.

Metrical Tales, 8vo, 12. bds.
A full and general history of America, from the landing of Co-
lumbus to the present time, is announced by Mr Kendall.
An American annual, for 1829, called "The Token, a Christ-

TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS. mas and New Year's Present," has been published at Boston. It We shall present our readers in next Number with No. I. of a is much inferior to our own in point of embellishment, but con- series of papers to be entitled MORAL and MisceLLANEOUS Es, tains several highly respectable compositions both in prose and SAYS, which will be continued regularly once a-fortnight; and verse.

which we are happy to announce are to be furnished to the Edins The tenth edition of Ude's Cookery is preparing for publica- burgh Literary Journal, by various authors of established reputation. It is to have an entirely new Appendix, consisting of ob- tion. serv ations on the different meals of the day, and particularly Mr Ude's method of serving up a supper at routs and balls,-a subject “Psalmuso" defence of his article in the “Christian Instructof no little importance in the fashionable world.

or," in reply to the letter of our correspondent “ A. J.,” which Shortly will appear, Portraits of the Dead, and other Poems, appeared in our 2d No. has reached us too late for insertion, the by H. C. Deakin, Esq.

subject having been now lost sight of by our readers. ORIENTAL TINTING.-We have had an opportunity of exa- “The Innocent's Prayer" indicates a genius for poetry which mining a pretty extensive collection of birds, flowers, butterflies, time will improve. "Une Dame de cinque pieds” is witty and &c. executed in this style of art by Mr and Mrs Cruickshank, amusing.—"The Crucifixion” is vigorous, but imperfect. We who have recently visited Edinburgh, with the view of teaching regret that none of the effusions of “ B." of Aberdeen will this accomplishment to young ladies and others. Nothing can suit us.-“ J. L" is good enough to say that we “shall hear exceed the brilliant effect which their mode of laying on the co- from him ere long in a strain diametrically different;" we ferlours produees, and as the pupil is perfected in twelve lessons, the vently hope so.—There is a good deal of power in the ballad of art is well worth the attention of our fair townswomen, as afford. “Weningsfeld's Daughter," and some of the stanzas are exceling a graceful and elegant amusement for their leisure hours. lent; but the catastrophe is too feebly brought out, and there

Theatrical Gossip.-Peake's new farce, called "Master's Ri- are too many carelessnesses to admit of publication, val, or a Day at Boulogne," has been successful at Drury Lane; We beg our Correspondents to understand, that we cannot unListon played the principal part.- Cooper's novel of " The Red dertake, in all cases, to return the manuseript of those producRover” has been dramatised with great eclat at the Adelphi ;- tions with which they may favour us; and we hope, therefore, our old friend T. P. Cooke sustaining the part of Fid, a sailor, they will retain copies in their own possession.

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