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were published, "Essays on Shakespeare's Dramatic Character of Sir John Falstaff; and on his Imitation of Female Characters :"-to which were added, some General "Observations on the chief Objects of Criticism in the Works of Shakespeare."

These different performances are now collected into one volume, with one uniform title. They are more commodiously arranged; and have received such correction and improvement, as must necessarily have occurred to the author, and been suggested by his friends, in the course of several preceding Editions. He hopes therefore that, on these accounts, they are rendered still less unworthy of public notice.



Present Edition.

In addition to the above it will be observed, that this Edition contains an Essay never before published, on Shakespeare's Representation of National Characters, illustrated in that of Fluellen: together with two original Letters to the author, from Mr. Burke, consisting of Observations on Shakespeare, and other literary subjects.

Glasgow College, Jan. 13, 1812.


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