The Kentucky Law Reporter, Svazek 9

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Edward Warren Hines, William Pope Duvall Bush, John Cleland Wells, Frank L. Wells, Findlay Ferguson Bush, Horace C. Brannin, William Cromwell, W. J. Chinn, Thomas Robert McBeath, Walter G. Chapman, R. G. Higdon
G. A. Lewis, 1888

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Strana 410 - The present capacity of taking effect in possession, if the possession were to become vacant, and not the certainty that the possession will become vacant before the estate limited in remainder determines, universally distinguishes a vested remainder from one that is contingent.
Strana 178 - Dougherty at or before the sealing and delivery of these presents the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, hath granted bargained and sold and by these presents doth grant, bargain and sell unto the said...
Strana 42 - The General Assembly shall provide by law for holding Circuit Courts when, from any cause, the Judge shall fail to attend, or, if in attendance, cannot properly preside.
Strana 220 - ... as to any act done, any penalty, forfeiture, or punishment incurred, or any right accrued, or claim arising under the former law, or in any way whatever to affect any such offense or act so committed or done, or any penalty, forfeiture, or punishment so incurred, or any right accrued, or claim arising before the new law takes effect...
Strana 4 - If the assured shall keep gunpowder, fire-works, nitroglycerine, phosphorus, saltpetre, nitrate of soda, petroleum, naphtha, gasoline, benzine, benzole, or benzine varnish, or keep or use camphene, spirit gas, or any burning fluid or chemical oils, without written permission in this policy, then and in every such case this policy shall be void.
Strana 186 - If the statute expressly declares any particular act to be essential to the validity of the...
Strana 756 - Any interest in or claim to real estate may be disposed of by deed or will.
Strana 471 - All the rest and residue of my estate, both real, personal and mixed, I give and bequeath unto my beloved wifo, Lutie Thornberry, in her own right in fee simple.
Strana 498 - Code, a court may in certain ways, and for certain reasons, vacate or modify a j.udgment after the expiration of the term at which it was rendered.
Strana 610 - That no man, or set of men, are entitled to exclusive or separate emoluments or privileges from the community, but in consideration of public services; which not being descendible, neither ought the offices of Magistrate, Legislator, or Judge, to be hereditary.

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