Joe Hill

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Gibbs Smith, 2009
Become Acquainted With Joe Hill, A True American Rebel Who Fought For A Vision of Heaven On Earth. The Definitive Study of Joe Hill, Labor Martyr, Proletarian Folk Hero and Songwriter, "A Man Whose Songs Evoked The Spirit of Radicals Who Were The Very Epitome of Guts and Gall- Antry. Now, As Then, Society Needs Such Men and Women. "--New York Times A Thorough, Scholarly Volume, This Is The Most Complete Factual Account To Date Which Also Details Hill's Personal Life and Experiences.

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Joe Hill is a shining star of the labor movement. And his light has a tendency to blind his biographers. I have three accounts of Hill's life and execution. Or, rather, of his trial and execution ... Přečíst celou recenzi


Joe Hills songs
From greenhorn Swede to rebel trueblue
Charged with murder
A guilty man?
Utah the Wobblies and Joe Hill
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