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We understand that Messrs Anderson and Hunter, the pub- cal press, indicates a degree of unphilosophical self-sufficiency, lishers of the Map of the Basin of the Frith of Forth, which we pardonable only in one who feels that his last resource is to brazen lately noticed, are to publish this summer a Map of the Basin of out his fate, the Tay, including the greater part of Perthshire, Strathmore,

Theatrical Gossip.-A new play, called “The Partisans," writthe Braes of Angus, &c. The Map is to be accompanied by a

ten by Planché, has been brought out at Drury Lane with much work, entitled, “ The Topography of the Basin of the Tay;"

The scene is laid in Paris in 1649. Liston plays a prinand it is expected that they will be found exceedingly useful both cipal part in a manner with which the London critics are greatly to travellers and persons residing in that district. Mr Knox's delighted.—Miss Smithson has appeared in Juliet ; but it wont do. skill, who is to execute the Map, has been generally acknow- Miss Smithson is universally damned, with the assurance that she ledged; and in proof of it, it is only necessary to mention his four

is a respectable actress. If a steam-boat is to be had at any town sheet Map of Mid-Lothian.

on the English coast, let her return with all expedition to la belle Observations on the Rural Affairs of Ireland; or, a Practical France. - The Haymarket Theatre is to open on the 15th of June. Treatise on Farming, Planting, and Gardening, adapted to the

Farren, Cooper, Vining, Miss F. Kelly, Mrs Glover, and Mrs Circumstances, Resources, Soil, and Climate of that country, in Humby, commence the campaign. Liston, too, is engaged for cluding some remarks on the reclaiming of Bogs and Wastes, and

six weeks.—The English Opera House is to open on the 1st of a few Hints on Ornamental Gardening, By Joseph LAMBERT, July; Sapio and Miss Paton are to be of the company-We ob Esq. will be published in Dublin in a few days.

serve that Mrs T. Hill of our Theatre has made a very judicious Tales of the Irish Peasantry, containing-Introduction-The selection of pieces for her benefit, which takes place this evening. Wedding The Wake-The Funeral—The Party Fight-The

WEEKLY List or PERFORMANCES. Battle of the Factions—The Hedge School-The Station, are announced by Messrs CURRY & Co. of Dublin.

May 23—29. A History of the French Newspaper press, which, it is said, will SAT. Rob Roy, No! & Paul and Virginia. contain some curious information, has been announced at Paris. Mon. Simpson and Co., a Concert, Mr Tomkins, & the ScapeCaptain Frankland, R.N. is about to publish an account of his

Goat. visit to Constantinople.

TUES. Jane Shore, & Gilderoy. Mr Doddridge Humphreys, the grandson of Dr Doddridge, WED. Ways and Means, a Concert, He Lies like Truth, f The has been some time engaged in preparing for publication the

Little Jockey. Diary and Correspondence of that celebrated Divine ; and the Thurs. Sweethearts und Wives, The Rendezvous, & The Gentke work will be presented to the public shortly.

Shepherd. Mr Banim's “ Battle of the Boyne" is among the most recent FRI. Paul Pry, $ Charles XII. translations of our abundant works of fiction into the French tongue.


The present Number concludes the First Volume of the Epixhabit of looking upon Switzerland as the country of independence

DURGH LITERARY JOURNAL, and with it will be delivered a Title and political freedom par excellence. The state of the press in that

page and Index. We hope our readers will now be inclined country, however, is very little in accordance with such an opi

to agree with us in thinking, that the size and shape we nion. Throughout the whole of Switzerland, only twenty-eight have chosen are those most likely to give a permanent value to newspapers are published, twenty-two of which are written in the

the contents of the Literary Journal, by the facilities they afford German, two in the Italian, and four in the French language. for binding into handsome volumes, facilities which we are not Most of them are weekly, and some are published only once or aware that any other weekly periodical possesses to the same extwice a-month. In the Canton of Berne, for instance, which is tent.-We commence the second volume next Saturday with a one of the most extensive and best inhabited, there is, only one new font of types; and, cncouraged by the very great success insignificant newspaper published; in the Canton de Vaud three, which has hitherto attended our labours, we are determined to and ore at Geneva. But all of them are subjected to the most spare no expense or exertion to render it still superior to its pre. rigid censure, especially with regard to foreigu news of every de decessor. It may be considered as some earnest of our intentions scription.

when we state, that we have already in our possession, for the

next and succeeding numbers, communications from J. H. Wir Tuom's STATDES.–These pieces of art have met with much at

FEN, the author of “ Aonian Hours," and the translator of Tastention in London. Since they arrived there, which was on

so's “ Jerusalem Delivered,"-ALARIC A. WATTS,-Tas Er. the 230 of April, they have been visited by upwards of ten thou

TRICK SHEPHERD,–WILLIAM TENNANT,-DR GILLESPIE,sand persons. The Londoners, however, have been sadly puzzled De MOREHEAD,John MALCOLM, DERWENT Conway, and to find out what was meant by Souter Johnny., Tam O'Shanter

marry others whose names and contributions will speedily speak they could understand to be the name of a person; but Souter

for themselves. We contemplate also many other articles upon was to them worse than High Dutch. In the advertisements,

new and original subjects, our earnest desire being to make every therefore, which are now inserted in the newspapers, we find a

Number of the Journal as varied and spirited as possible, which note at Souter, explaining that, being interpreted, it means

the great extension of our resources will not render a difficult “ Cobbler." We are informed that, in the best circles east of

task. Temple Bar, our old friends are now known by the names of

A few copies of our First - Volume will be found on sale at our " Thomas O'Shanter and Cobbler John."

Publisher's here and in other principal towns, but as the nurELDERS OF THE KIRK. We have read a pamphlet which has ber is limited, early application will be necessary. just been published, addressed to the Elders of the Church of

Scotland, by a Country Elder, in which he calls upon them to The Binder should be instructed to place the pages of adveragitate for the restoration of privileges, of which, he maintains, tisements at the end of the volume, so as to form an Appendix. they have been unjustly deprived,-a right to preach and baptise. The pamphlet is not ill written ; but we suspect its object is far

TO OUR CORRESPONDENTS. from being judicious. PHRENOLOGY,-Mr Combe has published a small pamphlet in

WE bave fallen slightly in arrears with one or two new works, reply to Mr Stone's recent attack on Phrenology, which our

which, however, we have reserved intentionally for the comreaders will recollect we noticed at some length. Mr Combe has mencement of our second volume ; and in future, we venture to failed in his attempt to get the better of Mr Stone's arguments, or say, our readers will find us still earlier than usual in our notices rather of his facts. A rejoinder from Mr Stone is to be published, of new publications. we believe this day; and it will certainly not be a difficult task To Alaric A. Watts, Esq. we beg to return our very best thanks. for him to put Mr Combe in even a more awkward light than be- Mr D. Moore's poem will appear, if possible, in our next; as fore. Mr Combe has, in the first place, passed over, sub silentio, also the sonnet by Thomas Brydson; and the excellent article on some of Mr Stone's strongest statements, and consequently admits the Toils and Pains of Authorship. that they are unanswerable ; in the second place, he has fallen We mentioned in our last that James Montgomery was a "Quainto a mistake, worthy only of a schoolboy, by confounding the ker;" we ought to have said a Moravian. measurements of proportion with those of absolute size; and, in " Felix” is inadmissible. The “ sonnet" by “N.C." of Glasthe third place, the manner in which Mr Combe affects to talk of

gow, is very tolerable as poetry goes; and the " Bird Song" is by public opinion, as conveyed through the medium of the periodi- no means “odiously bad."

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About the 20th of November will be published, Connected with Science, Literature, and the Arts. THE KEEPSAKE for 1829. Edited by F.


The extraordinary success of the " Keepsake" of last year has On Thursday, 27th November, will be published,

induced the Proprietor, in the hope of meriting the increased paIn 3 vols. 18mo, with Portraits, also Vignette Titles to each tronage he anticipates, to spare no exertion nor expenditure in volume,

the formation of his present volume; and to secure for it the A SECOND SERIES OF

assistance of so many authors of the highest eminence, that he

ventures to assort, such a List of Contributors has never before TALES of a GRANDFATHER, being Stories

been presented to the Public. taken from the History of Scotland, (froin the Accession of

List of C'ontributors. James the First of England, to the Union of the kingdoins.) Sir Walter Scott, Sir James Mackintosh, Lord Normanby, By Sir WALTER SCOTT, Bart.

Lord Morpeth, Lord Porchester, Lord Holland. Lord F.L. Gower, Printed for Cadell & Co. Edinburgh, and Simpkin and Marshall, Lord Nugent, W. Wordsworth, R. Southey, S. T. Coleridge, WilLondon.

liam Roscoe, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Henry Luttrell, Theodore Of whom may be had,

Hook, J. G. Lockhart, T. Crofton Croker, R. Bernal, M.P. 1.-TALES of a GRANDFATHER, 1st Se

Thomas Haynes Bayiy. W. Jer ian, Mrs Hemans, Miss Landon. ries, a new edition, 10s. 6d.

M. L., James Boaden, W. H. Harrison, F. Mansel Reynolds, and

the Authors of " Frankenstein," “ Gilbert Earle," " The houé," II.-ST VALENTINE'S DAY, or the FAIR and the “ O'Hara Tales," MAID of PERTH, by the " Author of Waverley." Second edi- The Embellishments, nineteen in number, will, if possible, be tion, L.1, 118. 6d.

more exquisitely finished than those of last year; and many of the II.-CHRONICLES of the CANONGATE, Plates will be considerably incrcased in size, and consequently in

value. The subjects of them are from the pencils of-Sir T. Lawby the “ Author of Waverley." 1st Series. Second edition,

rence, P.R.A.-T. Stothard, R.A.-H. Howard, R.A.-A. ChaL.1, Is.

lon, R.A.-R. Westall, R.A.-J. M. W. Turner, R.A.-Edwin IV.-LIFE of NAPOLEON BONAPARTE,

Landseer. A.R.A.-F. P. Stephanofr-Heory Corbould-H. Richy the “ Author of Waverley." Second edition. L.1, 14s. 6d. ter-J. M. Wright-an J. Holmes.

V.-T'ALES and ROMANCES of the “ Au. Ten of the Plates will be engravel by Charles Heath, the rethor of Waverley," &c. containing “St Ronan's Well," "Red

mainder by W. Finden, F. Engleheart, c. Rolls, R. Wallis, H. gauntlet," "Tales of the Crusaders," and "Woordstock.” 7 vols.

R. Smith, E. Portbury, J. Govdyear, and - Westwood. 8vo, (uniform with the Novels, Tales, and Romances, in 25 vols.

The Work will be printed by T. Davison, in sinall 8ro, and

delivered, bound in crimson silk, price L.1, 1s. A few Copies 8vo,) L. 4, 4s.

will be printed in royal 8vo, with India proofs of the Plates, price VI. - The SAME SERIES of WORKS, in 9 L2, 125, 6d. vols. foolscap 8vo, L.3, 75. 6d.

London: Published for the Proprietor, by Hurst, Chance, and VII.

in 7 Co., St Paul's Churchyard ; and R. Jennings, 2, Poultry; and

sold by Constable & Co., Edinburgh. vols. 18mo. Second edition, L.2, 9s.

VIII.-The MISCELLANEOUS PROSE WORKS of Sir WALTER SCOTT, Bart. (now first collected,)

ELOCUTION. handsomely printed in 6 sols. 8vo, L.3, 128.

MR JONES, of the Theatre-Royal, respectfully IX.-The COOK'S ORACLE, a new edition, advertises, that he continues to devote a portion of his 75. 6.

time to the Instruction of a limited number of Pupils. “ We consider the Cook's Oracle' as the ne plus ultra of the

19, Queen Strect. science of good eating."-Monthly Review, December 1821.

This day is published, in one vol. post 8vo, price 75. boards, This day is published, in imperial 4to, price 4s. Part I. of


Series of Biblical Comments and Prayers, for the Space of KNIGHT'S HERALDIC ILLUSTRATIONS Seven Weeks.

of Supporterz, Scroll Ornaments, Brackets, Ciphers, &c. Printed for William Hunter, 23, Hanover Street, Edinburgh ; To be completed in Five Parts, published every two months. each and James Duncan, Paternoster Row, London. Of whom may Part containing four Plates, with five Subjects on each Plate.

be had, 11.

In one vol. post 8vo, price 7s. boards, KNIGHT and RUMLEY'S SPECIMENS of THE MISSIONARY. By the same Author. CRESTS. An Index, containing the Names of Four Thousand Families, with References to the Engravings, is appended. Im- This day is published, in one thick Volume, post 8vo, price 12s. perial 4to, boards, L.1, 10s.

with a beautiful Frontispiece by Williams, III.

THE POETICAL ALBUM and REGISTER KNIGHT'S MODERN and ANTIQUE of MODERN FUGITIVE POETRY. Edited by ALARIC GEMS, with Mottoes, in French and English, engraved on eighty

A. WATTS, Esq. six Plates, each Plate containing five specimens. 8vo, price

This Volume will be found to contain a very large proportion L.1, 116. 6d.

of the most beautiful Fugitive Poetry that has appeared during These Works are all executed in the first style, by the best

the last ten years; including upwards of 300 poems, for the most Heraldic Artists; and the object of their Publication is to present part ine lited, of Byron, Moore, Carnpbell, Wilson, Wordsworth, the finest Specimens of Herallic Designs ever published.

Rogers, Coleridge, L. E. L., Bowles, Shelley, Mrs Hemans, Miss Published by A. Stewart, 38, Howe Street, Edinburgh; and

Baillie, Barry Cornwall, Moir, Montgomery, Croly, Horace T. Griffiths, 3, Wellington Street, Strand, London.

Smith, Alaric Watts, &c. &c. &c. The Work has been printed in a small though clear type, with a view to compression; and

comprises a much larger quantity of matter than any other colPOPULAR PHILOSOPHY; or, The BOOK lection of the kind.


Published this day, The Author of the above interesting work having again re

In one volume, post 8vo, price 58. boards, printed some of the scarce sheets, is now enabled to furnish it in PROFESSOR PILLANS'S LETTERS to T. a cornplete state, to a limited extent; and as copies of the Book, F. KENNEDY, Esq. M.P. on the PRINCIPLES of ELEneatly done up in boards, the superfine at 10s. 6d., in 2 vols., and MENTARY TEACHING and the PAROCHIAL SCHOOLS the fine at 9s., in one vol. 12mo, may be had at tne shops of the of SCOTL principal Booksellers in Edinburgh and Glasgow; and the trade Printed for Adam Black, North Bridge, Edinburgh ; and Long generally throughout Scouand may be supplied by making imme. man & Co. London. diate application to Messrs Oliver & Boyd, Stirling & Kenny, Constable ,

In one volume 8vo, price 6s. boards, the

of MEDICINE and SURGERY, and on Topics connected as a friendly Remembrancer and a convenient Text Book ;--the

with the Malical Profession ; addressed to Students and Young Managers and Conductors of ITINERATING, PARISH, VIL

Practitioners of Medicine, to Parents and Guardians, and the LAGE, and GARDEN LIBRARIES, for the use of which it is

Public in general. 80 admirably adapted :-and Parents, Guardians, Masters, and

By JAMES WALLACE, Relatives, who may be disposed to make Presents at the approach

Assistant Surgeon, R.N., Author of " A Voyage to India,” &c. ing seasons, but wish to select something of that description,

Glasgow: Printed for Richard Griffin & Co.; Adam Black, which the Edinburgh Observer, in speaking of the present work,

Edinburgh; and T. & G. Underwood, London. immediately after it made its appearance in a comp ete form, was pleased to designate “ an extremely appropriate Christmas, or

ADVERTISEMENT. New Year's Gift, possessing, it is true, less tinsel ornament and useless embellishment, than the Annuals with which we are inun

THE GUITAR and SINGING taught by Mrs dated at this season, but infinitely surpassing them in the uti- ORME, 15, Melville Street. Terms - Three Guineas, Twelve Jity of its contents, and its power of producing lasting and bene- Lessons. ficial impressions on the mind,">can be at no loss to procure The PIANO-FORTE taught by Miss ORME. Terms-Four copies of the Book, by addressing their orders, without delay, to Guineas, Twelve Lessons. their repective Booksellers in Town or Country. Nov. 3, 1828. Edinburgh, Nov. 15, 1828.

son, or Me James Lumsden, Glasgow, Members of MECH: LETTERS on the STUDY and PRACTICE


The following Works, just published by
Published by William Tait, 78, Prince's Street.

William Blackwood, Edinburgh, and Thomas Cadell, London. BROWN'S SYNOFSIS of the DECISIONS, BLACKWOOD'S EDINBURGH MAGA

Parts I. to IX. out; each, Ito, 178. 6d. To be completed ZINE. No. 145, for November. next month,


CULTURE; and the PRIZE ESSAYS and TRANSACTIONS DICTIONARY of DECISIONS, 5 large vols. 4to, L.11, 175. of the HIGHLAND SOCIETY of SCOTLAND, with two plates,

LORD HAILES' DECISIONS. By BROWN. No. 3, price 5s. 6d. 2 vols. 4to, L.3, 13s. 6d.

An EXAMINATION of the HUMAN INDEX of NAMES and DATES to the whole MIND. By the Rev. JOHN BALLANTYNE. 8vo, price 12 Collections. 4to, L.2, 25.

RECORDS of WOMAN: With other Poems. JURIDICAL STYLES. Vol. I. Heritable By FELICIA HEMANS. The Second Edition. Foolseap 850, Rights, 1to, L.2, 12s. 6d. Vol. II. Moveable Rights, 4to, L.2, 10s. price 8s. 6d. HÚTCHESON'S JUSTICE of PEACE, 4

MEMOIR of the late WILLIAM WRIGHT, vols. royal 8vo, (original price L. 4, 4s.) L.2, 23.

M.D. F.R.SS. L. & E., &c. &c. &c. With Extracts from his SANDFORD on ENTAILS, 8vo, 12s.

Correspondence, and a Selection of his Papers on Medical, Dota

nical, and Miscellaneous Subjects. 8vo, with Portrait, price 19. BROWN on SALE, royal 8vo, L.1, 4s.


sor of Divinity in the University of Glasgow, from 1692 to 1707. PROCEDURE on APPEALS, 8vo, 5s. 6d.

Written by his Son, ROBERT WODROW, A.M. Minister of

the Gospel at Eastwood. 12mo, price 5s. Of William Tait may also be had, THE FACULTY DECI. ELEMENTS of GREEK GRAMMAR. By SIONS, SHAW'S CASES, ERSKINE, STAIR, and all other

ANDREW ALEXANDER, A.M. Professor of Greek in the UniLaw Books, at the lowest prices.

versity of St Andrews. 8vo, price 7s. Just published,

A TREATISE on the DISEASES of the By Daniel Lizars, Edinburgh ; G. B. Whittaker, London; W. BONES. By BENJAMIN BELL, Fellow of the Royal Colleges Curry, jun. and Co. Dublin; and Robertson & Atkinson, Glas- of Surgeons of Edinburgh and London. Post 8vo, with three gow,

Plates, price 7s. Nos. 1 to 41, on Royal Drawing Paper, price 28. 6d. each, to be LETTERS from the CONTINENT, Written completed in 71 monthly Numbers, during a Residence of Eighteen Months, in 1826 and 1827, con

With Hints THE EDINBURGH GEOGRAPHICAL and taining Sketches of Foreign Scenery and Manners.

as to the Different Modes of Travelling, and Expenses of Living. HISTORICAL ATLAS, with the Divisions and Bounda

By the Rev. WEEVER WALTER, A M. of si John's College, rics carefully Coloured : constructed from the best authorities, and accompanied with a clear and distinct letter press Description

Cambridge. Post 8vo, price 8s. of the Geography, Natural Productions, Moral, Political, and

The following Works are nearly ready for publication, Commercial Condition, and History of each Continent, State, or Kingdom.

The COURSE of TIME: A Poem, in Ten LIZARS'S SCHOOL ATLAS of 36 Modern Books. By ROBERT POLLOK.

The Eighth Edition, foolscap 8vo, price 10s. 6d. and Ancient Maps, including the most recent Discoveries. Royal 4to, half-bound, 18s. outlined ; or 21s. full coloured.

The FOREST SANCTUARY; with other


The Second Edition, foolscap 8vo, price 8s. Ed. by W. S. SANKEY, A.M., with coloured Maps of the World and The SHEPHERD'S CALENDAR. By Roman Empire. Half-bound, 2s.6d. SMITH'S ELEMENTS of ARCHITEC

JAMES HOGG, Author of " The Queen's Wake," &c. in : vols

12mo. TURE, for the use of Classical and Drawing Academies. Seven Plates, 12mo, boards, os. 6d.

Just arrived, price 88. LIZARS'S COPY LINES, in 8 Numbers, 6d.


THOMAS ROSCOE, Esq. HAY on the LAWS of HARMONIOUS CO- Among the List of Contributors to this Volume will be found LOURING, adapted to HOUSE PAINTING, Post 8vo, 1s. 6d. the names of Mrs Opie, Mrs Hemans, Miss Aikin, Miss Porter, boards.

Miss Emily Taylor, the Misses Strickland, the Rev. H. Stebbing, CHANNING'S DISCOURSE at the Installa- William and J. E. Roscoe, the late Mr John Taylor, Thomas

Jevons, Thomas Pringle, D. L. Richardson, the Authors of tion of the Rev. M. J. Motte. Third Edition, Is.

“ Tales of the Munster Festivals," and " Gomez Arias," &c. &c. MAP of the SEAT of WAR in TURKEY. &c. Royal Drawing Paper, coloured 2s.

The Mustrations will consist of Eight beautiful Line Engta

vings on Steel, Wood Engravings being excluded, some of which A PLANTER'S LIFE IN JAMAICA.

are executed by, and the whole under the immediate superiaIn one volume 8vo, price 9s. the second edition of

tendence, of Mr Charles Heath.

Published by Hurst, Chance, & Co., 65, St Paul's Churchyard; MARLY, or the LIFE of a PLANTER in and Sold by Constable & Co., Edinburgh.

JAMAICA; comprehending Characteristic Sketches of the PRESENT STATE of SOCIETY and MANNERS in the

In a few days will be published, BRITISH WEST INDIES, &c. “ There are a number of dissertations on almost every colonial

SCENES of WAR; and other Poems. topic of interest in this volume: they are marked by good sense

By JOHN MALCOLM, and plain treatment. We consider thein entitled to the attention

Author of “ Reminiscences of a Campaign in the Pyrenees and of parties concerued, and the public generally.”—Literary Ga

South of France," &c. &c. zette.

DIVERSIONS of HOLYCOT; or, THE MO" The book presents in a faithful and minute picture, in the

THER'S ART OF THINKING. By the Author of « ClanDutch style, a state of society so extraordinary, and though of Albin," and " Elizabeth de Bruce." Thick 18mo, half-bound. early occurrence in the history of the world, to all appearance so utterly inconsistent with human nature, that we believe the very

Printed for Oliver & Boyd, Edinburgh; and Geo. B. fact of its existence will become matter of dispute to a future and

Whittaker, London. more civilized age. The picture is the more rare and valuable This day is published, in 110, price 108. 6d, boards, that it seems to be absolutely impartial.”—London Weekly Review.

AN ESSAY on COMETS, which gained the “ This is really what its title indicates—a minute and faithful First of Dr Fellowes's Prizes, proposed to those who had atpicture of the life of a Planter in Jamaica. We are truly and tended the University of Edinburgh during the last Twelve justly set down in a planter's settlement, and enabled to view the Years. Jamaica life in all its forms."- Atlas.

By DAVID MILNE, A.M. F.R.S.E. “ It is very evidently the production of a man well acquainted

Printed for Adam Black, Edinburgh; and Longman, Rees, with West India matters, and the routine of negro management.

Orme, Brown, & Green, London. Some passages of it are written with considerable humour, and with a sort of Smollett-like touch, which renders them highly amu- Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday More sing." -Athenæum.

ing, by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLAČE; Printed for Richard Griffin & Co. Glasgow; W. Hunter, Edin- Sold also by Robertson & Atkinson, Glasgow; W. Curry, jun. & burgh; and Hunt & Clarke, London.

Co. Dublin; Hurst, Chance, & Co. London; and by all New

men, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughout the In the press, and speedily will be published, in one volume, United Kingdom. SERMONS, by the late Rev. JAMES SIM- Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent free by post, 104.

MIE, Minister of Rothiemay, with a Communion Service according to the form of the Church of Scotland.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate.


Just published,

In one thick volume 8vo, double columns, price 14s. boards, Connected with Science, Literature, and the Arts. A DICTIONARY of MEDICINE, designed JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY, complete in One Vol.

for Popular Use, containing an Account of Diseases, and This day is published, price L.2, 2. in cloth,

their Treatment, with Directions for Administering Medicines,


By ALEXANDER MACAULAY, M.D. GUAGE, in which the Words are deduced from their origi- Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, nals, and illustrated in their different Significations by Examples

and Physician Accoucheur to the Edinburgh from the best Writers; to which are prefixed a History of the

New Town Dispensary. Language, and an English Grammar.

" The observations on climate, diet, regimen, and the manageBy SAMUEL JOHNSON, LL.D.

ment of infarits, are interes ing and judicious. They comprise Stereotyped verbatim from the Last Folio Edition corrected all the best established information on the subject, and, like se. by the Doctor.

veral parts of the work, may be perused even by professional *« This editiou of Johnson's Dictionary, stereotyped verbatim readers with advantage. To parents, and those who have the from the last folio edition, corrected by the Doctor,' is eminently superin'endence of children, this work must be a useful guide; deserving of notice for its accuracy, the beauty of its typography, in all respects, indeed, the Dictionary of Dr Macaulay is calculaand the character of its arrangements."-Literary Gazette. ted to gratify rational curiosity, to enlighten the minds of the

“ The present volume is printed in three columns, in a clear public in general on medical subjects, and to diffuse correct notype, in 1369 pages, from the last folio revised edition of the tions on many topics which are too often disguised in technicaliAuthor. Scholars will prefer the present edition of Johnson to ties, or debased by superstition. It is, above all, an excellent Todd's: the latter is too cumbrous and expensive ; and Johnson's antidote to every species of quackery and empiricism."-Edinown definitions are always more desirable than those which may burgh Medical Journal, No. 96. originate with editors. Johnson's will always be the Dictionary ** We have seen nothing of the kind more opposed to quackery, of the Literary Man; and on this account it is, with the great or better adapted for consultation-"-Literary Gazette. advantage of cheapness, that the edition recommends itself; and “ We know not a saser manual of medicine in our language."must ultimately obtain, as, we believe, no doubt it will, extensive Scots Timcs. patronage-for superior usefulness is, after all, the best of recom- "Decidedly the most useful book of the kind which has yet inendations." -New Monthly Magazine.

been offered to the public."-Caledonian Mercury. As a specimen of Typographical Art, the work before us is a Printed for Adam Black, 27, North Bridge, Edinburgh ; and splendid contribution to our libraries. It unites elegance, dura- Longman & Co. London. bility, exquisite accuracy, and convenience of form, in a manner altogether unprecedented."- Monthly Review.

By his Majesty's Royal Letters Patent.

NEW AND SPLENDID IMPROVEMENT. London-J. o. Robinson, 12, Poultry; and Sold by Constable & Co. Edinburgh.


This day is published, price 2s.

JAMES TAYLOR SMITH & Co. Booksellers ART and NATÚRE. A Tale, in Verse.

and Stationers, 3, Hunter Square, have the honour to ac. Printed for Alexander Mackay, Edinburgh ; and Longman

quaint the Nobility and Gentry, that they have just got to hand and Co. London,

a large and elegant assortment of Patent Enamelled Invitation

and Address Cards, plain and embossed, all sizes and colours, and PRINTING FOR THE BLIND.

a great variety of ve y fine Prints, beautifully done in Gold, Sil

ver, and Other Metals, ainongst which is a finely-engraved group ALEXANDER HAY, Teacher of Ancient Lan

of the Royal Family. guages, 10, Catherine Street, Edinburgh, respectfully inti- Also a large assortment of Enamelled Drawing Boards, various mates, that he has now got Punches cul, Matrices made, Types colours, and a variety with rich engraved Borders of Gold, Silver, cast, &c. for the purpose of forming an Establishment for Print- &c. Title-pages and other Ornaments beautifully done in the ing for the Blind, and proposes commencing with an edition of various Metals for illuminating Scrap Books and Albums, and the Gospel by St Matthew, to be published by subscription, at 79. some very fine Pencil -rawings by Ewbank, and Paintings on the 6d. a-copy, paid on delivery. Orders, addressed as above, or to Enamelled Board. Messrs Constable and Co. Booksellers, Edinburgh, are requested Orders received for Engraving Plates for Address Cards, Armoas early as possible. As this is an undertaking of Mr Hay's, with- rial Bearings, &c. which are executed with neatness and dispatch, out soliciting either public or private pecuniary aid, its success and printed either in Black, or in the different Metals. Messrs must depend on the encouragement which is now requested, Smith & Co. respectfully invite an inspection of their Specimen from those who may wish to support it by their employment, or Cards and Engravings in this new stye, at their SALOON, 3, subscriptions. Mr Hay proposes printing Music for the Blind by HUNTER SQUARE, where are regularly received Specimens the same system.

of every Novelty and Improvement in the Art, as imported from

the Cont.nent.

Also just published,

LIBER HONORUM, or MIRROR of the J. CHAMBERS respectfully calls the attention PEERAGE. In two Parts ; containing the Mottoes of the Peers, of the Public to the following TERMS of SUBSCRIP

with the Translations, followed by the Titles bearing them; also TION to his LIBRARY for NEW BOOKS:

the Titles of the Peers, followed sy their respective Mottoes, with

a fine engraved Frontispiece of the Imperiai Crown, and Coronets Month, 0 3 0 Half-year, 0 16 0

of the Royal Family and Nobility, exquisitely done in Gold, Sil. Quarter, 0 8 6 Year,

1 10 0

ver, &c. 24mo, neatly done up in morocco, gilt edges, 1s. ; and The following NEW BOOKS have just been added to the in silk or case, 4s. 6d. Library:


PLURALITY of WORLDS irreconcilable with the PONOLLEKENS and his TIMES. 2 vols.

PL R SYSTEMS of THEOLOGY, but in Perfect Harmony Dr GRANVILLE'S TRAVELS to St PETERSBURG. wil the TRUE CHRISTIAN RELIGION. With an Appendix, COL. NAPIER'S HISTORY of the PENINSULAR WAR. co, taining Strictures on Dr Chalmers, &c. MEXICO, in 1827, by Mr WARD. 2 vols.

By the Rev. S. NOBLE. THREE YEARS in COLOMBIA, by an Oficer. 2 vols. ***" If these be as hypothetical as the ideas of Dr Chalmers, NOTIONS of the AMERICANS. 2 vols.

in our opinion, they certainly carry more plausibility with them. BISHOP HEBER'S INDIA. 3 vols.

*** It displays considerable argumentative acuteness, much LORD COLLINGWOOD'S LIFE and CORRESPON- diligence in search of truth, and an earnest desire to disseminate DENCE. 1 vol.

what the Author Insiders to be such ; and it is written, if not in SEVEN YEARS of the KING'S THEATRE, by Mr EBERS. a polished, at least in a lucid style."-Edinburgh Examiner. ZILLAH, by the author of " Brambletye House." 4 vols. London-Simpkin and Marshall: Edinburgh-J. Anderson, The ANGLO-IRISH. 3 vols.

jun. North Bridge; Joseph Skeaf, 8, Hanover Street: And sold LIFE in INDIA; or the English at Calcutta. 3 vols.

by all booksellers. PELHAM; or Adventures of a Gentleman. 3 vols.

ELEGANT BOOK-BINDING. TRIALS of LIFE. By the Author of “ De Lisle.” 3 vols. SCENES OF WAR ; and other Poems. By JOHN MALCOLM. HENDERSON and BISSET, in returning their

respectful acknowledgments for the encouragement they ANNUALS. ---Anniversary-Keepsake - Literary Souvenir- have already received, beg to state that they continue to Bind Forget-me-Not-Ger–Friendship's Offering-Juvenile Forget- Books in every variety of style, and are, from personal expeme-Not-The Bijou-The Amulet-Winter's Wreath-Juvenile rience, intimately acquainted with the foreign and antique modes Keepsake-Christmas Box.

of finishing. They have been particularly successful in Washing,

Mending, and Inlaying Old Books and Prints, so as to restore PERIODICAL PUBLICATIONS,

them, as nearly as possible, to their original appearance. As H. Regularly added to J. Chambers' Library.

and B. employ Workmen of the first-rate abilities, those fa vour. The Edinburgh Review-Quarterly Review-Westminster Re- ing them with their orders may rely upon having the Work exeview-Foreign Review-Foreign Quarterly Review-British Cri- cuted in the most substantial manner, with great care, and at tic-Blackwood's Magazine, London Magazine-Naval and Mili. moderate prices. tary Magazine, (quarterly,)-New Monthly Magazine-London Libraries repaired, Doors fitted up with Imitation Books, and Weekly Review-Christian Instructor-Sporting Magazine. Tables ornamented. No. 4, India Place, Edinburgh, Nov. 20, 1828.

East Mound Place, Foot of Warriston's Close, Edinburgh.



Second Edition, with Eight fine Plates, of Abbotsford, Melrose,

Published this day,
Fastcastle, Stonebyres, Edinburgh, Linlithgow Palace, Loch SCENES of WAR; and other Poems.

PICTURE of scorLAND. By ROBERT Author of Reminiscences of a Campaign in the Pyrenees and
CHAMBERS. In two large vols. post 8vo, L.1, 1s.

South of France, &c. &c. “Not only the most amusing, but the most useful companion

Foolscap 8vo, 7s. boards. for the Northern Tourist." New Monthly Magazine.--""By far DIVERSIONS of HOLLYCOT; or, The MOthe most readable topographical work we ever read." London

THER'S ART OF THINKING. By the Author of Clan-Albin, Weekly Review.-" It is quite impossible to dip into any part of

and Elizabeth de Bruce. Thick 18mo, 3s. 6d. half-bound. it, without having the attention riveted." Literary Gazette." A fund of anecdote, story, legend, adventure, mixed up with

Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and Geo. B. Whittapicturesque description," &c. Atlas.—See also the Fife Herald, ker, London. Scotsman, Observer, Mercury, Inverness Courier, Dumfries Cou

Nearly ready, rier, &c. in all of which this work has received the highest praise, MY GRANDFATHER'S FARM; or, PIC

TURES OF RURAL LIFE. 12mo. Printed for William Tait, 78, Prince's Street, Edinburgh; and Longman & Co., London, of whom may be had, by the same Playmates - The Delinquent - The Old Castle-The Bell-Tree

Contents.-The Schoolboy-The Farm-The Fireside The Author,

-The Seashore-The Flitting - The Rocking—The Trial—The TRADITIONS of EDINBURGH, 2 vols. 12s. Soldier--The Step daughter-The Egg-Gatherer-The Pastor"A most amusing book, full of the best kind of antiquarian- The Widows-The Angler. The Lovers-Consumption-The ism." -Blackwood's Magazine.

Vow-The Departure-The Return. BROWN'S PHILOSOPHY of the MIND, 4 ANDER SELKIRK; containing the real Incidents upon which

The LIFE and ADVENTURES of ALEXvols. 8vo, Second Edition, L.2, 12s. 6d.

the Romance of ROBINSON CRUSOE is founded: In which " An inestimable book."-Dr Parr.

also the Events of his Life, drawn from authentic Sources, are BROWN'S PHILOSOPHY, with the addition traced from his Birih, in 1676, till his Death, in 1723. With an of a Portrait, a Memoir by Welsh, and an Index, complete in one

Appe comprising a Description of the Island of Juan Ferlarge vol. beautifully printed in double columns. Fifth Edition,

nandez, and some curious Information relating to his Shipmates, L.1, 1s.

&c. Small Svo.

By JOHN HOWELL, BROWN'S PHYSIOLOGY of the MIND, Editor of the ". Journal of a Soldier of the Seventy-first Regi8vo, 8s.

ment," “ The Life and Adventures of John Nicol, Mariner," &e.

Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and Geo. B. BROWN'S POETICAL WORKS, 4 vols. fools

Whittaker, London. cap, L.), 8s.

This day is published, 4to, price L.1, 11s. 6d. ; large paper, BROWN'S LIFE, by WELSH, 8vo, Portrait,

L.2, 12s. 6d. 14s.

JARDINE and SELBY'S ILLUSTRATIONS Printed for William Talt, 78, Prince's Street.

of ORNITHOLOGY. Part 4, containing 15 Plates, colour

ed after Nature. ARMSTRONG'S GAELIC DICTIONARY, Edinburgh, D. Lizars : London, Longman & Co, and S. Highley. recently published in one very large volume 4to, may be

FINE ARTS. had of W. TAIT, 78, Prince's Street, and all Booksellers, at

In a few days will be published, Moderate in price, (at the original charge,) and valuable in THE FIRST REPORT of the COUNCIL of contents ;-a work, of which not only every Scot, but every ge

the SCOTTISH ACADEMY of PAINTING, SCULPneral scholar and philologist, should arail himself."-Literary TURE, and ARCHITECTURE. Gazette." It contains not merely proofs of an extensive and mi- Edinburgh: Published by Daniel Lizars, No. 5, St David nute acquaintance with the Gaelic, but many clever illustrations Street; and to be bad of the principal Booksellers. of matters of antiquity, which render it an interesting, as well as a very useful performance."-New Monthly Magazine, July 1828.

Handsomely printed, in small 8vo, with Ten Plates, price 7s.6d.

A NEW EDITION OF HISTORY of SCOTLAND. By P. F. TYT. A NEW SYSTEM of DOMESTIC COOKLER, Esq. Vol. I. 8vo, including the period from the

ERY, formed upon principles of Economy, and adapted

for the use of private Families. Comprising also the Art of CarAccession of Alexander III. to the Death of Robert Bruce.-Vol.

ving, Observations on the Management of the Dairy and Poultry II. will be ready in March. To be completed in six rolumes. Yard; Instructions for Home Brewery, Wines, &c.; Cookery

“ Its tone is unprejudiced, manly, and impartial. Such a His- for the Sick, and for the Poor; many very useful Miscellaneous tory of Scotland was much wanted."-New Monthly Magazine.

Receipts and Directions proper to be given to Servants, both in “ One of the most able, impartial, and satisfactory works which Town and Country. To which is prefixed, an Essay on Domes modern times have produced."-Caledonian Mercury.--"A

work of standard authority.”—Post-See also the Observer, Weckly servations which will be found particularly useful to the Mistress

tic Economy and Household Management, comprising many obJournal, Advertiser, Chronicle, Glasgow Herald, Dumfries Jour- of a Family. nal, London Weekly Review, &c., in all of which Mr Tytler's

By a LADY. History has been reviewed in terms of high commendation. “ This is really one of the most practically useful books of any

Printed for William Tait, 78, Prince's Street; and Longman which we have seen on the subject. The Lady, who has written and Co. London.

it, has not studied how to form expensive articles for luxurious

tables, but to combine elegance with economy; she has given her LODGE'S PORTRAITS of PERSONS illus- directions in a plain, sensible manner, that every body under

trious in English and Scottish History, imperial 8vo. A new edition of this truly splendid national work having be

tended to a variety of objects in use in families; by which means come necessary, in consequence of the unprecedented demand the utility of the book is very much increased indeed."-British having exhausted the Plaies of the recent edition, those Plates

Critic. have been destroyed, and new Plates have been engraved in the

Printed for John Murray, Albemarle Street ; Sold also by every most exquisite style of the Art.-The first number will be pub Bookseller and Newsman in England, Scotland, and Ireland. lished in January. PROSPECTUSES may be had of WILLIAM

New Edition, TAIT, 78, Prince's Street, who will exhibit SPECIMENS of the FAMILY RECEIPT BOOK, small 8vo, 7s. 6d. work, receive the orders of the Nobility and Gentry of Scotland, and instantly transmit their names to London, to be inserted

GENERAL NEWSPAPER SALOON, the record of Subscriptions, and secure early and fine impressions of the Plates.

BRITISH AND FOREIGN PUBLIC LIBRARY, “ This valuable and extended series of the Portraits of the

Hunter Square, Edinburgh. illustrious dead, affords to every private gentleman, at a moderate AT this Establishment, the first of the kind in

this City, is to be found a greater collection of the LONtraits, on a plan more extensive than any collection which exists, DON, EDINBURGH, and PROVINCIAL NEWSPAPERS, and at the same time the essence of a curious library of historical, and other PERIODICALS, at a much less expense than is to be bibliographical, and antiquarian works."-Letter from Sir Walter met with in any s milar Institution in the United Kingdom. Scott, printed in the Prospectus.

The Subscription Book for the Scason now lies with the Clerk,

at No. 3, Hunter Square.
Published this day,
8vo, illustrated by 6 Plates, 1s. 6d. boards,

Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday MornA TREATISE on ihe NATURE and CURE ing, by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLAČE;

of INTESTINAL WORMS of the HUMAN BODY; ar- Sold also by Robertson & Atkinson, Glasgow; W. Curry, jun. & ranged according to the Classification of RUDOLPHI and BREMSEŘ, and containing the most approved Methods of Treatment,

Co. Dublin ; Hurst, Chance, & Co. London; and by all Ners

men, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, throughout the as practised in this Country and on the Continent.

United Kingdom.
Member of the Royal Medical Society of Edinburgh.

Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent frec by post, 10d.
Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and Samuel High-
ley, London.

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate.


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