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No. 1.- THE ELVIRA Dress.

HIS MAJESTY'S BIRTH-DAY. This dress is composed of yellow crape, with a train aboðt half a yard in length; the frout TIer Majesty.--A green and lilac silver tissue of the skirt forming a deep vandyke (to the petticoal, with lace draperies, richly ornamentpoint of which is suspeuded a tassel), and is ed with diamonds, festoons of Valenciennes embroidered round the edge in two shades of lace, and beautiful diamond tassels ; train to brown chenille; the siceves are formed of seve correspond, with a most superb border, comral rows of plaits crossed on the arm. To posed of diamonds, &c. This dress exceeded, complete the whole of this elegant dress, there in respect to magnificence, any of the dresses is worn with it a jacket of yellow satin, which worn by her Majesty of late years. is formed with three deep vandykes behind and Princess Augusta.—Petticoat of amber-colour two in front; the hosom square, with three tissue, embroidered with lilies of the valley, in straps across the centre, which are fastened silver stripes, with a very rich border of oak with diamond brooches; the points of this leaves; a mantle of Turkish silk, a late prejacket, front, back, and shoulder straps, are seul from the Ottoman court to his Majesty. embroidered at the edges the saine as the dress, | This dress was peculiarly beautiful. which is worn over a slip of white satin, like. Princess Elizabeth.- A dress of sea-green sil. wise embroidered round the bottom, and the ver tissue, with magnificent drapery of silver sleeves of which appear below the crape over net, divided in rows, laced open, and fastened it, and are finished at the bottom with chenille together with large silver beads and silver bul. embroidered in form of a vandyke with the lion, forming a net work, contrasted by the point turned upwards, the centre filled up with drapery, and bordered by the same in pendant a sprig.

festoons, with profusion of handsome silver

tassels, displayed in looping up the drapery, No. 2.-KENSINGTON GARDEN DRESS.

large bunches of fern or 'mountaiu sougere Mantle of green crape, with a train termi- had a strikingly new and elegant effect; nating in a point, trimmed all round with the addition of a massy bottom of silver, feather trimming of the same material; a bordered with beads and foil, completed this tippet with a pointed cape attached to the superb dress. mantle, the ends of which cross the bosom, Princess Mary--Appeared in a dress of sap. and are tied behind with a ribband; with this phire blue silver tissue, embroidered all over is worn a Gipsy hat of the same coloured with bouquets of faucy flowers in dead aud crape; the crown quartered with a small knot bright foil, intermixed with stars and ring on the top, and on the left side a cord and spangles, pointed and festooned draperies, with tassels ; the hat triinmed at the edge the same magnificent borders in chaius and stars, and as the mantle. Robe dress, walking length, branches of large laurel leaves in dead and of white washing sarsnet, with an embroidered bright foil, alternately relieving each other, with border.

small branches of foil and spangles in droopiug N. XLVI. Vol. YI.

A a

flowers ; drapery festoons looped up by large ;| tassels and large cord, richly finished with a
bunches of silver oak and acorns tastefully rich fringe, on fine point lace.
arranged, relieving the massy borders of the Dowager Duchess of Rutland.-A court dress
fiat drapery; at the bottom a rich border of of Pomona green, with drapery of lace, tied
falling leaves, supported by festoons of ring up with bunches of white lilac; head-dress,
spangles and bullion; the whole finished with feathers and diamonds.
handsome cords and tassels.

Marchioness Cornwallis.-White satin Petti-
Princess of IVales. A superb lilac and silver coat, with a broad rich silver border of dead
gossamer gause court train, richly embroider | silver flowers, with bright silver leaves, the
ed all round with a beautiful silver net fringe, | draperies of pea-green crape, with a rich.
embroidered with a magnificent plume of applique border in bright silver and dead
feather lamé work, embellished with silver silver flowers, ornamented all over in dead
spangles up the front and centre of the dress ; | silver stars, with large silver ropes; the train
body, sleeves, and pocket. holes, richly em of green crape, with body and sleeves orua.
broidered in plate silver-work and spangles, | mented to match.
the drapery looped up with superb diamonds Marchioness of Salisbury.--Brown and silver
in clusters; the richness and beauty of this gauze petticoat, ornamented with cbaias of
dress were extremely elegant; head-dress dia- || silver; body and train to correspond.
monds and rich ostrich feathers.

Marchioness Townshend. A lilac dress, very Princess Charlotte of IPales. —A frock of pale richly embroidered and trimmed with silver ; blue patent net embroidered in silver, with a head dress, lilac feathers and diamonds. light elegant border of the same.

Machioness of Bath.-White crape petticoat, Princess Sophia of Gloucester--As is usual, was and draperies embroidered in wreathes of most elegantly attired. Her Highness wore a roses, with net, foil, and spangles, mosaic white satin petticoat, richly embroidered with || applique of silver rose leaves, embellished with white bugles, and tastefully ornamented with cords and rich tassels ; train, white crape, with bunches of roses, the latter formed the dra- | silver borders. peries; body and train of wbite satin, em Marchioness of Dotonshire. – A pale green broidered and trimmed with bugles, fringe, crape petticoat, bordered with a wrealh of and roses; head-dress, feathers and diamonds. || oak leaves in deep green and silver spangles,

Princess Castelcicala.—A wbite satin dress, | draperies of white lace net, richly embroidered with draperies of the same, blended with crape, in real silver orieutal lamé, ornamented with tastefully ornamented with beads, looped up cord avd large tassels; train green crape, with with the same, bordered at the bottom with rich silver border; head dress, a turban of white satin leaves, knotted to a cluster with a

green crape richly spangled, and panache of small bead tassel.

ostrich feathers, and magaificent diamonds. Duchess of York.-Petticoat of white salin, Countess of Loudon and Moira. -Violet net, with draperies of wbite crape, ricbly em richly embroidered with shells of silver ; drabroidered with blue and almond blossoins, pery festooned with silver cords and tassels ; with a rich border of lilac flowers, silver head-dress, feathers and diamonds, cords and tassels; train of silver tissue to cor Countess of Mahon.-White crape, richlyemrespond; head-dress, a silver turban, blue broidered in shells of silver hops; train silver feathers, and a profusion of diamonds. tissue ; head-dress, feathers and diamonds.

Duchess of Bedford.mA rich white satin robe Countess of Cardigan. - White and silver; and coat, the whole of the petticoat covered | body and train of green; head-dress, feathers with a magnificent drapery of gold lamé work, and diamonds. on fine white lace, supported by very large Countess of Camden.-A white satin pettigold tassels and cord, and trimmed with a rich coat, richly ornamented with gold and gold gold fringe, from which was suspended innu. l shell lace, with rich cords and tassels; traig merable beautiful gold tassels.

of white salin. Duchess of Buccleugh.-A petticoat of purple Countess of Pembroke.-Grey sarsnet petti. satin, with lace draperies, orvamented with coat, trimmed at the hottom with crape, em, vandyke silver fringe and tassels; train of broidered with silver concares and silver bows, purple satin, decorated with silver and lace; || drapery of wbite crape festooned with rich sila head-dress, embroidered oet, with a profusion ver tassels; train of grey sarsnet, trimmed of diamonds.

with silver; head dress of dianjonds. Marchioness of Buckingham -Lilac and silver Countess of Chesterfield.-A pea-green crape tissue, with beautifully formed drapery of the petticoat, the bottom richly embroidered in game, supported by a profusion of magnificent greeu and silver piue-apples; right-side dra.


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pery of green crape, richly embroidered in sil- || Lady Dyneror.-A brown sarsnet gown and ver lilies and green leaves ; left side a square pelticoat, tastefully ornamented with black drapery, richly embroidered of the same, the Ince and gold beads, formed in draperies. ground-work a shower of spangles; trasu of Lady Macclesfield. A silk petticoat of primgreen crape, trimmed with silver; head-dress rose colour, white net draperies, richly ground. of feathers and diamonds.

ed with pearls and magnificent wreaths of pearl Countess of° Jersey.--A pink sarsnet petti roses, with a fine fall of leaves, likewise of pearla coat, elegantly trimmed with fine Brussels on the left side; the robe, prinirose.coloured face and pink ribbons; train and body of the silk, trimmed in the same way: the head-dresa, same ;

head-dress of feathers and dia feathers of primrose colour, with a profusion monds.

of diamonds and pearls. Countess of Bridgewater.-Apricotcoloured Lady Melville.-A pale green silver tissue crape petticoat and draperies, elegantly oroa petticoat; a drapery of dark green crape, meated with matted silver beads; train of the richly embroidered with silver; the robe to same; bead-dress of feathers and diamonds. correspond: the lead dress white feathers and

Countess Conyngham.-White satin petticoat, bauds of diamonds. richly embroidered with a Tartar border in Lady Harluicke.- A pale lilac satin petti. pearls and foil, a short drapery of white crape, coat, most magnificently embroidered witte elegantly embroidered with stripes to cor silver, in a tine scrawl pattern, with a mixture respond with the petticoat; train of white of pearl; the robe the same, with a sich einsatin, richly ornamented with pearls and con broidered stomacher and sleeves; the heado cave spangles; head dress a beautiful plumage dress a fine plume of feathers and diamonds. and diamonds.

Lady Kingston.-White crape petticoat, richCountess of Cardigan.-Petticoat of whitely embroidered with silver drapery, lonped 117 crape, richly embroidered with silver.

with large cord aud silver tassels; train white Countess Grosvenor.-Lilac petticoat of Al. crape; head-dress, diamonds and feathers. bion red, and draperies of lace, ornamented Lady Georgiana Cecil. Lace petticoat, over with silver in the form of bunches of grapes ; | yellow silk, ornamented with yellow rosce; silver cords and tassels.

train of yellow silk; body ornamented with Countess Northesk.-Dark green crape petti. ! yellow lace. coat, beautifully ornamented with white lilac Lady Emily Cecil ~The same dress as her and point lace; body and train to correspond. sister.

Countess of Hampden-Wore a beautiful dress Lady Bontein.-Yellow crape, the petticoat of of white satin and crape, ornamented with satin, with rich draperies of yellow crape, fee pearls and rich stomacher of coloured jewels ; tooned and looped with beautiful pearls, sup. head-dress, feathers and diamonds.

ported by a profusion of beautiful yellow 1uThe Lady Mayoress.-Petticoat of lilac, em lips, ranunculuses, and columbines; robe aad broidered with lilies of the valley in silver; draperies trimmed with superb point lace. border of cockle shells, finisbed with elegant Lady W. Gordon.-Petticoat of orange and tassels of an entirely novel fashion.

silver tissue elegantly trimrned with silver ; Lady Amelia M. Leud.Lilac gauze, orna. train of orange aud silver tissue trimmed witła mented with white roses ; head-dress, feathers silver and rich Brussels point; head-dress, and diamonds.

diamonds and feathers. Lady W'aterpark. A white and silver dress ; Lady Mary Poulet.--A petticoat of white satrain of violet silk, trimmed with silver ; head. | tin, ornamented with white fiowers and drape. dress, feathers and diamonds.

ries of white crape and Aowers, forming a sasks ; Lady Sophia Lumley. - White crape, em trajn of white satin and crape. broidered with silver; traia of lilac crape, Lady de Crispigny-Petticoat of sca-greea trimmed with silver; head-dress, featbers and crape, very richly embroider:d in gold and diamonds.

spangles, with a rich gold and greeu friegey Lady Theodosia Craddock - White crape, or. draperies of sea-green crape, embroidered on namented with rich blond and pearls ; head- | the petticoat, and tastefully drawn up with dress feathers and pearls.

gold cords and tassels; body and train of sea. Lady C. Thynne, -White crape petticoat, green crape, trimmed with gold, and gold trimmed with blond and lilies of the valley, sleeves, point ruffles and tucker; head dress crape drapery, ornamented with wreaths of of sea green crape, diamond bandeau and dia roses; crape train, trimmed with lace and lilies moud corn Aowers, with a plume of white fea. of the valley; head-dress, ostrich feathers and thers; diamond necklaces, ear.rings, and wreaths of roses,



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