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7. FINE ARTS, weekly notices of all pictorial exhibitions,

and critical descriptions of paintings, drawings, and engravings, Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts. with commentaries on all new works of art.

8. SCIENTIFIC NOTICES, or descriptions of all improvePublished this day,

ments in Mechanics and the experimental Sciences, illustrated Price 6s,

occasionally by diagrams, with an account of New Palents, MeTHE EDINBURGH REVIEW,

teorological Tables, &c. No. XCVII.

The Literary division of The Atlas in its various branches,

has formed an era in the class of publications in which it ranks; CONTENTS.

and exhibits a remarkable union of the essential features of the Census of the Population, Law of Mortality, &c.-Euvres de

more elaborate Reviews, with the popular and practical objects Courier Recent state of France-The Game Laws-Steuart's

of the General Newspaper. Planter's Guide - Captain Clapperlon's Journal Library of En- The attention that is observed in the purity of language and tertaining Knowledge-Mill's Essay on Government; Utilitarian

selection of subjects, down to the minutest paragraph in The Logic and Politics-Law of Legitimacy-The Last of the Catholic

ATLAS, recommends it especially to the use of families and the Question; its Principle, History, and Effects, &c.

guardians of youth; and the copious details it affords of Military LONGMAN and Co. London; ADAM BLACK, Edinburgh. and Naval affairs, invest it with valuable attractions for the memTHE LARGEST NEWSPAPER EVER PRINTED, BEING bers of those professions, and the residents in the colonies. NEARLY DOUBLE THE SIZE OF “ THE TIMES."

ADVERTISEMENTS. THE ATLAS: A General Newspaper and Jour- The character and circulation of THE ATLAs render it pecunal of Literature,

liarly desirable as a medium for ADVERTISEMENTS; but as only This Publication, which may be justly called a Weekly Encyclo- a limited space can be devoted to their recepti n, the Proprietors pædia of Politics, Literature, Arts, and Sciences, has now com

beg to suggest the necessity of transmitting in the early part of

the week such Advertisements as require inmediate insertion. pleted its Third Volume. It was a novelty in our literature to concentrate in a seven-day Evening in time for post, and is received on Sunday at the dis

THE ATLAs is published in two Editions; the first on Saturday Journal the characteristics of the higher class of periodicals, combined at the same time with the spirit of all the popular topics Morning, containing specially reported, the whole News of Sa

tance of nearly 200 miles from London; the second on Sunday that mark the progress of political and domestic events—the news and knowledge of the day. An undertaking so responsible in its

turday up to Midnight. nature, and so comprehensive in its design, demanded greater Published by the Proprietor, JAMES WHITING, at THE ATLAS means, mechanical and mental, than had ever before been ap- Office, Beaufort House, Beaufort Buildings, Strand, London, plied to a similar purpose. It was accordingly commenced with Price 1s. Orders received by all Newsmen throughout the Kingliberality, and conducted with energy. Public approbation ena- dom. bles the Proprietors to add, that it has been rewarded with unequalled patronage. Anxious at once to acknowledge the flatter

of whom may still be had, ing favours with which THE ATLAS has been received, and to DOUBLE THE SIZE OF “ THE ATLAS," show that they have endeavoured to gather from experience

Price One Shilling, every suggestion that was calculated to increase the utility and interest of their plan, the Proprietors beg to submit an outline of THE NEW MAGNA CHARTA, containits general features, and the recent improvements that have been ing the late Debates and Proceedings in both Houses of Par introduced into its pages.

liament, on a Single Sheet, equal to the size of The DOUBLE THE ATLAS is divided into two principal departments-News Atlas, presenting a surface of nearly Forty-one square Feet: to and Literature; and these are subdivided and classified with care which is added, an Appendix of valuable Documents connected and industry into heads of casy reference, so that each particu- with the present condition of the Catholics in the United Kinglar subject is preserved distinct and entire. The extraordinary dom; and authentic copies of the Relief Bill and the Irish Electdimensions of the sheet, which folds into sixteen large quarto- | ive Franchise Bill. sized pages, containing forty-eight columns, affords this classifi

Printed at the Atlas Press. cation facilities which no other publication possesses.

This important Record is published on a single Sheet of Paper, NEWS.

presenting a surface of nearly FORTY-ONE SQUARE FEET, being 1. THE POLITICIAN-a selection of the best leading arti

the same size as the late Double Sheet of THE ATLAS Newspacles from all the Journals, daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly,

per, which was of greater magnitude than any before issued from upon all questions of public interest; preserving in a small com

the Press. It embraces a copious and carefully corrected Report pass the striking opinions and commentaries that lio scattered

of the great Debates on the Catholic Question in both Houses of ihroughout numerous and expensive publications.

the Legislature, commencing with His Majesty's Message, on the 2. PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES, copiously reported.

5th of February, 1823, and terminating with the Third Reading

of the Relief Bill in the House of Peers. 3. PARLIAMENTARY PAPERS-a digest of all parliamentary documents of obvious reference and popular utility.

To this ample Report is appended the following Documents 4. FOREIGN NEWS-the current events that take place in

under the head of an Appendix. 1. Authentic Copy of the Reforeign countries, arranged in the form of historical narrative,

lief Bill. 9. Authentic Copy of the Irish Elective Franchise Bill. collated carefully from contemporay authorities, and distributed

3. Abstract of the Progress of the Relief Bill through both Houses under the heads of the different countries and colonies to which

of Parliament in the Session of 1829. 4. Tables of the Majorities

and Minorities; distinguishing in both Houses the names of those they belong. 5. BRITISH NEWS-a clear epitome of all domestic occur

Members who formerly voted against, and recently for, the Mea

sure; and in the Table of the House of Commons distinguishing rences, under the various heads of Trade, Agriculture, Public Meetings, Accidents and Offences, Police, Proceedings in the

the County, City, Borough, &c. for which each Member was re

turned, in order to exhibit more clearly the state of representative Courts of Law and Sessions, Court and Fashionable News, Church and University Intelligence, Military and Naval Affairs copiously feeling. 5. A statistical. Document on the present condition of

the Roman Catholics of the United Kingdom, arranged under the given, the Money Market, and the miscellaneous news of the

several heads of Population, Ecclesiastical Government, Chapels, week up to midnight on Saturday: the local news of Ireland and Scotland, written ont into separate heads. In the conduct of this

Education, Nobility, and Gentry. 6. A Tabular Digest of all the department of THE ATLAS, recourse is had to many exclusive Proceedings that have

taken place in Parliament on the subject of sources of information, and correspondents have been established,

Emancipation, from its first introduction in 1778 to the present

time. The whole affording in a brief compass a ropular who furnish expressly the latest intelligence. The Gazettes and

HISTORY OF THE CATHOLIC QUESTION. Tables of Markets, and all other matters interesting to the Commercial World, are especially attended to. Preserving a strict

This gigantic sheet not only affords a remarkable proof of the neutrality in its editorial capacity, The Atlas affords & faithful improved mechanical powers of the Press, but presents the most reflection of the opinions and proceedings of all parties.

comprehensive Parliamentary document that has ever been offer

ed to the public. For all the purposes of record, and reference, LITERATURE.

and popular information on a question that has agitated Great The contributions to this department are from the pens of Pro Britain for the last fifty years, it will be found complete in its fessors and Gentlemen of acknowledged reputation, and are classi- details, lucid in its plan, and economical in its price. "It contains fied under the following heads.

in solid matter as much as four or five of the most elaborate re. 1. ORIGINAL ESSAYS, AND MEMORANDA ON MEN ports of a daily journal, or the contents of three octavo volumes ; AND THINGS, embodying a lively commentary on passing and its great capacity enables it to embrace all the minor points events, and men and manners.

of interest connected with an event that will be remembered by 2. THEATRICAL CRITICISMS upon the written and acted posterity as the most important in modern history. As it is pubDrama, in which both are reviewed in a spirit of truth and per- lished merely as a pamphlet, it is unstamped, and must, theresect candour.

fore, be sent into the country in the way such publications usually 3. NOTES OF A LAWYER, comprising the opinions of emi. are in parcels, or by private conveyance. dent Pleaders upon curious and useful points of law, exemplified The extraordinary demand that was made for THE ATLAS by real cases, in which the names of the parties are suppressed. Newspaper on the 22d of March, issued on a sheet double its or.

4. REVIEWS of all new works of ability, with numerous ex- dinary size, and the continued applications that have been since tracts. Independent, and free from all literary and personal pre- made for copies of that publication, have induced the Proprietors judices, the opinions of the Reviewers in THE ATLAS may be to offer to the public the present opportunity of obtaining a meconsulted with confidence in their integrity.

chanical production presenting still higher claims upon their at. 5. LITERARY MEMORANDA, notes of all novelties in lite- tention. rature abroad and at home,

Orders received by all Booksellers and Newsmen. 6. MUSIC AND MUSICIANS, or scientific criticisms on vocal

Beaufort Buildingse Strandi rand 3, } and instrumental performers, operas, and new music, on the Conti

Lombard Street, London. nent as well as in England, with occasional engraved illustrations.

(One Interest.)



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AUTHOR OF WAVERLEY'S NEW NOVEL. This day is published, in two large volumes, 8vo, price £1, 8s

This day was published,

D.D. Lord Archbishop of Canterbury.
In 3 vols. price L.1, 11s. 6d.

ANNE OF GEIERSTEIN: By the Author of Printed for c. 1. G. and F. Rivington, London, and sold by


Bell and BRADFUTB, No. 6, Bank Street, Edinburgh ; “What I will the aspiring blood of Lancaster

of whom may be had, lately published, Sink in the ground ?"-SHAKSPRARR. Printed for CADELL & Co., Edinburgh ; and SIMPKIN &


of St JOHN. 2 vols. 8vo, 24s. of whom may be had,

2. FABER'S CALENDAR of PROPHECY. SAINT VALENTINE'S DAY; or, THE FAIR 3 vols. 8vo, 36s. MAID of PERTH. By the Author of Waverley, &c. 3 vols. 3. FULLER on JUSTIFICATION. 8vo, 10s L.1, 11s. 6d. Second Edition.

6d. CHRONICLES of the CANONGATE. By 4. BISHOP of LINCOLN'S ACCOUNT of the the Author of Waverley. First Series. 2 vols. L.1, 1. Second


7s.6d. CONTENTS :-Tale I. The Highland Widow.-II. The Two

5. GERARD'S EVIDENCE of RELIGION. Drovers. III. The Surgeon's Daughter. TALES of a GRANDFATHER. Being Sto- 8vo, 8s. 6d.

6. CLISSOLD'S LAST HOURS of EMI. ries from the History of Scotland. By Sir WALTER SCOTT, Bart. FIRST SERIBS. A New Edition, 8 vols. 109. 60.


7. CLISSOLD'S PROPHECIES of CHRIST A New Edition, 3 vols. 10. 6d.

and CHRISTIAN TIMES. 8vo, 68. 6d. The COOK'S ORACLE; A New Edition, (being

This day is published, the eighth.) containing a Complete System of Cookery for Catho

By WAUGH and INNES, lic Families. 12mo. 78. 6d.

Ia 12mo, price 5s. boards, with a Portrait and Map of “We venture to prophesy, that the Cook's Oracle will be

the Burman Empire: considered as the Eoglish Institute of Cookery.".~Edinburgh Res A MEMOIR of MRS ANN H. JUDSON, .

Wife of the Rev. Adoniram Judson, Missionary to Burmah;

including an Account of the Rise and Progress of the Americas NEW PUBLICATIONS.

Baptist Mission is that Empire. By James D. KNOWLES, Pas. tor of the Second Baptist Church in Boston, Massachusetts.

Printed for W1QRTMAN & CRAMP, London; and Waugu & ROBERTSON and ATKINSON respectfully

INNES, Edinburgh. request the notice of the public to the following List of Neto, Important, or Cheap Publications, which form part of their pre

This day are published, sent Stock, and which they will sell to their friends and to the

By WAUGH AND INNES, Trade on the most favourable terms.

2. Hunter Square, and 41, South Hanover Street, HENRY'S COMMENTARY, complete in 3 vols.

In one volume octavo, price 96. boards, 8vo, distinct type, and with copious Memoir ; an edition of extra

SERMONS ordinary cheapness, beauty, and aecuracy. It may also be had in Parts, at 3s. each

By the late Rev. JOHN CAMPBELL, D.D. JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY, without abridgement with an Appendix, containing some Minor Theological Pieces

One of the Ministers of the Tolbooth Church, Edinbarrgh in ont volume, stereotype, 8vo, beautiful Portrait. An indis

To which is prefixed, pensable work in every library.

The SERMON, preached on the occasion of bis Dett THE COMPANION; a suppressed Periodical, by

By the Rev. ROBERT LORIMER, LL.D. the celebrated Leigh Hunt. 1 vol. 8vo.

One of the Ministers of Haddington. EDINBURGH REVIEW_Vols. 1 to 34 set in Edinbugght Printed for Wavou and Inxhs; and James Dux. Ane order, £20, 88.-- for one-third of that price.

CAN, London.
Specimens and Prospectuses to be had at R. and A.'s, who will

HOUSE PAINTING.. receive subscriptions on as liberal terms as any respectable house

In one volume, post 8vo, priee the 6d. boards, in the Trade. The Subscription List is already very large. In addition to the above, R. and A. respectfully submit the fol

A SECOND EDITION OF lowing List of their own publications, several of which have just THE LAWS of HARMONIOUS COLOUR. been issued

ING, adapted to HOUSE PAINTING and other INTETHE VILLAGE POLITICIANS, or a Short RIOR DECORATIONS. Dialogue on the State of the Nation, in April 1829. Price 6d.

By D. R. HAY, House Painter, Edinburgh. GUIDE so the PURCHASERS of HORSES, "We are glad that Mr Hay's book has gone to a second ediwith an Appendix on the Equestrian Equipment of a Gentleman, tion, and we doubt not that the ability and excellent knowledge

B by a Glasgow Amateur, beautifully printed for the waistcoat of his profession which it displays, will meet with the rewant to pocket, 32mo, gilt edges, 9d.

which they are well entitled. It is an ingenious and highly use. THE THISTLE.A Collection of the best Scottish ful little work."-Literary Journal Songs, with Notes by the author of the "Eventful Life of a Sol- ought to be familiarly known to those who ate employed to de

"The laws which govern the assemblage of different colours dier, with two humorous Plates. Price 2s.6d. boards.

corate our apartments. This is very clearly shown in a mnost mare " The Collection contains many originals of great merit, as

ritorious broehure lately published, in which the author discusses • Funnery,' &c., and Notes that are curious, while it is very

the subject with equal taste and perspicuity. We anticirate the cheap."-Critical Gazette. THE SHAM ROCK._An unrivalled Collection of greatest benefit from this sensible and judicious performance."

Caledonian Mercury. Trish Songs, Edited, and with Notes, by Mr Weekes, wil speedily " There is no household art, however humble, but might be be issued.

improved by a man of genius and taste, exerting himself to subCONNEL'S SPELLING-BOOK, price 1s bound, stitute new for old modes of practice, and, of all arts, house paintand First and Second Books, 24. and ed., sewed in stiff boards, ing assuredly stands in need of such purification. From such a stereotype editions.-These are now established School-Books, work as Mr Hay's it is difficult to make a fair extract. We must and in use in many of the first Semn inaries in England and Scot- content ourselves with recommending it to all gentlemen about land, while their cheapness makes them accessible to all.

to dictate the decorations of their houses." -Observer. THE ANT.-Original Volume, 4s. 6d. cloth ; Se.

; “This is a good practical treatise, and contains general instruclected Volume the same. By reprinting portions of this work, a

tions by which private individuals may benefit in the decoration few sets are again completed, and original subscribers may now

of their apartments. "Edinburgh Courant. make up theirs for binding. The first portion is a collection of “ There is much room for the harmonious arrangement of CoEssays, 'Tales, and Versen, chiefly illustrative of Olasgow life and lours in adorning our apartments, and we think many useful hints character; the second is a selection of amusing and elegant Pieces, are given in this volume."-Saturday Post mostly from unexplored sources.

RULES for GOVERNING LITERARY and Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday More DEBATING SOCIETIES, 4d.


SKETCHES of the ISLE of MAN, by a Tourist. jun. & Co. Dublin; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. London; and by Beautifully printed. Boards 3s. This is a work meant to supply

eu Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, through * want long felt by visitors to the delightful Island it describes.

out the United Kingdom. It has been spoken of by the Journals as a model to guide writers, Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent free by post, 10d. and is obviously ihe production of a man of talents and letters: it is an amusing in the arm chair, as useful in the steam-boat. Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate.

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KNOWLEDGE. Connected with Literature, Science, and the Arts. THE. Publication of the Third Part of this Work,

being the Second of the MENAGERIES, is unavoidably This day is published,

POSTPONED to the 1st July, to provide for the admission of

some Original Communications, which will add to the interest of By THOMAS CLARK, 32, George Street,

the Work. Price 6s.

CHARLES KNIGHT, Pall-Mall East, Loudon; OLIVER and

Boyd, Tweeddale Court, Edinburgh.

May 27.
No. VI.

SEAL ENGRAVING. 1. Russia, Turkey, and India-il. Creuzer. Symbolism and CHARLES MURDOCH begs leave to intimate,

that he has COMMENCED BUSINESS in the above line Mythology of the Greeks.-III. Klopstock s Life and Odes.-IV. Kosegarten. Arabian Literature.-V. Macieiowski. History of at 45, PRINCE'S STREET. Having been taught the art by

Mr L. BUTTERS, under whose able tuition and employment he Roman Law-VI. Voltaire.--VII. The Disputes of Brunswick

has been for upwards of ten years; with this experience, and a and Hanover.-VIII. Guizot. English Revolution of 1688.IX. CLASSICAL. 1. Alcæi Reliquiæ a Matthiæ.

2. Bopp Glos- strict attention to business, C. M. hopes to merit a share of pube

lic patronage, which he now respectfully solicits. sarium Sanscritum. 3. Zusütze zu Niebuhrs Romischer Ges.

45, Princes Street,

Edinburgh, chichte.-X. Polish. Swioutynia Sybillis, &c. Ziawinie sie Emilik, &c.--XI. GERMAN. 1. Briefwechsel zwischen Sehiller

23d May, 1829. und Goethe. 2. Schlegel Philosophie der Geschichte. 3. Die

Kunst aus jedem Zweykampfe lebend zurückzukehren.-XII.
ITALIAN. 1. Lombardi Storia della Letteratura Italiana. 2.
Pecchio, Amministrazione finanziera dall' ex-Regno d'Italia.-

MRS T: HILL most respectfully informs her XIII. FRENCH. 1. Buonarrotti Conspiration de Baboeuf. 2.

Friends and the Public in general, that her BENEFIT Odes et Ballades par Victor Hugo. 3. Le Livre Noir de MM. Tranchet et Delavaux. 4. Poesies de Mademoiselle Mercoeur. takes place on 5. La Conspiration de 1821. 6. Cousin Nouveaux Fragmens

SATURDAY, May 30, 1829, Philosophiques. 7. Corne, Du Courage Civil.-XIV. SPANISH.

When will be presented, second time, the celebrated 1. La decadencia del Teatro Antiquo Espanol por D. A. D. 2.

Comedy of Minano Diccionario Geografico-Estadistico de Espana y Portugal. THE CLANDESTINE MARRIAGE. 3. Torrente Geografia Universal Politica et Histórica.-XV.

Lord Ogleby, Mr Jones.
NECROLOGY. Gioja, Hassel, Schlegel, Teriaev, Weitsch.

Sir John Melvil, Mr Pritchard.
No. VII. will appear in June.

Brush, Mr Murray.
London: BLACK, YOUNG, and Young, 2, Tavistock Street,

Miss Sterling, Mrs T. Hill. Covent Garden, and BossANGE, BARTHES, and LOWELL, Great

In the course of the evening, Marlborough Street; THOMAS Clark, Edinburgh; and by all “ The Mad Maiden's Song," and " The Light Guitar," other Booksellers in the United Kingdom.

By Miss Clarke.
The Duet of " I know a bank,” the words by Shakspeare,

By Mrs T. Hill, and Miss Tunstall.

""Tis when to sleep," by Mr Thorne.

To which will be added, the celebrated Melo-Drama, in CHALMERS and SON, CARVERS, GILDERS,

two acts, called and PICTURE CLEANERS, beg leave to inform their em

THE SERGEANT'S WIFE. ployers, that they have REMOVED from the High Street to

Lissette, the Sergeant's wife, Mrs T. Hill. those more central and commodious premises. No. 45, PRINCE'S STREET (South East Corner of St David Street), where every Tickets and Places for the boxes to be had of Mr KENNEDY, branch of their business will be carried on, and in particular the at the Box-Office, at the usual hours, and of Mrs T. HILL, Lau. Lining, Cleaning, or Repairing of Old Paintings.

rence's Lodgings, No. 11, High Terrace. The method which C. and Son have of treating pictures put

satisfaction, that they are in possession of recommendatory documents MR PRITCHARD respectfully takes leave to

announce, that his BENEFIT is fixed for MONDAY, 1st from the principal Noblemen and Gentlemen Connoisseurs in Scotland.

of June 1829, on which occasion, in addition to the production of Edinburgh, May 23, 1829.

a new Play, he has to acknowledge the distingushed

patronage of MAJOR BARTON and the OFFICERS of the 12th ROYAL

LANCERS, by whose kind permission and in order to give TO THE DYSPEPTIC,

every effect to the new Drama-he will have the pleasure to gra


TURES, &c.

By a portion of their BUTLER'S COOLING APERIENT POW. DERS, - produce an extremely refreshing Effervescing Charles Cummins, Esq. Manager of the York and Hull Theatres,

CELEBRATED MILITARY BAND. Drlik, preferable to Soda, Seidiltz, or Magnesia Water, and at the same time A MILD AND COOLING APERIENT, peculiarly adapt

having favoured Mr Fritchard with a loan of the Music,

he is enabled to produce ed to promote the healthy action of the Stomach and Bowels, and thereby prevent the recurrence of Constipation and Indigestion,

A NEW MUSICAL PLAY, with all their train of consequences, as Depression, Flatulence,

Being its first representation in Edinburgh, Acidity or Heartburn, Headache, Febrile Symptoms, Eruptions on

entitled the Skin, &c. &c.; and by frequent use will obviate the neces- THE HERO OF THE NORTH, sity of having recourse to Calomel, Epsom Salts, and other violent medicines, which tend to debilitate the system. When taken

By the Author of "The Foundling of the Forest.' after too free an indulgence in the luxuries of the table, particu

Gustavus, the Hero of the North, Mr Pritcharda

Rubenski, the friend and adviser of Gustavus, Mr Denham. larly after too much wine, the usual disagreeable effects are altogether avoided. In warm climates they will be found extremely

Gunilda, Princess of Sweden, Mrs Stanley. beneficial, as they prevent accumulation of Bile, and do not de

Frederica Rubenski, betrothed to Gustavus, Miss Clarke.

Alexa, Wife of Marco, Miss Tunstall. bilitate. Prepared, and sold in 2s. 9d. boxes,--and 10s. 6d. and 20s. cases,

Mr Pritchard will recite a new version of by BUTLER, CHEMIST TO HIS MAJESTY, No. 73, PRINCE'S

BUCKS HAVE AT YE ALL. STREET, EDINBURGH; and (authenticated by the Preparer's The OVERTURE to the CALIPH of BAGDAD by the name and address, in the Label affixed to each box and case,)

Military Band. may be obtained of all the principal Druggists and Booksellers

The whole to conclude with Morton's fatourite Drama of throughout the United Kingdom.

THE SLAVE. of whom may also be procured,

Gambia, Mr Pritchard. -Stella, Miss Tunstall. BUTLER'S CARBONATED EFFERVES

Zelinda, a Quadroon Slave, Miss Clarke. CING HARROWGATE SALTS,-which contain all the solid Tickets and places for the Boxes to be had of Mr KENNEDY, ingredients of the celebrated Springs of Harrowgate, with the at the Box Office, at the usual hours, and of Mr PRITCHARD, very important addition of the Vol Gases in an immediate 27, Clyde Street. state of disengagement, by the additioxt of pure water, and altogether will be found a valuable substitute, proper for those In- *** Mr Pritchard is extremely sorry to announce to his friends valids who are unable to reside at Harrowgate. The Water of and the public, that the Box Plan for his Benefit night is, by some the Harrowgate Springs is very suceessfully used in cases of unaccountable means, amissing; and he respectfully solicits those Scurvy, Scrofula, and Bilious and Gouty Affections, and it has, of his friends who have already taken their places to renew their in particular, acquired great celebrity for the removal of the most applications, as the best way to obviate that confusion which, from complicated and obstinate Cutaneous Eruptions. The Salts are sold in 4s. 6d. and 10s. 6d. Bottles.

the numerous names inserted in the plan, must otherwise inevi. tably occur.



Just published,

On Saturday 6th June will be published,
A Beautiful and Cheap Edition of MATTHEW

Vol. XLI.

MENT; to which is prefixed, the Memoirs of the Life, Character,
and Writings of the Author.
By J. B. WILLIAMS, Esq. F.S.A.

In 3 vols. royal

svo, handsomely done up in cloth boards, and lettered. Price only £3, 15s.

FROM ITS ESTABLISHMENT TILL THE YEAR 1828. Also, just published, a handsome edition of


In 2 vols. price 7s. ; or on fine paper, 10.

Forming Vols. XL. and XLI.
1 vol. royal 8vo, cloth boards, price £2, 2s.
Printed verbatim from the last Edition corrected by the Doctor.

Works preparing for Publication. London, JOSEPH OOLE ROBINSON; Edinburgh, CONSTABLE & Co.; and sold by all Booksellers.


LAND, under DUNDEE and MAR, in 1689 and 1715. By This day is published,

ROBERT CHAMBERS, Author of the “Rebellion in Scotland in DIARY, arranged so as it may be commenced at any period of 1745,” &c. 1 vol. the year.


and Card Case. Printed for CHARLES SMITH, 25, Hanover Street. Lawson, M.A. Author of the “ Life and Times of Archbishop of whom may be had,

Laud," &c. 2 vols. THE INSTANT BINDER, for preserving Pe- The LIVES of HERMAN CORTES and riodical Publications, Pamphlets, Letters, &c.

FRANCIS PIZARRO; including a complete History of the Sets, suited for the Edinburgh Literary Journal, Blackwood's Conquest of Mexico and Peru, and a faithful account of the Magazine, Library of Useful Knowledge, and other popular Pub- state of these Empires at the time. By Don TELESFORO DE lications, may be had in various Bindings.

TRUEBA Y Cosio, Author of “ The Castilian," &c. 2 vols,


prising the History of the Commonwealth, from the year 1612 to the Restoration of Charles II. in 1660. By M. RUSSELL,


request the notice of the public to the following List of New, derslie, with the History of his Struggle for the Independence of Important, or Cheap Publications,

which form part of their pre. Scotland, including Biographical Notices of contemporary Engsent Stock, and which they will sell to their Friends and to the lish and Scottish Warriors.' By John D. CARRICK, Èsq. 2 vols. Trade on the most favourable terms.

HISTORY of IRELAND, from the Earliest HENRY'S COMMENTARY, complete in 3 vols. Authentic Era till its Union with Great Britain in 1800. 3 vols. 8vo, distinct type, and with copious Memoir: an edition of extra

The POEMS and LETTERS of ROBERT ordinary cheapness, beauty, and accuracy. It may also be had in

BURNS, Chronologically arranged. With a Preliminary Essay Parts, at 3s. each.

and Notes, and sundry Additions. By J. G. LOCKHART, LL.B. JOHNSON'S DICTIONARY, without abridgement, 2 vols. in one volume, stereotype, 8vo, beautiful Portrait. An indis- HISTORY of the AMERICAN WAR of INpensable work in every library.

DEPENDENCE, with MEMOIRS of GENERAL WASHINGTHE COMPANION; a suppressed Periodical, by TON, 2 vols. the celebrated Leigh Hunt. 1 vol. 8vo.

CHIVALRY and the CRUSADES. History of EDINBURGH REVIEW_Vols. 1 to 34-a set in the Rise, Progress, and Decline of Knighthood, with a Pie

turesque View of its Influence on the State of Society and Manfine order, £20, 88.--for one-third of that price.

ners in Europe during the Middle Ages. 2 vols. THE WAVERLEY NOVELS, New Edition. RECOLLECTIONS of a RESIDENCE in Specimens and Prospectuses to be had at Ri and A.'s, who will EGYPT. By WOLFABDINE, BARONNES DE MINUTOLI. With receive subscriptions on as liberal terms as any respectable house the LIFE of MUHAMMED ALI, the present Pasha. 1 vol. in the Trade. The Subscription List is already very large.

HISTORY of the CHINESE EMPIRE, 1 vol. In addition to the above, R. and A. respectfully submit the folIowing List of their own publications, several of which have just

HISTORY of the PORTUGUESE EMPIRE been issued :

in ASIA. 2 vols. THE VILLAGE POLITICIANS, or a Short

JOURNEY to the HOLY LAND, By the Dialogue on the State of the Nation, in April 1829. Price 6d.

VISCOUNT DE CHATEAUBRIAND, Peer of France. Translated GUIDE 1o the PURCHASERS of HORSES, from the French. 2 vols. with an Appendix on the Equestrian Equipment of a Gentleman,

HISTORY of RUSSIA and of PETER the by a Glasgow Amateur, beautifully printed for the waistcoat GREAT. By GENERAL COUNT PHILIP DE SEGUR. 1 vol. pocket, 32mo, gilt edges, 9d.

NATURAL HISTORY of SELBORNE. By THE THISTLE. A Collection of the best Scottish the late Rev. GILBERT WHITE, A.M. Fellow of Oriel College, Songs, with Notes by the Author of the “ Eventful Life of a Sol- Oxford. 1 vol. dier," with two humorous Plates, Price 2s. 6d. boards.

HISTORY of the ASSASSINS, TEMPLARS, " The Collection contains many originals of great merit, as

and JESUITS, with Sketches of other European Secret Societies. .Funnery,' &c., and Notes that are curious, while it is very

2 vols. cheap." --Critical Gazette. THE SHAMROCK.-An unrivaller Collection of

HISTORỲ of the EXPEDITION in RUSSIA, Irish Songs, Edited, and with Notes, by Mr Weekes, will speedily the French of GENERAL COUNT PHILIP DE SEGUR. 2 vols.

undertaken by the EMPEROR NAPOLEON in 1812. From be issued. CONNEL'S SPELLING-BOOK, price ls, bound,

HISTORY of VOYAGES, from the EARLI. and First and Second Books, 2d. and 4d., sewed in stiff boards, EST TIMES, showing the part which the various European

Nations have had in Maritime Discovery; and illustrating the stereotype editions. These are now established School-Books, and in use in many of the first Seminaries in England and Scot Progress of Geographical Science. 3 vols. land, while their cheapness makes them accessible to all.

BRITISH PHILOSOPHERS_Lives of LORD THE ANT- Original Volume, 4s. 6d. cloth ; Se. Bacon, Sir Isaac Newton, and John Locke. Jected Volume the same. By reprinting portions of this work, a TOUR through SICILY and MALTA. few sets are again completed, and original subscribers may now PATRICK BRYDONE, Esq. Ilustrated with notes from recent make up heirs for binding. The first portion is a collection of Travellers. 2 vols. Essays, Tales, and Verses, chiefly illustrative of Glasgow life and Edinburgh: Printed for CoNSTABLE & Co.; and HURST, character; the second is a selection of amusing and elegant Pieces,

CHANCE, & Co. London. mostly from unexplored sources.

RULES for GOVERNING LITERARY and Edinburgh: Published for the Proprietors, every Saturday MornDEBATING SOCIETIES, 4d.

ing, by CONSTABLE & CO. 19, WATERLOO PLACE; RULES for FORMING the GENDER of FRENCH. Sold also by Robertson & ATKINSON, Glasgow; W. CURRY,

SKETCHES of the ISLE of MAN, by a Tourist. jun. & Co. Dublin ; HURST, CHANCE, & Co. London; and by Beautifully printed. Boards 3s. This is a work meant to supply

áll Newsmen, Postmasters, and Clerks of the Road, througha want long felt by visitors to the delightful Island it describes.

out the United Kingdom. It has been spoken of by the Journals as a model to guide writers, Price 6d. or Stamped, and sent free by post, 10d. and is obviously the production of a man of talents and letters: t is as amusing in the arm chair, as useful in the steam-boat. Printed by BALLANTYNE & Co., Paul's Work, Canongate.


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