The Conquest of Mexico!: An Appeal to the Citizens of the United States, on the Justice and Expediency of the Conquest of Mexico; with Historical and Descriptive Information Respecting that Country

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Jordan & Wiley, 1846 - Počet stran: 32

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Strana 3 - Texas. 5th. That they hold it to be their right during the disorganization of the Federal System, and the reign of despotism, to withdraw from the Union, to establish an independent Government, or to adopt such measures as they may deem best calculated to protect their rights and liberties ; but that they will continue faithful to the Mexican Government so long as that nation is governed by the Constitution and laws that were formed for the government of the Political Association.
Strana 7 - ... beginning at the mouth of the Sabine river, and running west along the Gulf of Mexico three leagues from land, to the mouth of the Rio Grande, thence up the principal stream of said river to its source, thence due north to the forty-second degree of north latitude, thence along the boundary line as defined in the treaty between the United States and Spain, to the beginning...
Strana 2 - Whereas, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, and other military chieftains, have, by force of arms, overthrown the federal institutions of Mexico, and dissolved the social compact which existed between Texas and the other members of the Mexican confederacy: now the good people of Texas, availing themselves of their natural rights.2 SOLEMNLY DECLARE, 1st.
Strana 11 - The length of time since some of the injuries have been committed, the repeated and unavailing applications for redress, the wanton character of some of the outrages upon the property and persons of our citizens, upon the officers and flag of the United States, independent of recent insults to this Government and people by the late extraordinary Mexican minister, would justify in the eyes of all nations immediate war.
Strana 11 - The sum of two millions twenty-six thousand one hundred and thirty-nine dollars and sixty-eight cents, decided by the board, was a liquidated and ascertained debt due by Mexico to the claimants, and there was no justifiable reason for delaying its payment according to the terms of the treaty. It was not, however, paid. Mexico applied for further indulgence ; and, in that spirit of liberality and forbearance which has ever marked the. policy of the United States toward that republic, the request was...
Strana 10 - ... discussing it : our envoy was present on their own soil. Nor can it be ascribed to a want of sufficient powers : our envoy had full powers to adjust every question of difference. Nor was there room for complaint that our propositions for settlement were unreasonable : permission was not even given our envoy to make any proposition whatever. Nor can it be objected that we, on our part, would not listen to any reasonable terms of their suggestion : the Mexican government refused all negotiation,...
Strana 3 - That Texas is no longer morally or civilly bound by the compact of union; yet, stimulated by the generosity and sympathy common to a free people, they offer their support and assistance to such of the members of the Mexican confederacy as will take up arms against military despotism. 3d. That they do not acknowledge that the present authorities of the nominal Mexican republic have the right to govern within the limits of Texas.
Strana 10 - Mexican authorities have pursued against them, whilst their appeals through their own government for indemnity have been made in vain. Our forbearance has gone to such an extreme as to be mistaken in its character. Had we acted with vigor in repelling the insults and redressing the injuries inflicted by Mexico at the commencement, we should doubtless have escaped all the difficulties in which we are now involved.
Strana 6 - A treaty of commerce, amity, and limits, will be established between Mexico and Texas, the territory of the latter not to extend beyond the Rio Bravo del Norte.
Strana 8 - From the time of the battle of San Jacinto, in April, 1836, to the present moment, Texas has exhibited the same external signs of national independence as Mexico herself, and with quite as much stability of government. " Practically free and independent, acknowledged as a political sovereignty by the principal powers of the world, no hostile foot finding rest within her territory for six or seven years, and Mexico herself refraining for all that period from any further attempt to re-establish her...

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