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Examples Page Iwo general ways of discussing al

text, observation

and explication Rules to determine the choice Difficult passages must be treated

of by way of explication Difficulties arise from words, or things

99 How to explain difficult words

100 Difficult, and important fubje&ts must be explained


Acts ix. 5. Explication of both exemplified

106 Controverted texts how to explain

John xvi.12. 114 Different ways of explaining dispu

ted texts How to explain an intricate subject

117 Exemplified

John i. 17. 119 How to explain texts not difficult but important

2 Cor. iv. 7. 167 Explication with, and without proof

187 Proofs of fa&t

Phil. ii. 6. 188 Proofs of right

Phil.ii.14,15 189 both fact and right

Phil.ii.6.7,81 190
Heb. xii.6.

19 Explications of texts, which have|Phil. . 13. 193 many parts

197 Explication of simple terms

I Tim. 1.5.1 205

211 Explication of simple terms by Luke ii. 8, 261 comparison

9, 10, 11. 263 of phrases peculiar to scripture

Mark viii.341 333

John iii. 16. 372 Explication of consignificative terms/Rom. viii. 1. 376 VOL. I.



Isa. ix. 3.


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Examples Page Sometimes not to be explained

377 How to explain and illustrate a propofition

378 Exemplified

Eph. i. 18. 394 Explication of propositions which contain divers truths

Eph. i. 18. 415 Considerable in divers views

Pf. lxix. 21.

427 Which have different degrees of accomplishment

Exod.iii.7,8 429


Ezek.xxxviii Inconsiderable propositions

Pf. xxxvii. 3. 432 |Prov. xv. 3.1 433

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cxxix. 2.

Heb. ii. 13. 431

End of the Contents of the First Volume.


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HERE are in general five parts of a sermon,

the exordium, the connection, the division, the discussion, and the application : but, as connection and division are parts which ought to be


(1) The present custom of Adam, prophefied. At the re-, reading a text of fcripture, to turn of the Jews from the serve for the ground of a dif- Babylonish captivity, Ezra course, is derived from the made, as he ought, the writtime of Ezra. Before that time ings of Moses the rule of his the prophets, and before them reformation of the church : the patriarchs, delivered in But, as the people in the sepublic assemblies sometimes venty years of their captivity prophecies, and sometimes had almost loft the language moral instructions for the edin in which their pentateuch was fication of the people. Noah written, it became necessary was a preacher of righteousness; to explain, as well as to read and Enoch, the seventh from the scriptures to them. AcVOL. I.



extremely short, we can properly reckon only three parts ; exordium, discussion, and application. However, we will just take notice of connection and division after we have spoken a little on the choice of texts, and on a few general rules of discussing them. (2)

1. Never

cordingly we are told, that tify. See Bayle's gen. dift. Ezra, accompanied by feveral Aristotle, rem. U. Levites, in a public congre- (2) Bishop Wilkin says, gation of men and women, Preaching should have its afcended a pulpit, opened the rules and canons, whereby book of the law, (the people men may be directed to the all rising from their seats on easiest and readiest way for the his opening the book.) ad- practice of it. Besides all acadressed a prayer to God, to demical studies of languages, which the people said Amen, sciences, divinity, &c. besides and read in the law of God all these, there is a particular diftinétly, and gave the fenfe, art of preaching ---Two abiliand caused them to undersiand ties are requisite in

every one; the reading, Neh. viji. 6,7,8. a right understanding of sound In later times Mofes was thus doctrine, and an ability to read in the synagogues every propound, confirm, and apJabbath-day, A&ts xv. 21. To ply it to others. The first may this laudable custom our Sa- be without the other; and, as viour conformed, and, in the a man may be a good lawyer, synagogue at Nazareth, read and yet not a good pleader ; a pallage in Isaiah, closed the so he may be a good divine, book, after he had read it, re- and yet not a good preacher. turned it to the minister, fat One reason why men of emidown, and preached from the nent parts are fo flow and untext. Luke iv. 16, &c. The filful herein is, because they apostles followed his example, have not been versed in this Acts xviji. 4. the primitive study, and are therefore un. fathers theirs, and the cuf- acquainted with those proper tom prevails over all the chrif- rules and directions by which tian world at this day. This they should be guided in the practice, however, was inter- attaining and exercise of this rupted in the dark times of gift. It hath been the usual popery; and the ethics of Arif- course at the university, to totle were read in many venture upon this calling in churches on Sundays, inttead an abrupt, overkarty manner. of the holy scriptures, as When scholars have passed Melancthon and others ter. over their philosophical itu

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