Economic Analysis of Markets and Games: Essays in Honor of Frank Hahn

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Frank Ramsey Professor of Economics Partha Dasgupta, Partha Dasgupta, Julius Silver Professor of Economics Douglas Gale, Douglas Gale, Oliver Hart, Professor of Economics Oliver Hart, Eric Maskin
MIT Press, 1992 - Počet stran: 640
These original essays focus on a wide range of topics related to Frank Hahn's distinguished work in economics. Ranging from market analysis and game theory to the microeconomic foundations of macroeconomics and from equilibrium and optimality with missing markets to economics and society, they reflect the diversity of modem research in economic theory. What distinguishes Hahn's work and many of the essays in this book is that the motivation often comes from practical concerns about unemployment, savings and investment, poverty, or the stability of markets.

The essays in Part I deal with the microeconomic foundations of macroeconomics - a field in which Hahn has made important contributions, most notably in the theory of monetary economics. Topics include an evaluation of Hahn's contribution to the theory of distribution and such macroeconomic themes as coordination failure, multiple equilibria, and strategic issues.

Part II contains recent contributions to game theory reflecting Hahn's interest in the question of what is rational behavior. The essays in Part III concentrate on general-equilibrium theory with missing markets, a field in which Hahn has made major advances. Although the essays address a different set of issues , they share with Hahn's works such themes as market failure, indeterminacy of equilibrium, and the role of money.

Partha Dasgupta is Professor of Economics at Cambridge University. Douglas Gale is Professor of Economics at Boston University. Oliver Hart is Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Eric Maskin is Professor of Economics at Harvard University.

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Hahn on the Share of Wages in National Income
NominalWage Setting and the Theory of Games
Underemployment as a Coordination Problem with
Properties of Aggregate Saving in Overlapping
Institutional Features of Unemployment Insurance
Production Fluctuations and Fiscal Policy in
Prices And Queues as Screening Devices
Informational Equivalence of Signals
Three Observations on Sunspots and Asset Redundancy
On the Aggregate Effects of Individual Risks
The Optimum Quantity of Money Revisited
On the Impossibility of Perfect Capital Markets
Educating Our Masters
Risk Tolerances Distributive Inequality and Track
Poverty and Living Standards
List of Contributors

Informational Efficiency of Search Equilibrium
Irrationality in Game Theory
Rational Conjectural Equilibrium and Repeated Games

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