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In 8vo, price 125.

This day is published,
The Second Volume of

Beautifully printed by Ballantyne, price 7s. 6d. extra boards, THE HISTORY of SCOTLAND.

By P. F. TYTLER, Esq., F.R.S.E. F.S.A., &c.

This Volume brings down the History to the Acocssion of the
House of Stuart, and contains an Enquiry into the Condition of

FOUNDED ON THE the People in those early times.

PASTORAL POETRY OF SCOTLAND. Volume III. will be ready in November, To be completed in six volumes.

BY W. M. HETHERINGTON, A.M. Printed for WILLIAM TAIT, Edinburgh; and LONGMAN &

" Methinks it were a happy life Co. London,

To be no better than a homely swain!"

SHAXSPEABR. Lately published,

Edinburgh: CONSTABLE & Co., 19, Waterloo Place; and By W. WHYTE & CO. 13, George Street, Edinburgh,

HORST, CHANCR, and Co. London.
In one yolume 32mo, price 2s.

This day is published,
TION and DUTIES in this LIFE, and his HOPES in the

In 3 vols. post 8vo, price 24s. boards,

FLORENCE. A Novel. To which is prefixed, A BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH of the Au. Printed for WHITTAKER, TREACHER, and Co. London. THOR.-This Sketch is very interesting, as it erabraces many par. ticulars relating to the times in which his Lordship lived. ** For an account of this interesting, work, see Edinburgh

This day is published, Literary Journal, March 14, 2829; and Blackwood's Magazine The Twenty-first Edition, with Additions, and Embellished with for May 1849.

a Portrait of Goldsmith, by Heath, a Map, and other Illustra

tions, price 6s. bound, Just published, By W. WHYTE & CO. 13, George Street, Edinburgh,


GOLDSMITH'S ABRIDGEMENT of the HISTORY of Neatly printed in 8vo, price 12s.

ENGLAND, from the Invasion of Julius Cæsar to the Death of DEDICATRD TO THE SESSION AND CONGREGATION OF

George II., with a Continuation to the close of the year 1848; ST GRORGE'S CHURCH,

also, à Dictionary, Biographical, Historical, &c. explaining every

difficulty, rendering the whole easy to be understood ; also, QuesSERMONS on VARIOUS SUBJECTS. tions for examination at the end of cach Section beside me THOMSON,

riety The Minister of St George's Church, Edinburgh.

whole illustrated by copious Explanatory Notes. “ The author's abilities are principally directed to the philoso kind for Education that ever issued

from the Press; and the inn

“We consider this to be one of the most complete Books of the phical analysis of the cardinal doctrines of Christianity. In the development of these he manifests such lucid arrangement-such Editors deserve every praise for the pains and labour they have

provements so copious, as to merit a distinct eulogium. The acute reasoning-such ingenious illustration-such fervid feeling bestowed in perfecting the publication." --Literary Gazette. -and such appropriate application of his subject to the different cireumstances of his hearers, as justly entitle hiin to be esteained Printed for WHITTAKER, TREACHER, & Co., Ave Maria one of the ablest Divines in the Scottish Church. "Edinburgh Lane, London Literary Journal, April 4, 1829.

Also may be had, price 5s. Ed. each,



plan as the History of England, with Portraits, Maps, &c. London, Joux MURRAY ; Edinburgh, OLIVER & BOYD.

This day is published,

This day is published, price As, in demy 8vo, atd 6s. in royal Sro,
In two vols. 12mo, 10s. bds.,

embellished with Eight superior Engravings by Landscer and VALLERY, or The CITADEL of the LAKE; other eminent engravers, A Poem.

No. I.

To be continued Monthly, “ Fierce wars and faithful loves shall moralise my lay." THE ANIMAL KINGDOM, described and ar

“ Mr Sillery's verses are calculated to convey not pleasure ranged in conformity with its Organization. By the BAalone, but also insuruction, which ought to be the great aim of RON CUVIER. Translated, with large additional Descriptions all writers, and the chief object of all readers."

of all the Species hitherto named, and of many not before noticed, “We hail with confidence and gratification this accession of a and with other original matter. By E. GRIFFITH, F.L.S., C. fresh and ardent-minded laver of the Muses to the list of those HAMILTON SMITH, and E. PIDGEON. whose names are already familiar to the public ear.-Edinburgh The Class Mammalia will form the first 36 Numbers, the Class Literary Journal, April 25,

of Birds about 27 Numbers, the Fishes and Insects each about 24 Published by OLIVER and BOYD, Edinburgh; SIMPKIN and Numbers. MARSHALL, London.

It will be so arranged, for the convenience of those wbo may

confine their Zoological studies to either of the Classes, that each NEW AND UNIFORMLY PRINTED EDITIONS OF Class will make a distinct Work, as well as one of the Series of THE FOLLOWING POPULAR WORKS.

the “ Animal Kingdom." The Conclusion will contain a Tabular View of the System, a copious Index, and a general Termi.

nology of the Science. 1. THE MORNING and EVENING SACRI- The engraved illustrations of this work are in a superior style

FICE; or, Prayers for Private Persons and Famijies. of execution, by different artists of distinguished eminence ; and 6th Edition, improved, 12mo, 58. 6d. boards.

among the cest, many are by Mr Landseer. Most of them are 2. The LAST SUPPER, or Christ's Death species altogether new, or never figured before. The paper and

from original drawings made from Nature, and several represent kept in Remembrance. 38 Edition, i2mo, 75. 6d. boards, type of this work are in a corresponding style of excellence. 3. FAREWELL to TIME, or Last Views of Lane, London.

Printed for WHITTAKER, TREACHER, and Co. Ave-Maria Life, and Prospects of Immortality. 3d Edition, 12mo, 78. 6d. boards.

These three Works were intended, by the Author, to complete Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Mom. a set of devotional treatises applicable to all the situations that ing, by CONSTABLE & CO. WATERLOO PLACE; occur in life; -" The Morning and Evening Sacrifice" being designed for daily use" The Last Supper," to afford instruction Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSOY, Glasgow: W. CURRY, and materials of devout thought to those who are preparing to

jun. & Co. Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. London, and by celebrate the great Festival of the Christian Church, - and the

all Newsmen,

Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, turoughi Farewell to Time," to assist the meditations of those who are

out the United Kingdom. labouring under dangerous disease, or of those who may be called

Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent free by post, 10d. to minister to persons in that situation,

Printed for OLIVER & BOYD, Edinburgh; and SIMPKIN &

Printed by BALLANTYxN and Co. Paul's Work, Canongate.




process of feeling is so natural, that it may be observed even in

children, who cannot endure that a nursery story should be reConnected with Science, Literature, and the Arts. peated to them differently from the manner in which it was first


But without altering, in the slightest degree, either the story,

or the mode of telling it, the Author has taken this opportunity MR MURRAY'S BENEFIT, on which occa- to correct errors of the press and slips of the pen. That such casion Mr T. P. COOKE has most kindly volunteered his

should exist cannot be wondered at, when it is considered that valuable assistance.

the Publishers found it their interest to hurry through the press On TUESDAY, May 12,

a succession of the early editions of the various Novels, and that THE RED ROVER.

the Author had not the usual opportunity of revision. It is

hoped that the present edition will be found free from errors of The Red Rover, Mr Pritchard.

that accidental kind. Fid, a Seaman, Mr T. P. Cooke.

The Author has also ventured to make some emendations of Guinea, Mr Murray.

a different character, which, without being such apparent deviaMadame De Lacey, Mrs Eyre-Gertrude, Miss Mason. tions from the original stories as to disturb the reader's old assoAfter which,

ciations, will, he thinks, add something to the spirit of the diaNELSON.

logue, narrative, or description. These consist in occasional The Admiral, Mr Pritchard.

pruning where the language is redundant, compression where the Lieutenant Nisbet, Mr Thorne.

style is loose, infusion of vigour where it is languid, the exchange John Sykes, the Cockswain, Mr T. P. Cooke,

of less forcible for more appropriate epithets-slight alterations, In which character he will introduce the Naval song of

in short, like the last touches of an artist, which contribute to

heighten and finish the picture, though an inexperienced eye can « Bound Prentice to a Waterman." Moses, Mr Mackay-Sammy Suckling, Mr Murray.

hardly detect in what they consist. Rachel, Mrs T. Hill-Molly Moonshine, Miss Tunstall.

The General Preface to the new Edition, and the Introductory

Notices to cach separate work, will contain an account of such Tickets and Places for the boxes to be had of Mr Kennedy, at

circumstances attending the first publication of the Novels and

Tales, as may appear interesting in themselves, or proper to be the Box-Office, at the usual hours.

communicated to the public. The Author also proposes to pub

lish, on this occasion, the various legends, family traditions, or WAVERLEY NOVELS.

obscure historical facts, which have formed the ground:work of On the first of June will be published,

these Novels, and to give some account of the places where the

scenes are laid, when these are altogether, or in part, real; as INSCRIBED BY PERMISSION

well as a statement of particular incidents founded on fact ; toTo the King's ftlost Gracious Majesty, gether with a more copious Glossary, and Notes explanatory of VOLUME FIRST

the ancient customs, and popular superstitions, referred to in the


Upon the whole, it is hoped that the Waverley Novels, in their
THE WAVERLEY NOVELS; new dress, will not be found to have lost any part of their attrac-

tions in consequence of receiving illustrations by the Author, and TO BE CONTINUED IN MONTHLY VOLUMES, REVISED AND undergoing his careful revision. CORRECTED,

ABBOTSPORD, January 1829.


1. The size to be royal 18mo, printed in the very best manner, AND NOTES, HISTORICAL AND ILLUSTRATIVE, BY

and hot-pressed ; each volume to contain about 100 pages, price THE AUTHOR.

53. one


in cloth. Embellished with Frontispieces and Vignette Titles, from Designs II. The publication to commence on 1st June next; and to be Executed expressly for the present Edition, by the continued regularly, on the first day of each month, till the whole MOST EMINENT ARTISTS.

is completed.

111. Each volume to have a Frontispiece and Vignette titleNOTICE BY THE PUBLISHERS.

page, both containing subjects illustrative of the Novel to which

they are attached. There are few circumstances in the history of letters more re. IV. The Work will be completed in Forty VOLUMES, commarkable than the rise and progress of the WAVERLEY No- mencing with WAVERLEY, and closing with WOODSTOCK. The VELS.

Unlike most other productions of genius, they had Author's additions will form about two of thesc Forty Volumes. no infancy to struggle with, but reached at once the highest *** The Edition is so far advanced at press, that regularity of point of public favour,-a station which they have ever since publication may be depended on; and, to such subscribers as may maintained with undiminished popularity:

wish to have some of the Novels complete on the appearance The circulation of these works having been hitherto confined, of the first volume of each respectively, the Publishers have to in a great degree, to the wealthier ranks of society, the Proprie state, that the whole of WAVERLEY may be had on the first of tors have resolved to place them within the reach of readers of June, in 2 vols. for 10s. all classes, by republishing them in a less costly, but at the same

Printed for CADELL & Co. 41, St Andrew Square, Edin time more elegant shape, and with the additional advantage of a

burgh; and to be had of every Bookseller throughout the periodical issue.

The Publishers have therefore the honour of announcing the
speedy commencement of a New Editiox, to be published in

In this undertaking they have had the chcerful co-operation of

the Author himself, who has not only revised every one of the
Novels, but has added Explanatory Notes, and a new Introduc THIS JOURNAL, which has been established
tion to each of them.

upwards of fifteen years, is conducted in an able and spiritThe nature and extent of these corrections and additions will ed manner, on principles of sound policy and unshrinking indebe best understood by giving entire, from Volume First, The pendence. AUTUOR'S ADVERTISEMENT.

It is the leading Protestant Journal; and the service it has It has been the occasional occupation of the Author of Waver.

rendered the cause is universally acknowledged. On all questions ley, for several years past, to revise and correct the voluminous affecting the Agriculture, Shipping, Commerce, and Manufac series of Novels which pass under that name; in order that, if

tures of the country, the opinions maintained in the MORNING they should ever appear as his avowed productions, he might ren.

JOURNAL are canvassed with the deepest interest, and make a der them in some segree deserving of a continuance of the pub-condition of the nation. The columns of the MORNING JOUR

considerable impression on those who feel for the embarrassed lic favour with which they have been honoured ever since their first appearance. For a long period, however, it seemed likely

NAL present the best rebicle for Advertisements, as its circulathat the improved and illustrated edition which he meditated

tion is extensive, highly respectable, and rapidly increasing. would be a posthumous publication. But the course of events,

Printed and published by Join Fisher, at the Office, 151, which occasioned the disclosure of the Author's name, having, in

Strand, Loudon, where Advertisements and Communications are

received. a great measure, restored to him a sort of parental control over these Works, he is naturally induced to give them to the press in THE EDINBURGH LITERARY GAZETTE. a corrected, and, he hopes, an improved form, while life and health permit the task of revising and illustrating them. Such THE Public are respectfully informed, that the being his purpose, il is necessary to say a few words on the plan FIRST NUMBER of this Work will appear on Saturday of the proposed Edition.

Morning, the 16th May. In stating it to be revised and corrected, it is not to be inferred To be published at No. 10, Princc's Street, (the premises occuthat any attempt is made to alter the tenor of the stories, the cha- pied by the late Mr Constable,) where Orders and Advertisements racter of the actors, or the spirit of the dialogue. There is no will be received. Agents for the Work having now been appointdoubt ample room for emendation in all these points,-but where ed, the unstamped Edition of THE GAZETTE will be found on the tree falls it must lie. Any attempt to obviate criticism, how- Sale on the day of publication, at the Shops of all the principal ever just, by altering a work already in the hands of the public, Booksellers in the country. is generally unsuccessful. In the most improbable fiction, the N. B.-Orders received also by all respectable Booksellers and reader still desires some air of vraisemblance, and does not relis Newsmen in the United Kingdom. that the incidents of tale familiar to him should be altered to Edinburgh, No. 10, Prince's Street, suit the taste of critics, or the caprice of the author himself. This

21th April, 1829.



In 3 vols, 12mo, price 21s. bds. PUBLISHED BY WAITTAKER, TREACHER, & CO.



Part I. Containing Quotations from SHAKSPEARE, price fi. 6. In 12mo, with numerous Cuts, and a Portrait of the Author, en


in Blank Verse, price 78. graved by FINDEN from a Bust by KENDRICK, price 78.


in Rhyme, price 75. 6d. THE HOUSEKEEPER'S ORACLE ; or, Art “ These volumes are what they profess to be, and are honestly

of Domestic Management: Containing a complete System and tastefully executed. We have in them the essence of Shakof Carving with Accuracy and Elegance; Hints relative to Din speare and the British Poets."-Critical Gaz.

х ner Parties; the Art of managing Servants, and the Economist's and Epicure's Calendar, showing the Seasons when all kinds of In 12mo, the Ninth Edit. revised and improved, price 78. GL bds. Meat, Fish, Poultry, Game, Vegetables, and Fruits, first arrive A DICTIONARY of QUOTATIONS in most free in the Market, earliest Time forced, when most plentiful, when quent Use, taken chiefly from the Latin and French, but combest and cheapest. To which are added, a Variety of Useful and prising many from the Greek, Italian, and Spanish Languages, Original Receipts. By the late WILLIAN KITCHENER, M.D. translated into English ; with Illustrations, Historical and IdionII.

atic, By E. D. MACDONNEL, of the Middle Temple. In 12mo, the Sixth Edition, very greatly augmented and impro

XVI. ved, price 7s. 6d.

In one large and closely-printed volume, 8vo, price 155. bis The ART of INVIGORATING and PROLONG. The HISTORY of the INQUISITION of PAIN, ING LIFE, by Food, Clothes, Air, Exercise, Wine, Sleep, &c.;

from the time of its Establishment to the Reign of Ferdinand or, the Invalid's Oracle ; containing Peptic Precepts, pointing VII. Composed from the original Documents of the Archives of out agreeable and effectual Methods to prevent and relieve indi- the Supreme Council, and from those of subordinate Tribunals of gestion, and to regulate and strengthen the Action of the Stomach the Holy Office. Abridged and translated from the original Works and Bowels. To which is added, the Pleasure of Making a Will.

of D. JUAN ANTONIO LLORENTE, formerly Secretary of the loBy the late Dr KITCHENER.

quisition, Chancellor of the University of Toledo, &c. &e. III.


In two large volumes 8vo, price 30s.
In foolscap 8vo, with cuts, price 8s.

The HISTORY of ITALY, from the fall of the TALES of the TABLE, KITCHEN, and LARDER; Western Empire to the Commencement of the Wars of the French consisting of Select Epicurean Precepts, Nutritive Maxims, Re- Revolution. By GEORGE PERCEVAL, Esq.. flections, Anecdotes, &c. illustrative of the veritable Science of the

XVIII. Mouth ; which includes the Art of never Breakfasting at Home,

In small 12mo, the Fourth Edition, price 5s. extra boards, and always Dining Abroad.

THE SECRETARY'S ASSISTANT; Exhibiting Grands Gourmands, or the lovers of good eating and drinking the various and most correct Modes of Superseription, come will find some exquisite pickings among these “ Apician Morsels." mencement, and Conclusion of Letters, to Persons of every de IV.

gree of Rank; including the Diplomatic, Clerical, and Judicial A New Edition in 12mo, with coloured Plates, price 8s. Þignitaries: with Lists of Foreign Ambassadors and Consais. A CONCISE and PRÁCTICAL TREATISE on the Also the forms necessary to be used in Applications or Petitions GROWTH and CULTURE of the CARNATION, PINK, AU- to the King in Council, Houses of Lords and Commons, GovernRICULA, POLYANTHUS, RANUNCULUS, TULIP, HYA. ment Offices, and Public Companies: with a Table of Prece CINTH, ROSE, and other Flowers, including a Dissertation on

dency, and Abbreviations of the several British and Foreign Or. Soils and Manures, and Catalogues of the most esteemed Varieties

ders of Knighthood. of each Flower. By THOMAS HOGG, Florist, Paddington Green.


In 1?mo, the Fourth Edition, newly arranged, and very mate-
In 2 vols. 12mo, price 145. boards.

rially improved, with an entirely new Set of Copperplate EnThe DIVINE ORIGIN of CHRISTIANITY, de- gravings, price 8s. handsomely


SYLLABIC SPELLING; or, a SUMMARY ME. duced from some of those Evidences which are not founded on the Authenticity of Scripture. By JOHN SHEPHERD, Esq. of Frome. cility and pleasure. The Fourth Edition, with an entirely new

THOD of TEACHING CHILDREN to READ and SPELL with fa. In 12mo, the Fifth Edition, price 6s.

set of Copperplate Engravings, and an improved Arrangement THOUGHTS, chiefly designed as PREPARATIVE adapted to them. By Mrs WILLIAMS, Author of the Conversa

tions on English Grammar. or PERSUASIVE TO PRIVATE DEVOTION. By John Spep.

N.B. This Edition contains a variety of testimonials in favour HERD, Esq.

of the System, from some of the most respectable Professors of VII. In 32mo, with a beautiful vignette title, price 2s. bound in black, children (amused and interested by this novel mode of instruction)

the English Language, as well as from several parents, whose with gilt edges,

have learned, in the course of a very few months, to read cor. A COMPANION to the ALTAR ; showing the Na. rectly, and with perfect case, the longest and most difficult words. ture and Necessity of a Sacramental Preparation, in order to our Boxes, with appropriate Counters, for the Amusement of Young worthy receiving the Holy Communion; to which are added, Beginners, may be had, if required, of the Publishers. Prayers and Meditations, with an Introductory Essay on the Origin, Nature, and Tendency of the Lord's Supper, chiefly selected The Third Edition, with additions and Improvements, price 5s

1 from the Writings of Hugă Blair, D.D.

half-bound, VIII.

CONVERSATIONS on ENGLISH GRAMMAR, In 12mo, a New Edition, with plates, price 8s.

in a series of familiar and entertaining Dialogues between a Má The NATURAL HISTORY of the BIBLE ; or, a ther and her Daughters; in which the Rules of Grammar are inDescription of all the Quadrupeds, Birds, Fishes, Reptiles, and troduced and explained in a Manner calculated to excite the At. Insects, Trees, Plants, Flowers, Gems, and precious Stones, men- tention of Children, and, at the same time, to convey to their tioned in the Sacred Scriptures. Collected from the best Autho- Minds clear and comprehensive Ideas of the Principles of Lanrities, and Alphabeticaily arranged. By THADDRUS Mason guage: with a number of appropriate Questions following each HARRIS, D.D.

Conversation. Adapted to the Use of Establishments for Young IX.

Ladies, as well as to private Tuition. By Mrs H. WILLIAMS. Second Edition, altered and enlarged, demy 18mo, price 4s, 6d.

Royal 18mo, 6s. bds.

In two vols. 12mo, price 15s. boards, MATINS and VESPERS: with Hymns and Occa. The ECONOMY of the EYES, by the late Wu. sional Devotional Pieces. By Joux BOWRINO, F.L.S.


PART 1.-Precepts for the Improvement and Preservation of the In 12mo, price 28. 6d. sewed, or in 18mo, price 28. 6d. bound, the sight; and Plain Rules, which will enable all to Judge exaetly Twenty-fourth Edition, with a Selection of Hymns for particu- when and what Spectacles are best calculated for their eyes. Ob lar occasions,

servations on Opera Glasses and Theatres. Price 6s. in boards SELECT PORTIONS of the NEW VERSION of

Part II.-OP TELESCOPES; being the Result of Thirty Years' PSALMS, for every Sunday throughout the Year, and the prin- Experiments with Fifty-one Telescopes, of from One to Nice cipal Festivals and Fasts; for the Use of Parish Churches. The Inches in Diameter, in the possession of WILLIAM KITCHENER, words selected by the Rev. G. H. DRUMMOND;

the Music select- M.D. To which are added, an Abstract of the Practical Parts of ed, adapted, and composed by Edw. MILLER, Mus. Doc. Sir W. HERSCHELL'S Writings on Telescopes, Double Stars, &e; XI.

some Observations thereon, and Original Letters from Eminent A New Edition, in 3 vols. post 8vo, price 255.

Opticians. Price 9s. boards. OUR VILLAGE; COUNTRY STORIES; Sketches of Rural Character and Scenery. By Miss MARY RUSSuLL Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday Morn. MITFORD

ing, by CONSTABLE & CO. WATERLOO PLACE; XII. In post 8vo, price 88.

Sold also by ROBERTSON & ATKINSON, Glasgow ; W. CEARY, FOSCARI; and JULIAN. Tragedies. By Miss

jun. & Co. Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. Londons and by MITTORD.

all Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, through XIII.

out the United Kingdom.
In post 8vo, price 10s, 6d.

Price 6d., or Stamped, and sent free by post, 10d.

Printed by BALLAXTYNE and Co. Paul's Work, Canongate.





SCOTTISH ACADEMY Connected with Science, Literature, and the Arts.



THE EARL OF HOPETOUN having kindly

permitted RUBENS' celebrated Picture of the ADORA

TION of the SHEPHERDS to be exhibited for a short time in WODROW'S HISTORY of the SUFFER- the Rooms of the SCOTTISH ACADEMY, the Exhibitioa is INGS of the CHURCH of SCOTLAND, from the RE

NOW OPEV with thi. Splendid Addition, from nine till dusk. STORITION to the REVOLUTION; with a Memoir of the

Professional Artists, who may not as yet have received Tickets Author, a preliminary Dissertation and Notes, by the Rev. Ro

of Admission to the Academy Exhibition, will obtain them on BERT BURNS, Paisley. With Portraits, 4 vols. Gvo. Vol. I. and II.

applying at the Rooms. already published, price £1, 2s.

By order of the Council, " Ic is written with a fidelity that has seldom been disputed,

WM. NICHOLSON, Secretary. and confirmed, at the end of each volum, by a large mass of

Admittance, One Shilling; Catalogues, Sixpence. public and private records."-Chalmers. " No historical facts are

24, Waterloo Place, better ascertained than the accounts which are found in Wod

April 220, 1829.
row." - Charles James For.

Note, by JAMES BELL, illustrated by 16 Maps and Plates, 2 vols.
8vo, bds. £i, 125.

On the first of June will be published,
CIENTS, with Notes:-containing whatever is most valuable in

INSCRIBED BY PERMISSION the works on the Arts and Sciences published since the time of To the King's Most Gracious Majesty, Rollin. By James BELL. With Plates, 1 vol. 15s. These volumes contain the whole 12 volumes 8vo of the ori

VOLUME FIRST ginal, and new matter equal to other four.

OF A NEW EDITION OF “ The edition now before us will be found peculiarly valuable, THE WAVERLEY NOVELS; as it erobraces, in the form of Notes, much essential information. And we have no hesitation in declaring our opinion, that, in con- TO BE CONTINUED IN MONTHLY VOLUMES, REVISED AND sequence of the introduction of this new feature, this edition bids

CORRECTED, fair to be not only the cheapest, but, what is of much more importance, the best that has yet issued from the press.'-Oriental

WITH A GENERAL PREFACE, Herald. “ The present edition must be pronounced to be vastly

AN INTRODUCTION TO EACH NOVEL, superior to all former ones." —Evang. Mag., "We think this

AND NOTES, HISTORICAL AND ILLUSTRATIVE, BY ertition of Rollin well deserves to supersede its predecessors."

THE AUTHOR. Asiatic Journal.

Embellished with Frontispieces and Vignette Titles, from Designs MOSHEIM'S CHURCH HISTORY, translated by Executed expressly for the present Edition, by the MACLAINE, the 6 vols. complete in Two. bds. 16s.

MOST EMINENT ARTISTS. “ The historian Mosheim is full, rational, correct, and moderate."--Gibbon.

NOTICE BY THE PUBLISHERS. The PROTESTANT. by WM. M'GAVIN, Esq. 7th edition, revised and corrected, 4 vols. 8vo, bds. £1, 10s.

There are few circumstances in the history of letters more re. ** We most strongly recommend this Work to our readers, as

markable than the rise and progress of the WAVERLEY Nofraught with important arguments and facts. That it has circu

Unlike most other productions of genius, they had laced widely, the number of editions is a sufficient evidence, and

no infancy to struggle with, but reached at once the highest we hope that the reduction of its price will still farther extend

point of public farour,-a station which they have ever since its sale."- London Christian Instructor.

maintained with undiminished popularity. A POR ('KALT of WM. 4•Gavir, Esq. Author of in a great degree, to the wealthier ranks of society, the Proprie

The circulation of these works having been hitherto confined, The Protestant. Engraved on Steel, by Dawe, from a Painting tors have resolved to place them within the reach of readers of by CAMPBELL. Size 9 in. by 8 in. 8s. POREIGN TALKS and TRADITIONS, selected time more elegant shape, and with the additional advantage of a

all classes, by republishing them in a less costly, but at the same chiefly from the Fugitive Literature of Germany, by GEORGE G. periodical issue. CUNNINGHAM. With Engravings, 2 vols. 12mo, bls. 15s.

The Publishers have therefore the honour of announcing the * We esteem the Tales and Traditions a work entitled to be, speedv commencement of a New Edition, to be published in and likely to prove, very popular.”Edin. Lit. Jour.

MONTHLY VOLUMES. “ We are bound to say that it is one of the best selections we In this undertaking they have had the chcerful co-operation of have met with."-Scot. Lit. Gaz.

the Author himself, who has not only revised every one of the The CASQUET of LITERARY GEMS, with En- Novels, but has added Explanatory Notes, and a new Introducgravings, 2 vols. 12mo, bds. 175.

tion to each of them.

Second Series, nearly ready, 2 vols. 12mo, bds, 175.

PLAN OF THE WORK. A Selection from the First Series, in 5 vols. Royal 48mo, half

1. The size to be royal 18mo, printed in the very best manner, bound, 12. 6d. “ We do not know any work of the same price which we could

and hot-pressed ; each volume to contain about 400 pages, price

53. done up in cloth. name as containing greater attractions than the Casquet of Lite

II. The publication to commence on 1st June next; and to be rary Gems, to which we give no small praise, when we say that its contents fully justify the title bestowed upon it."- Athenaeum.

continue regularly, on the first day of each month, till the whole

is completed. «• The Casquet of Literary Gems is the most perfect selection with

III. Each volume to have a Frontispiece and Vignette titlewhich we are acquainted."-Free Press.

page, both containing subjects illustrative of the Novel to which The SCRIPTORE STUDENT'S ASSISTANT, they are attached.

iv. The Work will be completed in Forty VOLUMES, comof Instructions on Baptism, and the Lord's Supper. 12mo, cloth, 33. 6d.

Author's additions will form about two of these Forty Volumes. The same Work printed in 4to, to bind with Family Bibles, *** The Edition is so far advanced at press, that regularity of sewed, 3s.

publication may be depended on; and, to such subscribers as may “ We are persuaded it will be found eminently calculated to wish to have some of the Novels compiete on the appearance advance the intelligent and profitable perusal of the divine word.” of the first volume of each respectively, the Publishers have to -Cong. Mag. No Student of the Scriptures should be with- state, that the whole of WAVERLEY may be had on the first of out this most excellent book. We earnestly recommend it to all, June, in 2 vols. for 10s. especially to Students and Ministers."—Home Miss. Mag.

And, in like manner,

GUY MANNERING, in 2 vols, on the 1st of August. JOHNSON'S ENGLISH DICTIONARY, in Mi.

THE ANTIQUARY, in 2 vols. on the 1st of October. niature, with the addition of several Thousand Words, and the

Rob Roy, in 2 vols. on the 1st of December. Pronunciation on the basis of Walker. Subjoined is a Concise

As well as such others, during the progress of the Edition, as Heathen Mythology, and numerous other useful Tables. By its arrangement enables the Publishers to deliver in complete WILLIAM MAVER, 3d edition, bound, 3s.

Tales. This is the cheapest Pronouncing Dictionary ever published !!


a Complete Index, and Concise Detienicky opiskelu Beibles bx mencing with Waverlev, and closing with WOODSTOCH: The

“ We are constrained to say, that the little volume does much The public are respectfully requested to inspect the Designs and credit to Mr Maver's research and accuracy, and that, as it is the Engravings at the premises of the Publishers, most comprehensive, so it deserves to be the most popular, of Mi. And at Moon, Boys, and GRAVES, Printsellers to his Majesty, niature Dictionaries.".Free Press.

6, Pall Mall, London, by whom they will be sold separately, as Sold by A. FULLARTON & Co., Edinburgh; W. CURRY, Jun.

will be afterwards announced. & Co., and W. F. WAKEMAN, Dublin; JAMES Duncan, and Printed for CADELL & Co. 41, St Andrew Square, EdinSIMPKIN & MARSHALL, London; and at the “ Glasgow Publi- burgh; and to be had of every Bookseller throughout the cation Warehouses," Aberdeen, Dundee, Carlisle, and Liverpool. kingdom.

This day is published,

GERMAN LANGUAGE AND LITERATURE. Price 3s. 60. cloth boards, Embellished with a beautiful Vignette of Constantinople by

DR CANTOR begs to intimate that he has MILLER,

Removed to 52, North Hanover Street, where he is about to VOLUME I. OF


52, North Hanover Street, HISTORY

15th May, OF THE




day is published in 18mo, price 7s. in boards, With a Preliminary Discourse on the LIFE of MAHOMET, and his immediate Successors.


recensione JO. JAC. GRIESBACHII, cum selecta lection. Author of the “ History of Budhism," &c.


Sumptibus C. J. G. & F. RIVINGTON, London; et BELL &

BRADFUTE, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh.

of whom may be had, lately published, Edinburgh: Printed for CONSTABLE & Co.; and HURST,

I. LIBER SCHOLASTICUS ; or, Account of the
CHANCE, & Co. London.

Fellowships, &c. at Oxford and Cambridge, &c, 10s. 61.
In 8vo, 12s.

II. The CLERICAL GUIDE; or, Ecclesiastical

Directory of the Church of England, royal 8vo, 92s.

By P. F. TYTLER, Esq.

8yo, new edition, by SCHOLEFIELD, 16s. Vol III. will be ready in November. To be completed in six IV. BLOOMFIRLD's CRITICAL DIGEST of volumes.

Sacred Annotations on the New Testament, 8 large vole. Sro, PICTURE of SCOTLAND. By R. CHAMBERS. £6, 2s. In 2 vols. post Svo, with eight fine Plates-a delightful compa

V. HUG'S Introduction to the New Testament, transnion on a journey, £1, 1s.

lated by WAIT. 2 vols. 8vo, 32s. BROWN'S SYNOPSIS of the DECISIONS, 4

THEATRE-ROYAL. large vols. 4to, £10, 10s.

BROWN'S PHILOSOPHY of the MIND, com- MR JONES respectfully announces that his plete in one large vol. 8vo, £1, 1s.

BENEFIT is fixed for Printed for WILLIAM TAIT, 78. Prince's Street; ROBERTSOX

SATURDAY, May 16, 1829, & ATKINSON, Glasgow; and LONGMAN & Co. London.

When will be revived, the Elder Colman and Garrick's celebrated In a few days will be published,

Comedy of By WILLIAM TAIT and JOHN STEVENSON, Edinburgh;


Lord Ogleby, Mr Jones,

His first attempt in that character.

Brush, Mr Murray. CRIMINAL TRIALS before the HIGH

After which, first Act of Sheridan's COURT of JUSTICIARY in SCOTLAND; from the

CRITIC. Reign of King James IV. to the Reign of George III. Selected,

Puff, Mr Jones. and now for the first time to be published, from the ORIGINAL

To conclude with the Musical Entertainment of RECORDS of that Court, &c. by ROBERT PITCAIRN, Writer

PAUL AND VIRGINIA. to his Majesty's Signet, F.S.A. Scot. & Hon. F.S.A. Perth, &c. PAHT II. will be ready early in July next; and a Part will

Paul, Mr Thorne, be published every four months thereafter till the work is com

In which character he will sing, pleted. Three Parts to forin a large and handsome volume “Vast is the Swelling Tide of Joy, "_" Boldly I come to Plead quarto.

the Cause," -and a favourite Ballad. “ In the Books of Adjournal, every now and then, you read

Dominiqne, Mr Murray. new pages of the human heart, and turns of fortune fa: beyond

Virginia, Miss Clarke, what the boldest novelist ever attempted to produce fium the

Her first appearance in that eharacter, in which she will sing coinage of his brain."-Sir Walter Scott.

"Ah! Could my faltering Tongue impart, • While such a work must be highly interesting to the general

And, with Mr Thorne, the Duet of reader, it will be of great value to the lawyer, the historian, and

“ See from Ocean." the antiquary."-Weekly Journal.

Jacintha, Miss Tunstall. “ Such a work has long ben a great desideratum; and cannot fail to be equally curious, interesting, and important."-Caledo

Tickets and Places for the boxes to be had of Mr KeXXEDY, nian Mercury.

at the Box Office, at the usu: hours, and of Mr JONES, No. 19,

Queen Street,
Works just published,
TALES of FIELD and FLOOD. with Sketches

of Life at Home, By JOHN MALCOLM, Author of MR MACKAY begs leave to acquaint his " Scenes of War," “ Reminiscences of a Campaign in the Pyre- Friends and the Public, that his BENEFIT takes place on nees and South of France," &c. &c. Small 8vo, 78. 6d. boards,

MONDAY, May 18, CONTENTS.- Life in Camp- The Bivouack-Francesca Za. When will be performed, first time these Seven Years, mora-An Orkney Wedding The Secret of the Sea-The Bo.

the Comedy of rough-London - The Parting and Retum-A Trip to Paris-The

EVERY ONE HAS HIS FAULT. Soldier's Grave Jack O'Flanagan-Helen Waters-The Bachelor-Recollections of Ireland - The Brothers-First Love-A Day

Sir Robert Ramble, Mr Jones. in the Orkneys- The Young Poet-Scenes of Memory.


Mr Placid, Mr Murray. THENTIC ANECDOTES of DOGS, exhibiting remarkable

Captain Irwin, Mr Pritchard.

Lady Eleanor Irwin, Mrs Stanley. Instances of the Instinct, Sagacity, and social Disposition of this

In the course of the evening, faithful Animal: Illustrated by Representations of the most

Mr Thorn, Mr Mackay, Miss Tunstall, and striking Varieties, and by correct Portraits of celebrated or re

Miss Clarke,

will introduce a variety of markable Dogs, from Drawings chiefly Original. Also, a Historical Introduction; and a copious Appendix on the Breeding,

Popular Songs. Feeding, Training, Diseases,' and edical Treatment of Dogs;

To which will be added, together with a Treatise on the Gecie-Laws of Great Britain. By


Meg Dodds of St Ronan's, Aulton, Mr Mackay, with 31 Engravings, 8s. 6d. boards.

in which character he will sing STORIES from the HISTORY of SCOTLAND, " There cam'a Young Man to my Daddy's Door." in the Manner of Stories selected from the History of England.

Tickets and places for the Boxes to be had of Mr KEXNEDY, at By the Rev. ALEX. STEWART. Second Edition, very greatly the Box-office, at the usual hours, and of Mr MACKAY, No 93, enlarged; with a Frontispiece and Viguette designed by Sro

Dublin Street, THARD, and engraved by JAMES STEWART. 1 hick 18ino, 43. half-bound.

Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday MomAn EPITOME of the GAME of WHIST; con- ing, by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLAČE: sisting of an Introduction to the Mode of Playing and Scoring; Sold also by Robertson & ATKINSON, Glasgow; W. CURRY. the Laws of the Game essentially reformed ; and Maxims for jun. & Co. Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. London: and by Playing, arranged on a new and simple plan, calculated to give ell Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, through rapid Proficiency to a Player of the dullest Perception and worst out the United Kingdom. Memory. By E. M. ARNAUD; with a Frontispiece on Wood by BRANSTON. 18mo, 2s.6d. boards.

Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent free by post, 10d.
Printed for OLIVER & Boyd, Edinburgh; and SIMPKIN and

Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate.

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