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SCULPTURE, AND ARCHITECTURE. Connected with Science, Literature, and the Arts.


DEMY is now Open at their Rooms, 24, Waterloo Place, New Works just published by

By order of the Council. HURST, CHANCE, & CO., LONDON.

WM. NICHOLSON, Secretary.

Open from Nine till Dusk.-Admission, 1s. Season Tickets, 58.


THOMAS ROSCOE. Esq. 83. Among the List of contributors to this Volume will be found COFFEE Roasted every Day, at JOHN REID'S, the names of Mrs Opie, Mrs Hemans, Miss Aikin, Miss Porter,

No. 22, South Frederick Street. Miss Emily Taylor, the Misses Strickland, the Rev. H. Stebbing.

of whom may be had (gratis to Coffee Customers,) William and J. E. Roscoe, the late Mr John Taylor, Thomas Jevons, Thomas Pringle, D. L. Richardson, the Authors of REMARKS on COFFEE, with Directions for * Tales of the Munster Festivals," and " Gomez Arias," &c. &c. making it.

The Illustrations consist of Eight beautiful Line Engravings on " Any person who wishes to learn the medicinal properties of Steel. (Wood Engravings being excluded,) some of which are exe- Coffee, and the mode of roasting and grinding it, had better con, cuted by, and the whole under the immediate superintendence sult this little Book."-Edinburgh Observer. of, Mr Charles Heath. II.

This day is published, POETICALSKETCHES. By A LARIC A. WATTS.

With 3 beautiful plates, Fourth Edition, foolscap, 88.

In two vols. 12mo, price Is. boards,


BY THE AUTHOR OF WATTS. One vol. post 8vo, price 12s. boards.


Published by WESTLEY and Davis, London ; Joux BOYD, GOMEZ ARIAS, a Spanish Historical Romance. Edinburgh; and G. Tyrrell, Dublin. By Don TelesFOXO DE TRUEBA Y Cosio. 3 vols. 12mo, price L.1, 7s. boards. V.

This day is published, THE AMERICANS AS THEY ARE. By the

BY JOHN BOYD, 37, GEORGE STREET, Author of " Austria as it is."

Price Is , Svo, stitched. One vol. post 8vo, price 8s. 6d. boards,


in the Establishment of the MESSIAH'S KINGDOM duAUSTRIA AS IT IS. One vol. post 8vo, price ring the MILLENNIUM. 88. 6d. boards.


Also, recently published, A POPULAR AND PRACTICAL TREATISE

I. ON MASONRY AND STONE CUTTING. By PETER NI. ON the JUDGMENT in MATTHEW, XXV., as conclusive of CHOLSON, Esq., Architect and Engineer, Author of " The Archi

MESSIAH'S PERSONAL ADVENT IN HIS MILLENNIAL tectural Dictionary," " The Carpenter's Guide,” &c. &c. One

KING DOM, with Preliminary Observations. Also, some REvol. royal 8vo, with forty-three copperplates, price L.1, 8s. MARKS on certain TEXTS of SCRIPTURE which are supposed VIII.

to militate against this Doctrine. FENNER'S ATLAS MODERN and ANCIENT By JAMES THOMSON, Esq. M.D. Hampstead, GEOGRAPHY, comprised in 80 Maps, including the different

Price 4s., quarto, sewed, States as divided according to the Treaty of Peace by Congress,

11. in 1815 ; also the LATE DISCOVERIES of PARRY, Ross, PAPERS read before the SOCIETY for the INVESTIGA. PRANKLIN, &c., and a Plate of the Comparative Height of Moun. TION of PROPHECY. Prove all things : hold fast that which tains, and Length of Rivers. In one volume, neatly half-bound, is good."-Price 7s. quarto, sewed. plain, price L.1, 1s, FENNER'S ATLAS of MODERN and ANCIENT GEO

II. GRAPHY, beautifully coloured in outline, price L.1, 11s. 6d.

A DEFENCE of the STUDENTS of PROPHECY, in Answer The Modern Atlas, separately, half-bound, plain, price 14s.

to the ATTACK of the Rev. Dr. HAMILTON of Strathblane.coloured, price L.1, ls.

Price 3s., 8vo, sewed.
The Ancient Atlas, separately, half bound, plain, price 98

coloured, price 125.

DIALOGUES ON PROPHECY. Part'x. To be continued.

Price 23. 6d. 8vo, sewed.
POEMS. A New Edition, with Plates by George Cruikshanks,

This day is published, price 9s.


In 3 vols. 8vo, price £1, 11s. 6d. boards,

of the Leading Events of the Greek Revolution. By a Young
English Volunteer in the Greek service. 2 vols. price L.1, Is.


By the Rev. EDWARD IRVING, M. A.

Minister of the National Scotch Church, Regent Square.

Contents. of CHRISTIANITY, and of the Missionary Establishments for Vol. 1.-SIX SERMONS on The DOCTRINE of the INCARits Propagation in all Parts of the World, 12mo, price 98.


Vol. 11.-SIX LECTURES on the PARABLE of the SOWER.


LANDS. By DERWENT CONWAY, 2 vols. post 8vo, price 16s.

Lately published,
OX, 5s.


to be the “PERILOU3 Times" of the “ LAST DAYS." By the THE CHRISTIAN'S JANUAL of PRAYERS Rev. EDWARD IRVING, M. A. Price 12s. 8vo, boards. for every Morning and Evening in the Week. By Thomas CarPENTER. Price 25.

Shortly will be published, xv.


WALKER'S Pronunciation. Printed in Diamond Type, by SUPPER.
Corrall, royal 32mo, roan, price 43. 6d.

II. The CONFESSIONS of FAITH, with the
JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY, Printed verbatim the CHURCH of SCOTLAND, about ths time of the REFOR-

Book of DISCIPLINE, and other DOCUMENTS put forth by from the last Folio Edition Corrected by the Doctor. In one MATION, with an INTRODUCTORY PREFACE. By the Rev. large volume, imperial 8vo, price L.2, 25.


Preparing for early publication,

Beautifully Printed by Ballantyne, on Foolscap 8ro,

On the 7th March, will be published, price 3s. Ed, extra clo DRAMATIC SKETCHES,

boards, or 5s, fine paper,


Edinburgh: CONSTABLE & Co., 19, Waterloo Place.


Published at the Shop of D. LIZARS, 5, South St David Street, NORWAY, PART OF SWEDEN,

Price Nine Shillings,

With Observations on the Management of the Diseases of


DERWENT CONWAY, “ We warmly recommend this book to all Females, who have

Author of “ Solitary Walks through many Lands ;" any regard for their own health, or for the health of the Children whom nature or circumstances may have placed under their pro

VORMING THE THIRTY-EIGHTR VOLUHR tection."-Vide Critical Review.

This day is published, price 1s. 6d.

A CURE for PAUPERISM, proposed in a Let-


With this and every succeeding volume, will be given, in ter to the Rev. Dr CHALMERS, and recommended to

addition to the usual back-title of the Miscellany, one for each public attention by the Right Hon. Sir JOHN SINCLAIR, Bart.

work as a separate book, which may be substituted for the other By the Rev. ADAM THOMSON, Coldstream.

at the pleasure of the purchaser,--those for the previous voludes: Published by J. LOTHIAN, Edinburgh; M. OGLE, Glasgow; may be had of the publishers. and sold by LEADBETTER, Kelso; MELROSE, Berwick; and WILSON, Coldstream.


1. HISTORY of the RISE and PROGRESS of ARCHITECLately published,

TURE, SCULPTURE, and PAINTING, Ancient and Modern. Handsomely printed, in 3 vols., lomo, sold separately,

By J. S. Memes, LL. D. Author of “ The Life of Canova," &e.

1 vol. LIVES of the principal SCOTTISH MARTYRS

2. HISTORY of the TURKISH or OTTOMAN EMPIRE, - viz. HAMILTON, 3s. 6d. ; W1SHART, 3s. 6d.; WALLACE from its establishment in 1326 to 1828; comprising a Preliminary and Mill, 3s. 6d.

Discourse on the Arabs, and also the Life of Mahommed and his Connected with the same interesting period of Scottish history, Successors. By EDWARD UPHAM, Esq. Author of “ Rameses, The LIFE of the celebrated REGENT MORAY. 18mo, 4s.


3. HISTORY of the REBELLIONS in IRELAND in the In the Press, and will appear in a few days, by the same author, years 1798 and 1803.

The LIFE and OPINIONS of GEORGE BU. CHANAN, serving to illustrate the Literary and Political State

WORKS LATELY PUBLISHED, of Scotland in the 16th century, 18mo, 3s. 6d. The above five volumes complete the History of the Reli

Forming recent volumes of the Miscellany. gious, Literary, and Political State of Scotland at the above pe

Vols. XXVII. XXVIII. riod; and are well adapted for Country Libraries.

MEMORIALS of the LATE WAR; viz. JOURNAL of a On Monday will be published, price 1s. THE EDINBURGH THEOLOGICAL MAGA. ding particulars of ihe Battles of Vimeira, Vittoria, the Pyrenees,

SOLDIER of the 7160 REGIMENT, from 1806 to 1815, incluZINE. No. XXXIX. for March.

Toulouse, and Waterloo.-A NARRATIVE of the Operations Printed for J. LOTHIAN, Edinburgh ; M. OGLE, Glasgow; W. and Memorable Retreat of the British Army in Spain, under the CURRY, Jun. & Co. Dublin; and J. DUNCAN, London.

Command of Sir John Moore, in 1808 ; with Details of the Battle

of Corunna, &c. &c. By Adam Neale, M. D. one of the Physi. CHARLES MACKENZIE,

cians to his Majesty's Forces during that Expedition. The

EARL of HOPETOUN'S DISPATCH after the Battle of Co2; West Register Street, corner of Prince's Street, runna, and other Documents.-REMINISCENCES of a CAM.

PAIGN in the PYRENEES and South of FRANCE in 1814. RESPECTFULLY intimates that he has just | By John MALCOLM, Esq. MEMOIRS of the WAR of the Published a List of a Valuable Collection of BOOKS, now

FRENCH in SPAIN. By M. De Rocca. Translated from the on Sale at his premises, at the very low prices affixed; among

French." 2 vols. which are copies of the following, at the reduced prices quoted :

Vols. XXIX, XXX. Lockhart papers, 2 vols. 4to, bds, £2, 2s. £1, 108.-Bruce's A TOUR in GERMANY, &c. in 1820, 1821, 1822 By JOEN Travels, 7 vols. 8vo, bds. £4, 10s.- Encyclopædia Britannica, RUSSELL, Esq. Advocate. 2 vols. 20 vols. 1to, sixth edition, bds. £32, £17.–Bateman and Wilan's Delineations of Cutancous Diseases, good impressions, published

Vols. XXXI. XXXII. at £12, 12s. for £7, 75.-Bacon's Works, 5 vols. 8vo, bds. £5, 5s. The REBELLIONS in SCOTLAND under MONTROSE, £2, 15s. 60.-Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica, 4 vols. 4to, calf, neat, from 1638 to 1660. By ROBERT CHAMBERS, Author of " The £12, 158. £6, 6s.-Gibbon's Rome, 12 vols. 8vo, calf, £5, £2, Rebellion of 1745." 2 vols. 12s. 6d. Do. 8 vols. bds. £3, 4s. £2.-Malthus on Population, 3 vols. 8vo, half-bd. £2, 2s. £1, 58. 6d.-Labourne's Campaign

Vols. XXXIII. XXXIV. XXXV. in Russia, scarce, 125.- Hume's England, 8 vols. 8vo, bds. £2, HISTORY of the PRINCIPAL REVOLUTIONS in EU165. £1, 10s.-Edinburgh Magazine, (being a new series of the ROPE, from the Subversion of the Roman Empire in the Scots Magazine,) from August 1817, to June 1826, 18 vols. half- West, till the Abdication of Bonaparte. Translated from the bd. £12, 10s. £3, 38.—Shakspeare, 7 vols. 24mo, (Whittingham's French of C. G. Koch. By Andrew CRICHTON. 3 vols. edition,) elegantly bound in green morocco, £4, 11s. £2. 188. 6d. -Wernerian Society Transactions, 3 vols. 8vo, bds. £1, s.

Vols. XXXVI. XXXVII. Dwight's Theology, 5 vols. 8vo, bds. £2, £1, 8s. Do. 5 vols. NARRATIVE of_a PEDESTRIAN JOURNEY through 18mo, £1, 5s. 16s. 6d.- Josephus's Works, 4 vols. 8vo, boards, Russia and Siberian Tartary; from the Frontier of China to the £2, 28. 12. 60.-Swift's Works, 19 vols. Svo, bds. £8, 11, £5.- Frozen Sea, and Kamtchatka. By Captain J. D. Cochrane, R.N. Parkhurst's Greek Lexicon, £1, 1s. 145.-Do. Hebrew Lexicon, 2 vols. A new edition, with five engravings. £1, 1s. 148.- Rollin's Ancient History, 6 vols. 8vo, half-bound,

Edinburgh: CONSTABLE & Co., 19, Waterloo Place; and £2, 14s. £1, 5s.-Murray's History of European Languages, 2 vols. 8vo, £1, 85. £1.-Oxberry's Dramatic Biography and His

HURST, CHANCE, & Co., London. trionic Anecdotes, with numerous Portraits, 6 vols. 18mo, bds. £1, 78. 158. 60.-Hogg's (The Ettrick Shepherd) Poetical Works, 4 vols. foolscap 8r0, £ì, 106. 128. Ilustrations of Marmion, Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morn. painted by Singleton, and engraved by Heath, 12s. 3s. 6d. - A

ing, by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLAČE; New Biographical Dictionary of 8000 Contemporary Public ChaTacters, British and Foreign, of all ranks and professions, full of

Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow; W. CURBT, portraits, 6 vols. 12mo, bds. £1, 11s. 6d. £1.-Hume and Smol- jun. & Co. Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. London; and by lett's England, 13 vols. 8vo, bd. £5, 5s. £2, 12s. 6d. - Dove's Eng

áll Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughlish Classics, with engravings by Heath, Finden, and others, from

out the United Kingdom. designs by Corbould, 25 per cent below selling price. This List may be had gratis, at the premises, or it may be sen

Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent free by post, 10d. to the country by Carrier, or through the post, charged as a single letter.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate.


ous and solid information of the more elaborate Reviews, with

the interest and amusing varieties of a Literary Newspaper, the Connected with Science, Literature, and the Arts. Projectors of the EDINBURGH LITERARY GAZETTE have deter

mined to commence their labours; fully convinced, that with the resources at their command, nothing but publicity and perseve

rance are wanting to crown their efforts with success. With reBOOKS at Greatly Reduced Prices, sold by gard to the practical part of the work, they pledge themselves that

neither exertion nor expense shall be spared. As for the nature CHARLES SMITH, No. 25, SOUTK HANOVER STREET, EDINBURGH,

and arrangement of the contents, a very few words will suffice. A very fine copy of Sir WALTER TT'S NOVELS.

It were easy to frame a specious and imposing Prospectus, which TALES, and ROMANCES, complete from Waverley to Wood

too frequently amounts to nothing more than an abstract theory tock, 32 vols. 8vo, handsomely bound, £25, 12s., for £20.

of good intentions--a mere anticipation of ideal excellence, raSCOTTS (Rev. THOMAS) BIBLE, 6 vols. 4to, bds., £8, 8s.,

ther than a true index of the intended performance. Avoiding

all such ostentatious display, the conductors of the EDINBURGH for £6, 16s. 6d.

LITERARY GAZerts will make no promises on their part, and Another copy, handsomely bound, imitation purple morocco,

excite no expectations in the public, which they are not amply £13, 13s. for £11, 11s.

prepared to realize.

The following they submit as an outline of HUME'S ENGLAND, 8 vols. 8vo, 30s. HENRY'S BRITAIN, 12 vols. Svo, 84s., for 36s.

its general features, and of what its several departments are to GIBBON'S ROME, & vols. 8vo, 61s., for 425.

comprehend :

1. Original Essays and Discussions on Literary or Scientific Sub. Also, many other Books at Reduced Prices, a List of which

jects ; Sketches of Men and Manners; Biographies of the late may be had on application.

and living Poets of Great Britain; of eminent Characters and *. A Young Man, of good Education and Address, wanted as

Individuals remarkable in History. Each number will coman Apprentice.

mence with an original article of this description.

II. Reviews of New Publications, especially such as issue from CHARLES MACKENZIE,

the Scottish Press. In this department, means and opportuni

ties are provided for supplying the reader with early, accurate, 2, West Register Street, corner of Prince's Strect, and interesting intelligence. By a regular correspondence open

ed with London, Notices and Reviews of important Works will RESPECTFULLY intimates that he has just be obtained, frequently before the Books themselves can reach Published a List of a Valuable Collection of BOOKS, now

Scotland. The opinions of the Edinburgh Literary Gazette on Sale at his premises, at the very low prices affixed; among

shall be pronounced in all cases with freedom and impartiality; which are copies of the following, at the reduced prices quoted :

founded exclusively on the merits of the author, apart from any Lockhart papers, 2 vols. 4to, bds. £2, 2s. £1, 10s.-Bruce's

of those influential or mercenary considerations which occaTravels, 7 vols. 8vo, bds. £4, 10s.- Encyclopædia Britannica,

sionally bias and degrade the spirit of periodical criticism. 20 vols. Ito, sixth edition, bds. £32, £17.

Bateman and Willan's

III. Miscellaneous Selections, containing Extracts from Books of Delineations of Cutancous Diseases, good impressions, published

Voyages and Travels, Scientific Journals, Scarce, Old, and Cu. at £12, 12s. for £7, 78.-Bacon's Works, 5 vols. 8vo, bds. £5, 5s.

rious Works, &c. As much of what is valuable or entertaining £2, 15s. 60.-Watt's Bibliotheca Britannica, 4 vols. Ito, calf, neat,

in expensive publications, as well as in the fugitive and perish£12, 15s. £6, 6s. Gibbon's Rome, 12 vols. 8vo, calf, £5, £2,

able Literature of the day,cannot possibly come within the reach 12s. 64. Do. 8 vols. bds. £3, 1s. £2.-Malthus on Population,

of ordinary readers, the Edinburgh Literary Gazette will devole 3 vols. 8vo, half-bd. £2, 2s. £1, 5s. 6d.--Labourne's Campaign

a portion of each Number to a judicious selection of the best in Russia, scarce, 12s. - Hume's England, 8 vols. 8vo, bds. £2,

passages to be found among those miscellaneous stores which 168. £1, 10s.-Edinburgh Magazine, (being a new series of the

the press is pouring out in such abundance. It will thus serve Scots Magazine,) from August 1817, to June 1826, 18 vols. half

as a repository for treasuring up many little gems of knowbd. £12, 10s. £3, 3s.-Shakspeare, 7 vols. 24mo, (Whittingham's

leilge, which otherwise must have been buried in the general edition,) elegantly bound in green morocco, £4, 118. £2. 188. 6d.

mass; and it will have the merit of performing an equal be-Wernerian Society Transactions, 3 vols. 8vo, bds. £1, 15.

nefit to the author and to the reader,-to the author, whose Dwight's Theology, 5 vols. 8vo, bds. £2, £1, 8s. Do. 5 vols.

talents are reprieved from comparative oblivion; and to the 18mo, £1, 5s. 163. 64.-Josephus's Works, 4 vols. 8vo, boards,

reaster, who will purchase his amusement at a disproportionate £2, 2s. 128. 60.-Swift's Works, 19 volg. 8vo, bds. £8, 11, £5,

price of time and labour. Under this head will also be included Parkhurst's Greek Lexicon, £1, ls. 148.--Do. Hebrew Lexicon,

Anecdotes and Fragments from Foreign Publications, with £1, 1s. 148.-Rollin's Ancient History, 6 vols. 8vo, half-bound,

Translations from modern French, Italian, German, and Da£9, 145. £1, 5s.-Murray's History of European Languages, 2

nish Writers, &c. Fols. 8vo, £1, 8s. £1.-Oxberry's Dramatic Biography and His

IV. Original Communications in Prose and Verse, comprising trionic Anecdotes, with numerous Portraits, 6 vols. 18mo, bds.

Tales and Sketches; the proceedings of Literary and Philoso£1, 7s. 15s.6d.-Hogg's (The Ettrick Shepherd) Poetical Works,

phical Societies; brief notices of Inventions and Improvements 4 vols. foolscap sro, £i, 10s. 12s. Illustrations of Marmion,

In Arts and Science; curious Facts in Natural History, Statispainted by Singleton, and engraved by Heath, 125. 33. 6d.--A tics, Mechanics, or whatever else may be found useful, instrucNew Biographical Dictionary of 8030 Contemporary Public Cha

tive, or entertaining, in the circle of popular knowledge. racters, British and Foreign, of all ranks and professions, full of

V. Fine Arts; or Notices of Exhibitions of Paintings, Engraportraits, 6 vols. 12mo, bds. £1, lls. 6d. £1.--Hume and Smol- vings, Statuary. &c. with Criticisms on the respective merits of lett's England, 13 vols. 8vo, bd. £5, 5s. £2, 12s. 6d.-Dove's Eng

Artists and their works.-The Drama, both in Edinburgh and lish Classics, with engravings by Heath, Finden, and others, from

London; Remarks on eminent Actors, and New Theatrical designs by Corbould, 25 per cent below selling price.

Pieces, &c. will be found duly recorded in the columns of the This List may be had gratis, at the premises, or it may be sent

GAZETTE. A regular summary will also be given of Literary to the country by Carrier, or through the post, charged as a

Novelties, both at home and abroad: Works in the Press,

New Publications, &c. The two concluding pages will be al. single letter.

lotted to Advertisements, restricted exclusively to Literary and

Scientific subjects.
In April will appear the First Number of

Having thus stated what is the purport and internal arrangeTHE EDINBURGH LITERARY GAZETTE. ment of the EDINBURGH LITERARY GAZETTE, the Projectors

have only farther to add, that the most ample and efficient assistTo be published every Saturday morning.

ance has been secured. Each department will have its own appro

priate Contributors, on whose judgment and abilities the public THE purpose and value of a JOURNAL con

may rely with confidence. Without affecting any boastful preducted on the excellent plan of the London Literary Ga- tensions of ways and means, or making an empty parade of names, zette, containing critical notices of New Works, and forming a

they may be permitted to state, that in their list of auxiliaries will Compend of General Literature, are so universally understood as

be found names which already have done honour to Modern Lito render exposition superfluous. For a Periodical of this descrip

terature; and when writers such as The Author of THE CONFEStion Edinburgh affords peculiar facilities. As the seat of a flou

siONS OF AN OPIUM EATER,-DELTA of Blackwood's Magazine, rishing University, and of one of the great European Libraries, il

-and Mr CRICHTox, the Translator of Koch's Revolutions of has long held an eminent rank in the republic of Letters and Europe, are mentioned, it will be some guarantee of what the with reference to the trade of literature, it is the second publish. public have to expect. Finally, though the l'ROJECTORS may ing market in the British Empire. It is the residence, or at least not perhaps be able at once to develope their plan fully, and in the occasional resort, of all the nobility, learning, and wealth of the all its parts, they feel assured that any primary obstacles will country, and it forms the common centre of attraction for connois- speedily be overcome. They will be content to peril the eharacter seurs, artists, and men of science-the national mart where alone

and success of the whole undertaking on the first six Numbers of their genius and their works can be adequately appreciated and re

the work. warded. With all these advantages, it must be considered rather extraordinary, that in a city so distinguished, no work of the kind The EDINBURGH LITERARY GAZETTE will be printed on a now projected should have hitherto existed. At this moment it sheet equal in size to the largest Literary Paper in Britain, and is the subject both of surprise and reproach, that Edinburgh pos- will be published, at No. 10, Prince's Street, the premises occusesses nothing in the shape of an exclusively Literary Paper at pied by the late Mr Constable,) where Subscriptions and Adverall corresponding with her resources, or worthy of her literary

tisements will be received. A list of Agents will be given in a fufame. A Register or Journal of Criticism, unmixed with politics, ture Advertisement. In the meantime, orders, &c. will be recombining an ample review of the current Literature of the coun- ceived and transmitted by all respectable Newsmen and Booksel. try, with an account of the progress and improvements in Science lers throughout the United Kingdom. and the Arts, must be regarded as a desideratum which the Scot- Price of each Number 8d. unstamped ; or is, stamped, sent tish press has yet to supply.

free by Post. Anxious to avail themselves of these local advantages, and to Edinburgh, No. 10, Prince's Street, furnish the British public with a work that shall unite the copi.

March 2, 1829



CONSTABLE'S MISCELLANY. peated to them differently from the manner in which it was first

told. This day is published, price 3s. 6d, extra cloth boards, or 5s.

But without altering, in the slightest degree, either the story, fine paper,

or the mode of telling it, the Author has taken this opportunity A PERSONAL NARRATIVE

to correct errors of the press and slips of the peo. That such OF A

should exist cannot be wondered at, when it is considered that the Publishers

found it their interest to hurry through the press JOURNEY

a succession of the early editions of the various Novels, and that

the Author had not the usual opportunity of revision. It is NORWAY, PART OF SWEDEN, hoped that the present edition will be found free from errors of

that accidental kind. AND THE

The Author has also ventured to make some emendations of ISLANDS AND STATES OF DENMARK, a different character, which, without being such apparent deviaBY

tions from the original stories as to disturb the reader's old assoDERWENT CONWAY,

ciations, will, he thinks, add something to the spirit of the diaAuthor of " Solitary Walks through many Lands ; " logue, narrative, or description. These consist in occasional FORMING THE THIRTY-EIGHTH VOLUME OP

pruning where the language is redundant, compression where the CONSTABLE'S MISCELLANY.

style is loose, infusion of vigour where it is languid, the exchange

of less forcible for more appropriate epithets-slight alterations, With this and every succeeding volume, will be given, in in short, like the last touches of an artist, which contribute to addition to the usual back-title of the Miscellany, one for each heighten and finish the picture, though an inexperienced eye can work as a separate book, which may be substituted for the other hardly detect in what they consist. at the pleasure of the purchaser,-those for the previous volumes The General Preface to the new Edition, and the Introduetory may be had of the publishers.

Notices to each separate work, will contain an account of such Edinburgh: Printed for CONSTABLE & Co.; and Hurst, circumstances attending the first publication of the Novels and CHANCE, & Co., London.

Tales, as may appear interesting in themselves, or proper to be

communicated to the public. The Author also proposes to pubWAVERLEY NOVELS.

lish, on this occasion, the various legends, family traditions, or obscure historical facts, which have formed the ground-work of

these Novels, and to give some account of the places where the On the first of June will be published,

scenes are laid, when these are altogether, or in part, real; as INSCRIBED BY PERMISSION

well as a statement of particular incidents founded on fact; to To the King's Most Gracious Majesty,

gether with a more copious Glossary, and Notes explanatory of

the ancient customs, and popular superstitions, referred to in the VOLUME FIRST,


Upon the whole, it is hoped that the Waverley Novels, in their THE WAVERLEY NOVELS;

new dress, will not be found to have lost any part of their attrae

tions in consequence of receiving illustrations by the Author, and TO BE CONTINUED IN MONTHLY VOLUMES, REVISED AND

undergoing his careful revision.

ABBOTSFORD, January 1829.

This Edition will not only be improved in the manner just

stated, but also enriched by the pencils of the emninent Artists AND NOTES, HISTORICAL AND ILLUSTRATIVE, BY who have been engaged to embellish it; among these may be THE AUTHOR.


DAVID WILKIE. R.A. ; E Embellished with Frontispieces and Vignette Titles, from Designs


LIE, R. A.; ABRAHAM COOPER, R.A.; A. E. CHalos, R.A. ; Executed expressly for the present Edition, by the




The engravings will be executed on sterl, by There are few circumstances in the history of letters more re- CHARLES HEATH; WILLIAM FINDEN; CHARLES ROLLes remarkable than the rise and progress of the WAVERLEY No- JAMES MITCHELL; F. ENGLEHEART; AMBROSE WARREN ; VELS. Unlike most other productions of genius, they had ROBERT GRAVES; J. C. EdwakDs; W. J. Coorx; w. no infancy to struggle with, but reached at once the highest Ensom; DAVENPORT: SHENTON; DUNCAN; MILLER : point of public favour,-a station which they have ever since

and other eminent Engravers. maintained with undiminished popularity, The circulation of these works having been hitherto confined,

PLAN OF THE WORK. in a great degree, to the wealthier ranks of society, the Proprie- 1. The size to be royal 18mo, printed in the very best manner, tors have resolved to place them within the reach of readers of and hot pressed ; each volume to contain about 100 pages, price all classes, by republishing them in a less costly, but at the same 5s. done up in cloth. time more elegant shape, and with the additional advantage of a II. The publication to commence on 1st June next; and to be periodical issue.

continued regularly, on the first day of each month, till the whole The Publishers have therefore the honour of announcing the is completed. speelv commencement of a New Edition, to be published in Ill. Each volaine to have a Frontispicce and Vignette title. MONTHLY VOLUMES.

page, both containing subjects illustrative of the Norel to which In this undertaking they have had the cheerful co-operation of they are attached. the Author himself, who has not only revised every one of the IV. The Work will be completed in Forty VOLUMEs, comNovels, but has added Explanatory Notes, and a new Introduc-mencing wiih WAVERLEY, and closing with WooDSTOCK. The tion to each of them.

Author's additions will form about two of these Forty Volumes The nature and extent of these corrections and additions will *** The Edition is so far advanced at press, that regularity of be best understood by giving entire, from Volume First, The publication may be depended on; and, to such subscribers as may AUTHOR'S ADVERTISEMENT.

wish to have some of the Novels

complete on the appearanee It has been the occasional occupation of the Author of Waver

of the first volume of each respectively, the Publishers have to ley, for several years past, to revise and correct the voluminous

state, that the whole of WAVERLEY may be had on the first of series of Novels which pass under that name; in order that, if June, in 2 vols. for 10s.

And, in like manner, they should ever appcar as his avowed productions, he might render them in some degree deserving of a continuance of the pub

GUY MANNERING, in 2 vols, on the 1st of August.

THE ANTIQUARY, in 2 vols, on the 1st of October. lic favour with which they have been honoured ever since their first appearance. For a long period, however, it seemed likely

Rob Roy, in 2 vols, on the 1st of December. that the improved and illustrated edition which he meditated

As well as such others, during the progress of the Edition, se would be a posthumous publication. But the course of events,

its arrangement enables the Publishers to deliver in complet

Tales. which occasioned the disclosure of the Author's name, having, in a great m asure, restored to him a sort of parental control over

The public are respectfully

requested to inspect the Designs and these Works, he is naturally induced to give them to the press in

Engravings at the premises of the Publishers, a corrected, and, he hopes, an improved form, while life and

And at Moon, Boys, and GRAVES, Printsellers to his Majesty, health permit the task of revising and illustrating them. Such

6, Pall Mall, London, by whom they will be sold separately, as being his purpose, it is necessary to say a few words on the plan

will be af. Twards announced. of the proposed Edition.

Printed for CADELL & Co. Edinburgh; SIMPKIN & MARIn stating it to be revised and corrected, it is not to be inferred

SHALL, London; and to be had of every Bookseller throughout that any attempt is made to alter the tenor of the stories, the cha

the Kingdom. racter of the actors, or the spirit of the dialogue. There is no doubt ample room for emendation in all these points, but where | Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morn. the tree falls it must lie. Any attempt to obviate criticism, how. ing, by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; ever just, by altering a work already in the hands of the public, Sold also by RoRERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow; W. CURRY, is generally unsuccessful. In the most improbable fiction, the jun. & Co. Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. London; and by reader still desires some air of vraisemblance, and does not relish all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughthat the incidents of a tale familiar to him should be altered to out the United Kingdom. suit the taste of critics, or the caprice of the author himself. This process of feeling is so natural, that it may be observed even in

Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent free by post, 10d. children, who cannot endure that a nursery story should be re- Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate.

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